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 Jules-Translator Scam II

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 6:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nothing earth shattering about this, standard translator scam with gorgeous Ukrainian babe-or Fat Boris. I am posting becuase I am having John the D, overage surfer dude, bring up translator scams in every or almost every letter.

From TBL


Good day,J0hn !!! It is pleasure for me to have this opportunity to start
the private communication with you. I hope that you remember me on
mybelovednet. Of course, among a great number of
beautiful girls who wrote to you I can be just another pretty face,
but I hope that with the time you will learn more about me and my
personality will become interesting to you Smile So, my name is JULES and
I live in Ukraine, its Eastern part. Have you visited my country? Do
you know much about it?

I have to confess that it is not very easy to start the communication.
I do not know what you want to know about me. I do not know what
topics are interesting to you. Maybe you are already bored with my
message and think of deleting it Smile Though, I I hope not. I want to
believe that I will catch your attention somehow and that you will
write to me back soon. I am a very easy-going and talkative person. I
like to have fun, I like adventures, I like exploring the new world.
Everything that is making my mood better is interesting to me. I
cannot say that I am a crazy girl who does not know what she wants
from her life. I am a very aimed Lady. I know for sure that I want
from this life and step by step I am trying to achieve the goals.

For now I want you to know that I did not register on the dating site
just in order to have numerous contacts with the men all over the
world. I am not the person who is playing brain games. It is not my
"method". I am here with the serious intention - to find the man, the
person who will become my inspiration, who will be my protector, my
support, my guardian angel. I want to explore the world with him, I
want to make our life happier. He should not be Brad Pitt, as I am
looking for the pretty face. Somehow at my age I am more concerned
about the inner world and about the feelings and emotions more than
about the beauty and the financial status. Money is the means for
living, the way of making the life more comfortable. I have heard that
a lot of people in the Internet are trying to cheat, but this way of
enrichment is not for me, as I got used to work hard. Ok, I do not
want to be too serious. I want you to know my funny side as well Smile

Though, it is time to finish this message. I do not want to bore you.
I would better give you the chance to tell me more about yourself. If
you have the questions to me, I will gladly answer all of them. I
really hope that you will write to me soon and that our communication
will bring us positive emotions.
Have a nice day

The D's response:

I was out of town for a few days and didn't see your mail. I am glad you wrote. Yes, you are a gorgeous lady, but I be you've been told that before. I think you are interesting as well which is better than just being a stunner.

I wasn't bored at all. In fact I'd like to know more about you. Where do you work? you sound like you are an ambitious lady, which I like. Are you single, any kids?

I work at a lab and live in Palm Coast, Florida and am very into the beach and surfing I'm 49, divorced, no kids. I am not looking for casual relationships, hook ups, sex chat etc. I am looking for a long term lady to settle down with and to have fun.

I've dated a lot and have not been impressed with a lot of women who aren't serious about their lives or don't have direction. Sounds like you are different.

If any of this clicks with you, please write me back. I'll be happy to send pics.

Back from the Ukraine:

I cannot hide the pleasure to get your message. It was a bit scary for
me to start our communication. I was afraid of being misunderstood.
But fortunately, you are here and you are interested (at least a bit

How are you today? Are you in good mood? I am the person who prefers
being positive most of the time. I do not like to be sad, but
sometimes it happens. And then I try to do something to feel happiness
again. Usually music is my best friend in that. And what about you?
Do you have the recipe to get rid of the bad mood? Just curious. Maybe
one of your advices will help me.

I want to assure you from the very beginning that I am not here to
waste my time and it is very important to me to have the confidence in
a man I am with. I am the person who prefers going straight to the
point. I do not like lies and fake promises. Maybe I am too
straight-forward, but it would be funny if I fell in love with you at
once and started to tell you how much I love you Smile Though, I am sure
that a lot of girls use this tactics Smile Perhaps, I am adult enough to
do that. Anyway, I am eager to seduce you with other words. I am eager
to melt your heart with something else. And I hope that you won't be
disappointed. I am rather new to all this "dating thing", but I have
already got so many strange messages on the dating site with marriage
proposals and promises of endless love Smile. It seems to me that the
world is getting crazy.

Some words about me to refresh your memory Smile I am the
Russian-Ukrainian girl who lives in Chernigov. I rent the apartment
with a friend of mine (in that way I save some money). I was born on
the 27th of September 1984 in Russia, Rostov-on-Don. Have you heard
about this city. It seems to me that it is rather famous. After the
divorce of my parents I and my Mum relocated to Ukraine where my
granny lived. I am the only kid in the family, by the way. Never been
married, do not have the kids, but I hope that soon I will meet the
man with whom I will want to create the family. It is so important to
me. I need to have the person to whom I would give my love and care. I
am longing for being loved and for loving. My profession is trainer of
aerobics at the gym. I am working there for 5 years. I am totally
happy with this profession, really Smile I have nice colleagues and some
of them are good friends of mine.

The only thing I want to tell you about me that can make you stop our
communication is the issue with the language. I have to admit that I
do not know English and I have to use the help of the professionals. I
tried many on-line translators but always had the problems with
understanding. So, in order not to fail in my desire to find the
partner I decided to ask the help of the translation agency. So, it is
the truth that I wanted you to know from the very beginning. Believe
me, I am eager to learn the language of my beloved. I am not lazy and
I am not stupid. I am sure that I will learn the foreign language
rather quickly, as I will have the great challenge - the sooner it
happens, the quicker I will manage to understand my partner without
the help of the translation agency.

Oh, I see that I have wrote a "novel" to you and I am sure that you
are sleeping now in front of the computer. I am sorry for being so
talkative. But it is so difficult to be short when you are seducing
the man Smile So, please, bear with me and my long letters. The only
intention of mine to tell you as much as possible about my
personality. I hope that you will do the same.

Ok, I wish you a wonderful day. I hope that I am the best "pill"
against insomnia Smile
I hope to hear from you soon (as soon as you wake up)

And there it is-second to the last paragraph. Totally on script with a little personalization. The D decides to raise the translator issue:

Sory it took me so long to write. Like I told you, I have a bummer of a broken leg and I had to got back to the doctor, get the pins out, PT and all that good stuff. Now I can get around a bit better.

I don;'t mind at all reading whatever you want to lay on me. Long letters are fine. And I think a women with ambition and drive is VERY attractive. I like your independence!

I was going to mention that your English is excellent but I guess a translator explains that. Hopefully if you learn enough we can converse-do you speak any at all? Maybe enough for a phone call? Unfortuantely, I only speak English and Spanish which is kind of nesessary if you live in Florida.I guess I am taking a risk that your translator is honest , but I have read on line that in the Ukraine some translation agencies aren't particularly honest-they will cout off their services unless the person in the US agrees to pay. Hope we don't run into that.

I'm glad to hear you're a trainer. The old bod is a hobby of mine too. You mentioned that you wanted to learn to get into a good mood? If you can, head to the nearest lake, river or beach and swim. Water washes away bad moods. I'm a surfing fan and the board and the beach is the best cure I know.

Please feel free To write me about anything you want. Seems that would be the best way to get to know each other

Not sure the "translator " understood:

to me

Hello, John!!! Of course, first of all I would like to thank you for
your message. I have to confess that I have been looking forward to
getting it. It would be nice to have such a nice tradition to talk to
each other as often as possible. Of course, both of us are rather busy
people, but still. I am ready to make my efforts in order our
communication to be continued.

John, you should not worry about me not writing to you on weekends.
The office of the translation is closed.

I do not know if you should worry about the quality of the
translation. I cannot be sad with it, as I do understand your letters
pretty well.

And of course, I am not here to waste your time. I am adult enough and
I am not here to play games.

I have to admit that my English is not good at all. I think that I
will never understand if you start speaking to me (

How are you doing today? How is your mood? You know, usually my mood
depends on the weather. Being a very positive girl I like seeing the
sun rays in the morning. And the rain usually makes me a bit dull, but
only for several minutes Smile Oh, by the way, it is a problem for you to
wake up very early in the morning? Or you are early riser? You know,
when I was a child, I could wake up without any problems at 6 a.m. But
now it is a bit more problematic. But still I consider myself a early
riser. But I would love to stay in bed and let my beloved to bring me
a cup of coffee to the bed. Would you do that for me? I would be very
appreciated and my appreciation would be expressed in a special way.
What about getting some passionate kisses and hugs? I think that for
the couple it is the best beginning of the day, do you agree with me?
Oh, I am sorry if I am too playful:) Just wanted to dream with you Smile

You know, somehow I feel like an amateur while writing to you my
letters. I do not know if they are interesting and if you want to
listen to my stories, fantasies. But I will do my best in order you
not to be bored.

Oh, if you do not mind, I will tell you about my hobbies. Along with
my profession which is connected with the sport, I like skiing,
skating, bowling, dancing, singing. I love the nature, I love swimming
in the sea. But I am afraid of swimming in the river, as at the age of
6 years I had the accident in the river while getting into the
whirlpool. After that I avoid swimming in the rivers. By the way, it
is one of the things I am afraid of. What about you? Do you have some
phobias? Oh, what can I tell you more about my hobbies? I am a bit
old-fashioned and I like knitting. But, please, do not imagine me
sitting in the arm-chair with the socks for the whole day like a
grandma Smile I do it from time to time, mainly in winter time just in
order to relax. If we become a couple I promise to knit a nice sweater
or scarf for you, ok? But, please, do not get attached to me just
because you want to get this present Smile Then it won't be fair Smile

I cannot hide that I want my relationship with the man to be perfect.
I know that it is impossible, but I want to get closer to this
perfection. You know, while talking about perfection I mean
understanding, loyalty, respect, trust and love. It sounds not so
difficult to have all these pillars between you and your partner, but
I am sure that we will have to work hard in order both of us to be
happy. Anyway, I am not afraid of any difficulties. I am not afraid of
making the necessary steps in order to be with my beloved. I am ready
to learn his language, to relocate and start a new life far from my
family and friends. I know that it will be a very difficult, but
important step. But I am courageous and I am sure that everything will
be great.

Ok, it seems to me that I have already wrote too much. I want to
appreciate you for listening to me. I hope that I do not sound like a
crazy Ukrainian girl. I am crazy, but only a bit Smile Oh, I wish you a
wonderful and lucky day and I hope that soon you will write to me back

I send you my friendly kisses and hugs (I hope that it is not too

This is starting to sound like Oscar's vlad but less poetic. The D again oh-so-delicately raises the translator issue

Hi Julia,

Again so sorry for the delay. I think I told you, I am recovering from a broken leg-I was in an auto accident, had to have surgery etc., ect, . The doc just cut the cast off and I' m learning to walk again. Everything takes twice as long, and trying to catch up at work's a real nightmare.

Please write me as long as you like. I know you're a gorgeous lady, now I want to hear from you about who you are. I really admire your ambition and drive. I work had and play hard and look for a partner who does the same.

I'm glad you can trust your translator . I told you I had read stuff on the Internet about the translator refusing to do the work unless the other person in Europe or the US paid. I'm glad you're not concerned. No matter about your English-my Russian is worse. All I know is "tovarishch", " spasibo" and "nazrovyeh" all of which I am sure I 'm not spelling correctly.

If your mood relies on the weather, you might like where I live in northern Florida, lots of nice, sunny days. Do you like water and the beach? I'm into surfing and hanging out on the docks. I dive when I can. Maybe you'd like to learn? I promise no rivers.

Phobias, like most folks, I have one or two. Don't like small cramped spaces, like caves. Does claustrophobia translate? I don't know when it happened:I always hated underground.

I've always been an early riser,too. Hit the ground running. I told you, I'm divorced-that's one thing my ex and I had problems about-she wanted to sleep until noon. I say time is wasting!. Unless we have better things to do in bed. Hope I don't turn you off with that.

I would like that sweater-it is cold here in December and January. But it never snows. Let's see, what can I give you...ok, I carve animals for fun-cat, dog or bunny?

Write me back if this interests you. This is more fun than picking some dumb chick up in a bar who can barely read a phone book,

Wasn't sure if he's come back after the second reminder but sho' nuff,


Hello, dear !!! It is such pleasure for me to talk to you again.
You are becoming my drug and I like this sweet addiction to our
communication. Please, do not be scared of my words. I am just
seducing you. So, just let me do it and come under my charms Smile I am
sure that you won't regret.

Ok, now let us be serious. I am really appreciated for your message. I
like talking to you and I like getting to know each other better. Of
course, it is a bit strange to sit at the office of the translation
firm with the piece of paper and write to you my "novels". It is a bit
weird and I am sure that the majority of my friends would be surprised
to get to know what kind of dating I have chosen for myself. But
knowing about my negative experience with the Ukrainian "knights" they
would probably support me. Anyway, I am a big girl and I can decide by
myself what I should do and what I should not. Oh, by the way, are you
a stubborn person? Is it possible to persuade you in something? Is it
possible to make you do something you do not like? I know that these
questions are strange, but I want just to know if we are alike or
different in our daily life.

Speaking about me, I am a very open-minded and easy-going person. I do
not like to argue. Usually I am not stubborn. But I will never do
something that I do not want. If I think that it is bad, I will never
help the people in their plans. But I am stubborn if I want to achieve
my aims, at work, in studies. But I think that it is not stubbornness.
It is called an aimed person, am I right?

You know, yesterday I talked to a friend of mine who is married for 10
years. She says that she has lost the interest to her husband and she
says that she does not have the sexual attraction to him any longer. I
wonder why it is so. I think that the people should be interesting to
each other even after 50 years living together. I think that the
couple should work in order their relationship to be bright. I am sure
that there are bright and dull days in the family life, but I cannot
imagine me being not interested in my partner. I cannot imagine going
to bed with him and do not kiss him, to arouse his desire to make love
to me. I think that every woman wants to feel how much the man is
excited to make love to her, how much he wants to kiss every inch of
her body. Of course, the intimate life is not everything, but it is
really fundamental. When the partners are not satisfied, then the
daily life will be stressful and unhappy. I think that mainly it is
the woman's task to make her man to want her. We have so many tricks
Smile Beautiful lingerie, luring glance. She can look at the partner in
such a way that his desire will be uncontrollable, do you agree with
me? Do you have the dreams and desires as for the partner? What kind
of crazy things would you like to do with her? I am sure that you can
tell me about that Smile

Oh, it seems to me that I am too talkative again. But I cannot stop
writing when we are talking about the feelings and the human natural
desire of making love. Perhaps, I am talking about that because I am
alone for a long time and I want to feel the tenderness and love of
the partner. I want to feel his gentle touch... Oh, ok. We are going
too far Smile

My dear man, I really hope that you will find the time for me and I
will get another letter from you very soon. I am sure you feel how
important thing communication is to me. I will impatiently wait for
your answer Smile

My tender kisses and hugs

Right on script, right on schedule. And he's told me 3 times he's stubborn. We'll see when I raise the translator issue and scam issue again.

Anyone want to bet on whether it's letter 5 or 6 when the money grab begins? I am going to ask him for a picture to paste on J0hn's cast.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:19 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Just so you know, I am shooting afor a Pastor Frank entry-


I get seduced all too easily especially by a girl as beautiful as you. Even long distance! Keep writing...

I lol'ed about the Ukrainian "Knights". How did they get that nickname? Thick helmets? Honestly, Julia, there are jerks in every country. I am here to convince you that in my case, US guys aren't jerks-like I wrote earlier, I am not in this to do casual drive-by relationship or prolonged long distance heavy breathing. I am looking for a lond term lady that I am going to meet.

Stubborn? My middle name according to my ex. Would like to see what the translator does with that. Let's just say, I know my own mind. Not that I don't respect what others think or feel, just believe in the calls I make about my life.

Back to the Dr. yesterday for a new cast-smaller, knee down this time. I told you the doc had to put metal rods in my leg to hold the broken bone. Not fun, although you can't see it except on x-ray.

While I'm thinking of it, babe, would you do me a favor? You have sent so many gorgeous pictures, would you send me one that I could glue to the cast? In the US, it's kind of a silly custom for friends to sign or draw pictures on a plaster cast you wear when you break a bone. Since you can't be here to sign it, will you send me a picture of you holding a piece of paper saying "GET WELL John"? I really hope your translator understands this.You not being here is a bummer, even with a cast.

Babe, I have no intention of being with a lady that I think we are only going to have short term attraction. If I don't think I am going to want to make love to them all my life, forget it.

Looking forward to your next email and the picture-pretty please? With sugar on it?

Actually, I am concerned the vlad won't understand what I'm asking. Skip the porn, don't care about the 30 hotstuff pics he's sent, I want that trophy. And I was working the broken leg scam before PF introduced the "intermeduallary rod".

Anyway, the next letter will be the 5th, so by my count and NV's example, will be the money demand. The vlad already told me the translator's office is closed on weekends, so he doesn't have a great work ethic.

Closed lad accounts X 73 Eco-friendly sty under construction
x 116 Cambodia Flag Canada Nigeria United States Malaysia United Kingdom
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"no! no no money!!! all this was not true! .. "- vlad rant
" i have complained to those who think life is a comedy to those who feel life is a tragedy. " Mr. Pekkar's Problem
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He is certainly ready to drop the "I need money" in the next one or two if he holds true to form. Getting that trophy might be difficult but still worth a shot.

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