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 ITP's caught in the net - Kenyan Land Sellers

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<Sigh> ok - so - they get no marks for brains, I guess ...

A pair of Kenyan land sellers, aka LPO Investments, have been using mugu guest books to sling land. It's real. The land is real - I even went to far as to do a title search & talk to a federal attorney about the legality of non-Kenyans owning land (not exactly a bright idea, as the gov't has a tendency to take it back, but it's do-able)

I've spent the past 4 days with them. On the way back from Naivasha this afternoon they started asking me about some .. err .. strange email requests from potential clients.

A 100-page hand-written form. Copies of their ID, requests for them holding signs, etc. They're firmly convinced that foreign investors are flaky.

Undoubtedly some investors *are* flaky (myself included - I've EARNED the crazy mzungu title, tyvm) .. but they've been baited to hell & back & they have NOT requested funds up front. Tomorrow I get to see their trophy account of weird requests from clients.

LPO in Kenya is a valid firm, selling real land. They are NOT doing any AFF. They do not request deposit up front for the land. They will not sell land over the internet - the investor has to go there, hire the attorney of the potential buyers choice and prove that they've done due diligence before LPO will even consider the investor as serious. They ARE an ITP - and those who have been baiting them have been taking up their time when they could be courting real (non-guest book) clients.

So - please - if they hit you up on a guest book - just ignore them. We've had a little talk about no *real* businessman uses guest books - but they're eager to expand.

Thankfully, I'm the only person who has tied up their time to any great extent - but if I weren't serious about land, I'd have walked away without meeting them. The Kenyan Federal authorities investigated the situation before I got involved. They are *not* scammers - but a good many baiters (at least 8 that I know of for sure in the past 2 weeks) have been hitting them hard.

(however, if you DO get any Kenyan lads & want to see them wearing cuffs, please feel free to share the love after you've baited them to hell & back)

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