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 Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

(found this ad on a local news station's classified section. Their classifieds get better traffic than Craiglist. Once I got the first response, I did go back and report the ads so hopefully nobody got scammed). I found the following ad:

These babies come with all paper work including health certificate. Babies-- are raised in our home with dogs , cats kits. We have been working with monkeys for over 18 weeks all babies come with starter kits including bottles, diapers, formula, baby blankets & toys. Our babies are vet checked and come with a health certificate. Feel free to contact us now if you feel you can give a good home to one of our for more details and pictures [email protected]
(included was a photo that I've included in the note)

My emails are bolded, like this.

The scammer's emails are italicized, like this.

This was my email to them:


I saw your ad for the capuchin monkeys. I was wondering if you still had some, and if you could give me some more information?

I would love to surprise my mother with one of these- she has had a lifelong dream of owning a monkey (she saw the ads in the back of the comic books when she was a girl), and I would love to be able to fulfill this dream for her.

Their response cam within 5 minutes:

Hello dearThank you for your email and interest in my Monkeys.They are stillavailable and ready to go.They are spectacular pure breed AKCregistered with all shots, vaccines and veterinary updated.They arecalled (Daisy and Spike).I record was located in New York, arelooking for reasonable, knowledgeable and wise person who is able toprovide them with tenderness, nursery with lots of kisses and love areadorable hugs.they for adoption.These , cute and beautiful babies are12 weeks old and I promise to be the perfect partner for you and yourfamily.They will be the best game you've ever dreamed 't of.With theirgreat personality and temperament, good with children and otheranimals household, which would be to remove your soul.they would comewith their veterinary records, and all their AKC registration papersattached to their package with a lot of game toys.You have nothing toworry about power, because their book and accompanying hand menu fortheir food ok package. Then all you have to do is promise that I wouldshower with lots of TLC. And I wish that my children should never endup in a shelter or rescue. Feel free to post me.If willing to receivethem, please e-mail as soon as possible so that I would like to stopall other contacts. If you have any questions ask i will answertruthfully and faithfully. Let me ask you a few questions if you donot mind.

1 ... Are you a breeder?
2 ... Do you keep pets?
3 ... Do you have children at home?
4... Are you going to keep them or give them to someone?
5 .... How soon you want to adopt children?
6 ....... Where are you?
7 .... Which of the my babies will you want to adopt,Daisy and Spike?
8.......Will you take very good care of my babies?for more information and pictures .So i will be waiting for you kind respond.

Here's how I responded:

Oh, they sound wonderful!!! I am so glad that they are AKC registered. I've mistakenly bought mutt monkeys, and it was terrible. They grew up looking all wrong, and they flung their own poo all the time. If these are purebred, they don't do ridiculous things like that, right?

Here's answer to your questions:

1 ... Are you a breeder?
Yes- I have several children
2 ... Do you keep pets?
Yes- I love exotic pets. I don't like to talk about them much because I don't want the authorities to know. But, I found a baby mountain lion a couple years ago. I think it's mother had been collared and taken away, but they didn't know it had a baby. So, I took the poor thing home and have raised it. It has to stay inside so that other people don't try and take my beloved Mimi away.
3 ... Do you have children at home?
Yes, not counting Mimi my mountain lion, I also have 7 children.
4 ... Are you going to keep them or give them to someone?
I hope to keep the monkeys, but if there is trouble between Mimi and the monkeys, I would give the monkeys to my mother.
5 .... How soon you want to adopt children?
I would like to adopt them as soon as possible.
6 ....... Where are you?
I am in New York- just like you! We can meet locally soon.

7 .... Which of the my babies will you want to adopt,Daisy and Spike?
I would like to adopt both so that I can breed them, and that way, if Mimi ever gets frisky, I'll have other monkeys to play with.
8.......Will you take very good care of my babies?

Yes, I will give them lots of hugs and kisses.

Again, within just a few minutes, I got a response. Evidently the mountain lion didn't concern them at all!

Hello thanks for your reply from your words and response to byquestions i am absolutely sure you will take proper care of Daisy forme .in fact i am very happy to hear that she will be well taking careof by you and your family and that she will has finally found aloving home he will be bringing much joy to you and your family and iwish i will come visit you one day to see how you are doing withher..she is 13 weeks old weight 2.2ibs and will be 5 to 6ibs at fullgrown.she is well tamed, registered.De-wormed,Vet check,updated in allher shots and DNA tasted against Maggot and Rabis diseaseinfection.she is a good pet,diaper trained and leash trained and isvery loving and wears clothes and likes to lay around and watch TV andtake naps with us. They are friendly and have docile temperament.shesleeps with us at night love to be carry on the hands.she love playingwith other house hold pets and is very good with kids.also veryEnergetic and eager to learn.since i am giving you the monkey for freeadoption all you will be requested to do is pay just for her flightticket of 380$ for the monkey to be delivered over to your locationand that is all you will be spending on Daisy but is you want Daisyand Spike it will cost you just 780$ and please do promise me thatyou will be taking good care of Daisy for that is all i will beneeding from you and your family and that you will be sending memonthly pictures of you, your family and Daisy?.and so if this is okby you then i will be needing your full delivery address so that i cantake the monkey to the transportation company here that i will beusing to ship the monkey and proceed with her delivery to you whichare

FULL NAMES.....................STATE/CITY........................HOUSE/STREET ADDRESS...............CLOSEST AIRPORT.....................CONTACT NUMBER....................

SO i will be needing the above information so as to register her underyour names and address and to avoid delivery errors. so as soon as ihave your full address and you are ready to provide her transport feei will take her straight to the transportation company here andregister her there so that she can be deliver over to you.thanks andwaiting to hear from you.God bless you my dear

I would be more than happy to fly out and pick up the monkeys. In fact, I think it would be a good idea, because then I could spend a couple nights in a hotel and get to know them better before taking them home to my children and mountain lion.

I have to admit I was so scared you wouldn't let me adopt Spike and Fluffy when you heard I have a full grown mountain lion as a pet. You're really ok with that? I'm so glad you're understanding.

I didn't get an answer from you if AKC meant that they wouldn't throw poo. I really don't want to train that out of them.

Well that is ok, all you just need to do is let me know when you willbecoming if that should be today i will be grateful cuz we don't haveenough food stuff for them ok.

can i have your contact number??

Ok, where are you exactly?

I'm including a picture of Mimi. She was feeling a little annoyed with me because I'd just given her a bath, so she was hiding under my bed. Isn't she beautiful? I think she'll be extremely excited to have a couple playmates, especially because they'll be exotic animals, just like her.


OOh ok she is beautiful and i need your contact number so i can text

I'm so sorry, but I don't have a cell phone so I can't text. It just doesn't do me any good in my unique circumstances.

There was this teensy incident with Mimi when I first got her and she wasn't trained very well. We were playing around, and she accidentally bit around my neck a little hard. I know she didn't mean to hurt me, but she ended up puncturing my larynx and damaging it beyond repair. I have almost no voice now.

When I tried to make phone calls after I got out of the hospital, people couldn't understand or hear me very well. I finally gave up and got rid of my phone.
My pet and children food are expensive enough that I can't really afford a phone.

ok how much can you afford so i put them on plane assp??

Do you think they'd be ok with flying coach, or should I pay for first class. Also, should we buy them carseats (like for babies), or do you think they'd sit quietly with their setbelts on?

I'm worried that if they won't sit down, they'd get kicked off the flight. You know them better than I do. What do you think they're capable of?

Also, I never got an answer on the poo throwing: do they throw poo, or have you trained them not to do that? Or do AKC certified monkeys never do that?

they will travel in their well ventilated crate.they are AKC and arehome train, very friendly with kids and other house hold pets

But do they fling poo?

I'm not sure if I want them flying in a crate. I've heard horror stories about dogs getting too cold or handled too roughly when they were in a crate in the cargo hold.
I would rather have them fly with the passengers.

then that will be ok,they dont fling poo

That is such a relief. I thought I'd heard that AKC registered monkeys don't throw poo, it is nice to have you confirm it.

Do we need to buy carseats for the monkeys? Do you want to get them, or do you want me to?
Also, can they fly alone, or should someone fly with them? If so, do you want me to fly to meet you, or do you want to fly to meet me? If I fly to meet them, do you want to arrange my air travel, and I'll pay you back? Same with the carseats? What carseats would your recommend for the monkeys, and how much would I need to pay you for those?

Also, can they fly alone, or should someone fly , they will be flyingwith the delivery agents..

Do we need to buy carseats for the monkeys? the delivery agencywill provide crates for them.

how much would I need to pay you for those?380$ for the whole process

Do you want to get them, or do you want me to?i will have to book fortheir home delivery.If you are ready tgo have them deliver to youtoday do get back to us with your delivery address so i can be bookingfo rtheir home delivery assp

(then, 2 minutes later)

Is there any number so i can call you assp?

Are you trying to make fun of me and my disability? I already told you that I am completely unable to speak, and it hurts my feelings a little that you would tease me like this.

Mimi is also quite hurt. I can tell she really regrets what she did. Every time she looks at my neck, she licks her teeth in a way that I can just tell that she's remembering what happens and feels really awful about it.

I am also concerned that you are just going to have the monkeys fly in crates, and have delivery agents go along. What if they are afraid of the agents because they're a stranger? Will the agents spend a day or two with the monkeys so they can get used to them? I still feel strongly that the monkeys should fly in carseats in the passenger part of the plane, and not in crates in the luggage part.
I feel quite strongly about this, and will not be going forward with this adoption unless this demand can be met.

Never did hear back from them. That whole exchange took place over a couple weeks.

What do you think?[/img]
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Very entertaining! And I loved the pet mountain lion idea!

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:41 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I would love to surprise my mother with one of these- she has had a lifelong dream of owning a monkey (she saw the ads in the back of the comic books when she was a girl), and I would love to be able to fulfill this dream for her.

Brilliant! I was that girl
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