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 Give me those digits Innocent thing!

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*** BANNED ***

Joined: 26 Jul 2012
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:33 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Sometimes I am not a very convincing guyman. It all falls in and they either think I am a fool, a Joker, or another guyman trying to scam them. The following is a good example of that in my shortest bait yet.

Joker wrote:






I get this response back:

Ben Nicholas <[email protected]> wrote:
Thanks for the mail, i will have love to be buying tools from you, but please i don't trust this email buying because have ate my money allot, but if you are legged then show me example with any tools first.

Let the games begin:

Joker wrote:
Brother am not in the habit of giving free mailer to anyone. They just take em and use em and I lose money when small boi steal em. Am not small boy and I sell working stuff. Am hustla and guyman.

If u can not dig then no problem bro. I can work on giving you free client leads or make we work together and split some money if u have client bank details we can hack. I drain credit cards into maga bank accounts and drain all of dat money from dey account to my money man in Europe. We split 3 ways. If interested you can talk to me on my yahoo chatting ID /*REDACTED*/.

I hope u sabi. Can no give out free mailer to anyone. Dey just abuse them and I lose money. Hustlas have to eat bro.


Ben Nicholas <[email protected]> wrote:
man nice word frojm you give me ur number. make we relate well

I do not do phone baiting so I decide to track this over to Yahoo IM like where I originally wanted it to go. I have the following conversation with the important part in bold:

Joker: how far brother?
Joker: am /*REDACTED*/
bennicholas92: am gud and u?
Joker: good
Joker: were u from brother?
bennicholas92: weting dey sub na ?
bennicholas92: where are you?
Joker: am 9ja boy in Malaysia 4r school
Joker: learning computers
bennicholas92: wow nice hw hustle?
Joker: no dulling bro always walking with sum swagga
Joker: got nothing but swagga in my hustle bro
bennicholas92: cool
bennicholas92: guy make we put hand make moni na
Joker: were u from bro?
bennicholas92: 9ja
bennicholas92: i b igbo boi
Joker: aye
Joker: wetin ur name?
bennicholas92: innocent
Joker: nice 2 meet u
bennicholas92: from imo state
bennicholas92: ye
Joker: dis ur working box or chat box?
bennicholas92: chat
bennicholas92: and others tinz
Joker: dis my main chat box 4r personal shit to talk to guyman
Joker: other box u talking 2 me in be working box 4r me
bennicholas92: me 2
bennicholas92: give me ur nimber
Joker: aye bro when I get new phone
Joker: sum one steal my phone at club dis week
bennicholas92: kool
Joker: ok innocent I tink we get to kno eachother
Joker: na so
Joker: u want to talk money?
bennicholas92: i no get u man
Joker: u saw me selling mailer n card
Joker: I also work client lead
bennicholas92: kool
Joker: sell them or even give em
Joker: get hot leads
bennicholas92: i get client 4 usa
Joker: but my main line of money be frm hacking maga banks
Joker: 3 man work
bennicholas92: kool
Joker: it be sum one like u, me, and my Europe money man
bennicholas92: ok, make i know u better i go dey give u job
Joker: we try to do a hack every 2 month
bennicholas92: kool
Joker: last hack I make 50000 USD
bennicholas92: kool u na big boy na
Joker: if u r interested Igive u detail and make we chop some maga bank accounts
bennicholas92: i am man
bennicholas92: even by JAN i dey come ur country
Joker: sry bro ur internet connect cut out
bennicholas92: kool
Joker: if u come to my country bro we go party up
bennicholas92: u sure
bennicholas92: ?
Joker: let me say how bank job work
Joker: actually let me ask u dis
Joker: what is ur FMT?

bennicholas92: man i no dey 2 get u give me a call
bennicholas92: 2347064480562

bennicholas92: i dey do alibaba
bennicholas92: loan
bennicholas92: wallet
bennicholas92: and others
Joker: <ding>
bennicholas92: AM HERE MAN
Joker: bro ur internet connect bad
bennicholas92: no e gud
Joker: do u get maga banking detail?
bennicholas92: en dey go well here
bennicholas92: sure
Joker: aye bro we got business
Joker: here be how dis work
bennicholas92: wow
Joker: u find maga and get they banking details
bennicholas92: man give me a call
Joker: bro wish I could but phone is stolen
bennicholas92: or u give me number wey i fit take call u
Joker: aye bro one moment
bennicholas92: i won work na DEC we dey
bennicholas92: i no won dulll man
Joker: bro we make money
Joker: business be bam if u feed me bank account
bennicholas92: man i won wor4k
bennicholas92: send me nur cell call
Joker: k bro I fire up my internet phone I call maga wif to phish them
bennicholas92: man i no go chat u again oooo
bennicholas92: make we talk later
Joker: phone only gud for calling yankee but can take call frm naija I think
bennicholas92: na mumu number b dis
bennicholas92: e no dey go
Joker: sry bro is what I use to call maga
Joker: only number I got rite now
bennicholas92: hiss
Joker: damn theef take my phone from bar
Joker: bro listen I make this quick and easy
Joker: u get maga banking details and u give them to me. U give me maga email and phone number to make I go hack and phish am wif my bomb software
Joker: I get into dey bank account
Joker: I unload my stolen credit card in they account
Joker: I then log in to online banking and send all they money in account to my Europe money man bro
bennicholas92: u don see mumu na
Joker: he work in counterfeiting laundering and identity theft
Joker: open many bank account wit stolen ID
bennicholas92: thanks
Joker: bro listen
Joker: am not joker here
bennicholas92: free me
Joker: Europe man get money and split 3 way
Joker: u, me, and him
Joker: am not playing bro
Joker: other than dis I make money selling mailers n cards bro
Joker: also sell sum client lead
Joker: want some client lead? I give u sum 4r free

So he does not believe me and he ditches me. To be honest it was a pretty shocking experience for me to have a lad turn me away. I guess everyone has to be turned down once in their life and there is a first time for everything..... but at least he gave me his personal phone number! Those phone numbers (reference: +2347064480562) are now searchable in facebook. Twisted Evil




Image Image



Fun for my shortest bait ever but pictures, trophies, trying to identify the scammer.... not what I set out for. My main 'kick' in all of this is convincing the scammers to give me information on their current victims so I can pass this information on to the moderator staff here and get those victims warned. I feel like this scammer kicked me to the curb early but sometimes it is what it is.

I still got your digits Innocent. Laughing

All warfare is based on deception - Sun Tzu, The Art of War
لئيم كافر
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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

So how do you search the numbers in FB?

This would be a good trick to know.

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 24 Nov 2012
Posts: 16

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nevermind I figured it out. Just put the number where you would search for the name.

Good stuff Surprised) Just gave me an idea
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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Wiz Khalifa is his boy? Shocked


Stop typing in french, am seriously just confused!!!
You will have my nuts in your hands as soon as i have the latrine in my hand & i will pay the goats to the lawyer
My dear with this only, it is clear you have contacted and communicated with Africa Fraudsters and even send funds to him. what a pity!
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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:57 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Empty swimming pool ... plastic chairs ... champagne (?) or Asti out of water glasses. well .. at least the glasses appear to be real. scrawny thin gold chain around his neck & a cheap-azz watch with a crappy plate job.

I don't think he was worth even *that* much of your time - he doesn't appear to be as ... successful as he thinks.

::: shrug:: at least he didn't photoshop Amber Rose into that other chair. lack of talent? Nah - if Cam was his boy, there would have been at least one roach clip visible on that table.

low rent hustler.

fyi - mobile users in Africa generally use their phone #'s as a log-in to FB rather than an e-mail address.

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*** BANNED ***

Joined: 26 Jul 2012
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:13 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

@ scammyscammer: Facebook is great. We can make new friends EVERYWHERE! Twisted Evil

@ MuzunguTheHuntress: I would agree with you that this guy is hardly worth it. I told him as much this morning when he tried to IM me back. To be honest this one is to young and cocky to listen to anyone else he thinks is a guyman. He thinks he is big time with his cheap alcohol and gangster gear and buddies. Little does he know.....

bennicholas92: hw far?
Joker: how far brother
bennicholas92: cool man
Joker: am at regular lvl
bennicholas92: hw tinz?
bennicholas92: y?
Joker: remind me who this be
Joker: is it 4r tool?
bennicholas92: hiss
Joker: bro ur internet connect bad
bennicholas92: where are you please?
Joker: sry bro am busy man and 4rget sumtime
Joker: Malaysia
Joker: am 9ja boi studying computers here
bennicholas92: cool
Joker: were u hail?
Joker: ah bro I remember u
Joker: u no want work wif me
bennicholas92: ok
Joker: am busy man so do not waste my time
bennicholas92: fuck off
Joker: bro no need 2 b hostile
bennicholas92: ok
Joker: just state business like it is and keep professional
Joker: am busy man
bennicholas92: ok
bennicholas92: ok
Joker: u laugh at my bank job anyway Innocent
Joker: not nice bro
bennicholas92: ok

All warfare is based on deception - Sun Tzu, The Art of War
لئيم كافر
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