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 Skype message from an american military soldier, 419 scam!

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:07 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I had many emails with 419 scams, as i grew up in very corrupt country, i knew straight away that no one gives you money for nothing, the world doesnt work that way. But 2 days ago I got really annoyed as a "military general" skyped me, as I do modelling and am an artist I have some nice pictures, so its not surprising to me to get messages from people i dont know, but few secs in the conversation i checked his profile and general was spelled wrong and his date of birth didnt match the picture the skype addres that this person used was geneark david rodriguez the skype name is general.david.rodriguez198 date of birth is 10 Jul 1955 and the person in the picture was no older then 38 so i blocked him, few minutes later i get another message from another usa military person with a picture of very well known us personal, General David Howell Petraeus so that made sense that this is 419 scam, this skype is general.david.howell.petrea71 i just wanted to tell people to watch out, im gona keep a conversation going with this person and waste his time, as i watched a documentary on dating web-sites and how they rip of females who are just looking for love. Also this person always says my dear alot, and quoting him: "im general david from usa and im in Afghanistan for peace keeping"
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Hello I'm New here!

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Madame, Monsieur,
il y a malheureusement beaucoup de phishing sur skype. PLusieurs généraux de l´américaine m´ ont contacté. D´aprés mes renseigenents, ces noms de skype ne correspondraient pas à leur véritable identité. je vous demande de vérifier les noms suivants, et de mettre systematiquement en scam, comme certains sites (également gratuits), les contacts douteux. Si ces identités sont falsifiées je vous prie, et surement avec beaucoup d´autres utilisateurs, de retirer ces comptes.
je vous remercie d´avance.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
es gibt bedauerlicherweise viel Phishing auf SKype. Es ist wirklich unangenehm. Mein Konto bei SKYPE ist ganz neu und wurde von mehreren amerikanischen Generalen kontaktiert. Wesentlich haben sie eine falsche Identität. Deshalb bitte ich um Kontrolle der Eigentümer der folgenden Namen (alle würden für den US-Army arbeiten) und um automatische Scam von unsicheren Adressen.
Vielen Dank im Voraus

Sir, Madam
There is many phishing on SKYPE. It´s really a pity. I have a new account and was contacted by different generals of the US-Army. I asked somebody by the army. I is surely false. Please could SKYPE control these identities und block the false one.
Do you now a SKYPE´s email where we can speak about?
Thank you very much

gen.frank.william1 (gen.frank. william)
thomas.arthur6088 (thomas arthur curtis)
john.w.morgan82 (John.W.Morgan)
major.general.m.ted.wong1 (Major General M. Ted Wong)
gen.mark.hertling2 (Gen Mark Hertling)
mike.miller209 (mike.miller)
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I could add about 30 more from my "blocked" list on Skype. I get at least one per day from some "general"

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