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 Need help with a Auto Scammer

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Make a long story short my family purchased a truck; we couldn't afford the high payments anymore so we put it up for sale. Low and behold a guy called and said he was interested in it. Cool so he showed up and took it for a test drive. Decided he wanted it said he would make 3 payments and then when his inheritance showed up he would pay off the truck. Sounded to good to be true but made up a contract and sold the truck. About 1/2 month later before his first payment we called him up to remind him of his payment. He didn't know who we were! ok this is fishy, then he suddenly remembers. (well duh you bought our truck). Things aren't looking too good. Then we get a letter from a truck rental co. with the ruff draft of our contract. Says to call him so we did. Truck rental guy says they found the ruff draft of our contract in the truck this guy rented. He had payed on it for 3 months then just stopped paying and then left it at the airport where the co. had to get the police and the airport security to find it. Had to wait 2 hours for this guys sister to show up with the keys.
So I started to do my own digging into this guy who bought our truck. Come to find out this is what he does says he is coming into this inheritance and will pay on the truck or car for a couple of months then stops paying and hides the vehicle. Ok so he made the 1st payment then half way through this month he calls and tells my husband that the motor is going out in the truck. My husband plays along. Now just to let you know the truck is brand new and still under warranty. Says he wants to trade it in for a new truck, and wants my husband to come and help trade in the truck and put our names on the new truck. WOW! Getting Ballsy isn't he! We said we would think about it. He started calling us all the time saying we need to get this truck traded in. We will see if he makes this payment on the 1st. I am not holding my breath. But what I don't understand is if he wasn't going to keep the truck why did he put expensive running boards on it.
Thanks for reading and for some help

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Not sure I am entirely following your story, and while this guy sounds like a real idiot, we deal with Advance Fee Fraud not someone reneging on a purchase agreement. You would be better off reporting him to the authorities or chasing him in small claims court if he owes you $$.


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