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 "Then we're screwed" (Profanity alert)

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:07 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Cammy has to tell the Lad what went wrong...

Lad: are you there?
Cammy: Why wouldn't I be online?
Lad: sorry for the delay
Cammy: Forget the apologies and listen up.
Lad: ok
Lad: you are not writing
Lad: are you there?
Cammy: I went to the bank, but because AJ and I have a joint account, we both have to sign off on withdrawals and transfers. When he saw about the $2500 being sent to Africa, he wanted to know why. That's when things went pear-shaped/
Lad: what did you tell him?
Cammy: I couldn't tell him anything.
Lad: ok, don't tell him
Cammy: You told me to keep all of this secret.
Lad: yes but have you successfully sent the $2500
Cammy: And I'm not going to lie to AJ.
Lad: for the sake and success of the transaction
Cammy: For fuck's sake, if it had been sent, why would I say we had a fucking problem?
Lad: don't tell him any thing about the transaction
Cammy: THINK!
Lad: so, what will you do next?
Cammy: I have no fucking idea. I do have a headache the size of Uluru from the argument we had.
Cammy: But that's no help, now is it?
Lad: it's not but what do we do now?
Cammy: You mean what do I do now, and the answer is, not a fucking clue!
Lad: why don't you tell him that you want to buy something and that is why you need the money
Lad: then, withdraw the money from your bank and send it to the bank as the bank instructed
Cammy: I don't lie to AJ – ever. We are totally truthful to each other. It's the Asatru way.
Lad: I know but that is the only way you can get the money and send to the bank
Cammy: Then we're screwed.
Lad: and you will replace the money back as soon as the bank transfer the fund to your bank account
Cammy: I'm not going to lie to AJ.
Lad: how will you get the money and send to the bank?
Cammy: I don't know.
Lad: don't you have any other money with you?
Lad: I mean, do you have any cash in hand right now?
Cammy: Not nearly enough.
Lad: how much do you have?
Cammy: Trust me, not enough.
Lad: just tell me how much you have now?
Cammy: Cash? Maybe 40 bucks.
Cammy: I told you it ain't enough.
Cammy: I use eftpos for most things.
Cammy: I need time to think.
Lad: but can't raise upto 1000 by tomorrow, so that I will run round to raise the rest $1500
Cammy: How the fuck do I get $1000? Sell my ass to someone? Pawn my jewellery?
Lad: I didn't say so, but we have to do something to raise the money because we don't have much time
Cammy: What the fuck is the problem with time?
Lad: the bank's audit will commence soon and the fund transfer will be withold till further notice
Cammy: And you have a fucking nerve to say that when you were playing fucking peekaboo on chat!
Lad: this is why we must act fast
Cammy: Why don't you do something about that fee? You're there!
Lad: that is why I am here so that we can solve the problem
Cammy: Then do something about it.
Lad: yes, but I don't have and that is why I am trying to raise some amount of money
Cammy: You have more resources than me, right?
Lad: I don't
Cammy: What the fuck?
Cammy: You're a senior bank official and you're crying poor all of a sudden?
Lad: I am just a poor banking whose monthly income is not enough to take care of the family up keep and other bills
Lad: yes, but the salary is not much
Cammy: Well excuse me, but I never heard of a senior banker who had to watch the pennies before.
Lad: I hardly make savings from my monthly salary
Cammy: Maybe you should have economised. Where in Freyja's name was it all going?
Lad: My country is different from your country where thing are easy
Lad: that is why i need this fund to invest in good business and quit the bank job
Cammy: Well excuse me for being born somewhere else.
Lad: I need you to understand me so that we both can raise the money and send to the bank
Cammy: It's my fault for being honest with the man I love, I suppose.
Cammy: Such a naughty girl that I am!
Lad: I understand but it will be a surprise to him when the bank transfer the fund to your bank account
Lad: and when you get your share of the fund
Lad: and when you get your share of the fund
Lad: and when you get your share of the fund
Lad: it is going to be a surprise to your husband
Lad: hope you understand
Cammy: He's not my husband.
Lad: ok
Cammy: But unless he knows, he won't co-sign, and you said he wasn't to know. Like I said, we're screwed.
Lad: Ok, tell him
Lad: but are you sure he will allow you to continue the transaction?
Lad: if you let him know?
Lad: I don't want things to get out of hand and that is why I am being careful in this transaction
Cammy: It might not be safe after what was said today, as far as I know - I missed most of it; my eyes were closed.
Cammy: I need to sleep.
Lad: let sort this out before you sleep
Cammy: Tomorrow is Freyjasday, and I have to be fit and rested.
Lad: please, we need to solve this problem once
Lad: do all you can to help raise the money
Cammy: It'll have to wait.
Lad: till when?
Cammy: Fucked if I know.
Lad: what will you do now to raise the money
Cammy: Again, fucked if I know.
Cammy: You have so many questions but no answers, which is not helpful.
Cammy: Good night.
Lad: I just need your assurance of raising the money so that you can send it to the bank
Lad: do all you can to help
Lad: I know very well that you can help us to solve this problem
Lad: please do help us
Lad: just tell your love about it ok?
Lad: and tell him to send the $2500 to the bank and we will give him share in the fund

I have a feeling that isn't going to work, laddie-o...

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Nice Smile he will go round in circles with this.

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You know what Yastreb?
Your chats always look really long and in my early days, I used to skip them. For the last year at least, I've been reading them from top to bottom.

I have to admit that I look forward to your gorram chat logs. Very Happy

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