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 Asya the scamer.(Armenian)

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Templar Knight
Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

First email from Asya

From: Asia <[email protected]>
To: xxxx
Sent: Friday, 7 October 2011 6:21 PM
Subject: i remember you

How are things? I'm Asia. i seek a second half! i often dance and paint. Reply me e-mail to [email protected] Bye, Asia...


My first email to scamer

To -Asia <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, 7 October 2011 6:21 PM
Subject: I want a friend

Asia, have we meet before? And is that your real name? I have had terrible experiences of letting strangers into online friends circle.Please introduce yourself in detail for if you want me to respond to any of your emails in future.And yes, I want to know your qualification and were you work, if you are working.

And lady I am just 21, and also I am still to complete my studies! If you are still interested, I am more than willing to have you as a friend on Facebook.My name is XXXX (doing B.E in Mechanical from XXXXX) and my profile photo is a pencil sketch of me.
Meet me on Facebook!

Second email from scam er

Hello, my new friend. Thanks for that you have not disregarded my
letter. I will tell fairly, that I worried a little and thought, that
you will not answer. But now I see your answer and on my person a
smile. I am glad, that we can learn each other more close. I received
a weekly newsletter from dating site. In this newsletter contained a
lot of profiles, including your profile. I looked through all the
profiles and decided to write to you. Newsletter does not contain your
email address, but gave the opportunity to write you a message. I just
pressed the "send message" and wrote a letter for you, so you got my
first message.

In our city Gyumri has more recently opened the cafe Internet.
Earlier, I was never familiar with the Internet. Therefore, our
acquaintance for me is dialogue first the Internet. That our
communication proceeded, I would like to tell to you more detailed
history about me. As you already know, my name is Asya. I was born
10.10.1980. Now to me of 30 years. My growth 1.73 cm, my weight - 62
kg. I live with the daddy and mum. I have no brothers and sisters. I
was born in one of the most interesting countries of the world under
the name Armenia. Armenia - the country with huge history, with the
traditions and customs which were created by centuries and operate
till today. Armenia is the country of the sun, beautiful mountains and
set of lakes. I consider, that the main making Armenia people who here
live are. The main distinctive character trait is an ability to
appreciate tradition and rules. Honesty and ability to respect is
about what each inhabitant of my country knows. Lie and treachery
always it was very strongly punished. During ancient times, false
people expelled from a family. Children, since the early childhood
learn to be fair. Therefore, I have received very good education and
the most important thing, that I have understood - it is necessary to
be always fair to people and then in a life there will be a success.
People never throw each other in a trouble, are always ready to help a
difficult minute. Armenians very rallied people. The main motto - «One
for all and all for one!» I wish to tell to you a little about my
parents. My daddy, his name is Armavir, works as the driver of a
lorry. The daddy transports a foodstuff on shops of our city. My daddy
likes work which it carries out. Earlier when I was small, I often
went for a drive together with the daddy on the working car. I very
much liked to look from a car window. By the way, to my daddy now 54
years. Certainly, I can tell to you about my favourite mum. My mum
Gayane works as the doctor-therapist. Work of my mum very responsible
and difficult as health of people in many respects depends on my mum.
I very much love and I respect my parents. In the childhood, I, as
well as all children visited school. I very much liked at school as I
could learn, that that new. I have finished 11 classes with
distinction, having received a gold medal for successes in study.
After school, I have entered the university, on a speciality
"bookkeeper". University, this very interesting time in a life of each
person. At university I have learnt many friends, have mastered skills
of my work. I very much tried to study, because parents have brought
up me, and I could not disappoint them. Having finished university, I
have faced work search. It appears, that it is very difficult to find
work to young men in our country. At first I worked at all on a
speciality which has received. I worked as the seller in grocery shop.
But more recently, the big organisation on home appliances sale where
I work now as the assistant to the chief accountant has opened not. I
very much like my work. I try to give all the best on a maximum. My
friend, you likely will think, what for I write to you, after all I'm
fine to lives? In my life there is no the most important happiness - I
have no love! I search for that person who could love and respect me
really. I wish to find the man, to which smog to trust in all. I wish
to find that person with whom a smog to share pleasure and a grief. I
wish to find the significant other of the soul, that part which so
strongly does not suffice me! My friend, it is possible you? Please,
tell to me history about you. You work? How there passes your life?
Than you like to be engaged? It is very interesting to me to learn
you. To me very interestingly Internet of dialogue, as it with me for
the first time. I with impatience wait your new letter to me. Your new
friend from the country of the sun, Asya.


My response to second email


Sent: Tuesday, 11 October 2011 6:18 PM
Subject: Hi
Sorry for replying this late Asya! I have been busy with my studies lately.I am an Indian.Life though not really great isn't unmanageable either.We Indian have a lot of things to feel great about (our democracy and our great economic growth for example), and also a lot to feel sad about (poverty,malnutrition and other problems).I live in xxxxxx, India.And my family lives in XXXXX,India.I am currently doing my graduation in Mechanical Engineering(XXXX) and ,I am planning and preparing simultaneously for doing Masters in Business Administration .I belong to the family of a retired army officer(he still works for the govt though!).My father is a soldier welfare officer.He is a principled man who has taken upon himself the job of taking care of Indian war veterans and even world war veterans.He does this on the behalf of Indian government.My mother is a very loving and caring lady.Formerly a teacher, she now is a housewife(but wants to rejoin the work force if given an opportunity).I would have wanted to tell you much more.But I am short of time.I will write to you soon with more information about me and my country.

I am proud to welcome you in my friends circle online.You can always trust me,and write to me as often as you want.That is one privilege I give to each one of my friends!
I will write to you again, soon.
Your friend,

My second response to second email from scam er

Hi Asya!
I would like to chat with you if possible.Could you tell me what is the usual time for you to come online?
Asya you are a really beautiful lady.Looking at your photo I can certainly say you are at least 2-3 inches taller than me. Smile
It would look really awkward if a thin and short person like me were to stand by your side! I could say you are a very nice person by reading the email which you had sent me while introducing yourself.I would certainly want you to join Facebook and have look at my profile/my photos which I have been unable to send till now.Please do join, I am waiting for you to send me a request for friendship over Facebook.
I had promised to tell you more about my family.So here I start again-My father(xxxx) is a qualified civil engineer(he has done B.E i n it).My father is a retired army officer,as I have told you earlier.He had taken part in Kargil War between India and Pakistan.He was involved in planning for that war .He was a military engineer of great caliber when he was with the army.Overall I must say that, life as his son has been fascinating.Sometimes my mother would openly warn me to not to give away his location.She said that it could put my father into trouble,it was not as if I was not mature enough to understand that, but still she would repeat it for me sometimes.Father for the most of times had remained busy and still remains busy.It would be very safe to say that I have practically grown up under my mothers care.My fathers deployment in troubled zones of India has not exceeded 10-12 tears I suppose(he had been in troubled zones even before I had been born) of his 55 years of existence till now.My mother(xxxxxx) is a qualified dietitian and has also done B.Ed i.e she is qualified to be a teacher.She is of the same age as my father.I have lived in different parts of my country,we have basically traveled like nomads over my short life of 21 years (primarily because of the nature of my fathers job) having lived for an average of no more than 2.4 years at a place.My family has settled down in xxxx after my fathers retirement.
I have an elder sister aged 26,who has also done Civil Engineering and is currently living in xxxxxxxx (in close proximity to members of family from my mothers side) and working with xxxxx.She is an active but modest girl.But let me warn you,don't you ever make her angry or can only imagine what she could do to you.She is not short tempered though.I am trying to say that she is just like you in some aspects like-she enjoys her freedom a lot, but loves me and family a lot and would do anything for us.She has been funding my education jointly with my father.
I have been an average student for nearly my entire student life,except for a few years starting from xxxx.In this duration my performance had maxed at xx in Tenth grade and xx in Twelfth.After my High school I had appeared for Pre engineering aptitude test(xxx) and Architecture aptitude test(xxxx) and qualified both.I chose to become an engineer.I had achieved xxxx rank out of xxxx people who had given that xxx.I had scored xx in xxxx.I chose to do mechanical engineering from xxx(one of the best in xx India).I struggled after that with my studies.From xxxx on wards my performance has gone down to xxx I have been made to appear again for a few subjects of my course.I had suffered from depression during my initial years of college.My seniors used to beat me up and abuse me.I tried to resist them but was unsuccessful, but I did not give up my fight.I shifted myself away from hostel where I lived in (with seniors living in close proximity to that hostel) to a separate room,I got isolated after that.I have friends who think exceedingly high of me and always help me when I ask for help.But I do think something is missing in those friendships.I have been missing a normal friendship for years now! And that is why I want to be your friend.My last year of engineering studies is going on,I have gotten a job offer from xxxxx(a software/IT firm).It is a multi national company which has promised me xxxxxx in Indian rupees if I join them.The amount is insufficient,it is probably the reason why I am preparing for MBA.I believe I am worth much more than that, and that I will be able to prove it to them and to the world that xxxxxx is certainly worth more than what they have offered to me.

There is so much to tell and so less time.If you want any further information I would be more than willing to give it to you.I have once again missed out on my country.Sorry for that.I will write later, separately, when I am able to find time for it.You cant guess how desperate I am to hear more from you.I had felt very strangely very very happy after reading your reply introducing yourself to me.You have stepped into my life with a lot of happiness and energy something that I can feel even from thousands of miles away here in India.Please reply as soon as you can.
Your friend from India

Third email from me to scam er

Asya, I am not very comfortable with writing large emails.I would seriously want you to consider joining a social networking site like Facebook.It is easy to do that and you would realy like it.Search it on your search engine(Google or any other).The process of joining it is easy.I believe I have missed out on giving a lot of information about me.It is present on the profile I have maintained on Facebook.If you could join it would be really convenient for me.We would be able to talk much more freely than we are being able to talk now.

Fourth email from me to scam er

Asya,you look very different in your second photograph , than in the one you sent in your first email to me.Can you explain why? I need your answer.I have seen lately that you have not been replying to my emails on time,why so?


Third email from the scam er to me

Hi, my friend xxxx! I with impatience waited your letter. Thanks that
you have not disregarded my history. It is very pleasant to me to
learn you more close. How to you it was slept? How there passes your
day today? Than you are engaged? How your weather? I think, that all
is fine also your day passes is sated.

My friend xxxx, I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn
about in what I like to be engaged at leisure, than I take a great
interest in a life. As I spoke to you earlier, I was born in the fine
country Armenia, with set of cultural values and centuries-old
traditions. Therefore my hobbies basically are directed on studying of
culture, architecture and a national life. I like painting, theatre
and everything, that is connected with art. I like to listen to
classical music. You know, when I was small, I have read many
historical books. I always liked to learn cultural values of the
countries of Europe and Asia, and as the USA. I consider, that it is
necessary to know history which surrounds our world. The most
important thing that we live in a peace time. In each country cultural
rules and Armenia not an exception are observed. As I spoke to you
earlier, people of my country very fair and kind. It is very important
in my country. The people who have betrayed religion, make the
heaviest sin. I want, that you have learnt also other my hobbies. I
very much like to go in for sports. I consider, that movement is a
life! I like to run in the mornings, before work. I try to visit an
exercise room because each girl should support a good figure. In the
summer, I like to go for a drive on a bicycle, to bathe, play
volleyball and to sunbathe on the sun. In the summer, I very much like
to meet a dawn and to see off a decline, on the bank of lake. In the
future we can probably meet a dawn together, the my dear friend xxxx?
In the winter, I ski also the fads. I always dreamt to go down on skis
from mountains, but it only my dream which becomes possible in the
future a reality! I like to read books. Especially I like novels and
love detectives. I like to listen to music. Special preference I,
certainly, give to classical music - Bah, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. I like
some electronic and pop music too. I never left for limits of my
country, therefore one of the most treasured desires in a life it is
travel. I would like to look at culture and people from other country.
It is very interesting to me to learn you. I think, that we will
necessarily find common language. All friends say to me, that I the
cheerful girl. I really conduct an active way of life. I like to
communicate and learn new people. I love the cheerful companies. Now,
unfortunately, I have no a lot of time to communicate with friends as
at me it is a lot of work. I very quiet, romantic and clever girl. In
a shower, I sensual and gentle. Sometimes, I like to walk one, in city
park. I look at persons of people, I see many emotions. Who that
rejoices lives at whom that the life is broken and there are no
chances more to return back. But people continue to live. To me very
painfully to look at sad faces. If I had possibility I would present
to each person happiness and a smile. I always would like, that near
to me there was a man who can love me really. I search for the present
love. You search for love too, xxxx? I think, that we are in many
respects similar. In relations I appreciate trust, understanding and
certainly love to each other. I want, that the person with whom I will
be always, understood me, never offended and loved. I want only
serious relations. I do not want any games. I think, that you search
for serious relations too, xxxxx I with impatience wait your new
letter to me. Your girlfriend, Asya.

My responce to the third email from scamer

Asya,you are not answering any of the questions I am asking you in any of my emails.Your behavior is making me suspicious.I want you to chat with me/video chat if possible.I warn you that I may report your address if you do not prove to me that you are genuinely what you are claiming to be.You look different in each and every photo you send.Not just different in sense of the clothes you wear but also your face.Please clarify.I would be dumb if I continue talking to you despite of clear indications that you are upto no good.Call me dumb if I am wrong.I need proof of your actual existence.I have searched and found your name on facebook.............................
Hope you have got what I am trying to say.Answer me clearly in your own language.Got that!

My second email in responce to scamers third email to me

Yes Asya,.I seek a serious love relationship.But at the same time, I want you to promise me that/assure me over -

1. That you will strive to be financially independent.

2. You will never be asking me for any money online or even otherwise for any reason, because I am in no position to verify anything(any requirement) you are saying from here in India.I will not transfer any money in any condition.If you get into any financial trouble in Armenia it would be your sole responsibility to handle it.Our relationship is going to be based firmly on this base till the time we eventually come together in a holy relationship.

3. We would have to meet sometime in the future,in real life, if we want to give this relationship any meaning.

4. You will disclose to me about every past love relations that you have had, and whether you have had physical relations with those men.Please do not be offended.But I want a partner who is faithful and does not lie to me over anything.

5. Asya,you would have to come online regularly.

6. You would not be ignoring my mails(if you want me to be serious about our relationship).

7. You would come and chat with me every once in a while, video chat if possible.I need you to fix a time for that!

8. Steps we are going to take jointly to overcome language, religious,age and nationality barriers.We would have to learn each others mother tongue.I need your help,and you too will need my help over that.

I have read about your country online.Yous is certainly a very beautiful country,which has had very interesting but violent past.Girls look like as if they are angles from heaven. Smile
That includes you.!
My country India ,Asya is culturally very rich and very diverse.Being home to 1.2 billion people,I must say it speaks more languages than the entire European Union put together and is equally diverse too! My life over here is kind of very plain.We do have cinema (among st the most active,1000's of movies released every year),internet,but also there is shortage of space for living, recreation and even other entertainment activities you can think of in our cities.Village life is hard and there is a lot of visible poverty and illiteracy.I want you to look at Wikipedia for that!
In all,we have a lot of poverty existing side by side to extreme richness.I won't like to talk much about my country.I would be sending you some links,articles soon which may give you an idea about what my country really is and that the space provided for in emails is small to write about it.Or maybe, I am not a good writer. You should appreciate the fact that at least I am being honest! Dying to hear from you.Please send some more of your photos.I would want to maintain a collection of them;of how the special lady in my life looks like.
Dying to hear your opinion over what I have written.Please,and please, write to me over those points that I have mentioned above,as they are going to be foundation of our relationship.Write any thing you want to add to it and I would certainly include them in my promises to you.

Dying to hear from you!

Scamer's fourth email to me

Hi, the my dear friend xxxxx! Thanks for your new, fine letter. To me
it is madly pleasant, that you do not disregard me. I am glad, that we
continue to communicate and learn each other more close. Today very
good weather. On my person a smile. I do not know why, but now I smile
much more often. I very much like to communicate with you xxxx.

Today, I would like to talk to you about relations between the man and
the woman. All of us when that we feel love, but not always those
feelings which we test the presents. Who that loves for the sake of
profit whom that draws monetary riches. It is not enough people in
this world love really. You agree with me? I would like to construct
relations without a deceit and mistrust. I consider, that it is 2 main
components. In our country there are customs which were observed by
centuries. My daddy, since the childhood has chosen for me the groom.
In 18 years, I should marry the man whom even never saw. But I have
refused. The daddy was little bit malicious on me. I have informed the
daddy, that I have the point of view and I can not live with the man
whom never loved. Now, I completely the free person in a choice. But,
in our country it is a lot of men, try to use the woman only for the
sake of sex and the personal purposes. The woman in our country has
turned to the slave who a day should work and look after 24 hours a
family. Men practically do nothing. I do not wish to live with the man
who will not respect me. When I was 27 years old, I have got
acquainted with the man by name of Tigran. At first, our relations
developed very well. We walked in park, looked at a dawn, and saw off
a decline. I thought, that have found the man who will love me all
life. But after 3 months of our relations, I have learnt, that Tigran
wishes to use me only for the sake of sex and personal needs. I have
learnt, that Tigran have argued with friends that can tighten me in
bed after 3 months of our relations. I am very glad, that have
received these particulars earlier, than it has entered into my trust.
I have stopped at once relations with this person. I never will allow
to use me. I wish to find the present love, without a deceit and
provocation. I want, that the man loved me, not as sexual object, and
as the girl for the sake of whom it is necessary to live! I hope, that
you such man. My friend, please, tell to me about your last relations?
What do you expect from our communication? I wish to learn you more
and to develop our relations. I with impatience wait your answer.

Your girlfriend from Armenia, Asya.

My response to scamers fourth email

This is enough you son of bitch scam er.

You bastard sitting on the other side!

Your letters are present everywhere online.

Please stop your communications with me.

You have already pissed me off a lot, and I am damn sure to approach the police if you do not stop sending your bullshit to me.

Stop now or pay the price.My family has enough soul and blood left to spend to slay demons like you lurking on the net trying to fool innocent people.

By the way nice photos!

Who's are they?

Your last victim's or your real life girl friend's?

Oh ! Sorry,I forgot that people like you only use people for personal benefits and cannot get into genuine relationships.Maybe she is the most beautiful prostitute you have ever been too.Isn't it?

I guess you didn't read any of my letters.

I said I have had experiences.You have only added to them!

Your nemesis.


-Son of an Officer of Indian Army

-Soon to be 'Chief Of Army Staff' of Indian Army.

The scam er did not manage to get any money out of me.I searcher contents of her letter online and confirmed that the person I am talking to is a scam er using stolen photos to seduce me.


I do not know what will happen now

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I've disabled the Poll. - I know what the outcome will be. Smile

The Poll Question was:-
Templar Knight wrote:
Should I have done what I did in the last email from me to that scamer ?

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next victim
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This looks very much like the one I had from Minsk. Basically the same story, though it looks doctored a bit.

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I have been getting emails the same for a long time identical to these from
Gyumri.It has touched me for a bit so I decided to just keep it going.I found the girl in the photo's and by what you describe is the same one if she has a mole on her chin.
I do believer there is more than one person doing the letters.
I have found get them talking about a national interest as their part of the world is very unstable.
The one I have has the name Haykanush
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:26 am Reply with quoteBack to top

To answer what was apparently your poll question: No, you should not have done that. I'll let others who are more eloquent than me explain why.

ETA: You could also just read this thread to find out why that was a bad idea.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:49 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Lets have the email addy so we can have some fun with this one!

And of course you can always open a different email acct (like gmail) and start a new bait with "her", TK.

...if you go to your WU and tell the clerk to execute the IMA=ID-10-T=Release, command we should be in business.

We have no time for your joking, dear XXXXX Thank you for using our services. (Yulia Ivanova)

Your reaction is a deliberate attempt to delay the proceedings of this transaction, which will not be accepted by us. (Mr. Jonathan Wilko)

My dear, I just went to the bank that would get your money. I was told that such remittance is not there !!!!!! Once again you have deceived me! Why did you do that to me! I've always been honest and sincere with you! I cry ........ Maria

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:33 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Well there is more than one this one is very busy
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

They all relate to name in first post
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:01 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The Scam Hunter wrote:
Lets have the email addy so we can have some fun with this one!

If the email addy is posted up, please include the headers per the forum guidelines.

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