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 Any baiter suggestions

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Hello I'm New here!

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Am new to this site and forum and thought it was time to bait some of these time wasters with a bit of their own medicine.

Typicaly in the past I have recieved and have come across all manner of scams on the Internet...either the typical email scams of money from a realtive to Dr. Ombooku's wife contacting me to share in the hiiden funds her husband hid prior to his death...blah blah !!! I now reply to these with a tirate of expletives telling them what a waste of life they are.....then there are those selling items we are looking for....yes send me money and I will ship the tractor or whatever to you....I usually try to string these idiots along to the point I find out the supposed storage location and then inform them that either I will be in their area for a police conference or have a local relative who will come and view the item as they are a police officer that lives in the area....this is when the emails end.

I now find myself with another of these idiots selling something held in storage and I need to take my approach up another notch and try to cost them some money.....anyone have any ideas ideas??? It's the ebay holding money while I sample the goods scam.
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419Eater is my life

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Hey mate:

1. Bait safe. Make sure to use a fake addy, and give out no information that could possibly be traced back to you.

2. Check out the Eater U threads, all kinds of good stuff there.

3. Get a mentor. A mentor will help you refine your technique and really polish your skills on this one.

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