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 Lawyer lad who refuses to add to my piggery!

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Lawyer lad who refuses to add to my piggery!


21 July 2010 11:27
Dear Chigbue

Please stop shouting at me it makes me cry. Use lower case letters too is much easier to read, and is not shouting so I can read and understand without getting so upset.

I have been thinking that to wait four days is not so much and it would be easier for me to use a bank transfer and I cannot use western union they say they will not send to Nigeria on line and will not send any more ethan £500 in any 30 days so that is why is better to use a bank account.


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21 July 2010 17:22

I so much apologize to you if my typing with Upper Case (Capital) letter is getting you upset. I truly do not mean any harm to you by typing with Upper Case letter but it was as a result of my bad eye sight, because it is easier for me to detect any missing alphabet or omitted letter if I am typing with Capital letters due to the Font Size of my Office Computer.

From now hence forth; I shall be using Lower case (Small) letter in all my communication messages with you.

With reference to your most recent mail; as I already explained in my previous messages that I do not operate a Domiciliary Pounds Account, but I only have a local Personal Savings Account. So it is not possible for me to receive money from London - U.K. with my Local Savings Account because it does not have the International Bank Wire/Routing Number to accept payment from foreign countries. My Local Personal Savings account can only be used to receive payments locally within Nigeria.

So don't feel as if may be I am giving you conditions or wrong alternatives regarding sending my Legal Fee to me, but is just that the most easiest, fastest, most convenient means for me to receive that legal fee from you is only either through Western Union or Money Gram.

I quite understand your explanation about your impossibility of sending the fee through Western Union online system, and that you can only possibly send just £500 Pounds in every 30 days. Your explanation seems very clear and understanding to me but the fact remains that you don't have to use the Western Union Online System for such transfer exceeding £1,000 Pounds, but you should rather go in person and locate a Western Union or Money Gram Outlet/Agent in any of either your shopping Mall, Petrol Station, Banks, or supermarket within London to send the complete £2,210 Pounds.

I will greatly appreciate your consideration in this matter by sending the fee to me either through Western Union or Money Gram as I promised to put in my very best to make sure that your documents are completely procured and signed within three(3) days of receipt of the payment of £2,210 pounds from you.

Once again; I am sorry for getting you upset with my typing with Uppercase Letter.
Yours Faithfully,
Barrister Godwin Chigbue.

Main lad who talked to me whilst driving to work?

21 July 2010 18:20
I understand your explanation but Please try and send the fee to Lawyer through western union

It was very nice spoken with you at length in the morning on my way to the office. Although i was driving but I still understand every communications exchanged with you and all your explanations are very well understood.

Sequel to your mail that the Barrister is not being helpful and that I should look for another one who will accept payment to his bank account, I want you to understand that I can not just be the one to just assign any lawyer to you, but it has to be through the agreement between the management of sterling Bank. Before Barr. Godwin was assigned to you as your lawyer, it was the entire management's decision after a brief meeting held among the senior staffs of the Bank by which they mutually agreed within themselves that Barr. Godwin will be the only lawyer that would be saddled with the responsibility of taking charge of your file due to your inability to travel to Nigeria for the signing of those documents yourself. So therefore, if you want another lawyer then you will have to write an official letter to Mr. Samuel Okojie of Remittance Department that you want them to assign another lawyer for you.

My sister, I hope you understand that this transaction is an inheritance claims which concerns only you being the foreign beneficiary and the Bank. So therefore assigning another lawyer to you may raise suspicion to the Bank. Please understand my reason for not trying to come out fully which might raise suspicion to the Bank and my other colleagues on how we got to be communicating directly with each other and how I manage to know that you are in need of such help.

At least, I have fulfilled all areas of this transaction and seeing that the fund is approved in your favor and what the Bank management is waiting for now is the Fund Release Order to be signed by you or the Attorney so as to enable them carry out the remittance process. You know that all we need now is the signing of the Fund Release Order, and as soon as the Fund Release Order is successfully signed by your assigned Barr. Godwin then the Bank will not have any reason to delay this transaction order then to release the funds into your bank account.

I know you have already developed an hatred for Barr. Godwin due to your complain about his using CAPS LOCK to compose a message and send to you, but I have pleaded to you to please over look what Barr. Godwin must have done by offending you with his method of composing message. Please let us face our objectives of achieving our goals. The only reason why I do not want us to involve any other lawyer in this transaction is because Barr. Godwin is the Head of legal department here in Sterling Bank and he knows how to procure documents of this nature due to his wide range of experience in the legal field of financial matters. Thus, by involving another lawyer who is not proficient in his job can jeopardize our efforts so far.

Since you said Barr. Godwin is still insisting that you have to send the money to him through western union money transfer, then I beg you to please do so by following his instructions, because he is the only appointed Barrister who can helps undergo this process properly.

The only option that i can think of is that you should split and send the money to him in two times payment by western union money transfer. You can send half of the money to him first as an advance payment so as to enable him start up the processing of the documents, and you will then tell him that you will pay him the remaining balance immediately after he is through with the procurement of the documents.

I hope by sending the money in two times payment by western union money transfer will help you a lot more than sending it at a lump sum.
Thanks and waiting to hear something good from you.

Yours brother,
Mr. Morenike Adams

22 July 2010 20:40
Dear Sister Lady,
I hope you are doing fine. I have called your phone several times today but there was no response from you. However, I guess you you are not around to answer my calls.

I am writing to know how far you have gone with the arrangement of sending the money to Barr. Godwin, because you told me on phone yesterday that you will go out today to search for a Money-gram office of a western union money transfer office where you would possibly send the money to him. 

As soon as you receive this mail you should please reply and let me know if you have send the money to Barr. Godwin or not, because I need a concise update from you so that I can always monitor Barr. Godwin as he will be carrying out his obligation. 
Thanks and waiting to hear good news from you.

Yours brother,

No piggy means lad pain!


23 July 2010 10:44
Dear Adams

I learn something new every day! MoneyGram are such nice people and concerned about internet security, they told me such tales of fraud on the internet but have a clever solution for that. Godwin Chigbue will hear from them soonest about receiving the money is safer from them they say!

God Bless you and Mrs Morenike


24 July 2010 08:36
Dear Sister C,
I received your mail and I am really happy to hear from you that you went to Money gram to send the money to Barr. Godwin and that the Money Gram staff has agreed to help undergo the process themselves. It was indeed a great assistant from Money gram, but there are some little phrases which are underlined below in your mail which are not clear to me;

Dear Adams

I learn something new every day! Money Gram are such nice people and concerned about internet security, they told me such tales of fraud on the internet but have a clever solution for that. Godwin Chigbue will here from them soonest about receiving the money is safer from them they say!

God Bless you and Mrs Morenike


I truly do not understand what you mean by those underlined statement or phrases in your mail, but I want you to please kindly reply back and let me know if Money gram has sent the money to Barr. Godwin, and why don't you send it directly by yourself instead of the Money gram official helping you in such a manner.

Expecting you detailed explanatory email. 

Yours brother,

24 July 2010 09:38
Dear Adam
I have never experienced this method of sending money, and the staff were so helpful and explained it all to me.
The man told me that there were people on the internet who stole money from people sending money to Africa. The scheme they came up with protects the receiver that is why he advised me to use that method. So dear Adam what exactly does it involve?

Opps Lawyer mega miffed!


24 July 2010 21:06
I Am Over Disappointed In You

MAIL TO: My Client, Mrs. C,
I do not want to insult you but I prefer to let you know that you are matured more than what you did by bringing your status so low before me. You told me in one of your previous message that you are upset by my typing to you with Uppercase Letter, and so I did apologized to you for that. But I don't understand why you could think you could ever joke with me or playing me like a fool.

In actual fact; I am over disappointed in you, because I gave you your due respect as my client but I see no reason why you could ever go ahead and thinking that you can fool me like a child by telling some fake site developer to arrange fake documents and fake information to fool me that you have sent money to me through MONEY GRAM MTCN VAULT SYSTEM.

They are fools because MTCN does not have anything to do with MONEY GRAM, but you can only have a REFERENCE NUMBER for MONEY GRAM and MTCN for WESTERN UNION.

I have reported you to the Bank Authority and from now hence forth; I shall have nothing to do with you concerning the processing of your Fund Transfer Document.
Yours Faithfully,
Barrister Godwin Chigbue.

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Very nice!! clapping

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They sound very jumpy too Twisted Evil Excellent.

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Nice job!

It's true; Western Union has MTCN; Moneygram has Reference Number

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