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 Dr De-educated

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:39 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear Friend,

My Name is DR PAUL AMOS JOHN , I have been searching for your contact since you left our country some years ago .I do not know whether this is your correct email address or not because I only used your name initials to search for your contact in the internet .In case you are not the person I am supposed to contact ,

please see this as a confidential message and do not reveal it to another person but if you are not the intended receiver, do let me know whether you can be of assistance regarding my proposal below because it is top secret.

I am still working with the Bank of Africa where we met during your official visit to my country.I am about to retire from active Bank service to start a new life but I am sceptical to reveal this particular secret to a ranger .You must assure me that everything will be handled confidentially because we are not going to suffer again in life.

It has been 10 years now that most of the greedy Pelican Politicians used our bank to Launder money overseas through the help of their Political advisers. Most of the funds which they transferred out of the shores of Africa was old and oil money that was supposed to have been used to develop the continent. Their Political advisers always
inflated the amounts before transfer to foreign accounts so I also used the opportunity to divert part of the funds hence I am aware that there is no official trace of how much was transferred as all the accounts used for such transfers were being closed after transfer.
I acted as the wank Officer to most of the politicians and when I discovered that they were using me to succeed in their greedy act,

I also cleaned some of their banking records from the Bank files and no one cared to ask me because the money was too much for them to
control. They laundered over $2bn during the process .As I am sending this message to you, I was able to divert more than Two Hundred Million Dollars ($200m) to an escrow account belonging to no one in the bank. The bank is anxious now to know who
is the beneficiary to the funds because they have made a lot of profits with the funds.

It is more than Eight years now and most of the politicians are no longer using our bank to transfer funds overseas. The $200M has been lying waste but I don't want to retire from the bank without transferring the funds to a foreign account to enable me share the
proceeds with the receiver. The money will be shared 60% for me and 40% for you .

There is no one coming to ask you about the funds because I secured everything.I only want you to ass is me by providing a viable bank account where the funds can be transferred. You are not to face any difficulties or legal implications as I am going to handle the transfer personally. If you are capable of receiving the funds, do let me know immediately to enable me give you detailed information on what to do.

For me, I have stolen the money from everyone because the other people that took the whole money did not face any problems. This is my chance also to grab my own but you must keep the details of the funds secret to avoid leakages as no one in the bank knows about the funds.

Please supply me the following:
Your current contact address and Telephone Numbers. Whether you will be able to come down again to my country to meet me before the commencement of the transfer.
I shall intimate you on what to do when I get your confirmation and acceptance. If you are capable of being my trusted associate, do declare your consent to me.

There is no way I'm going to 'ass is' you or let you 'intimate' me matey Smile

Please do not contact anybody again expect me on here because they are many hijackers on internet SGT Tony Benson
I am the person who owns the safe firm in UK but right now on sick bed for my heart surgery due to my heart failure M Efosa
Tell them to go to hell and burn to arches Prince Jerry Zulusofola
I don’t have job, I am a hacker, hacking jawing stick and Sachet water Udeh Ebuka
Closed lad accounts x5 Easter Egg 2012

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:36 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Thanks for making me spill my coffee over the screen!

"Wanking officer" ?? Is that, like, being the 'right hand' of the bank president??

Closed lad accounts x7 (5x from the same lad)

No! NO!! No!!! you are not the person i thought you were. I regret getting to this stage with you -- J0hn "M4t" G00dman

Thank you for your brilliant message. I did not mean to hurt your feelings, am sorry. -- 1GE. B. Sanus1

The Slow Banker (Stallus Popiejopieicum): Insanely slow-working bankers who take ages to e-mail you after the main lad has referred you, and even longer to process their own duff forms.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

God Bless De-education.

Slut of the Undermentioned Resources

Closed lad accounts x4

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