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 the rob3rt kw4me/dr p4lmer trunk box bait - my first bait

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reverend jizzm
Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 12 Jul 2010
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:13 am Reply with quoteBack to top

so here is my first bait, i have hopefully read all the points of what to do and what not to do on here, but if i have any glaring fails please feel free to edit/delete.

it should be noted that in between the emails there were a LOT of phone calls, i got one of those numbers that diverted to a pay as you go mobile, but i didnt have the facility to record them. they were nothing special, basically just lots of them, all from the barrister kw4me/ dr p4lmer from the united nations. strangely enough, they had the same voice! weird......... oh well, here it is.

i initially got an email from dr p4lmer from the UN, pretty standard fare i reckon:

Personal Infrormation,

Attention Please!!!
During our General Conference meeting held 17th Day of March 2010 we contacted with the secretary General of United Nations of which three names was mentioned, in our data base of foreigners that are assisting Africa children but due to the coruption in Africa, and lack of Good will people and reliable to your Transaction and you have not received anything from Africa and united nations for your good work helping Africa children.

Above all there are Two sierra Leone children whom their late father diamond merchant, deposited the sum of 8.5million united state dollars and a truck box of Diamond with the United Nations Depository Vault which i was mandated by God to assist the children to have a foreign beneficiary who can help assist this children invest abroad cause of Economic Instability affecting Africa countries by his late father, I find your profile very interesting and I wish to update you properly about the delivery procedure. The New Honorable Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon the formal South Korea foreign minister who took over from kofi Annan has began to use his office to assist Africa children who would like to leave abroad.

I have forwarded this children name and they will be issue with UN Diplomatic Immunity Passport that will take them to any part of the world where they will stay. In view of this, I am using this single opportunity to appoint you as their beneficiary if only you can assure me that when you receive the funds for the children you will protect the funds, invest it in a profitable business, educate the children and make life worth living for them. In this case you will now forward all your personal data, fill the UN OCHA FORM and send it to me, to enable me secure UN EXPRESS ACCESS CARD and UN Diplomatic Immunity Passport for you so you will be appointed as a Humanitarian Officer to United Nations which allow you to receive all consignments without any security interference.

All your effort to Diplomat Paul Smith was unsuccessful due to the fact that you have not obtained a membership from our humanitarian office. You are required to be a member representative of the United Nations humanitarian council before you can be a legible member to receive your consignment.

At your receipt of this mail, kindly put a brief call on me for a brief telephone conversation on mutaul understanding.

Thank You
Professor David Palmer
(Head of United Nation Humanitarian Council)
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +xxxxxxxxxxxxx

so how could i resist such a great offer?

so i did some quick background work and replied to him as the reverend jizz m j0ck3y, and set up a quick website on for my ministry. i used the address of it as the headquarters of surrey police, basically as i thought it would be amusing if i ever managed to get him to send me anything it would go to the cops


Dearest Mr Palm3r,

Blessings to you and many thank you's for your email.

I see you are also a man of god, and i thank the big man himself for putting you in touch with me and my ministry. I have spent many years working all over the world helping men, women, children, platypus and a few years in the highlands of scotland saving wild haggis from extinction. As you can see, i will be well placed to help you.

My church, the Way Ahead Never Known Slowly, is always keen to help the less fortunate, and we are active fund raisers to help raise monies for the needy, give shelter to the homeless, and help the mentally deficient through the medium of dance.

Please let me know how my church and my good self can help these poor children escape the ravages of this country. I have been to sierra leone myself, and i have seen with my own eyes the troubles.

I look forward to hearing from you

In the name of christ

Reverend Jizz M Jock3y

i was surprised to find he replied almost immediately........


Attention: Reverend Jizz M Jock3y,

This mail is coming to you from The Head of the United Nations Humanitarian Council, West Africa Accra Ghana. in sequence to the Proposal you have shown interest.

Basically the united nations humanitarian council handle the natural course of child's molestation and deprived members of the society and bring back hope to refuge affected by natural deserter and war victims. Honorable Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, has place an urgent call on us as the United Nations Humanitarian Agencies to look urgently in to the affair and well being of two (2) kids Sierra Leone currently seeking refuge with us here in our refuge cam (Bujumbura refugee camp) to seek safe Refuge for these kids and invest there inheritance very well for then and give them a sound and better life that they deserve since ever human has every right to life. in accordance to the kids requirement to invest in a foreign country apart from Africa due to the high level of corruption here we are appointing you as the beneficiary to receive these kids and there in heritance, with specification of proper utilization of the inheritance resources and get them back to school.

The Late Mr. Michael Kamara, a rich Diamond merchant, left an inheritance deposit of 25KG OF DIAMOND and US$ 8.5 000.000 eight million five hundred thousand united state dollar bill,Bank acceptable money spendable cash. this is currently deposited with the United Nations Depository Vault.

All the necessary legal documents backing the two (2) trunk boxes of consignment (inheritance) are all intact and the Government of Ghana has assigned a legal attorney to monitor every bit of the transaction to be sure all legalities are all in pace to avoid any bridge of law against international criminal code.

The agreement has been reached that you will be entitle to 20% of the total content and 10% will go to the UN-Humanitarian Council, while the 70% go to the kids well fair.

Please note; that this transaction is 100% free. as all legal documents has been obtain under legal and legitimate condition on protection of both the consignor and the recipient (Beneficiary).

Attached a copies of the deposit documents, ownership and the Funeral documents covering the deposits of the inheritance.

At your receipt of this mail, kindly send your details information as follow to enable us open a file for you to commence the procedural activities


At our receipt of the above requirement this will take us to the next level of this transaction.

If you have Any further question please feel free and ask.

Anticipating your urgent response at your earliest convenient.

Yours sincerely
Prof, David Palm3r.
Head of United Nations Humanitarian Council
Accra Ghana.
E-mail: [email protected]

i emailed him back with my details, and attached a photo of father ted crilly from the comedy show as my own


in the name of christ

brother david, thank you for your email.

my details are as follows:

Reverend Jizz M Jockey
Way Ahead Never Known Slowly Ministry (W.A.N.K.S.)
Margaret Road

I hope this information reaches you in good health.

I cannot however scan my passport, my ministry does not even possess such a thing as a scanner, however i can give you my photo (attached)

peace on you sir


Rev Jizz

the good doctor from the UN got back to me and gave me the contact details of the barrister who was handling the transaction


Dear Rev. Jizz M Jock3y,

Your mail dated 9th June 20/10 was well received and the content is very cleared and well understood. With your presented delivery details we have been able to open a claims file for you over here as part of the delivery procedure.

Enclosed are the two (2) trunk metallic consignment boxes (inheritance)under the United Nations depository Vault. Scanned Report reveling the Content to be US$8.5 million united state dollars bills Bank Acceptable money. ETC. We have not been able to proceed with the delivery procedure since all the documents covering two metallic boxes are still in the name of the original depositor, it is there for illegal to use someone Else's documents to effect delivery to you.

You are hereby advice to contact the company's Attorney for your change of ownership of the documents from the depositary name to your name as the current legal beneficiary.

Assurance and guarantee that upon our receipt of you the Power of Attorney. The United Nations Courier Services will assign a Diplomatic Officer to proceed delivery to your home address without any security interference.

Barrister Contact informations enclosed below.

Barrister Rob3rt Kw4me (ESQ
Email: [email protected]

in this email was an excellent photo of a box full of money and a UN id card. my daughter actually commented on how crappy a job it was, that is how bad the photos were

i then got an email from the barrister himself. surprisingly enough, he wants some money. and he is a busy man, so i better send it quickly!


Dear Rev.Jizz M.Jock3y,

My the Peace and love of God the Father, Son and Holy spirit, be with you both now and always.

I am at the receipt of your mail, the content is very clear and well understood, It came to my notice that your transaction with United Nations Courier Services is due and matured for Delivery immediately but it is illegal for the Courier Services to effect such huge amount of founds to someone that has no trace of any information on the Documents.

All the transaction documents on my desk are all in the name of the depositor so for your to be legible to receive the Delivery in your designated Designated Address UK.
With respect, This mean that the Commissioner for oath have to supervise the oath of affidavit a legal change of ownership must be obtain which will be signed by the Chief Justice of the federation of the high court of justice.

ENCLOSE; My Barrister ID and called to Bar Certificate

cost below.
cost of oath of affidavit 800 British Pounds
Barrister consultation fees 250 British Pounds
Total 1050 British pounds

This you have to send to the chambers secretary's information immediately through western union money transfer.

xxxx xxxxxxx
AMOUNT 1050 British Pounds.

NOTE; upon our receipt of the payment information, your power of attorney will be made available to you within 24hours.
Kindly be reminded that i am a very busy person and i have chains of client to represent at the court of law.
Your urgent response will be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully Yours
Barrister Robert Kwam3.ASQ
Tele/fax +233 546xxx852

at this point i just HAVE to attach the photo of his 'barrister ID' just check the issue date, priceless!


at this point i thought i should have a good excuse of not sending him the money, so i made up my own fake barrister, mr ob4femi akp4la. i had barrister akp4la email the reverend thanking him for the money the reverend so graciously sent him:


From: Barrister xxxxxxxala <[email protected]>
Subject: Many thank yous
To: [email protected]
Date: Sunday, 13 June, 2010, 9:56







i forwarded this message to the barrister kw4me, hopefully he will think that another scammer has his money, and also that the reverend is stupider than he first thought:

My Dearest brother in christ barrister rob3rt

As you can see, your colleague barrister obaf3mi concluded our business well, and as your junior colleague if i was you i would reward him with a promotion for his good, swift, work.

I am still keen to come and visit barrister obaf3mi, perhaps you can also meet me?

My Pastor has confirmed i can use ministry funds to travel, as i can also do missionary work while i am there, so it will be covered. If you let me know when it is convenient I will arrange travel, perhaps you could arrange with your colleague obaf3mi to have me picked up on my arrival

I would like to thank you again for your help in this transaction, and please let me know if there are any particular gifts you would like me to bring for you or your family.

God bless you


hopefully the thought of the rev going to ghana would keep him hooked...

for good measure i emailed the barrister kw4me from the obaf3mi account, telling him i had dolla chopped him to wind him up and basically gave him some abuse. i have to say, he was very polite in his reply and said that he was the better game player, and he would win. 'let us play brother' was his final line. i had hoped he would get properly wound up, but he obviously sees himself as better than ob4femi! oh well, back to the bait....

he emailed with the following:


Way Ahead Never Known Slowly christian ministry
Mount Browne
Sandy lane
Guildford Surrey GU3 1HG United Kingdom.

(Kwame Chambers Association)
Kwame-law Firm
No 81 oxford street.
Accra Ghana.

Attentions: Rev.Jizz M. Jock3y,

This is to notify you that Barister Obaf3mi, is not in the list of Ghana chambers as a Lagal practisional as his name is not in west Africa Non Ghana Law Firm. He is not a United Nations Humanitarian Memeber niether do he work for them. Please i will advise you to be very careful with Nigerians as they are delicate people.

Correspondence Memo received from the United Nations Humanitarian Council, In request for the change of ownership for the two (2) metallic trunk boxes of consignment ( Inheritance) valued at 8.5 million united state dollars bills bank acceptable money spendable cash.from the Original depositors name, Michael to your Name Rev. Jizz M. Jockey, has been duely certified, the boxes has been released from the Depository vault waiting for your change of ownership to commence shipment to your ministries address. Way Ahead Never Known Slowly christian ministry,Mount Browne, Sandy lane, Guildford Surrey GU3 1HG United Kingdom.without any fourther security interference.

The Official Cost of the change of Ownership is 1050.000British Paunds. have to be effected to the Commissioner for Oath secretary. informations enclosed below.

xxxx xxxxxxx

Assurance and Guarantee is hereby given that upon the receipt of the change of the ownership by the United Nations, the Delivery Deplomat will be assigned to effect the delivery to your Ministries adelivery address without any security interferance.


Barr. R.Kw4me ESQ.
(Kwame Chambers Association)
Kwame-law Firm
No 81 oxford street.
Accra Ghana.

fair play to him for keeping trying!! i wonder if the name he gave for the transfer is his real name?

i left him for a day to sweat, then he emailed the rev with a veiled threat!!


Attention; rev. Jizz,

A i have rightly said that Barrister Obaf3mi, is not a legal practisional and i do not know hims there is no place on earth you spend such huge amoute of money 4,500 pounds on for change of ownership at the High Court Of Juctice. Please he is a scammer and i dont know him he is impersonating my office to explo moneys from the Men of God no this must stop i will contact the Nigerian EFCC to get him down.

Please stop every transaction with him right now.

or i will contact the law enforment agency in the UK to and inform them you are going ilegal transaction with Nigerian.

Please get back to me soon.

Barrister Robery Kw4me

robery kw4me?? i wonder if it is a freudian slip!

so the rev replies, suitably surprised at this turn of events


My pastor is furious if what you say is true and we have sent monies to a scammer.

I hope the lord sends a thousand birds to peck his eyes out

Barrister as a man of law please deal with this man for us, the email address he used was [email protected]

I trust in god you can contact authorities and have him punished to the full of the law

My pastor says I must be flogged tonight as punishment for my stupidity, I am to be lashed 20 times.

This evening after my lashing I will set up a new email address only I know. I beg of you sir do not tell my pastor of this or for sure he will kill me

I will email you tonight barrister, please deal with this bastard of a shit

In the name of Christ

Rev jizz m

he is sweating a bit, as again i got a reply almost straight away


Attention: Mr. Jizz. M.Jock3y,

May the peace of the Lord rest upon you.

Know that i am a Christian and i belong to the order of knight of st. john in the holy order of the roman catholic church, and my younger brother is a cardinal currently resident with his holiness pope Benedict the sixteen.

I feel so furious to see people treating the church of God owns people badly especially in the 21 century.

I am very upset right now with this son of a beach scamming Gods own people scamming food meant for poor and deprived from the society. The official Cost of this documents is only 1050.00 British Pounds. and he is cumming such a huge amount of money from you.
I look your boxes are with me not with obafemi. all your documents are with me, he is a scammer. find enclosed the copy of the picture of the boxes

Please: NOTE: please i want you to send to me right now. a copy of the western Union transfer slip, or MTCN Number, and Obafemi 'S International Passport, or any working ID to enable me track him down immediately i need it right now.

Please i want you to act very urgently if you really want to retrieve this money okay.

Thank you and you MINISTRY.

i then decided that the rev should visit ghana, and hopefully this will have the scammer rubbing his hands..........


Good morning to you barrister, and peace on you.

It seems I have made a dreadful mistake, I just now received a call from Dr Palmer from the UN. It seems my email was compromised, so I have changed the password.

It seems you sir were correct, and barrister obafemi is a LIAR and a theif, the man is a bastard child and no son of god.

Barrister sir am I correct in remembering you are in Ghana? If so, god may have smiled on us.

My friends at the salvation army have requested funds to help with buying goods for the salvation army school in apam, Ghana and have asked me to go there.

They are going to organise a flight for me within a week, and I can take funds from my ministry to give to them, as they prefer sterling to local currency.
Would you believe £18,000 builds a complete new school? It truly is remarkable.

The pastor has forgiven me now for giving £4500 to the barrister obafemi who is a man of SATAN, and has allowed me to go to Ghana to help the salvation army.

I will be in your country for one week I think, I will have the funds for the salvation army school, and I can also bring any monies you require.

I think this will be a great meeting of men of god, I will be going to apem, then a place called tema.

Perhaps you can meet me somewhere if this is convenient? Or even when I know when the flight is booked for I can let you know, and we can meet on my arrival?

This truly is a day of joy, and I believe god is with us. Not only has Dr Palmer proved to me that obafemi is a LIAR, but he has provided us with a safe way to organise this transaction.

As a man of god I can carry monies through airports as it is for charity.

Bless the lord brother kwame.

In the name of Christ

Let me know if this is good, I think also it will be good I know a man in Ghana, who can give me safe passage as obviously if I am carrying a lot of money for the salvation army and for the united nations I will have to be careful.

Please get back to me brother.

Rev jizz m

i then got captain peter ugwash from the salvation army to email details of the ghana travel arrangements to the reverend. i found a great programme called anonymailer, which lets you send an email purporting to be from any account. it arrives with a header saying it is fake, but this can be removed when it is forwarded, so it looked to the scammer that the rev got an email from captainpugwash at the salvation army...


Dearest reverend Jizz M,

Firstly may i thank you so much for your kind and very generous donation from your ministry for our salvation army school in Apam, Ghana.

As confirmed by telephone, please find your flight details:

SUNDAY 20/6/10 LONDON TO ACCRA dep 1440 arr 2035
SUNDAY 27610 ACCRA TO LONDON dep 2240 arr 0640.

Your flight is with British Airways direct, and the cost of £729 has been paid in full. You can go straight to the airport on Sunday and check In.

Your visa will be ready on Friday 18th June to pick up at thte ghanaian embassy in london, and please also remember you will need proof of immunisation against yellow fever for entry into ghana.

May i thank you and your Pastor once again reverend, and if there is anything else please contact me. I hope you enjoy your time in ghana, perhaps when you are driving from Accra to Apam you could call in at Winneba government hospital and see the good work that Sister Theresa is doing there.

Unfortunately reverend we will have no one available to meet you at the airport on sunday, so i would advise you book a hotel in accra before you leave london, and a taxi from the airport to the city centre is around $5.

Although Accra is one of the safest cities in Africa, i would urge you to conceal the £18,000 on your person as it is a large sum. Remember you will also need 'dash' (tips) for the police checkpoints and such like.

Bless you reverend

Captain P. Ugwash
Salvation Army

i pinged this onto the barrister with the following:

My Brother In God and Law Barrister Kw4me

I have received email confirmation (attached) from my good friend at the salvation army of my trip to ghana.

I will be flying from london on Sunday, I wonder if you can meet me on Sunday evening or Monday?

I will hire a car on my arrival in ghana to drive to Apam from Accra, i will do this on tuesday.

Perhaps you may know a good hotel the United Nations can reccommend for me? Also I think if you know of a good bodyguard or even your good self that can meet me at the airport to ensure i am not robbed of the monies for the school.

Barrister, please let me know of the amount of money you will require me to bring to release the funds so i can bring all the money at once, as i will need to conceal it. Also if you would like any gifts for yourself or your family i can oblige, as these are tax deductable for me so its all good.

I am now going to the doctors, i need to be immunised for yellow fever, typhoid, and a host of other crazy names. your arm must be lie a pin cushion over there!!

Let me know if the plans are convenient to you, and also whats the weather like?


Rev Jizz M

the barrister was most pleased i think at the rev going to ghana, he replied really quickly


Attention: Rev Jizz M

Thank you for your email you sent to me sir, it was received and the content was fully noted sir. As regards to your mail concerning your accomodation in a reliable hotel as well as a bodyguard that will ensure that nothing goes round while you are still in Ghana is duely rest assured and will be taken care of by the United Nations Human Right Council.

With all due respect sir, you are are requested to obtain a duely sign and sealed Change of Ownership Document from the supreme High court of justice before your arrival here in Ghana. I shall obtain the document and send it to your within the next couple of hours for your to endorse your signatory on and send back to me for the cheif Justice of the Fedreal Republic of Ghana to also endorsese her signatory on it before the boxes can be released to you by the United Nations.

Sir, you are also informed that you have to options to decide as regards to these funds, find below the option you decide for us to commence immediate clarification upon your arrival.

1. The United Nations Diplomatic Courier service are entiltled to assign a UN diplomat that will deliver these boxes to your residential address in your country of residence, Upon receipt of the Change of ownership certificate, the diplomat will exit Kotoka International Airport to Heathrow Airport London.

2. It is also possible for you to come to Ghana as you have already stated to inspect the boxes yourself and clear them directly from our depository vault.

Regarding the cost of clearance, you are required to obtain the change of ownership certificate first before we can acertain the documents and cost of clearance from the united nations because all documentations has no trace of your name at the moment since all documents are still in the name of the original depositor. You are therefore required to obtain the change of ownership certificate first to enable us documents all certificate in your name before your arrival. I shall send you the Change of Ownership in the next 3hours for your to sign and send back to us. I hope to hear from you soonest.

Best regards
Barr. Kw4me

i replied


My Brother Barrister,

thank your for your prompt response to my email.

I am full of excitement and anticipation to visit your country, i cannot believe i will have a full week in such a lovely place.

Please sir i would ask you to keep my visit SECRET as i do not want any of my colleagues to know i am on a mission of delivery for the salvation army.

If you send me the certificate document thingy to send back to you, please also let me know how much monies i need to bring for the UN, as i will need to get monies withdrawn from the ministry safe tomorrow for you, the salvation army and a few pounds for myself.

Will you be meeting me on my arrival, or will i meet you on monday barrister?

I have to head out now, but i shall respond to your email soonest.

Peace on you sir, and once again thank you for your help in the facilitation of the felicitaitons of this transaction. I shall ensure that when the funds are available to me i will give you a large proportion for all your help, as you sir are a man of GOD.

It is now 1340pm here, i will be going for my afternoon walk at 2pm, feel free to call me if you need to. no one will be able to listen in the nosey buggers that they are


Rev Jizz M

he then emailed again 3 or 4 times, all basically desperate for the 1050gbp before the rev goes to ghana. after waiting a day and ignoring his calls i emailed him


Hello again brother barrister

It looks like we may have hit a brickwall here, like I said the good pastor will not let me wire any more monies after the unfortunate incident with the bastard obafemi.

This means all I can do is bring monies with me (I have told the pastor that the salvation army are getting 23,000 gbp, so I can give them 18, 1 for the united nations and I will have four grand left for 'expenses' if you know what I mean.

If the transaction cannot go ahead I understand, to be honest I'm not that bothered anymore, the ministry are starting to annoy me with their old fashioned ways. I can't wait until the pastor retires so I can take over.

Thank you for all your help barrister, and I am sorry our time has been wasted. Perhaps we can meet up in Ghana anyway for a smoke or a pancake

In the name of Christ

Rev jizz m

happily, he seems keen for the deal to still go ahead. happy days.

Deal is not over yet, i will take care of it. i will have it endorsed okay come, please send to me your flight schedule as soon as you have it so that i can know your arrival time to pick you up at the Airport okay,

Thank you very much .


Barr Kwame. Esq
Ghana Chambers Association.

time to reply and keep him going

Ah barrister, this is great news indeed. I am so happy we can proceed.

As already stated, I confirm I will bring the 1050gbp with me on Sunday along with the monies for the salvation army.

I am hitting the shops today to get some loose light clothing for my trip, perhaps I can purchase some gifts for you and your family?

If you Let me know what you would like I can get them today.

You should already have my flight schedule from a previous email? I land at accra at 2035 on Sunday. If you could pick me up or have someone pick me up that will be great.

Can I ask you a favour to have the UN organise a hotel for me for Sunday evening? It will only be for one night, and if the UN have to pay upfront for it I will obviously recompense them on Sunday. Ill just give the money to you and you can pass it on.

I am very pleased we will meet barrister, and I think for all your assistance in this you should take a cut of the monies my ministry is getting. After all, you are a man of god so I think you deserve enough money to retire. Its up to you, I don't mind either way.

Anyway, keep in touch and let me know if you can get me on Sunday, and hotel arrangements with the UN. Perhaps before Sunday you can send me your picture so I know who to meet. Perhaps you can have a sign, something like 'I await jizz m'. Then I will know it is you, and not some filthy bastard like obaf3mi. I hope that rat is caught soon and sent to prison

Peace on you

Rev jizz m

i send him the schedule he already has, again, along with a list of high end electrical goods i got him as gifts. he seems pleased


Attention: Rev: Jizz.M

Thank you very much for your kindness in advance and anticipating for your love and trust.

The United Nations Humanitarian Council, Has arranged for your hotel accommodation which i personally consider safe and secured and i have also booked for the next room next to yours. Hope to pass the night with you so that we can talk more and share more ideas also lean more about diversity of religion.
I will be at the Airport waiting for your arrival with my derived. you must explain very well the cloth you are going to put on. the color and many more that i need to know to enable me identify you at your arrival at the Airport.

Please, Kindly not that all the legal document that will cover the shipment of the founds from ghana here to UK has been duly prepared and ready awaiting your arrival for formal signature and endorsement to enhance final clearance.
But you have to remember that $8.5 million united state dollars bills Bank acceptable money spendable cash as authorized by the Ghana central bank as legal tender, is such a huge money that will be so risky for you to carry on a private car and travel to tema or apam. please think about that and let me know you plans so that i can devise a means to help if necessary.

I am very shock and over all the gift you have bought for my and i so much promise you my very best.

One more thing. you must put a call on me 15 minutes before your departure from the UK and arrival, remember to roam you telephone line so that you can call

local number at your arrival.

Thank you very much for your constant co operation;

Greetings of the Lord be with you and all the whole Gods Community.

Respectfully yours.

Barr. Robert Kw4me. Esq.

there were then a few exchanges about the hotel, i kept on demanding a confirmation of booking, which he couldnt provide, i felt i laboured on it a bit too long and decided to let it lie in case i lost him. he arranged to get me at the airport on the sunday evening, he must have been thinking his ship had come in that an old man was going to meet him with so much money on him!
i waited until the next day and emailed him:

in the name of christ!!

for fucks sake barrister, do you take me for a fool???? i arrived at the airport last night tired and in need of food and drink, and was keen to meet you and give you a big sloppy kiss, but NO!!!!! you were not there!!! where the fuck were you?!?!!?

sorry for the language, but i am pissed off! today i am going to meet my salvation army colleagues, i hope you had a big laugh and a joke at my expense, you are no better than the bastard obaf3mi........... you sir are a liar and a time waster.

do not contact me again, i will be enjoying the company this week of HONEST people

jizz m

it appeared though that he was already emailing me, and they almost crossed over. he seems very terse now!

Attn: Rev Jizz

I waited at the airport for your arrival and no one of your name met me
i am a busy man working at chambers and have no time to waste, this is not a game i am not a fool i have called you and no answer to the phone what is happening? call me immediately about the boxes


i decided to ignore him for a couple of days, and was considering stopping altogether as i was annoyed at myself that i hadnt managed to get a trophy from him. however i thought of one final chance to piss him off, and after some googling and google map checking, i decided for one last fling


in the name of christ


apologies for the delay in replying to you. the internet connections in ghana are really piss poor arent they? i have been having a great time here, the salvation army really know how to lay on a party! that is a weird mix up regarding the airport, i was pissed off that you were not there, but you say you were? how strange...

i was thinking, i still have money for you, and the salvation army didnt even need all i had, so i still have about 9000gbp. i figure that i dont need it, so if you want it it is yours. consider it a gift for all your hard work. i still have the laptops and iphones for you as well, and the jewellery for your wife.

i am going to be in kumasi tomorrow evening, i wonder if you would like to meet me for a meal and some drinks? i will be staying at the xxxx xxxxxx hotel in kumasi, if you want to meet me there at 7.00pm we can have food? it is my treat. if you need to stay over i can book you a room, no sweat.
my phone is not working well, so just ask for me at the hotel bar. ill be there. you will recognise me, ill have a big red bag with your gifts and money

see you tomorrow!

jizz m

surely he would not be so stupid?

Attn: Reverend Jockey

reverend may i bless you please

please note for me that kumasi is a long journey from where i am.i would like to meet you though reverend and we can discuss the nature of god and how we can help people. i will have to borrow transport reverend but i look forward to our meeting

barr. robert kwame

i bet he is looking forward to it, to putting a knife in the reverends back no doubt


nice one barrister

see you tomorrow night, dont be late!!!!!

jizz m

so the time came and went, and the number the barrister had for the rev had around 81 missed calls over a few hours. i think he was pissed. the next lunchtime the rev got an email. looks like the barrister was pissed indeed.

Attn: Reverend Jizz M Jockey

reverend i have tried to call you and the calls go unanswered, i thought we needed to bridge communications. it is with no joke i traveled all the way to kumasi for our business meeting and yet you were not there. the reception at hotel and bar have not a record of you and no men from england were in the bar reverend. what kind of games do you play when you do not turn up for business and leave a man with no answers? kindly call me and meet me in accra before you return to your ministry and conclude our business if you are a man of god. you know reverend i am a knight of st john and have to be treated with respect as i treat you the same way

barr. kwame


hey barrister

i decided to just spend the money i had on booze and whores, i couldnt be bothered turning up.

sorry about that


i had decided by this point it had run its course, and also i had another few baits on the go that were starting to go well, so i couldnt really be bothered working on this one anymore. the barrister certainly was polite in his reply, no threats or anything!

Please, i do not deal with people like you that dose not follow instructions.

The contract has been called off so do not contact me again.

Thank you.


i know it was an amateurish bait, but i was pleased he travelled to the airport and then to kumasi. he hasnt contacted the rev again, but hopefully the baits i have on the go now will be more 'professional' now that i can get help on here and use some of the excellent resources.

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I love 2 things about this bait.

1. The fact that your lad seemed so incredulous at the thought of another lad stealing his money, and was so quick to shout that the transaction was illegal, as if HIS transaction was ok!

2. "I couldn't be bothered". Classic. 'Yeah I had your money, but then I thought sod it, and just got trashed in the company of hookers instead.'

Closed lad accounts x10 Goat

[Free portrait of you with sexy goats!]

"I hope this is not another game as i do not have time for such games as i mean business here. I would not want to commence on a never ending journey or an uncompleted project with an unserious man." - Barrister Joseph Goldsmith doesn't want a never-ending project. Shame...
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reverend jizzm
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yeah by then i genuinly couldnt be bothered, i had another couple on the go that i was learning to do a bit better with

onwards and upwards!
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