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 2nd WIMP PITH *Update:Second lad on the move (P2)*

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PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 5:50 am Reply with quoteBack to top


With the same ASEM I also cached another Lad, Meet John...


Thanks I will prefer Benin republic and the city is cotonou my receiver's name is OYEDEJI EMMANUEL.



Here are 20 orphan mtcn's for Benin. THEY ARE NOT ACTIVE RIGHT NOW. I will activate each when you are ready to pick them up. They will only be active for one day. As you can see it's not bad at all.
Receivers name set to: OYEDEJI EMMANUEL
Senders name: STEVE DALTON
Payments from: LONDON, UK

(1) 04-18-22-66-47 amount $165.00
question: how old are you? 47

(2) 38-21-35-65-49 amount $215.00
question: favorite color? blue

(3) 73-54-26-19-09 amount $100.00
question: favorite food: chocolate

(4) 31-17-91-64-12 amount $50.00
question: What is love? God

(5) 71-82-41-90-33 amount: $150.00
question: Who is my friend? Max

(6) 37-24-16-88-59 amount: $75.00
question: Birthday? February 23

(7) 11-04-69-81-20 amount: $60.00
question: Where do I live? Paris

(8 ) 49-34-23-71-77 amount: $125.00
question: Wife's name? Patricia

(9) 17-00-12-65-45 amount: $100.00
question: why? Wallet stolen

(10) 29-14-38-90-61 amount: $150.00
question: why? Because

(11) 01-54-73-26-14 amount: $100.00
question: What color is sky? Blue

(12) 37-19-21-46-07 amount: $50.00
question: Where an I? Africa

(13) 22-69-31-16-88 amount: $120.00
question: Name of President? Bush

(14) 79-62-81-33-14 Amount: $100.00
question: Who do I work for? UN

(15) 66-48-36-79-12 amount: $100.00
question: Who is Boxer? my dog

(16) 27-17-94-35-51 amount: $40.00
question: Favorite actor? Russell Crowe

(17) 31-28-08-74-16 amount: $100.00
question: Wife's name? Janet

(18 ) 91-22-45-13-87 amount: $100.00
question: Wedding date? Wednesday

(19) 20-03-41-59-12 amount: $150.00
question: Oldest son? Jesse

(20) 62-46-88-71-73 amount: $100.00
question: Favorite team: Arsenal

Like I said before, these are not active MTCN's because they are so old. I will activate them for just a few hours when you are ready to pick them up.

These total $2,150.00. Once you have sent me 1/2 of this amount ($1,075.00 - you may deduct the cost of the moneygram transmission), I will send you 20 more MTCN's - - and these will be much larger.
If you fail to send me my part of the money, you will never hear from me again.

Thanks I will prefer Benin republic and the city is cotonou my receiver's name is OXXXJI EXXXXEL.


Three after each other

I promise to send you your part because i will not want to loose you....let us put it to thursday this week...i mean 6th of May. Is this real please because i dont want to waste my transport fare to Benin Please answer these questions.....
(1)Will i be able to cash the money?
(2)what is the risk involved?
(3)how did you get my email address.

I am not afraid OK just wanna know. You will have to activate it on thursday this week.

Also send me your details to send you your shares
Also send me your phone that i can call you

Don't worry the risk is all mine. If my boss finds out I will loose my job.
But as long you and I keep it a secret, there is nothing to worry about. And what's the point to give you all this information, and that you can't retrieve the money.
For a man in my position it would be to suspicious to go to Africa an collect the money myself. That's why I need you.

I do have a phone number, it is +1 344 XXX XXXX. But it would be better if you give me your number too. Because I'm not near my phone very often. And I can't give you my office number for a obvious reason.

I will give you my payment details later.

Thursday is fine by me. I will prepare the MTCN's for you tomorrow. Call me tomorrow and if I miss your call I will call you back.


here is my phone number..... +234XXXXXXX


I accidentally gave him a wrong number so...

The number you left here not ringing just bouncing back what is wrong with it...? better still call me as soon as you got this message +234XXXXXXX.


Yes I see, sorry.

Correct number is +1 334 XXX XXXX.

I will call you in 5 minutes,

After that I had a phone conversation with him (link above)... And during that conversation we became close friends... Smile

OK thanks can't wait to make millions of dollars together.....and we will be the greatest friends on earth
Thanks Emmanuel

If you send me my part of the share, we will be friends for a long time my brother.


i think i will also need the zip code of where the money is sent from

I don't think you need that. But if they ask the zip code is: WC1A1AH, Bloomsbury street.

But again, you won't need that.

The moneygram tranfer can be made to James Ottbury, Silverlane 7001, EC1A1DH London UK
I'll be expecting a transfer of $1,075.00 minus the costs of the moneygram transfer before Saturday.

Send me a email right before you go to Cotonou tomorrow. I will make sure I'm ready then by the time you will arrive.

Are you in UK or USA presently?

I am in the USA. My cousin is in London. He will make the pick of the Moneygram transfer. He doesn't know the real reason why that money is transfered to him. The next one will go directly to me.

OK no problem
Please i will suggest that you activate the mtcns by 2:30 am your time and that will be 7:30 am my time here....because i will be there before 8:00am tomorrow morning..i have prepared to leave already....just waiting for 6;00am so that i will leave exactly that hour so that i will get there before 8am. or what did you think?

What I think of that? Shut up, go travel! Evil or Very Mad

I will be in the office at 2am. I need to be sure that you arrive in Cotonou in time. Once I activate them it is irreversible so if anything happens I will have to prepare 10 or 20 other ones and that will take me 4 to 5 hours to do.

Make sure to send me a email at the moment you will depart from Lagos and at the moment you arrive in Cotonou.
Once I get that last email I will activate them.

Or once I get your new IP I'm gonna claim my second PITH Twisted Evil

just activate it by that 2am your time and i will cash it here by 3 am your time which will be 8am here...ok

NO! I need your IP Evil or Very Mad

You need to visit 10 WU offices remember. Not more then 2 pick ups at one office. Otherwise it will be to suspicious.


I already told him that on the phone.

At 6.00am Nigerian time the following email came

‪I left Nigeria now and i will arrive in benin in the next one hour.....please do activate it before i get there to be faster and please call me as soon as you activate it ok‬
‪ ‬

This one is right on time, I like that Smile
IP number of his conversation above is:

I waited 45 minutes and then I did send this one out

There is a big problem.
I think they tapped my phone or something!
They where aiting for me at 1.10am when I arrived her and interrogate me until now. They interrogate me about old MTCN's from Benin that I edited. I talked my way out of it and we are clear now. 
But now I got blocked in the system for the Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso MTCN's!

I checked and I still have access to Ghana MTCN's. I made you a new list quickly. Only 10 MTCN's BUT large numbers all for ACCRA
(1) 18-18-37-78-91 amount $700.00 
question: wife's name? jessica

(2) 67-11-29-92-01 amount $925.00 
question: favorite restaurant? mc donalds

(3) 10-22-46-89-23 amount $500.00 
question: married for how long? 7 years

(4) 67-82-36-64-10 amount $500.00 
question: For what? Lost luggage

(5) 29-83-28-61-40 amount: $550.00 
question: Girlfriends name? April

(6) 37-00-74-47-25 amount: $775.00 
question: Why? Plane ticket

(7) 83-51-30-30-36 amount: $375.00 
question: Dog's name? Brock

(8 ) 12-33-64-28-17 amount: $625.00 
question: Favorite singer? Britney Spears

(9) 01-20-73-56-58 amount: $800.00 
question: why do you need it? poker

(10) 19-24-54-01-01 amount: $450.00
question: one plus one is? three

That's $6,200 TOTAL

I can activate the MTCN's for GHANA for 24 hours. But for pick up only. It can't be traced online, so my boss can't stick his nose in it.
By sending this email I also activate them!

Go there now and you can also deduct the money you need to travel to ACCRA.

Go there and in the mean time I sort it out with the investigators. And if I can do that quickly you can also make the collections in Cotonou on your way back to Lagos.



At least he will be on time in Cotonou. Oliver was there 2pm. This one will be there in one or two hours. I hope this one will bite and continue his drive towards GHANA….

Time to sleep now for me (1.50am, damn this baiting stuff is addicting Smile) and hope for a positive reply in the morning!

……..To be continued………

EDIT: 8.10am

This lad had probably email on his mobile phone. So the whole operation almost went completely worng.

After 10 minutes I send the reply with the bad news the following conversation started:

i can't go to Ghana today okay i need to book before i can go there and it is very far from here around 7 to 8 hours drive so am sorry i can't go there now

I already activate them!

Damn, now I got a lot to explain!

8 hours drive then you got 16 hour left. 5 offices. You can make that...
Are you in Benin now?

[b]No, IP still pointing Nigeria....

i am coming back home to Nigeria...i dont have money to go to ghana now i am broke, i even borrowed the money i took to sorry if we can put it to next week

You can deduct the cost to go there....
23.5 hours left. If you don't collect them they will be lost.
Send me $2,500 and I'm happy.

2 choices

1. Collect the money within 24 hours.

2. Go home and never hear form me again.

Nothing i can do because i dont have more money to go to ghana

Find somebody quick to get you there.
For every problem there is a solution.

But if this is the way you work.... Forget it.

No one to help me here i am sorry i dont have money even if i get to Nigeria i cant go to Ghana today again because a bus leave once in a day.......Today's Bus to ghana has already gone...they normally leave by 6am

Once again Sorry

ok, that one is not coming to Ghana. Well, don't want the waste his trip today to Cotonou.... Confused



what are you saying...? is the benin MTCNs active again? the ones you gave me?

Yes I got access again. Same MTCN's still in the list.
I can activate them now.

Activate them now and i will get down from the bus and go back to benin

Oke, activated them now. For 8 hours.


ok on my way now

I was happy he turned around, so to cheer him up as well about the "already activated MTCN's in Ghana I did send him:

Good, there active.

Got an idea for the Ghana MTCN's

When you collected all the money, you should have enough money to book a plane ticket to ACCRA?

So when you have collected the money in Cotonou, you should have enough money to travel to Ghana quickly and also collect the money there?

At 12.55am he found out that he wasted is day.... And made my day a bit better Very Happy

Those MTCNs are all incorrects.......i just wasted my money down here
they are not active and i am back to my country

IP: server location: Benin

Well this one didn't travel Accra as well.... But fortunally he didn't miss his trip to Cotonou and looked like a fool in a WU office....
I will re-bait them both next week, as WU investigator.... Maybe they are prepared to travel for a $10,000 reward to nail Evan's ass Smile

Feel free to copy this re-routing format.

(BTW: Maybe can move a moderator this thread to the publish your work area? I'm finished with this one... Thanks in advance)

Safari => Oliver WIMPED Lagos, Nigeria => Cotonou, Benin (212km, 132mi round trip)
Safari => John WIMPED Lagos, Nigeria => Cotonou, Benin (212km, 132mi round trip)

"Search and Rescue Thread" <<<=== With Success!
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that is a very classy bait. nice one!

Site Killing forum.
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Congrats on your first pith and good luck for the second! Very Happy

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I updated the post above.
No Ghana for this lad as well Confused But only another tour Cotonou... Laughing

Safari => Oliver WIMPED Lagos, Nigeria => Cotonou, Benin (212km, 132mi round trip)
Safari => John WIMPED Lagos, Nigeria => Cotonou, Benin (212km, 132mi round trip)

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jump_4_joy happy crowd clapping LOL_sign


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