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 Massage Therapist Scammers

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 5:49 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my first week on here, so I appologize for putting old stuff on here that probably doesn't meet your requirements. Embarassed
The Following scam was supposedly from a massage Therapist and also a model in Italy, I had deleted the original contact email from them (SORRY). It was to the effect of A model was coming to my area for several weeks and needed massages. Here is what transpired:
Message From Miss Sandeva
Thursday, September 25, 2008 5:53 PM
"Roberta Camberini" <[email protected]>,
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[email protected]
DearCandy, How are you doing today? hope you woke up well and strong? Am very pleased to read from you, Hope you having a nice time over the weekend , I'm doing pretty good here , you sound like a very nice person am sure Miss Sahinova Sandeva will love your work. I sent a copy of the message you sent me to the Miss Sandeva , and she is very happy you will be able to provide her with the massage therapy Miss Sandeva will arive on the 18th of next month and the first session will be on the 20th,She said you should schedule her from the 20th of October to the 23rd of November (3 times a week for 1 month )and she will like most of the session to be before 3:00pm or after 7.00pm in the evening as she will be doing most of her photo shoots between 3-7pm and sundays should not be included because of church. If the time will not work for you, you can get back to me with the best time that can fit into your schedule. The Modeling Manager said he will be going on vacation to Australia with his family tomorrow so he gave me the sum of 4000usd being payments for your service and the rest to be sent to her Modeling Equipments rental manager in Asia as Miss Sahinova Sandeva will be Renting some of the Equipments she will need for her photo shoot from an Equipment rental company in Asia. I spoke with the Equipments rental manager today and was told he will not be able to cash an American certified cashiers check in Asia as it is cashable only in the us. I want to know if i can make the certified cashiers check in your name as it is an American certified cashiers check so that when you receive it you take it to your bank and have it cashed, you deduct you part of the money and you help me send the rest to the Equipments rental manager in Asia on my behalf via western union money transfer so that her equipment can be delivered to her hotel before her arrival, I will give you all the details and direction on how to handle it when you receive it so you need not worry about that.Pls do let me know if i can trust you to do this for me.. Miss Sandeva will be making reservations in the hotel below next week and she will give you all the details you will need as soon as the reservation is done and also her flight details.Hilton Garden Inn8600 XXXXX,Johnston, XX Pls let me know if this hotel is close to you and if the massage therapy session will be at her hotel or your office. The Model manager will be going on vacation tomorrow and will leave your payments with me for me to send to you via DHL so that you can receive the certified cashiers check and have them cashed before her Arrival. Pls do email the information that Modeling manager will use in making out the certified cashiers check to you for you to cash and make necessary arrangements before the Arrival of Miss Sandeva as he will be going on Vacation tomorrow and will need to have that done first thing tomorrow morning. This are the informations he will need for the American certified cashiers check, pls do send the following to The modeling manager's email address: ( [email protected] )Name on check:........Address check will be sent to:Phone Number to call on delivery: .......Total amount for you job:.......... Thank you very much..Roberta..

This is perfect. I have to contact my bank to see what they will cash. It may be easier to send funds directly to my account via wire transfer or moneygram. Let me make some phone calls this evening and get back to you later on tonight. I appreciate your concern for the safe keeping of the funds for the Asia trip, and you may have gathered by my website that I am a Christian. The funds are safe with me until they are ready to be sent to Asia. I am so looking forward to meeting Ms. Sandeva. The Hotel she is staying at is not far from my office - less than 2 miles. I would prefer her to come to my location, but if that is not possible, then I will have to look at her room in the hotel to see if it will accomodate a massage table. I have an extra table that can be left at her hotel room if needed. I will have to get to my home office to calculate the total price. Today is my birthday and my family is waiting on me to get home to have a special dinner, so I will get back to you later this evening. Would you like me to phone you as well? Is there a web site I can go to to see Ms. Sandeva or yourself? be back to you later,

ME – Sending quote later that night

Hello Roberta,

Attached is the quote for Ms. Sandeva's massage sessions plus at the bottom of the quote is hotel information I got for you so she can decide if she wants her massages in her suite at the hotel or at my shop.

The US$ certified check should be
Payable to: Candy XXXXX
Send to Address: 5721 XXXX Road, Suite 1X, Johnston, XX XXXXX
Phone: (XXX) XXX-7388
Total amount for Massages depends on your choice from the quote.
Either US$1,050 - US$1,125 - US$1500 (No gratuities have been added)

I hope this is acceptable for Ms. Sandeva, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Here's to Your Good Health,


QUOTE for Ms. Sahinova Sandeva

Each appointment is at 1:30 PM lasting one hour each.
Saturday time is negotiable between 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM – I just thought it would be easier for her to remember the same appointment time each day.

Dates of Massages
Monday Thursday Saturday
20 23 25
27 30
Monday Thursday Saturday
3 6 8
10 13 15
17 20 22

Combination Hot Stone and Deep Tissue (My shop only) 15 massages @ US$75 = US$1,125
Deep Tissue (My shop) 15 massages @ US$70 = US$1,050
Deep Tissue (Hilton Garden Inn, Johnston, XX) 15 massages @ US$100 = US$1,500
(No gratuities have been added to the prices listed)

I just spoke to the Hilton Garden Inn and they recommend she reserve Suite 430 which is a one room suite for US$109 per night if she desires massages at her hotel – It has the best space to set up a massage table.

This Suite is available for the length of time Ms. Sandeva will be in Johnston, XX and they suggest she reserve this suite immediately if she desires to have massages in her suite. For reservations Phone XXX-XXX-8890 or Fax XXX-XXX-4949.

SCAMMER - From: Sahinova Sandeva <[email protected]>
· sahinova-sandeva-242488[1].jpg
Hello Candy,How are you today and how is work? Hope every thing is fine with you? I received your message from Mrs Roberta . I just want to thank you for your assistance and kindness and i pray that your kindness bring you blessings. How is the weather like over there? I really cant wait to get to america as i have heard so much about how nice people are in America. This is actually my first visit to America, Most of my photo shoots are done here in the europe. I will Arive on the 18th of Next month and my first session will be on the 20th, so you are to pencil me from the 20th of Oct to the 23th of Nov, 3 times a week for a month.let me know if all my sessions can be done before 3:00pm or after 7.00pm in the evening as most of my photo shoots will be done between the hrs of 3-7pm and pls remember not to pencil me for sundays because of church so make sure you dont include sundays in my schedule. Am pleased to know that you will be able to help me handle my money situation before my Arrival, i will give you all the details you will need to wire the rest of the money to the Equipment Rental manager when you receive the certified cashiers check. All you have to do is deduct your payments and you help me wire the rest via Western Union to the Equipments rental manager so they can deliver my Equipments before my Arrival to my Hotel.. Pls make sure you send me an email as soon as you receive the check so that i can give you the information for the Equipment manager.. Pls do confirm the details you sent to my boss so i can ask our Post man to have the package Mailed out to you first thing tomorrow morning. Name on check: Candy XXXXXto 5721 XXXXRoad, Suite 1X, Johnston, XX XXXXXPhone: (XXX) XXX-7388Pls do let me know the best time to reach you on phone . Hope to read from you soon Stay Blessed and Have a Wonderful day.
ME – I googled her name and a website came up with a couple of other would be models.
Hello Ms. Sandeva,

I love your photo, you are a very beautiful woman. Today is just beginning for me, so I am just waiting on my first customer to arrive. I am excited to meet you and help you with your massage needs.

What church do you want to attend? I can try to arrange transportation for you to and from church on Sunday if you like. I assume you are Catholic being from Italy, but if I am incorrect, please let me know. There a couple of Catholic churches not too far from your hotel. I am Lutheran at the moment, and we attend the contemporary services at 1030 on Sundays. Most churches now have Saturday early evening services too.

Below is a copy of what I sent your manager. What I need to know from you is do you want to come to my shop or do you want to get the hotel room that will accomodate the massage table and I can come to you. We can just leave the table set up in your room.

My step son's sister in-law runs a modeling agency in Ohio called XXXXX Modeling Agency. I can hook you up with a telephone call to her while you are here if you you like.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you on your health needs. Please let me know when you have your hotel reservations, and I will check out the room for you to make sure it is perfect for you.

Waiting to hear from you and wishing you a great day!


Hello dear,

How are you doing? Hope you are well? I received a message from Miss Sandeva this morning saying she has been sending you message on updates but all the message she has sent you returned back to her, So i told her i will write you my self to confirm if you are having problems with your email, As i write to you, she is very sad and depressed on the way thing went with her travel and the package that was mailed to you.

Dhl had misplaced the package that was mailed to you so they asked her boss to cancel the check and the Courier firm said they would pay damages.

Her boss has already cancelled the check and has promised to mail another check through an Insured Courier Service from Australia were he is on vacation with his family. He said he will mail it out on friday and will send me the tracking number to you so you can follow up on the package.

Miss Sandeva said because of the delays she changed her flight Schedule and will confirm with the Airline on friday and get back to you..

Am really sorry about the present situation of things, sometimes only God knows why things happen the way they do, that was why i asked her not to be depressed because it might have happened for a reason.

Be well my Friend and i Hope you have a wonderful week


Hi Roberta,

I was wondering why no one had contacted me for a week. I had sent a couple of messages to Ms. Sandiva. Never heard back from her or you. I was also wondering why I had not received a DHL or FedEx yet. Just keep me informed, and all Ms. Sandiva had to do was "REPLY" to one of my emails to get through. No one has ever had trouble getting through to this address. Anyway, Have a wonderful day,

Here's to Your Good Health,


Hello Dear, How are you doing today? Hope you are well? I received a message from Miss Sandeva this morning, she said she has been trying to reach on phone, she said your number keeps ringing and know one picks it up, She said i should ask you to pls kindy call her on this number 447510655502 so she can give you details on her Arrival.

She said she would finish her Runway show tomorrow as there was a little delay, she will arrive on friday when you call her she would give you all the details you need and the time of her arrival on friday.

You have not updated me on the package that was sent you? Her Bosss called me some times last week telling me that the package was going to get to you friday, If you have not received the package am sure it will definitely get to you today. Just make sure you are around to pick up the package when it arrives and do let me know when you put the funds in your account on when it would clear your bank.

Thank You.


I never called her

Hi Roberta,

My telephones have answering machines that automatically answer. She must not have the correct number or country code.

again my numbers are XXX-XXX7388 Cell, and XXX-XXX-7388 Office.

It would be easier if you call her to give her these numbers. I am free all day today so she should be able to reach me on my cell phone.

The package did NOT arrive. Will let you know when it does.!

Thanks for the update.

Here's to Your Good Health,


Hello Candy,How has been your week? I have sent you so many messages on my travel and they all kept on coming back to me, I reconfirmed your email today and found out your email address was not correct.I just finished my Runway show in France and am really having so much fun with the french models i met here. I will be travling to Asia tomorrow night to pick up my Equipments, because if i should wait for the Equipment rental manger to ship the Equipments to me it will waste more of my time. the Equipment rental manager said they will run My Equipments for 7 days as they are used Equipments just to ensure they are working perfectly. so i will be flying from Asia on the 15th of this month and will arrive at (XXXX International Airport ) around 9:45pm. i will give you a call upon arrival to arrange my schedule. I know i have really stressed you with my problems, but not to worry i hope to make it up to you when i arrive. Am sure we would arrange a proper schedule on when u will be available to work on me. About the check, My boss said he sent it to you via Overseas Courier post, he said he was told it would get to you in 6-8 days so am sure it should get to you on monday or tuesday nextweek, so dont worry about it as am sure all is well. I dont know how to call out to America, i hope you can help me with the code so that i can call you anytime i have to talk to you as i have called so many times and know one picks the phone. so am really not sure if i am calling the correct number.Do write me back so that i would know you received this message. RegardsSandeva


I was wondering what happened to you. I'm glad you are having fun in France. What are you going to be doing in XXXXX,XX?

Since your plans have changed, how long will you be here and are your times for photo shoots still the same? If so, we can begin a schedule as we are getting into my busy season, and I would like to get you on the books as soon as possible.

Did you decide on if you want your massages in your room at the hotel, or at my shop which is about 2 miles down the road?

I have not received the courrier package as of yet, but will watch for it. If I am not in, I have someone else in the office that will sign for it.

As far as contacting me from outside of the USA, I think you only have to dial
1-XXX-XXX-7388. That is my cell phone.

When you are XXXXX, you only have to dial XXX-7388 from your hotel phone or any other land line. If you call me from your cell phone, you may have to dial the 1- XXX before the number.

Hope that makes sense to you. I look forward to meeting you and helping you relax through massage.

Here's to Your Good Health,


Hello Candy,
How are you today and how was your weekend? i was notified by the courier service that you should have received the package on monday, They said if you have not received it, it will definitely get to you today before 1pm. Pls make sure you deposit the funds in your bank and follow the instruction bellow.

I arrived Asia last night and was with the Equipment rental manager this morning, Pls i need you to wire the funds to the Equipment rental manager on the information below so that i can pick up my Equipments on thursday morning as i hope to travel from here on friday.

I have helped you look up some westernunion locations for you where you can make the wire from as soon as you have the funds in your account tomorrow morning.

Kindly take the rest of the funds after deducting your payments to any of this western union locations and have the funds wired to the Equipments rentals.

Pls make sure you send the money per minute so that the Equipment rental manager can receive the funds the same day.

You can not make the wire from your bank, you have to take cash to any of these westernunion locations and the funds will be wired to him.

Johnston, XX XXXXX


When u get to any of this western union locations you will be charged for the transaction which you will have to deduct from the funds you are sending to the Equipment rental people, then you will give them the information below and the money will be sent to them.

Receiver's name: THAPELO GIVEN
Receiver's Address : 62 Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After the wire is done they will give you a slip where you will find the information below:


Pls do send me the following information so i can give it to Equipment rental manager to pick up the funds so that i can travel with my Equipments on friday.

Do let me know when your receive the package and when the wire is sent.



Hello Dear, how you doing today? your package has arrived america, The courier said the package is with custom and it will take 3-4 days to clear Customs as there are lots of package to be cleared because of this time of the Year. They said they will send me the details of the shippment later today so that you can follow up on the package. I will write you again later today if i have news. Thank and God bless Sandeva

I did not receive the package yet, as you said it is tied up at customs, which I find hard to believe. I used to live in the Cayman Islands, and Customs does not go through courrier packages. Maybe yours is different. What is the company name of the courrier so I can be sure to notify you when it gets to me.

Why didn't your manager just send it Western Union or Money Gram? You wouldn't have had this problem to begin with?

Weren't you supposed to arrive in XXXXX on Sunday night at 945? Where are you now?

Anyway, Hope you are well and happy.

Here's to Your Good Health,


I never heard anything else from these two women. A few days later I received a letter from US CUSTOMS stating that they were in possession of a fraudulent check addressed to me and if I was expecting funds from these people to don’t count on it as it was a scam. I called the phone number for US Customs on the letter, and they told me they get thousands of these every day. I told them I knew it was a scam from the beginning and I just wanted to see how far it would go before they gave up. The US Customs Agent told me that every time this happens it takes about a total of 9 man hours to process and US Tax dollars are being spent for paying the employees. Gee that was eye opening. I assured the Agent I wouldn’t be wasting any more of my tax dollars.

A few days later, I received a USPS (United States Postal Service) Express Mail Envelope with a return address of California on it. I opened it and it had about $4000 of USPS Money orders in it made out to me. I took them straight to the post office and the man at the counter told me they were the old version they haven’t used in over 5 years and that they were fraudulent. He just threw them in the trash. I was very careful not to get finger prints on them in case they wanted to try and find the person that sent them. To my surprise – They didn’t want to pursue the issue.

End of Story!
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