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 This made me so happy.

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Hello everyone. Very Happy
Don’t know if this is anything new but it is for me as I’ve only recently started with baiting and this is only my second attempt at the sport.

I’m doing a dead persons 14 million inheritance one from Ecobank in Cotonou Benin and had just got to the point where Mr Scammer wants me to send him 850 dollars for an account reactivation fee. We’re only communicating via email so I had a nice idea and let a day go by without getting in touch then told him that Ecobank in Nigeria had emailed me the previous evening. I said this was puzzling as the email was talking about a completely different inheritance so I had replied and told the man from Nigeria that this was nothing to do with me but I had told him all about the case I was dealing with and that I was just about to pay my 850 dollars. I then told him that the Nigerian man had said his office had just taken over large claims and it was only 750 if I paid it to the Nigerian branch and so I’ve informed my scammer that I’ve now paid the Nigerian instead.
I would love to have seen the look on his face when he read that thinking that another scammer had duped him.
Anyway, I had an email back from my scammer saying try and stop your money immediately which I responded to by saying don’t worry I’m sure everything is fine. I then got this email from him which I think is absolutely priceless as it’s a scammer himself who is sending it to me. It made me so happy that I just wanted to share this wonderful moment with someone.

You are in the hands of wrong people my friend. Have you hard about the Nigerian 419 scams? They are impostors and they are well equipped with fake bank websites.
You are already in the hands of fraudsters and I will not tell you anything more than this but mark my word you will come back to me and confirm what i have just said. What i am telling you is that from now till 10 years to come, you will get nothing from them apart from your endless payment for one thing or the other. They are hackers, they hack and watch all our communications and that was why they where able to know about the transaction.

Thanks for reading and thanks for this lovely forum too. I think this one is getting close to an end now but I’m already picking up a few nice ideas and tips to make my next baiting attempt even more fun.
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Nicely done Daza - welcome Very Happy

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