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 Introducing Dr. [email protected] C0nkl1n - Idiotlad #3

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Sleepless and I found Idiotlad #3, Dr. [email protected] C0nkl1n. After talking to him on the phone a few times, we believe we have a nice pet. Very Happy He even made up his
own "Barrister Y0da" character who is emailing us now, after we told him we were coming to Afica to do some business with him, involving our $70,000. Very Happy
Gabby and Martha Hayes are 70 something sexually active hot tubbers who spend money like the water they soak in. By the second call, he seemed to get hooked
right into our story. He got upset at Martha's kissy kissy stuff toward Gabby, too. I struggled keeping it together during that part. My stomach was killing me from laughing. He's so stupid. Hoping for a nice safari from the lad...

Here are some of the emails we have gotten from the lad since the calls.

jan 26th

Dear Martha Hayes

How are you doing? Hope you doing grate and how is your beloved husband whom i know too well. Regarding our last conversation on phone, I needed to verify if you were the right person i was dealing with because Barrister Y0da told me that i should disregard any call or mail which is not from you or himself. I want to remind you that your contact information and all other documents which give access to we working hand in hand with as been signed and verified, So you don't have to disclaim if you can handle you and your husband in person or not. My answer is YES and if there is any other proceedings which you have not yet disclose to us, I will advise you do that not that you are yet to travel as arrange by us.

Mr. Peter's and myself called Barrister Y0da this morning and we have concluded with him on traveling down to west africa where the transaction would be complete and you return back with your funds. But the problem on grand now is that we would not be able to come in the Country with that said amount with you due to security reason's and other Governmental security protocol's here in West Africa.

They might be a case where you and your husband would interrogated and questioned for moving sure amount into the Country and that might cause delay in your getting in touch with our department here in West Africa. Also i wish to inform you that you travel information and flight data's as been confirmed and there is need for you to come in person and meet with us face to face so we can congratulate you and your husband in a special way.

Please note that you safe passage and properties coming along with you is very secured and save as your been one of our client. Madam the problem now is that you can't travel into the Country with the total amount in your deposit because you would also been moving out with your funds place in our care as instructed by our department here in West Africa.

Also you don't have the change your flight schedule because is as been approve and confirm that you would be be in Africa by then. Also i would give Barrister Y0da a call immediately i sent you this mail and i believe him would get in touch with you and explain these important reason's why you can't fly into the country with $70,000.00USD. in cash.
Do get back to me if you have received this mail in good faith and i hope you do understand all my explanation to date.

Send my warm regards and care to your husband. I need to get in touch with Barrister Y0da right away..

Your Truly.
Dr. [email protected] C0nkl1n.
From: barrister yoda
Date: Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 11:23 AM
Subject: This is Barrister Y0da.
To: Martha

This is Barrister Y0da.

I just came into the office and received a call from Dr Harris. I must comfiest that thing are going the right way,knowing that you will soon be in Africa and all legal backup document's as been process in the Court and also at the local office here in Africa. I promise to be with you till the end and now am doing my very best to ensure that Dr Harris and Mr Peter keep close security with you and your husband. I went in person to the bank and we ordered for an account to be opened in two days time depending when you deposit their account processing fee with them. The bank information would be issued to you once the account is been opened. We are proceeding down to the bank from the Airport after your arrival,the bank would email you to inform you on how you can transfer part of the money you are carrying into the country.You would deposit part of the funds you are carrying in the bank,so we can be rest asure of your basic security and also from stop at the nigeria embassy for questioning and whom you came to do buisness with.Please take note of this and follow our instructions.

Proceed with the payment as told by Dr Harris because i have confirm their update and i have the payment information with me as well. Please make do of it and keep me posted with all your moves with them.

Warm Regards


From: Martha (but from an addy with a different name-God this guy is stupid!)
Date: Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 8:31 PM
To: barrister y0da

Hi there Barrister Y0da,
why so impersonal today, did you have a rough day at court or something? How is wife and kids? They must be missing you. Send them my love, wont you?
Quite a lovely surprise to hear from you while you are so very busy hopefully the trial is going smoothly. Tell me how the case is progressing? I was surprised to get a hold of the UN so quickly. I tried calling you today but the number did not work so perhaps you were in court again.
Gabby is out on location they are shooting a series up the Mojave this week, so he will be busy on and off until our flight.
I haven't packed much of anything yet.
I am suprised the local UN chaps mentioned that travelling with that little money we planned on bringing is not advisable....but perhaps they know you known Gabby and I will probably need around 150K just for expenses for ourselves while we are out in Africa even though I know you insist on us staying with you at the country estate. I will try to call you again tomorrow. Oh they said the terrorists wont blow up the plane so that is a very good news to us.

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 9:20 AM, barrister yoda wrote:



This is Barrister Y0da and am writing in regards to your travelling
down to my country Nigeria, How are you fairing over there? I hope
fine and well going. My Cole paterns are working very hard to secure
your travelling into Nigeria and there informed me early today by Fax
that they have not yet received any mail from you and your husband,
But I told them to keep the good work that maybe you need to some time
to clear things up and i quest it's so.

I request you get in touch with them at once or try and send me an
email so i would confirm you stand on this matter. Your willingness to
contact us would determine if we should proceed and act fast in
regards to your travelling in the country. Also you have to send them
the account opening fee as requested before now so the bank would
facilitate your account where part of the funds with you and your dear
husband would be deposited before arrival into the country. Send me
your mobile number for quick contact with you.

I await to hear from you.

Keep Me posted on what so ever is holding you back.

Regards And God Bless.

Mr Y0da
Y0da and Solicitors
Abuja, Nigeria

What the hell are "My Cole paterns?" Laughing

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