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 Paddy etc. try very hard (not) to help Barry!

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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 3:17 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Paddy and Barry of Co-operative Bank bait<br><br>I would like to thank my mentor, Albator, and all the other members of
419eater, especially Branwen, who have made all this possible. I would also
like to thank my agent, my publicist, my stylist, my parents…<br><br>This was a straight bait, essentially my
first ever (equal first maybe) and delaying and being incompetent were great
fun! I hope you enjoy reading this, and that it might be educational, too. Paddy<br><br>PS I haven't attached any images, but give adequate explanation of what they
were…<br><br>Pps I might include them at a later date<br><br>CAST LIST:<br><br>Paddy: me<br>Amos: me<br>Barry and everyone else: him<br><br>
<br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 9:28 AM <br>To: [email protected]<br><br>Attention: Proposed partner,<br><br>My name is Barry Tootell. I am the chief Financial Officer at the Co-operative
Bank United Kingdom. My contacting you is based on a secret discovery of the
sum of £28.250.390.00 (Twenty Eight Million, Two Hundred and Fifty
Thousand, Three Hundred and Ninety Pounds Sterling) only, in a secret foreign
account.<br><br>It will be in my interest to work and finish this transaction with you. If you
can be a collaborator to this transaction, please indicate your positive
interest immediately for us to proceed if not please ignore. Remember this is
absolutely confidential because my Bank does not know about it.<br><br>Warmest regards,<br><br>Barry Tootell,<br>Chief Financial Officer,<br>Cooperative Bank.<br>United Kingdom<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 24 September 2009 22:32 <br>To: Barry Tootell<br><br>Please tell me more. Paddy<br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 25 September 2009 08:39 <br>To: [email protected]<br><br>Hello Paddy<br><br>Thanks for your response, below you will find a comprehensive detail of this
transaction with the hope to encourage you; I am assuring you that your dignity
will be hold in high and total confidence. I have contacted you to assist me to
secure this fund into your bank account based on a practical fate.<br><br>I am 54 years old. Married. Have two children, both married. My address is
P.O.Box 101, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester, M60 4EP United Kingdom. I was
formerly working with the Lloyds TSB Bank Plc before I got promoted to this
bank as the Chief Financial Officer. I have been working in a financial
institution for over 26 years. So I will suggest we handle this with care.
Therefore, I advise you keep this transaction a top-secret until this fund is
transferred into your bank account. If you are not comfortable using your
present bank account for this transaction, you may have a new account opened at
zero balance to accomplish this goal at any bank and country of your choice
provided the funds will be intact at the conclusion of the transaction until we
meet for the sharing. I propose a sharing ratio of 40% for you, 60% for me.
This transaction could be successfully completed within 14 Banking days, as
long as I have your full co-operation.<br><br>You can reach me at +44 704 571 6725. If you are interested, send the below
information in your next email to enhance our communication.<br><br>Such as:<br>Your full legal names................<br>Your Age................<br>Your Occupation and position.........<br>Marital Status..........<br>Your Country............<br>Your full contact address.............<br>Your phone number.....................<br><br>Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.<br><br>Warmest regards,<br>Mr. Barry Tootell,<br>Chief Financial Officer,<br>Co-operative Bank.<br>United Kingdom.<br> <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 25 September 2009 19:45 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I am Patrick Xxxx. I am 44 years old, single with no children. I live in the UK.
My address is xxx Trafalgar Square, London. I am unable to work since I had an
accident some years ago. My income is modest but I received a generous payout
from my insurance company. Thank you, Paddy<br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 25 September 2009 20:40 <br>To: [email protected]<br><br>Hello Patrick, Ca I have your phone number? Barry.<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 25 September 2009 21:43 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>That's not a good idea. My mum always answers the phone and since I had my
accident she's very protective. I tried to enter into a deal similar to the one
you are offering a few months ago. When my mum found out about it she got very
angry and believed I was being taken advantage of. Nothing I could say made any
difference so I had to stop the transaction. We can only continue this
transaction if we keep things to e-mail and don't use the telephone. Sorry,
Paddy<br><br>PS Patrick is my legal name but friends call me Paddy!<br><br>A variation to the usual “I'm deaf” routine!<br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 26 September 2009 07:11 <br>To: [email protected]<br><br>Patrick, Do you walk? Maybe you can call me instead 704 571 6725. Barry.<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 26 September 2009 13:41 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>PLEASE CALL ME PADDY! I don't answer to the name of Patrick. It's a good idea
about me going for a walk, but the accident I had has left me in a wheelchair
and I hardly ever go out. Sorry. Paddy<br><br>Problem: how can I be scammed if I can't make payments? It all goes quiet,
<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 28 September 2009 14:58 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I'm sure I can still help you, though. People run errands for me and I was
successfully conducting business with someone else and a similar transaction
sum months ago. I had made a couple of payments totalling several thousand
dollars, but for the life of me I can't remember why things didn't get
completed. In light of my previously failed transaction I am even more keen to
successfully complete one now. From Paddy<br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 29 September 2009 09:00 <br>To: [email protected]<br><br>Hello Patrick Xxxx, Thanks for your getting back to me. Having gone through your
mail and believing we both have our mutual benefits in mind, I am attaching a
copy of the formal application to be sent to the bank. This application will
establish the road to your claim to this inheritance. Please fill the
application as I have directed you in that attached file and send to the bank
online at [email protected]<br><br>. Thank you for your time and attention. Warmest regards, Barry Tootell, Chief
Financial Officer, Cooperative Bank. United Kingdom.<br><br>BANK_LETTER_(DRAFT).doc 34K <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 29 September 2009 14:45 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>How many times must I tell you? I DO NOT ANSWER TO THE NAME PATRICK. see
attachment for reason why. PADDY PADDY PADDY PADDY PADDY PADDY PADDY.<br><br>I attach a fake newspaper item about the accident:<br><br><br>A head-on collision on the A40 just outside Oxford between a lorry and a family
car has left one man dead and another seriously injured.<br><br>Yesterday morning, a lorry veered across the central reservation and collided
head-on with a family car coming the other way. The driver of the car was
pronounced dead at the scene and the passenger suffered severe spinal injuries.
The dead man has been named as Patrick Xxxx, and the passenger as his son Paddy
Xxxx. Paddy is currently in intensive care at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital.
His condition has been described as critical but stable, his mother and sister
are at his bedside.<br><br>The driver of the lorry suffered only minor injuries but failed a breath test
at the scene and has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous
driving while under the influence of alcohol. Police have appealed for
witnesses to contact them at the Oxford Police Station on their Crimestoppers
<br> <br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 30 September 2009 06:14 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Sorry Paddy. I will not call you Patrick anymore. Please complete the form and
change the Patrick to Paddy. Barry.<br><br>I then send BANK_LETTER_(DRAFT).doc with the necessary parts filled in to the
<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 30 September 2009 22:08 <br>To: Co-operative back <[email protected]><br><br>xxx Trafalgar square<br><br>London<br><br>paddyxxxx<br><br>1st October 2009<br><br>Attention:<br><br>Director, Foreign Remittance/ Auditing Dept<br><br>Co-operative Bank Plc<br><br>P.O. Box 101, 1 Balloon Street,<br><br>Manchester, M60 4EP<br><br>United Kingdom<br><br>Dear Sir/Madam,<br><br> APPLICATION FOR PAYMENT/TRANSFER OF INHERITANCE.<br><br>I, Patrick Xxxx, xxx Trafalgar Square, London. do hereby apply to your bank as the Next-of-Kin/Beneficiary your deceased
customer Late MR. MICHAEL JACOME , a Chemical Engineer to by profession July in the year 2000, and holder of
account number COB/003/LD/92018/011 , I wish to put claim over his balance with your bank valued at (Twenty Eight
Million, Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand, Three Hundred and Ninety Pounds
Sterling) only. (£28.250.390.00) only. He was my cousin and I am the only
surviving beneficiary in our family.<br><br>Sir/Madam, I wish to be intimated on the procedures involved in having this
fund transferred to my account. I also apologize for not being able to apply
since his sudden death in the plane crash.<br><br>Thus, I plead your indulgence in this matter and wish an urgent attention will
be given to my humble application as the urgency implies. For further
correspondence you can call or mail to my private e-mail address stated as
above.<br><br>Thanks in anticipation for your Co-operation.<br><br>Yours Sincerely,<br><br>Sign your signature here.<br><br>(Write Your Full Names)<br>Patrick Xxxx<br><br><br>Info Info <[email protected]> 1 October 2009 13:07 <br>To: [email protected]<br><br>The Co-operative Bank Plc<br><br>Our Ref: ; Date: 1st-October-2009 Your Ref: COBXX0001XX Attn: Patrick Xxxx,<br><br>Official acknowledgement for the receipt of your application.<br><br>This is to acknowledge the receipt of your application putting claim as the
next of kin to one of our deceased customers. Michael Jacome. We are happy to
hear from you after these few years. Please find and correctly complete the
attached Next of KIN form as soon as possible.<br>Thanks for your understanding and best wishes.<br><br>Len Wardle. For Inheritance Dept. Co-operative Bank Plc. United Kingdom.<br><br>Next of Kin Form.jpg 193K<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 1 October 2009 23:59 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>The bank has sent me this form to fill out. There are two problems. I don't
know the information about the man who died. Nor can I write. I operate the
computer by voice because my arms don't work well. Please could you do it for
me? From Paddy<br><br>Next of Kin Form.jpg 193K <br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 5 October 2009 19:32 <br>To: [email protected]<br><br>Hello Paddy, Apologise for my delay. I have been out of town for official
assignment. (I hope it wasn't a wash-wash scam he was doing!)
Here are the answers to the bank question; The first section are your
information so you will print, complete, scan and send to the bank but if you
can't, just send the answers including yours to them and beg them that your
arms can't move. They will consider you. The second section of the form are
information on Michael Jacome which I have provided the answers below.<br><br> Full name of deceased: MICHAEL JACOME<br> Your relationship with the Deceased: COUSIN<br> Deceased Date of Birth: 1967<br> Age: THIRTY THREE YEARS (33YRS)<br> Deceased residential address: 2551 RICHMOND ROAD, SUITE 1, LEXINGTON, KY 40509. USA.<br> Deceased Occupation when he was alive: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING<br> Type of Account Operated by the deceased with this bank: IT WAS AN ESCROW ACCOUNT<br> File Number of the Deceased with this Bank: COB/003/LD/92018/011<br><br> Warmest regards, Barry Tootell, Chief Financial Officer, Cooperative Bank.
United Kingdom<br><br>I can't find the request for ID but do we doubt there was one?<br><br>Identity card<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 2 October 2009 22:18 <br>To: Co-operative back <[email protected]><br><br>I hope this is acceptable. From Paddy<br><br>Really teeny image of old library card!<br><br>idcard.jpg 14K<br><CENTER><br></CENTER><center><br>Info Info <[email protected]> 6 October 2009 16:38 <br></center>To: [email protected]<br>Dear Paddy, Please rescan your id and send in a clearer image. Thanks.<br><CENTER><br></CENTER><center><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 6 October 2009 19:23 <br></center>To: Info Info <[email protected]><br><br>sorry. I thought it was a little bit small. I've taken one from closer which I
hope you like. From Paddy<br><br>I really do hope they liked it! Huge close-up picture of library card which is
so blurred as to be useless!<br>
<br>idcard2.jpg 1390K<br><CENTER><br></CENTER><center><br>Info Info <[email protected]> 7 October 2009 08:44 <br></center>To: [email protected]<br>Dear Paddy, It is still blurred. Please scan in clearer image and return the
completed next of kin form. Thanks.<br><CENTER><br></CENTER><center><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 7 October 2009 15:04 <br></center>To: Info Info <[email protected]><br><br>Sorry. I dropped my camera that I took the pictures of my identity card. It was
making a strange noise and perhaps the lens has been out of alignment. I cannot
do better. Perhaps my friend has a suitable camera. From Paddy<br><br>Identity card<br><br>I sent this to the wrong address but as the same lad is playing both characters
it hardly mattered!
<br><br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 10 October 2009 01:36 <br>To: Barry Tootell >[email protected]><br><br>from Paddy<br><br>9K);&icirc;A¨=n&thorn;&uuml;]$pZ» |
j&atilde;&&copy; dV™¤Ip^XZ8dS¼n7juw£&THORN;&Ucirc;
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hZ6h‡&copy;e .£¢]i&Egrave;&acirc;&Yacute;&THORN;2}Ez
&Uuml;&acirc;º^6&Oacute;fjK¢&Aacute;iªœ4 3A0
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g´×´&oslash;&otilde;($^Ex&Agrave;V\ 5 Id&Ntilde; 7 kRj&Uuml;
f`gp : B7aDšb&Ugrave;vbO y -&Eacute;&Yacute;&Ocirc;d
&Ograve;£#G¸&Aacute;m£&Iuml;_jN&iuml;QXPG 6&euml;{5¤Ism.0
\]&Ugrave;4Q>&Egrave;&igrave;:&Ouml;\&Ecirc;P•+¸&ugrave; i 0
'L&uacute;] C:4<&ntilde;y€eN;~&Otilde;Y&eth;s&Auml;
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L&szlig;‰/¥Œ .$ n§?&aring;BŽN.V q<YPe
9§jn·BGb$&iacute;ƒ&Ouml;²m:y,&iuml;`- x`
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#4X!9- K&Atilde;e ?j(WDe f,c[„Rz‚K| __×&ocirc;
[email protected] _F$´µ&eth;Ÿ&Acirc;›&yacute;f&aacute;}_M&eacute;_`W}
G&Otilde;KVU}&AElig;f¼ &ccedil;^&egrave;@'P 0&ecirc;@&egrave; MC r*&auml;
m<br>... SNIPPED... actually, 88 pages of random text!!!<br><br>Identity card problem <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 10 October 2009 22:46 <br>To: Barry Tootell t;[email protected]><br><br>I'm having difficulty sending you an image of my identity card. It might
actually be a problem with my computer. Sorry. Paddy<br><br>Oddly enough, my computer had great difficulty, at times, sending images!<br><br>Problems sending ID image <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 10 October 2009 23:05 <br>To: Co-operative back <[email protected]><br><br>I have tried another three times to send my identity card. (I mistakenly sent
it to someone else!) However, there seems to be a problem sending it.I can
quote the serial number: 86xxxxx. Just in case everything is working properly I
will endeavour to attach the image to this e-mail. Is it strictly necessary?
From Paddy<br><br>Corrupt image file:<br><br>identitycard.jpg 70K <br><br>Info Info <[email protected]> 12 October 2009 16:39 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Your passport copy is needed. <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 12 October 2009 21:26 <br>To: Info Info <[email protected]><br>Here is my passport. It is the best I can do with my camera. From Paddy<br><br>Not only a blurred picture but also burnt-out!<br><br>Passport <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 13 October 2009 23:33 <br>To: Co-operative back <[email protected]><br><br>Is this any better? from Paddy<br><br>That wonderful animation of a never completing download!<br><br>PASSPORTID 24K<br><br>Next of kin form <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 14 October 2009 14:40 <br>To: Co-operative back <[email protected]><br><br>I'm very sorry. I've looked back and can't find the form you sent me. Please
could you resend it? Many thanks, Paddy!<br><br>I'm neither sorry nor unable to find the form! <br><br>Info Info <[email protected]> 15 October 2009 17:23 <br>To: [email protected]<br>The form.<br><br>Next of Kin Form.jpg 193K<br><br>Doesn't that seem somewhat curt?<br><br>Next of kin form <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 16 October 2009 15:40 <br>To: Co-operative back <[email protected]><br><br>I'm terribly sorry, but owing to an accident I'm not able to write to complete
the form. (I can only use a computer by voice control.) I attach proof of my
accident and computer type answers. My answers: I am Patrick Xxxx of xxx
Trafalgar square London E3 date of birth 1965 occupation none bank name:Royal
Scottish bank of island bank account number:31xxxxx<br>Full name of deceased: MICHAEL JACOME<br>Your relationship with the Deceased: COUSIN<br> Deceased Date of Birth: 1967<br> Age: THIRTY THREE YEARS (33YRS)<br> Deceased residential address: 2551 RICHMOND ROAD, SUITE 1, LEXINGTON, KY 40509. USA.<br> Deceased Occupation when he was alive: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING<br> Type of Account Operated by the deceased with this bank: IT WAS AN ESCROW ACCOUNT<br>File Number of the Deceased with this Bank: COB/003/LD/92018/011<br><br> OxfordTimes.jpg 78K<br><br>That fake newspaper article again!<br><br>Please answer <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 19 October 2009 22:40 <br>To: Co-operative back <[email protected]><br><br>I was wondering why I haven't heard from you after sending the details for the
next of kin form. From Paddy<br><br> PS as I said before, my official name is Patrick but everyone calls me Paddy.<br><br>Legal department<br>Legal Dept <[email protected]>20 October 2009 07:12 <br>To: [email protected]<br><br>Dear Patrick Xxxx, <br><br>You are receiving this message from the legal department of The
Co-operative Bank United Kingdom. Please take<br>note that at this time, your timely response will determine the kind of
attention that would be drawn to your file.<br>We require the below fundamental documents to get started;<br> <br>1. A copy of the deceased death certificate.<br>2. A copy of the deceased bank account deposit certificate.<br> <br>Thanks.<br><br>Mike Fairbairn.<br>For Legal Dept.<br>Co-operative Bank Plc.<br>United Kingdom<br><br>Documents needed <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 20 October 2009 14:33 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>the bank are asking for a copy of the death certificate of the man who died and
also a copy of a certificate showing the deposit. What do I do now? From Paddy <br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 20 October 2009 14:47 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Hello Paddy, I have them. Please find them attached. Barry.<br><br>2 attachments Death Certificate.jpg 199K Deposit Certificate.jpg 241K<br><br> actually, authentic-looking documents scanned at pretty high resolution. The
next of kin form was also impressive…<br>
<CENTER><br></CENTER><center><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 20 October 2009 22:52 <br></center>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br> many thanks for that. I was a bit worried there! It seems like the bank has
accepted my difficulty in writing and is happy to proceed with things. I was
just wondering. Is this strictly legal? I'm not the sort of person to lie or
deceive. You have no idea!<br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 21 October 2009 08:28 <br>To: [email protected]<br>It is legal. Barry.<br><br>Amazing powers of persuasion! Now I understand. Not. <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 22 October 2009 13:53 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>But what would I do if the bank asks me for proof of my association with the
man who died? That would put an end to everything. From Paddy <br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 22 October 2009 17:42 <br>To: [email protected]<br>You said you were up and ready for this. You need to trust me when I say do
this or that. Now I have the death certificate and deposit certificate. That i
enough proof. Barry. <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 23 October 2009 18:46 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>Why are you being so rude? I asked a genuine question. I am not experienced at
doing financial dealings and I don't appreciate you just ordering me around. I
am not your puppet. What are your qualifications? Paddy<br><br>I sent the documents to the “bank”. Eventually. They were both
extremely blurred, grey-scale images and had been expanded to several MB each!<br><br>
Documents sent to bank <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 27 October 2009 00:34 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I had great difficulty sending the documents. It kept coming up with an error.
In desperation I printed the documents and photographed them. My printer is
only black and white but also a photocopier would be. My camera doesn't quite
work properly since it got dropped so the pictures are slightly blurred but at
least I sent them to the bank without a problem. Which is much better than not
being able to send anything.<br><br>I didn't mean to be rude when I asked you what I should say if the bank asked
me a difficult question. I don't have the experience you have of doing
financial dealings so I feel somewhat nervous and sometimes need your help to
make me feel comfortable about things. Does that make sense? I certainly didn't
mean to offend. From Paddy <br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 27 October 2009 17:06 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Hello Paddy, It's ok. If the picture is not bright, you only need to download
to your desktop the ones I sent you and re-attached to your email then send to
the bank email address. Barry. <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 27 October 2009 17:43 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I already tried that and had lots of problems. It said &quot;attachment
failed&quot; or something like that. I tried about six times to do it like you
suggested but without success. That's why I did it the way I did. Paddy <br><br><br>Legal Dept <[email protected]> 28 October 2009 07:53 <br>To: [email protected]<br><br>Dear Patrick Xxxx,<br><br>In the cause of updating your file before the transfer to your designated
account commence, we notice your file does not posses few other vital legal
documents that is needed in your file before the fund could be transferred.
Since you claimed your deceased cousin died and left this fund without WILL,
you will need to provide the following as soon as possible;<br><br>1. A copy of a letter of Administration Without WILL (Obtained in UK High
Court).<br><br>2. A copy of an Approval from Her Royal Majesty Treasury in United Kingdom.<br><br>3. Your full account details clearly and correctly written.<br>
<br>Thanks. Your cousin's address has been noted.<br><br>Mike Fairbairn. For Legal Dept.<br><br>Co-operative Bank Plc. United Kingdom<br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 28 October 2009 08:03 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Ok Paddy. Keep me posted when you hear from the bank.<br><br>Note: unlike Barry, don't send e-mails from different characters separated by
just a few minutes. See previous two e-mails…<br>
<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 28 October 2009 23:27 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>It looks like the bank has accepted the situation and kindly accepted the
documents I sent them. They are asking for more documents. To make things much
simpler since I seem to have a problem sending documents would you be able to
send them directly to the bank yourself? From Paddy <br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 29 October 2009 09:17 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Paddy, I can't get directly involved with the bank. I want to see what they
requested again. Barry. <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 29 October 2009 17:20 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>Oh. I was hoping you could. What do you want to see? Paddy <br>Remember, as he sent me the e-mail from the bank, he already knows the answer!
See if you can detect any annoyance or impatience!<br>
<br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 30 October 2009 06:54 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Paddy, You said the bank is asking for more documents. I want to see the names
of the documents they are asking of. If you could be faster in responding to my
emails, it would help a great deal. Barry. <br>Asking me to hurry is the perfect cue to dawdle!<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 30 October 2009 16:59 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I'm sorry if I'm a little slow. My limited health means I can't do very much
per day. Using voice control on the computer is very tiring but without it I
couldn't use a computer at all. I find it extremely frustrating. I studied
computers at college and walked three miles every day without thinking about
it. I would dearly love to be able to do that again. Instead I'm stuck in this
wheelchair in this room unable to do much at all. My mother never recovered
from the sudden death of my Dad and me ending up disabled after the accident.
From Paddy <br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 30 October 2009 20:36 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Paddy, I understand but you did not send me the documents you aid the bank are
asking of. Barry <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 31 October 2009 16:27 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I'm sorry. I felt really upset after I wrote that last e-mail. Once I start
talking about the accident it takes over all my thoughts. Paddy <br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 31 October 2009 20:38 <br>To: [email protected]<br>You still have not sent me those documents <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 1 November 2009 22:36 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I feel stupid now. I didn't realise at all that you wanted me to send the
documents to you. From Paddy I'm not sure where the other one is. doc.jpg 190K<br><br>Yep! I attach to Barry one of the documents he sent me. I can't find the other
one because I used the image expander and made it six MB or something so
deleted it from my machine after sending it to the bank!<br>
<br>Also, while mucking Barry about I send this to the bank to wind him up: <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 3 November 2009 23:10 <br>To: Legal Dept <[email protected]><br><br>I'm sorry about the delay. Someone is helping me locate these documents and
they are taking considerable time producing them. From Paddy<br><br>Bank documents<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 3 November 2009 10:18 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>why didn't you reply to my e-mail? You wanted me to respond quickly then you
don't! Paddy <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 3 November 2009 14:29 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>In addition to my earlier e-mail, the bank are requesting a certificate of
authority from the high court. You sent me the death certificate and bank
certificate so why did you ask me to send them to you? Paddy <br>Unfortunately, or fortunately, the medication Paddy takes means he sometimes
forgets things and sometimes gets confused…<br>
<br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 5 November 2009 17:55 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Paddy, I asked you to forward the mail you got from the bank to me where they
listed the latest documents required to transfer the funds. Forward the mail or
you copy out those documents to me to see. I did not ask you send me back the
documents I sent you before. Barry<br><br>Can't you just hear his annoyance yet trying to keep calm and not upset poor
Paddy? I absolutely LOVE this response.
<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 5 November 2009 22:15 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I see. When you said something like I hadn't sent you the documents I got
somewhat confused. Sorry. I thought I had already sent you what the bank
wanted, but in separates e-mails. From Paddy<br><br>I have actually told him what he needs to know but as nothing is happening:<br><br>It worked OK!<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 14 November 2009 20:52 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I managed to copy the bank e-mail:<br>1. A copy of a letter of Administration Without WILL (Obtained in UK High
Court).<br><br>2. A copy of an Approval from Her Royal Majesty Treasury in United Kingdom.
From Paddy<br>
<br><CENTER><br></CENTER><center><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 17 November 2009 18:58 <br></center>To: [email protected]<br>Please copy this email to attorney Bradley Pepple and ask him if you can help
us get them. Barry.<br><br>Who's baiting who here?! <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 17 November 2009 23:44 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I'm sorry but I have never heard of this man and don't have his e-mail. From
Paddy <br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 19 November 2009 12:39 <br>To: [email protected]<br><br>His email is [email protected]<br><br><CENTER><br></CENTER><center><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 19 November 2009 23:59 <br></center>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>Thank you! From Paddy<br><br>Documents required<br><CENTER><br></CENTER><center><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 20 November 2009 00:01 <br></center>To: [email protected]<br>I need some documents to establish my right to the bank account of someone who
died without a will. Do you have anything like that? From Paddy<br><br><br>Bradley Pepple <[email protected]> 20 November 2009 10:30 <br>To: Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]><br><br>Dear Paddy, What are the names of those documents?<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 20 November 2009 18:06 <br>To: Bradley Pepple <[email protected]><br><br>One is authority relating to administration without a will and the other is
authority from the revenue and customs office. From Paddy<br><br><br>Bradley Pepple <[email protected]> 23 November 2009 11:00 <br>To: Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]><br><br>Dear Paddy, I can help you with that but it will cost you £980. When your
ready I will advise you on how to send the money to me.<br>Bradley Pepple.<br><br>That seems smart: cutting the time down between communicating payment details
and receiving anything. Reduces opportunity for dollar chopping. Well, in
<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 23 November 2009 16:33 <br>To: Bradley Pepple <[email protected]><br><br>Will I have to pay before or after I get the documents? Paddy<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 24 November 2009 14:01 <br>To: Bradley Pepple <[email protected]><br><br>I hope you don't think me rude, but how do I know you are who you say you are?
Paddy<br><br>He must have. This wasn't responded to at all. He was extremely business-like
and wasn't easily side-tracked.<br>
<br>Bradley Pepple <[email protected]> 24 November 2009 17:13 <br>To: Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]><br><br>Dear Paddy, The money is required for the cost of the documents so you will
have to pay before you have those documents. <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 24 November 2009 21:35 <br>To: Bradley Pepple <[email protected]><br><br>That sounds fine. What information do you need? Paddy<br><br><br>Bradley Pepple <[email protected]> 25 November 2009 08:13 <br>To: Paddy Xxxx lt;[email protected]><br><br>Dear Paddy, If you have the money to pay then I shall provide you information
on how to make payment.<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 25 November 2009 13:41 <br>To: Bradley Pepple <[email protected]><br><br>Yes please. Paddy<br><br>Payment options <br><br>Bradley Pepple <[email protected]> 27 November 2009 06:29 <br>To: Paddy Xxxx lt;[email protected]><br><br>Dear Paddy,<br>Payment should be made out to my secretary MS. JANE COLE , in pounds and through [email protected] OR West3rn Onion Money Transf3r . I shall be busy so she will pick up the money here as soon as you have sent
it. Remember you are sending the money to Liverpool England.<br>(More like Lagos, Nigeria!)<br>Remember to send me the following after the payment is made;<br><br>1. Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) usually 10 digits if sent through
West3rn Onion AND Reference number which is usually 8 digits if sent through
[email protected]<br><br>2. The exact amount sent<br><br>3. Name of sender<br><br>4, Name of receiver Bradley.<br><br>Payment for documents<br>Can I insult Barry by pretending my voice recognition software isn't working
properly? Can you think of anything insulting that rhymes with banker? I'll try
to get there slowly…<br>
<br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 23 November 2009 16:44 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>the barrister wants £980 for the documents. Lawyers seem to be very
expensive, but maybe not to a bunker like you who deals with money every gay.
How do you want to sand me the money? From Paddy<br><br>He didn't seem to respond. Perhaps I was too hasty. Anyway…<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 24 November 2009 21:40 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>sorry about my last e-mail. The voice recognition software was not working
properly. Perhaps I had the microphone in the wrong position. The barrister has
asked for £960 for the documents. How do you want to send the money to me?
Paddy <br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 25 November 2009 17:52 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Paddy, To prove your commitment and capability of handling this transaction you
would have to pay him the money required. Barry.<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 25 November 2009 19:11 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>That makes sense. Paddy<br>That's never made sense to me!<br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 25 November 2009 22:07 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Fine, then you let me know when you have made payment to him. Barry.<br> <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 27 November 2009 14:11 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I've been feeling really unwell today so going to see the doctor later this
afternoon. If he doesn't like what he hears then I may have to go into hospital
for a day or two. It often happens so it's nothing to worry about. From Paddy<br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 27 November 2009 17:39 <br>To: [email protected]<br>OK.<br><br>Do you think he is anxious that I might not return? I seriously thought of
never contacting him at this point.
<br><br>On behalf of Paddy Xxxx<br><br>Amos Xxxx <[email protected]> 30 November 2009 15:34 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Dear Barry<br><br> I'm Amos, Paddy's friend. I visited him in hospital Sunday afternoon and they
want to keep him in for a few days more. He was concerned about you waiting for
the £960 so has asked me to make the payment on his behalf. I have
enduring power of Attorney so it should be no problem. I have the necessary
payment details so shall be sorting it out later today. The payment should be
available tomorrow. I'll e-mail the necessary details for you to collect it. <br><br>Kind regards, Amos<br> Note:Amos and Paddy have different styles of salutation<br>He doesn't mind £960 or £980,apparently…<br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 30 November 2009 18:38 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Hello Amos, Sorry to hear that Paddy is still in the hospital. Well I shall
wait to hearing from you tomorrow. Barry.<br><br>Guess what? He didn't get ANYTHING. All day! No e-mail whatsoever!<br><br>I'm home! <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 2 December 2009 14:52 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>Dear Barry, I'm home from hospital! I told you it was nothing to worry about. I
expect you have received the money from my friend Amos by now. Guess what? He
won nearly £1000 on the horses yesterday. He is so lucky! From Paddy<br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 2 December 2009 18:33 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Hello Paddy, It's good to hear you are back. I have not received any money from
your friend yet so you should ask him. Barry.<br><br>Payment of £980 <br><br>Amos Xxxx <[email protected]> 2 December 2009 19:11 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Dear Barry <br><br>Although I doubt Barry is your real name. I'm using a lovely new laptop with
Windows 7 to write to you. I won £980 at the betting shop yesterday.
Aren't I lucky! I doubt they have such wonderful things in Internet cafes in
West Africa. I'm sure you would like it. You are clearly an intelligent man.
Should you complain to Paddy that you received no money than I doubt he will
believe you. Already tried that? Did he? I doubt it. Perhaps you made a mistake
and after double checking you did actually receive the money. That, you see,
would let you go to the next payment of your format. That will be yours. The
one after, mine. And so on. You certainly have nothing to lose. <br><br>Kind regard, Amos<br><br>Perhaps this was ill-conceived. Perhaps I would have done better by being more
subtle in delaying tactics by Amos. Although, I was careful to not say anything
derogatory about Paddy which Barry could have relayed to Paddy.<br>
<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 2 December 2009 22:42 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I don't know why you haven't received the money. Amos told me he had sent it
and even showed me the receipt. From Paddy<br><br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 3 December 2009 08:21 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Paddy, I want to see the receipt because your friend did not send me any
payment details or receipt so how would the payment be picked without details
like, sender's name, receiver's name, mtcn (control number). If the payment was
made then these details were suppose to be sent to me. Barry.<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 3 December 2009 13:30 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>Oh. I'll talk to Amos about it. Paddy<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 3 December 2009 14:32 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I've known Amos nearly ten years. We met at a trauma sufferers support group.
He's always been honest. He has power of attorney for me which means he has
access to my bank account. I check my bank statement every now and then and he
has never taken anything without my permission. <br>Some people of less moral fibre would try to get some of my insurance payout<br>*, but Amos never has. He has also been a good family friend. Amos has said
that he has paid you and I believe him. From Paddy<br><br>* Emphasis added<br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 3 December 2009 15:24 <br>To: [email protected]<br>If the payment is made, let me have the payment receipt or you don't bother me
again. Barry.<br><br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 3 December 2009 22:02 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>It's unfair to describe me as bothering you. You asked me to help you and I
have tried very hard at times to do just that. Amos has the receipt. He only
showed it to me. If you ask him I'm sure he will be happy to oblige. If there
really is a problem I would be happy enough to send another £980. From
Paddy<br> <br><br>Barry Tootell <[email protected]> 4 December 2009 08:48 <br>To: [email protected]<br>I don't know who Amos is and would not expect to contact him. If you have seen
the receipt, scan and send it to me otherwise you people are not serious. Barry.<br> <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 4 December 2009 16:22 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>You should have heard from Amos while I was in hospital. I asked him to forward
you the money because I was concerned about you waiting too long. I cannot scan
a receipt if I have only seen it but do not have it. Your request is illogical.
Do you want me to send another £980? From Paddy<br><br>Can Amos convince Barry?<br>Paddy Xxxx <br><br>Amos Xxxx <[email protected]> 5 December 2009 14:04 <br>To: [email protected]<br>Dear Barry<br><br>Don't be hard on Paddy. He's done nothing wrong. I am the one you have issue
with. Paddy trusts me to make all his payments but occasionally, for mysterious
reasons, the payment goes astray. He is thinking of dropping you, which would
be a shame.<br><br>Kind regards, Amos<br><br>Answer: nope!<br><br>Not serious?!<br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 5 December 2009 20:11 <br>To: Barry Tootell [email protected]<br><br>I am upset that you think I'm not serious. Since my accident twenty years ago
and ending up paralysed and in a wheelchair I can promise you I have had little
to smile about let alone laugh. I have struggled with depression much of the
time. I am not jolly. I am extremely serious.<br><br>Secondly, I've helped many people in the last few years spending £40,000
(nearly 10% of my insurance money) on various projects and charity giving. I
have many begging e-mails wanting my assistance and some of them are much more
deserving cases than you. Unless you are courteous to me I will find someone
else to help. From Paddy<br><br>PS my friend Amos has this e-mail address:[email protected] and he handles
all my payments.<br><br>I try to provoke Barry into responding, and as, apparently, sending &quot;yes
please&quot; to someone offering £980 was too difficult...<br>
<br>Are you stupid? <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 8 December 2009 00:20 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>I have already told you that because I am disabled a friend called Amos deals
with my payments. For the last time: DO YOU WANT ME TO SEND YOU £980? it
really isn't a difficult question to answer. Paddy<br><br>I even send a money grab receipt from Amos, but without any response...<br><br>Did you get the money? <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 9 December 2009 21:04 <br>To: Barry Tootell <[email protected]><br><br>Did you get the money which Amos sent yesterday? From Paddy<br><br>Making a payment <br><br>Paddy Xxxx <[email protected]> 10 December 2009 14:40 <br>To: Bradley Pepple <[email protected]><br><br>Dear Bradley, I have been trying to make a payment to Barry but without
success. Is he alright? Paddy<br><br><br>I certainly wasn't going to continue and risk educating him, so the bait ended
here. I would welcome constructive comments. Please quote the date of any
e-mail which you are commenting on. Thanks! Paddy<br><br>PS I actually do use voice recognition software since I am extremely prone to
repetitive strain injury. That limited some of my “technical” ability
-- Paddy<br>

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- Mr.Amos, I must commend on your efforts. Let me know when Paddy is satisfied...
- I think the payment is a Western Union Moneygram. Does that help?
-You are stressing me too much, I must confess to you. Dr [email protected] (6 1/2 months)
-I'm really speechless about what your Sister did to you Babs
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I will gladly be the first to reply here.
Although I know this bait already Wink
Congrats on your good work, it's been a pleasure to guide you through this!

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That's not a good idea. My mum always answers the phone and since I had my
accident she's very protective. I tried to enter into a deal similar to the one
you are offering a few months ago. When my mum found out about it she got very
angry and believed I was being taken advantage of. Nothing I could say made any
difference so I had to stop the transaction. We can only continue this
transaction if we keep things to e-mail and don't use the telephone. Sorry,

I'm sure I can still help you, though. People run errands for me and I was
successfully conducting business with someone else and a similar transaction
sum months ago. I had made a couple of payments totalling several thousand
dollars, but for the life of me I can't remember why things didn't get
completed. In light of my previously failed transaction I am even more keen to
successfully complete one now. From Paddy

That's some good stuff, paddy! Thumbs up Thumbs up

Now grab another one and take him a bit further. Very Happy

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