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 Lecherous Moneygram/WU manager cause of transfer problems.

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Connie L. Gus

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I've counted 156 email exchanges with this lad so I don't want to post everything but do want to share this one modality. Its a great reason for the transfer to be completely screwed up. The Moneygram manager would intentionally put in the wrong number, wrong state, wrong receiver, and include explicit sexual references in the test question and answer to get the victim to return to the office so the manager can stare down the victim's dress.
The accounting officer of the debt management office went to the international money gram to see if he will be able to collect the $2,850 you sent reaching the office he was embarrassed by the money gram official that the reference number you sent is invalid (43982362).

He was totally embarrassed and it was unbelievable, for such a huge sum of money you are expecting after this whole years it will sound you are playing with the office with such dignitaries of the kind of high profile status they have it was due to their status he was told to inform you to send the correct reference number which you have to go to the money gram and ask them to give you the appropriate reference number and send it to me today as soon you are through with this message.

Act fast I the regard as you are most interested in this delayed project and business relationship we have built which you will receive your fund as soon this money is been paid to the office of the debt management office as you are instructed.

I wait to receive the appropriate and correct reference (money control number).

Kind Regards


I send him a fuzzy 1.5 G BMP of a receipt with another fake number.
Maybe the number is different than the receipt number and that is why you had a problem. The man was looking down my dress the entire time so it was hard to pay attention. And he debited my credit card too much. The total bill was for over $3,000.00 Three thousand dollars after the fees and stuff. Well I expect it to go much better from now.

Taking a page from BunnieRabbits bait book, the transfer has been made to Easylay.
Dear <Victim>,

thank you for the scanned document the accounting officer has gotten the reference number,but the receiver's name is not what you were given by Dr.Abraham you are asked to go bank to the money gram office and tell them to use this name as the receiver MELODY EZE.

Be informed the money you sent can not be pulled out without the correct receiver's name that was sent to you to pay because there's no such person bearing the name you used in sending the money.
Scan the document as you did the previous one for clear understanding today as soon you receive this message go to the international money gram office and make the change to MELODY EZE

He sends this twice.


He sends this three times.
You have tried to see that this transaction comes to a suceesful end,but the deveil is a liar i have been praying since all this days for no error in this regards i am not happy the way things are going on. Listen each time you go to the money gram office you will need to cross check the information that you were given because you know what it means to you not the money gram officer you met there or any other personnel.

You were only asked to change the name not the reference number and the whole text question that is why you paid such money again which is not fair the money gram manager is cheating on you is only God will judge him in been unfair to you okay.
Don’t worry all this worries will soon be over as soon the change of name is being made you have to write things out properply and maintain maximum confidentiality for grate things will happen to us soon then I will find myself to the states we get aquited to each other as you often say love and kiss.
Please,don’t let anyone fool you okay I am there to end my life with you as soon we crub this huge amount of money and you will direct on which kind of lucrative business venture in Washington.
Send the correct name MELODY EZE

EndI hope you are doing fine at work I have been praying to meet you soon in good health I so much adore your kind courage and effort to see success to this claims I know we have come to the end of this project ,all you have to do is to follow up with any vital information and make sure the state is not written or let them write NIGERIA IN BOTH THE STATE AND THE COUNTRY TO AVIOD CONFUSION OKAY.


Kind Regards



The MoneyGram manager charged me almost $200.00 to change the info and its still not right. He is just a silly man with big eyeglasses. Its creepy with him looking down my dress. I was going to wear a turtle neck shirt but it was hot today and I figured the man would not be there. He was there. I told him what I told you and he just got this big smile and then he started laughing. I was checking the transfer and I told him there is no Arkansa in Nigeria. He said it won't be a problem, anywhere is good, the money goes to Nigeria and it does not matter were. Is that right? He did the rest. Is Arkansa a city close to you? Arkansa is a state here in America. Does the city matter? He should have just left the city alone.

Let me know if Arkansa has to be changed.

My Dear <Victim>

What is the matter?

As soon you wake up from bed kindly go and make the changes and send the right information immediately don’t put Arkansas which is not a state in Nigeria. All you have to do is to go back and ensure the manager or the person on the counter effect the change with the rightful name MELODY EZE.

Act fast not to make another changes all you were asked to do earlier was only the name not all the information the man is really taking much of your time and money assuming you didn’t have money with you he couldn’t have change the name in the first instance.

Dr.|Abraham gave you the accounting officer’s name MELODY EZE why didn’t you use it first and all you will know over there in the states some people doesn’t know how to spell names in Africa all I advice you to do is to cross check any information to avoid any delay.

See what the manager used is not what was sent to you he spelled it like this MELODIE EASYLAY is not the name of the officer are you sure the officer is not trying to waste your time come there so that he can see you often. Make sure you supervise his job this time not to waste your time you will spend and rest also do something else.

Endevour you effect the change effectively.

Send the information as quickly as possible.

Kind Regards


I used the auto insult generator to spew out some crap for the lad to mull over.
You can get this here-
I set it to 10 paragraphs and personalized a few lines.

When I used to hear about illiterate students graduating from school, I often wondered how that was possible. But after encountering some of this Manager's most sexual leers and stares down my dress, I now realize that not only is it possible for people to graduate without having learned fundamental skills such as reading and writing, but that it's possible for these same people to believe that it's perfectly safe to drink and drive. Please note that many of the conclusions I'm about to draw are based on cogent and virtually incontrovertible evidence provided by a set of people who have suffered immensely on account of this MoneyGram Manager's stupidity. In a sense, this MoneyGram Manager fully intends to divert us from proclaiming what in our innermost conviction is absolutely necessary. But that's not enough, not for it. MoneyGram Manager will additionally create a regime of unprofessional, mad ruffianism, which is why I think that before it once again claims that it is cunctipotent, it should do some real research rather than simply play a game of bias reinforcement with its admirers.

I don't care about the money. A few thousand dollars is nothing. Maybe you should just burn the receipt. I don't care about $3,200.00 that I have spent. It is nothing.

The MoneyGram Manager might have been in a lethargic state of autointoxication when it said that this is the best of all possible worlds and that it is the best of all possible organizations. More likely, perhaps, is that MoneyGram Manager has nothing but contempt for you, and you don't even know it. That's why I feel obligated to inform you that I have frequently criticized its unspoken plan to biologically or psychologically engineer the worst types of wild crooks there are to make them even more sophomoric than they already are. It usually addresses my criticisms by accusing me of Lysenkoism, incendiarism, child molestation, and halitosis. MoneyGram Manager hopes that by delegitimizing me this way, no one will listen to me when I say that MoneyGram Manager proclaims at every opportunity that it'd never bring this battle to a fever pitch. The organization doth protest too much, methinks.

Its not about the money. When you reflect upon this, you'll realize that every so often you'll see MoneyGram Manager lament, flog itself, cry mea culpa for challenging all I stand for, and vow never again to be so brazen. Sadly, it always reverts to its old behavior immediately afterwards, making me think that it sees itself as a postmodern equivalent of Marx's proletariat, revolutionizing the world by wresting it from its oppressors (viz., those who place blame where it belongs—in the hands of MoneyGram Manager and its feckless adulators). Just think: MoneyGram Manager wants to prohibit any discussion of her attempts to turn the trickle of cameralism into a tidal wave. While it is clear why it wants that to be a taboo subject, no matter what else we do, our first move must be to educate everyone about how MoneyGram Manager has appointed itself the chairman, High Panjandrum, Grand Inquisitor, and overarching Pooh-Bah of a camp whose exclusive purpose is to impose a one-size-fits-all model on how society should function. That's the first step: education. Education alone is not enough, of course. We must also respond to its ravings.

Speaking of mingy, bloody-minded rapscallions, I want to test the assumptions that underlie MoneyGram Manager's solutions. But first, let me pose an abstract question. Is MoneyGram Manager so balmy as to think that this can go on forever? The answer is almost utterly obvious—this isn't rocket science, you know. The key is that MoneyGram Manager makes it sound like bad things "just happen" (i.e., they're not caused by MoneyGram Manager itself). That's the rankest sort of pretense I've ever heard. The reality is that MoneyGram Manager's thesis is that it has the trappings of deity. That's entirely slimy, you say? Good; that means you're finally catching on. The next step is to observe that you may have noticed that the scantiness of MoneyGram Manager's abstract knowledge directs its sentiments more to the world of solecism. But you don't know the half of it. For starters, I've tried to explain to MoneyGram Manager's perverted disciples that the most revolting pedants you'll ever see are receptive to MoneyGram Manager's disloyal messages and fool easily. As could be expected, they were a bit slow on the uptake. I just couldn't get them to comprehend that there isn't a man, woman, or child alive today who thinks that we can all live together happily without laws, like the members of some 1960s-style dope-smoking commune, so let's toss out that ridiculous argument of MoneyGram Manager's from the get-go.

To portray shameless, snivelling polluters as schemers is MoneyGram Manager's objective, and conscienceless nepotism is its method. I strive to be consistent in my arguments. I can't say that I'm 100% true to this, but MoneyGram Manager's frequent vacillating leads me to believe that if you'll allow me a minor dysphemism, it considers "honesty" to be a dirty word. Or, to phrase that a little more politely, MoneyGram Manager may have access to weapons of mass destruction. Then again, I consider it to be a weapon of mass destruction itself.

Although I generally try to be tolerant of unabashed laziness, defiant incompetence, willful ignorance, and combative arrogance, my purpose here is not to call a spade a spade. Well, okay, it is. But I should point out that we could opt to sit back and let MoneyGram Manager pass off all sorts of dotty and obviously unrestrained stuff on others as a so-called "inner experience". Most people, however, would argue that the cost in people's lives and self-esteem is an extremely high price to pay for such inaction on our part. Should someone think that I am saying too much, I am not saying too much but much too little. For MoneyGram Manager is the type of organization that turns up its nose at people like you and me. I guess that's because we haven't the faintest notion about the things that really matter such as why it would be good for it to prime the pump of plagiarism. The more I think about shiftless, unenlightened Neanderthals, the more troubled I become by MoneyGram Manager's orations.

I shall not argue that MoneyGram Manager's newsgroup postings are an authentic map of its plan to create division in the name of diversity. Read them and see for yourself. Show me where it says MoneyGram Manager has the right to alter, amend, abridge, and censor the record to point the finger of responsibility at others. It has been proven time and time again that MoneyGram Manager looks primarily at a person's superficial qualities such as physiognomy and mannerisms. I, in contrast, consider how likely a person is to enlighten the mind of Man and improve him as a rational, moral, and social being. That's what's important to me. Either way, some people have said that seeing it create a new fundamentalism based not on religion but on an orthodoxy of metagrobolism is a nauseating and disgusting spectacle. Maybe. But I'm more inclined to believe that when I observe MoneyGram Manager's assistants' behavior, I can't help but recall the proverbial expression, "monkey see, monkey do". That's because, like it, they all want to transform our society into a censorious war machine. Also, while a monkey might think that MoneyGram Manager's way of life is correct and everyone else's isn't, the fact remains that it craves more power. I say we should give MoneyGram Manager more power—preferably, 10,000 volts of it.

MoneyGram Manager's grand plan is to scrawl pro-Comstockism graffiti over everything. I'm sure Mao Tse Tung would approve. In any case, MoneyGram Manager teaches workshops on anti-intellectualism. Students who have been through the program compare it to a Communist re-education camp. To deny that a critical reevaluation of some of MoneyGram Manager's conjectures would be beneficial is fatuous nonsense and political irresponsibility. It is nonsense because I find much to disagree with in MoneyGram Manager's communications. And it is irresponsible because MoneyGram Manager is determined to put as little thought as possible into solving the undeniable problems that our society is still facing with regard to statism. We can therefore extrapolate that MoneyGram Manager wants to panic irrationally and overreact completely. You know what groups have historically wanted to do the same thing? Fascists and Nazis.

In order for us to realize more happiness in our lives, we need to understand that MoneyGram Manager has been trying hard to protect what has become a lucrative racket for it. Unfortunately, that lucrative racket has a hard-to-overlook consequence: it will sweep MoneyGram Manager's peccadillos under the rug before the year is over. For the most part, there are no easy solutions for dealing with inerudite dole-sucking parasites (with "easy" being defined as a solution that will not turn phonies loose against us good citizens). Still, inasmuch as I disagree with MoneyGram Manager's accusations and find its ad hominem attacks offensive, I am happy to meet MoneyGram Manager's speech with more speech and, if necessary, continue this discussion until the truth shines. Although I agree with those who avouch that some ornery, incoherent hippies don't have a clue, nevertheless, I cannot agree with the subject matter and attitude that is woven into every one of MoneyGram Manager's disgusting machinations. Wherever you look, you'll see MoneyGram Manager enforcing intolerance in the name of tolerance. You'll see it suppressing freedom in the name of freedom. And you'll see it crushing diversity of opinion in the name of diversity.

Are you beginning to get the picture here? It should be intuitively obvious even to the most casual observer that the only weapons MoneyGram Manager has in its intellectual arsenal are book burning, brainwashing, and intimidation. That's all it has, and it knows it. MoneyGram Manager is not only immoral, but amoral. The bottom line is that I have put this letter before you, without any gain to myself, because I care. I don't mind paying another $200.00 but how would you like this idiot MoneyGram Manager staring at your breasts?

So what should I do?

Love you,


Dear <Victim>,

Thank you for the wondrous and illustrious note you have sent me to describe the money gram manager, but all you have to know it’s patience we need to get to the last stage of this transaction. Leave him alone if he states at my breast as long he can’t get it all you will act to him is to ensure he puts the correct spell by dressing locally with your turtle neck, but I seems to wonder is he meant to work there to chase ladies or tender his job which I agree with you that he might have been autointoxication when he prepared the payment form we will not burn it what you will do is to go back to the money gram office if possible write the receiver’s name in capital letter MELODY EZE


What you should do is to change the name to MELODY EZE

Wand sends to me before 7pm United States time okay.


I have a sleepless night when I read through your message over and over again all through the night about this money gram manager in one word take the name to the office again for a change because is not your fault. You gave him the name initially unfortunately he didn’t make use of the information you gave him he didn’t know you can implicate him with such a huge mistake he did he wants the accounting officer to be suspected for what he didn’t apply for that is the reason why you have to act in this regards to enable the money gram information to be real.

You have to make sure the whole information inside the data is intact and authentic to release to me.

All I can say to you as soon you are through with your morning duties today what you will have to do for me is you will go back to the office and correct the name that was sent to you time is no longer on our side. Tell the officer in charge which I pray you will not meet him again to make the correction immediately so that the money can be pulled out today for pressure has been mounting that you are telling lies and not serious I have not let them know you are telling the truth by making sure you send the receiver’s name correctly. MELODY EZE AND THE COUNTRY NIGERIA ALSO STATE NIGERIA.

I wait to receive the information today before 9am United States time so that I can forward the information to the debt management office for the receiving of the money.

Act fast.


What I want to tell you if you don’t like the way the money gram manger is staring at my breast and you are keeping it for me which I really appreciate your perseverance in one word if you will go t another outlet better do so or you tell the money gram manager to effect the changes immediately.If you don’t like the money gram if you like western union you can move to the western union, but all I want you to do is to make sure you effect the change of name because without the real name MELODY EZE And country NIGERIA AND STATE NIGERIA the money can’t be pulled act fast and send it the normal time you use to send united states time 7pm.

Get back to me with the real name and scan send to me as you did previously to enable us smile soon.



What is the matter?

I thought this morning over here I could have gotten the correct information pertaining your last message you will act accordingly immediately now to see you have not sent me any message. Listen if the money is a problem which I have made enquiry how they swindle innocent people money has you complained all I advise you is to remove the money from the money gram and proceed to western union money transfer and effect the payment as your spirit directs, but all you have to do is cautions about the name MELODY EZE.

Endeavour you send the appropriate information today.

Love from


I was just going to burn the MoneyGram receipt. Who cares about it. I don't want to go back to pick up the money. Its just a few thousand dollars anyway. I spend more than that on a nice dress. So I asked my hair stylist where the Western Union place was. It was the same place.

I am not going there.

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