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 How many fees do I get NOT to pay?

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

A bait is almost in its third month, with little work on my part.

It began as a recovery scam with some Benin Lads who weren't as geographically challenged as I thought: Since then...

8th May, the first agent:

...We advise you to try your best and make the registration fee available to us, and also provide to us the needed informations as we required to enable us proceed further to the arrest of the crimininals. Note that without the registration fee we can not proceed.
You can send the registration fee to the information given to you below via money gram or western union money transfer .
Receivers name: 3mmanuel 4noka
Country: Benin Republic
City: Cotonou
Question: Where
Answer: Benin
Amount: $75 usd

I ignored that and slapped the "agent" for getting my name wrong (he had). Then on 12th May, same "agent":

As soon as we receive the above mentioned informations, we will proceed immediately you send to us the fee for registration and renew of the case file in the amount of ($105) one hundred and five united state dollars only. And we promise you that within two weeks, you will receive your fund and recover all the money you loss during the transaction.

I declined his services on the grounds that he got my name wrong. I get another, slower agent. 06 June:

In the meantime an account has been opened in your name and your fund will be loaded in an ATM CARD as soon as we hear from you regarding the delivery fee, which will be used to proccess the shipping of the ATM CARD to your designated address which you are to provide. This ATM CARD is what you will use to withdraw your fund from any ATM MACHINE in the amount of Five thousand dollar per day till the total fund is complete,
The amount required from you for the delivery process is $1,500 united states dollar. And it will be used to cover up all the expensis upon the delivery of your ATM CARD: And you are to send the delivery fee through western union money transfer with the name of our accountant as stated below,
Receivers name: 0binna F 0koyedike
City: lagos
Country: Nigeria
Amount: $1,500

Bit of an upwards spiral! I decline the ATM card and ask for a bank transfer. Soon (08 June)

But if your wish is to send your Fund via Wire Transfer, there is no problem to that. We will have to obtain the transfer approval before we will commence. We already have the Authority to remit certificate and the fund approval certificate, Including the approval from the United states Embassy here. Now we will aply for the transfer approval which will also send to you with the certificate of legality as soon we get them.
In that case you will be required to send to us the activation fee to enable us activate the account and proceed on the transfer immediately we get the transfer approval certificate.
The amount for the activation of the account is $1,200 united states dollar. And you are to send the fee through western union money transfer with the same information given to you before. We hereby reconfirm the informations to you as stated below,

That didn't work either - so much so that the agent was moved to complain:

With all due respect, this is insultive words to me and it shows to me that you are not appreciative. If you dont like what was agreed on your behalf you can simply object it and come up with your own opinion. That's a simple thing you should have done than taking your time in perambulating and always finding a fault in every move one makes, just to blab about. After all every thing was doing in your favour.
I think I have gotten enough of this from you. And if you continue with this, you may push me to sign off this assignment since you knows it better than I do. Then you should come down here and do it by your self.
But before you break up the rope let me leave a piece of advise to you. It's better for you to take it easy with officers on duty, just advise if you think they are mistaking something, for you to achieve your aim.
Because disqaulifying one and gets another will always takes you to work with many without achieving anything at the end. You should know that this job is quite different from yours. And even you cannot get it all right if you were in my shoes.
However if you still want me to continue, let me know what you want and how you want it. But if you don't, you can go ahead and ask from the headquaters for me to drop. And then tell them whom you want to continue.
As for me I know that I made a lot of improvements in this assignment, and I don't need any one to tell me that.

21 June: I got a bank account to send the $1200 to - off to Alan.

06 July - the EFCC joins the game; 08 July - another bank!

13 July:

We have completed all the necessary documents regarding the transfer of your fund. Now you are required to send to us the activation fee of $1400 usd to enable us activate and proceed to the transfer of the fund to your account in your country.

There's an argument. And just today:

We forwarded your complaint to the Embassy in Nigeria last week. The reply we got from them yesterday says that the Stabic IBTC Bank was mandated to execute the transfer of your fund to your account. And the Bank claimed that the fee they requested from you is to activate the account which was opened in your name, so that they will be able to commence on the transfer.

But our Embassy empasized that they have enquired from other Banks regarding the existence of such fee. And it was just a few Banks that practised such charges, So they said that they will sit with the Bank and the Anti crime body of Nigeria known as EFCC as they called it, to discuss on the issue since some Banks made it clear that the activation fee cannot be a hinderance to any Bank that may prevent them from making a transaction.

They said that the only thing that can prevent a Bank from fund transfer is the transfer charge. So they promised to meet with the concerned body to wave out the fee on your behalf because they were aware of the transaction, and recently they signed a certificate for the approval. So we are now waiting to hear from them any time they have concluded.

So that's $4280 I haven't paid, and all without using M7CN 53CUR3 or any of the other tricks. Those Lads must truly believe in me...

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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