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 Corrupting an honest barrister?

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The client is a simple soul whim has given upi the idea od a full frontal attack onmy money, so now his lawyer comes in!

6 July early

Me: hi
Me: hello again
Nelson: Hello Tina
Nelson: am Glad to hear from you
Me: wow that is big writing
Nelson: dont you like it
Me: is fine but I just installed a 19" screen so it looks HUGE
Nelson: ok
Nelson: well where are you located in UK
Nelson: and can you come visible to me
Me: sorry cam isn't installed with new screen yet ( my excuse laddy)
Me: now what is all this about
Me: a fund
Nelson: well the fund was in UK before
Nelson: wait i need to send you the cert of the fund didn’t send any evidence of fund’s existence
Me: try smaller more professional writing
Nelson: ok
Nelson: can you see me clear now
Nelson: Can you come over to us
Me: what do you mean?
Nelson: becos you need to get all this done .. i mean can you come over to the usa
Nelson: the money is with the Tax dept
Me: no way
Nelson: and not Yet In bank account
Nelson: why Cant you come over
Me: and your statement is rubbish
Nelson: how do you mean
Me: file failed to arrive
Me: and you have not sent me email with the details I demanded
Nelson: my id card is on here
Nelson: so you can see all the requirment you are needed
Me: I decide what I need and I expect you to comply
Nelson: i was located in uk
Nelson: why the buzz
Me: I am a bussy woman
Nelson: so what do you mean by that
Me: you are wasting my time
Nelson: How do you mean
Me: when you are ready to act in a professional manner email me as instructed in my email to you
Nelson: well
Nelson: i will tell your husband you arent ready to work things out
Me: no my good man it is you who are not ready to behave in a correct manner
Me: do you think I am A FOOLK?
Nelson: what do you take me for

S40 1PQ

Nelson: that is where the Money has been transfer to usa
Nelson: and the fund is with the us tax dept now
Nelson: email you what
Me: there was no need to send the fund from UK to US
Nelson: pls get off
Nelson: i need to write you husband
Nelson: asshole
Me: why boy do you get bum fucked
Nelson: do you know how old i am
Nelson: i have been into my work for yrs
Me: should have learned it by now then
Nelson: do you think you can rule over me yes
Nelson: never
Nelson: i will Tell your husband now
Nelson: that you should not contact me
Nelson: if you want to work things out for him
Nelson: then come over to the us and get things done yourself
Nelson: asshole
Nelson: am a legit lawyer and you can also confirm my firm
Me: for a man of law your language is inappropriate
Nelson: i am not new to my Job
Nelson: you got me pissed off
Nelson: how do you mean
Nelson: you are a busy woman
Nelson: do you think i have your time
Nelson: i only wanna help your husband
Nelson: get the fucked from me
Me: so why transfer his fund to US when I am in UK ?
Nelson: I told you that they sent it back to the Tax Dept
Me: who did?
Nelson: becos you husband need to pay some Tax
Nelson: The Bank
Me: what bank?
Nelson: ABBEY
Me: why would a UK bank send money to US without authority?
Nelson: they work together
Nelson: its an offshore
Me: what is an offshore?
Nelson: its not a Normal bank
Nelson: shares
Me: what is not a normal bank?
Nelson: are you not getting me
Nelson: the fund does not pay into Bank account but the fund is for shares
Nelson: arent getting me
Me: no am asking some simple questions and you do not answer
Nelson: i did
Me: shares in what?
S40 1PQ
Nelson: pls i guess you need to go back to your husband
Nelson: and ask him that what is the money for
Me: no this is not a central clearing bank at all
Me: it has NO lonk
Me: no links with any organisation in US
Nelson: see Tina do you wanna listen to me
Nelson: brb
Me: Lady Malloy to you
Nelson: what dop
Nelson: what do you mean
Nelson: well
Nelson: do you know what
Nelson: you need to open a non resident account here
Nelson: am not sure you are still there
Me: you have not answered my questions
Nelson: what ?
Me: why was this fund transferred to US from UK
Nelson: well dont question me again after this ,
Nelson: am not the Bank
Nelson: am only the lawyer
Nelson: ok
Nelson: do you know what shares is all about
Nelson: its just like an investment
Me: OK tell me account details from
S40 1PQ
Me: I can then contact their CEO for informations
Nelson: listen to me becos you are really lacking behind
Nelson: the fund is now with the Tax Dept
Nelson: In Usa
Nelson: ask you Husband
Nelson: if you ask me more question i might get you off
Nelson: ok
Me: no you say the fund was with : ABBEY
S40 1PQ
Me: if so they will have records of its source and final destination
Nelson: Lol the fund is now In Tax dept In usa
Nelson: United State of american
Me: if you cannot or will not answer these simple questions what conclusion must I reach?
Nelson: which i dont know
Me: that either there is no account with this bank or that there is no fund
Nelson: Yes
Nelson: Tax dept In usa is not a bank
Me: WOW how clever of you
Nelson: and you just need to setup a Bank
Me: now tell me where this money came from?
Nelson: so they ill get the money there
Nelson: and you start wiring to your account in uk
Nelson: Tina that is a good Question
Nelson: the money isnt for me
Nelson: but for your Husband
Nelson: arent getting it
Nelson: Lol
Nelson: never
Nelson: I dont need that
Nelson: No lawyer will ask you for your bank Details
Nelson: if any lawyer ask for it you can report that to the high court near the person
Nelson: so i am a qualify lawyer
Nelson: i can never ask for you bank details
Nelson: ok
Me: ok what exactly do you want me to do?
Nelson: that is why i expected you to ask since
Nelson: and you are busy asking me question
Nelson: Can you come Over to us
Nelson: ?
Me: no I cannot travel to Nigeria
Nelson: Lol
Nelson: I mean Can you come to Usa
Nelson: Oh
Nelson: you missunderstood i guess
Me: no I cannot travel by air at all
Nelson: not Nigeria
Nelson: why
Nelson: ?
Me: doctors say I must not

Nelson: Ok Tina
Nelson: see do you know what is on ground now
Me: no
Nelson: you need to setup a trust fund account here In usa
Me: how?
Nelson: what is No
Nelson: that is what you need to do
Me: see do you know what is on ground now this I do not understand
Nelson: well you need to scan any of your id card to me
Nelson: and it will cost you $500 to get the account opening and the account need to be credited with $2000
now we hear his money scam, no way would his client get any benefit
Me: we do not have these here in UK
Nelson: but all the fund will be in the account
Nelson: Yes I Can do it for you here
Nelson: so once the account is being activated
Me: yes
Nelson: the Bank info will be send to you from the Bank
Nelson: its your own personal info
Nelson: and you must not give it out
Nelson: and from there account the Tax dept will credit the Trust fund account
Nelson: and from the account you can wire to your personal accout Online
Nelson: reason why for doing it this way is becos no Lawyer will ask for you personal account
Nelson: its you life and you are not advise to expose it
Me: so what exactly do I need to do?
Nelson: are you getting me
Me: I think so
Nelson: wait
Nelson: you need to scan your id card to me
Nelson: and i will help you for that
Me: in UK we do not have ID cards
Nelson: lol
Nelson: i mean any means of identification
Me: don't need that
Me: have none
Nelson: so what can i give them here
Me: Where do I need to open an account?
Nelson: Here In usa
Me: OK tell me a good bank
Me: if this fund is in name of Mark Davidson it needs to be his account
Nelson: Well sun Trust
Nelson: but Your husband is in Nigeria right
Me: yes
Nelson: well he cant open the account In Nigeria
Me: yes I know this
Me: let me ask you a question
Me: this money is with the IRS?
Nelson: yes
Me: so if you giver me the references I can deal with them direct OK
Nelson: its with the Tax dept
Me: just send me your account for services rendered to date and my own team of lawyers will take the matter up with US IRS
Nelson: will you lawyer come down here
Nelson: my account
Nelson: why do you need my account
Nelson: i dont give it out
paranoia setting in?
Nelson: their are some people am helping also
Me: account for services rendered is your bill!
Nelson: they invest in this firm
Me: yes
Me: that is a fraud for a start
Nelson: you mean you want me to stop
Nelson: and get myself off on this or what do you mean whatever turns you on
Nelson: ok why
Nelson: ?
Nelson: how
Nelson: ?
Me: you say shares were sold?
Nelson: how do you mean
Nelson: ?
Nelson: i mean investor
Me: and proceeds were lodge with ABBEY
S40 1PQ
Me: now they are in US
Me: so they had to have been transferred to a bank account in USA
Nelson: are you ok Tina
Nelson: how do you mean
Nelson: do you think am after your husband money or what
Nelson: get the fucked
Nelson: am here
Me: no Nelson but I wish to make it clear to you
Me: that I want to know ALL the details of these transactions before I make any commitment
Me: You have done work for Mark, and for this you will be paid
Me: BUT any legal work done on my behalf is done by my corporate lawyers in Lincoln’s Inn
Nelson: trying to get what you are up to
Nelson: Tina if i may ask you
Nelson: do you think am after all this
Nelson: am well broughtup
Nelson: i dont look after someone's money this can’t be right scammer not wanting money
Nelson: oh shit
Nelson: I told you where the Money is
Nelson: all you need to to setuup a Bank account here or tell your husband to do
Nelson: its none of my own business
Nelson: i think i have been too free with your husband
Nelson: that is why you also could address me this way

Now for some fun my style!

Me: Nelso
Nelson: Nelson
Me: sorry a little slip of the finger
Nelson: not Nelso
Nelson: ok
Me: yes Nelson
Me: that is such a nice name
Nelson: Thnk
Me: and you have been very patient with Mark
Me: he is such a scatterbrain
Me: you may know we are not married
Me: and the way he is going I don't think I will marry him after all
Nelson: why
Nelson: its your Family issue
Me: no Nelson I am single and available
Nelson: i dont like getting myself in someone's life issue
Me: how old are you Nelson
Me: are you single?
Nelson: why are you asking me this
Me: because I think you sound real cute
Nelson: Thank U
Me: so where do you live in America
Me: if I were to come over by boat would you meet me in NY?
Nelson: Colorado
Me: do you live in a city or in the country?
Nelson: i live in state
Nelson: well
Nelson: Tina
Nelson: do you want to get this done for your Husband or not
Nelson: ?
Me: so what sort of home do you have there?
Nelson: a Normal Home
Nelson: but i loss some money On My business
Me: I am sad to hear that
Nelson: so am paying mortgage now
Nelson: well when Can you help your Husband to get this done
Nelson: let me know
Nelson: am a man of time
Nelson: Sad to hear what ... you need to be less concern about me
Me: am concerned about you Nelson, sad that you have problems
Me: do you want to tell me about them?
Nelson: about what
Me: your problems
Me: Mark is not my husband Nelson
Me: and he seems to be stuck out in Nigeria
Me: Nelson may I ask yuo a question please?
Me: hello Nelson
Nelson: sorry
Nelson: yes am here
Nelson: what do you wanna ask me
Me: this 3.5 million
Nelson: yes
Me: it sounds a very big amount
Me: too big to be honest I am thinking
Nelson: yes it get increasing everymonth
Nelson: what are you doing for a living
Nelson: i have seen more than that in life
Nelson: so he should not be a big money to you
Me: just sold my own business
Nelson: Sold
Nelson: How do you mean
Me: yes recession not good time for business
Nelson: Oh
Me: property will be priced low and make good income too
Nelson: so i guess you re full house wife now
Me: no have housekeeper
Me: am just looking around for new interests
Me: stocks and shares too risky now
Me: this 3.5m of Mark's sounds like money laundering to me
Me: Mark is not a rich businessman like you
Me: so for him to tell me he has 3.5 m is not good
Me: hello again
Nelson: Hmmm
Nelson: Ok
Nelson: I Understand You
Me: WOW that makes you very clever
Nelson: but if i finally get anything with you
Nelson: how will my client feel about me
Me: what do you want with me Nelson dear?
Nelson: Oh
Nelson: Lol
Nelson: i dont betray
Nelson: i can never betray
Nelson: am a widow
Me: of course not
Me: so am I
Nelson: i have been married before
Me: so have I
Nelson: and i have 2children
Me: how old are they?
Nelson: Paul is 16yrs old and malisa is 13yrs
Me: so how old are yuo then?
Me: Mad
Nelson: 47yrs
Nelson: what about you
Me: so not the old man Mark says?
Nelson: How do you mean
Me: I am older than you
Me: I am 56
Me: Mark says you are a very old man
Me: and 47 is a man in his prime
Nelson: oh 57yrs old
Nelson: i misstyp
Me: you are?
Nelson: i thought i type 5
Me: OK Nelson anyway 57 is still a nice age in a man
Nelson: i type 4 instead of 5
Me: no matter
Nelson: sorry if i misstake sometimes
Me: so are your children in high school?
Me: of course I forgive you Nelson
Me: How can we fix things for Mark? Without me being involved?
Nelson: i dont like using my glasses
Nelson: But the sch In oversea
Me: I really need to go out now, but will be back later if you would like to talk
Me: with my new screen I may not need my
Me: glasses
Me: Happy
Me: be back later
Nelson: i dont do that
Nelson: Lol
Nelson: they sch In Europe
Nelson: They both sch In bulgeria.. technical university ... Varna
Nelson: i cant do that
Nelson: if someone do that to do i will feel bad as well
Nelson: and where are you going
Nelson: how many min time
Nelson: talk on what
Nelson: Oh
Nelson: when will you now come back
Nelson: and no how we can do this while Mark will not get to know lawyer integrity?
Nelson: do you have a Cam

More to come.

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Closed lad accounts 100+45:goat: Easter Egg

I have trying to access the confirmation code but it always stated Errow Anthony Hills Togo
I am pissing out and off my brain seemed shattered of several thoughts and implications this is really taken much time and am afraid. Sgt Allen Nigeria
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Stage 2

16 July 17.55

Me: Hello Nelson
Nelly: hmmm dont u wanna talk?
Nelly: i said do u have acam?
Me: told you it isn't working
Nelly: and how was ur trip
Me: tried to turen it on and it says not connected
Nelly: oh ok
Nelly: how do u look like
Me: I find thes machines so difficutl
Nelly: and do u really want to help mark
Me: poor Mark
Nelly: lol tina never say anyone is poor
Nelly: no one knows tomorrow
Me: I think he has got involved with something
Me: I feel sad for him
Nelly: do you have a cell phone?
Me: not poor then unfortunate
Me: he has I think become involved in somethuing bad
Me: ye sI hav a cell phone
Nelly: have he given u money before?
Nelly: ok
Me: no he has asked for money
Nelly: can i have ur number? and u were saying something before you signoff
Me: but dear Nelson if he was real he would not have to ask me would he?
Nelly: he asked you for money? did u send him the money
Me: he did not get any money from me
Me: before I sign off was ages ago
Nelly: but u should have given him if u had then... if i have money there is no body i cant help. that is just one thing about me .. i had a very bad past
Nelly: let me have your mobile number
Me: Darling how was that?
Me: jas
Nelly: where are u
Nelly: ?
Nelly: where are u located
Me: UK
Nelly: why can you give me the country code
Nelly: do you have mobile
Me: +44 I think
Me: yes have given you that number
Nelly: the number does not exit
Me: so how do people call me here
Me: mobile number XXXXXXXXXX
Me: just checked and this number is my number
Nelly: wait
Nelly: the number should be 10
Me: my phone is on and with good signal
Me: look I tell this number to peoples in UK
Nelly: u sent 11digit
Me: they have no problem
Nelly: well
Me: yes but you need to put international number in front
Nelly: i dont know what to say either
Me: so Mark can dial from Nigeria, but you can't from USA?
Nelly: i called now
Nelly: it said welcome
Nelly: and i cut it off
Me: jas needs to move a bit to get in range is tricky here OK?
Nelly: i dail vbrvhygtbh
Me: try now says is good
Me: but hurry
Nelly: ok
Nelly: never mind
Nelly: i will call u later
Nelly: but did u got my imcoming call
Nelly: did u got my call
Nelly: ?
Me: it doesn't tell me you called
Me: or leave a message
Me: what is your number ?
Nelly: its on my computer
Nelly: i try to ring u
Me: how? on here?
Nelly: yes
Nelly: i paid on my pc
Me: am alling you
Nelly: that is how i call pple
Nelly: well tine
Nelly: tina i mean
Me: so yuo did not try a real phone call
Nelly: yes
Me: so can you tell me your number so I can trty to call you?
Nelly: i cant recieve call on this
Nelly: i just got back to usa
Nelly: i told u this
Me: no I discovered this
Nelly: do you have any pic of yours
Me: want to speak to you
Me: on the telephone
Nelly: can u call me here then
Nelly: on pc
Me: darling I tried twice and it didn't work
Me: so odd when you in America
Nelly: well
Nelly: i told you i loss my house in texas
Me: no you didn't
Nelly: i loss my house here on mortgage
Nelly: so i just got this new appt
Me: why?
Nelly: irl
Nelly: dear
Me: irl what is this darling
Nelly: i will try and call you later
Me: OK phone will be on
Nelly: ok dear
Nelly: well what do you really want in me
Me: ams so comfused now
Nelly: ?
Me: don't know, what might yuo want with me?
Nelly: about what
Nelly: hmmm
Nelly: lol
Me: am flirting with you Nelson
Nelly: how?
Me: do yo not like that?
Nelly: mark will not be happy
Nelly: am still scared
Me: why?
Me: you are in US
Nelly: yes
Me: he is stuck in Nigeria
Nelly: am in colorado springs
Nelly: hmmm
Me: that sounds o cool
Nelly: he might know at last
Me: only if we tell him
Nelly: i need to get some new thing in my house here
Me: Mark had another woman before me
Nelly: hmmm
Nelly: how do you know
Nelly: ?
Me: he told me
Nelly: ok
Me: that she robbed him
Me: she may have told DEA that his money was from drugs
Nelly: oh
Me: and that is why they hoild his money
Me: so you can see why I don't want o be involved
Nelly: ok
Nelly: thats true
Me: he owes you fees right
Nelly: yes
Nelly: and i have been planing on getting something done with the fund
Me: so how are you going to get paid?
Nelly: i wanna set my house
Nelly: i dont know
Nelly: that is why you need to help him
Nelly: becos i have been waiting for him .. i just wanna do my part
Nelly: dear i need to set my house
Nelly: i wanna settle down here
Nelly: but i need to see how i can start working with new chamber here
Me: so tell me what you need
Nelly: what i need
Me: if you casn get Mark's fund you can take your fees
Nelly: to help mark?
Nelly: yes
Nelly: all i need is to open the account
Me: after you have taken your fees 20%?
Nelly: the fund will be wired there
Nelly: dear what do you think
Me: how do I know, but first you take your 20% and send him the rest
Nelly: lol
Nelly: he will wire to my account
Nelly: i wont have access to the account
Nelly: dear i guess u are getting busy
Me: let me think
Nelly: it takes u time to talk
Me: can you set him up an account in say Hong Kong
Nelly: lol
Nelly: the bank they work with is sun trust
Me: and tell him I have authorised you to deduct 20% from the fund
Nelly: well dear once i get my percent i can setup my house
Me: yes an he will get the rest
Nelly: am still here love
Nelly: yes
Nelly: dear can u help him
Me: no
Nelly: that is why i was mad in the morning
Nelly: i will make money on this
Nelly: think my dear
Me: Nelson I cannot be involved directly
Me: you understand
Nelly: dear wait do you have the money to help him to get this done.
Nelly: dear
Nelly: do you know what you can do for me and you that i will really apprecaite now?
Me: IO have no money to put into this scheme
Me: I must not be seen here
Me: if Mark will consent to you fees you must arrange everything
Nelly: he will
Nelly: but will mark have the money to setup the sun trust bank?
Me: no dear you need to deal with everything
Nelly: how
Nelly: ?
Nelly: how do you want me to do that dear
Nelly: ?
Me: if he tells you to go ahead
Nelly: before i can have money is when i sell my house in bulgeria
Nelly: yes so how are we gonna get the fund to open the sun trust bank?
Me: we are talking 700,000usd as fees
Nelly: yes
Me: so setting up, a receiving account is small money?
Nelly: dear where will i get the fund to set it up?
Nelly: i need money
Nelly: i just bought this new house
Nelly: am damn broke
Me: credit until the fees hit you account
Nelly: and i need to pay for so bill for my car
Me: if you can't hack it you are not my man
Nelly: i need to pay insurance
Nelly: sun trust will not take that
Nelly: i know what am saying
Me: so you fail
Nelly: i am not a failure
Nelly: i will never fail
Nelly: so you mean you cant help
Me: so fix this deal and get your fees, you want 25%
Nelly: its cost me about 60,000
Nelly: to get my new house setup here
Nelly: i need to set my house also
Nelly: i need a new tv, and my bedroom and some other stuff like that
Nelly: tina do you wanna help this matter?
Nelly: or can u do something for me ... ok can u loan me 2000 ?
Nelly: and once i get all this done i pay you back
Nelly: i need to get my insurance paid on thursday
Me: no I cannot be seen anywhere near you or Mark
Nelly: and i will use the money am having here to get all this done
Nelly: ok
Me: have just told Mark 25%
Nelly: well dear i guess i have to forget everything about this?
Nelly: and face my life
Nelly: or what do u think?
Me: wait
Nelly: ok
Me: he is being silly
Me: but he will consent in the end
Me: doing my best but he is so difficult that is why I would never marry him
Me: have said i got you to reduce fees from 40% to 25%
Me: Nelson answer me

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Closed lad accounts 100+45:goat: Easter Egg

I have trying to access the confirmation code but it always stated Errow Anthony Hills Togo
I am pissing out and off my brain seemed shattered of several thoughts and implications this is really taken much time and am afraid. Sgt Allen Nigeria
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emails and breaking gmail!

[email protected]

From Nelson Cole Sun Jul 5 22:49:16 2009
Return-Path: <[email protected]>
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=pass (ok);; dkim=pass (ok)
Received: from (EHLO (
by with SMTP; Sun, 05 Jul 2009 22:49:22 +0000
Received: by bwz21 with SMTP id 21so3408132bwz.3
for <tina>; Sun, 05 Jul 2009 15:49:16 -0700 (PDT)
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=gamma;
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; c=nofws;; s=gamma;
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: by with SMTP id j1mr1641499faq.98.1246834156536; Sun,
05 Jul 2009 15:49:16 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 23:49:16 +0100
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Subject: Attn.
From: Nelson Cole <[email protected]>

Good Day,
Well am Barrister Nelson Cole By name and Your Husband said i should contact you concerning his fund In our Domin Trust fund so I Really wanna know How ready you are to get this done for him and i wanna be sure if you are ready to work with me to get this done becos its time for him to get this fund terminated and the fund is $3.5m and write me back and let me know if you are ready to work with me to get this done.
I will be waiting to hear from you back .
Barrister Cole.

Hello My Dear XXXX
Before anything i just wanna say am very sorry if i might have donw you something wrong !!! Hmmm Tina am the kind of man who is humble, caring, open minded, and God Fearing, I dont cheat, i dont smoke but i drink socaily, am a neat and cool man, am so respectful and i like out going, i was born in Bulgeria and brought up there. i like when i told someone something and the person found the thing that way i believe that is wht is called honest, My Dear Tina in any Relationship i believe there most be a good point of understanding and this is what we are lacking now ... Tina we are lacking behind becos you found it hard to believe. i have 2 houses In Bulgeria and i just sold one and its the money i used to get a new appt here and i bought a new brand new Bmw Car. Dear before man and God i have $3,500 and out of this i need to pay insurance of $5,000 per annual which am not sure i will be able to be riding the Car as yet. Dear i need to set my House, I need Rug, chair, Tv and some other stuff like that which i cant take from bulgeria down here so i need to get all this thing.. My aims is to get the second house sold and get settle but it will take me sometimes to get this done ... Tina i hope you are not lost Yet? I need to get a New chamber here as well that i will be working with Dear Mind you i just relocated back to United state and Dear i need to be myself.. so as a good woman and a good wife what will you advise me to do?? so I hope if truly you Love me and you want me now you should be able to understand that am really lacking behind finacially... i like you and i want you also Dear see let me tell you something i wanna to marry you but i know it will take us sometimes to make this happen. i have never broke like this in my life but i believe things like this happen sometimes... Tina common come online and reason with me that i love you and reasonw with me that i need you some much in my life..
I need to wait to see you back online now..
Nelson Cole.

nelson at [email protected] has sent you a greeting card.
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Please keep in mind that these greeting cards (while not pornographic) are adult oriented and of a sexual nature. The sender has certified that you both are adults. If you are not of legal age or if adult oriented material offends you, ignore this email.
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Hello My Dearest Tina,
Am very sorry for turning my Back On you !! i need to make you to Understand one thing that you have made me to fell in love you with.. you need to becareful with me becos i have a very soft mind, i have being open with you and honest, well am a very nice man that you would love to end up your life with but the only thing am trying to make you to understand now is that i am not in a good condition now, i need to wait for some weeks proberly month before i can be ok..

am Really loving you now and pls dont hurt me .

nelson at [email protected] has sent you a greeting card.
Your card can be picked up by clicking on the following link or typing in your pickup code:
Your Pickup Code is: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Please keep in mind that these greeting cards (while not pornographic) are adult oriented and of a sexual nature. The sender has certified that you both are adults. If you are not of legal age or if adult oriented material offends you, ignore this email.
The(Cardmaster) Note: This card was sent by at 7/7/2009 10:59:07 AM Pacific Time.

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Closed lad accounts 100+45:goat: Easter Egg

I have trying to access the confirmation code but it always stated Errow Anthony Hills Togo
I am pissing out and off my brain seemed shattered of several thoughts and implications this is really taken much time and am afraid. Sgt Allen Nigeria
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