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 How to turn a mole hill into a mtn (NSFW) part 2

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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 8:10 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

You know, I'm thinking you should somehow try to get a photo of him drinking the magic psychic urine! He said he'd do it. I know it'll probably be a challenge to get him to take a photo of him doing it for you, but I think it would be a good challenge! Twisted Evil

Anyone else wanna see a photo of him drinking it? (not that we'll know for sure that it is indeed urine instead o apple juice or something, but still!)

This lad sure is in LOVE!!! Shocked

well i really don't no wat ass to say to u than telling u that u own me - Paul

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PostPosted: Thu May 07, 2009 9:00 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Well, things haven't gone well with the whole sending money thing. I had one of the nurses "send" $250 to Nigeria, but he wasn't able to pick it up. I went back and checked through his IPs, apparently he's in Benin afterall, he's just pretending to be in Nigeria. He seems to believe you have to be in the country the money was sent to. Geese, I hope I didn't send him all the way to Nigeria by accident. Twisted Evil

He asked me to pick the money up and resend it, but to Benin this time. The nurse wouldn't do it, so I had the janitor do it instead. I made it $1500 to make up for the fact that he told me the wrong day for his birthday, so I missed it. Laughing

Once again, it didn't go very well:

Mike:  hi
Mike:   httphello every body ! now, i have sock5 fresh ! if any one need it, let tell me know ! i can chose state and city for u! sure 100% good and fresh for fake IP order and shiping ! get per time and live 24h in day ! contact with us, email to ([email protected]) or via MSN ID :We always online everytime ! We are accept payment via LR for your order ! (<<deleted spam hacker links and contact info)

Me:  hi
Me:  what is all that hacker stuff you sent to me?
Me:  What is going on?

Mike:  hi sweet heart
Mike:  hello are you there?
Mike:   am here

Me:  what was all of that?

Mike:  what ?

Me:  the hacker stuff

Mike:  i dont know
Mike:  why do you ask?

Me:  do you think it has something to do with the money getting picked up?

Mike:  no

Me:  ?
Me:  So what happened to the money?

Mike:  what
Mike:  ?

Me:  You said you didn't get it, and when I check it, it shows it was picked up. Where is it?

Mike:  am about to ask you but i think joseph picked it up
Mike:  dont you check it yesterday?

Me:  why would he do that? it was his money anyway

Mike:  yes may be he wants you to be suspecting me
Mike:  you know

Me:  suspecting you of what? I'm confused

Mike:  also to have doble gaine

Me:  what's that?

Mike:  i mean may be he wants you to think i pick it
Mike:  talk to me coss i dont have much time left

Me:  I'm thinking. I still don't get it
Me:  he's a really nice guy. he said he would put it on his credit card and I could pay him back when I get out of the hospital
Me:  I was going to give him a blow job for doing me the favor, but he didn't even want that.

Mike:  yes the trueth is joseph pick the money
Mike:  okay

Me:  You said you asked people there about how to get the money. How do you know it wasn't one of those people who took it?

Mike:  because i did not give any body the mtcn

Me:  could anyone see your computer? maybe it was the person who sent that other weird message
Me:  the sock5 guy

Mike:  so that is how i get to know

Me:  ?

Mike:  u mean?

Me:  who can see your computer? maybe someone read your email when you weren't looking.

Mike:  no i dont think so
Mike:  no body has an acess to my mail
Mike:  box

Me:  well of course not, but maybe someone just looked at your screen

Mike:  there is no body arround then

Me:  but we talked about those numbers a bunch of times. you even gave them to the people who work in Western Union
Me:  I think one of them took it

Mike:  yes i gave the number to them and i washed them very well

Me:  maybe they just waited until you left

Mike:  after the hole thing i collect it back
Mike:  no

Me:  I don't get why they would tell you the money wasn't there when you and I both know it was there

Mike:  is not true

Me:  that makes no sense

Mike:  joseph knows about this am sure

Me:  you don't know him. he wouldn't do that to me.

Me:  why would someone pretend to like me and then steal money from me? People just aren't like that

Mike:  i withness it my self coss i was there when they type in the mtcn on there system
Mike:  and it says there is no mach found
Mike:  people are bad dear

Me:  maybe they did something to make it look like that. maybe there's a little button they push or something
Me:  you did see it online didn't you?

Mike:   no

Mike:  i washed them very well

Me:  joseph isn't bad, he's nice
Me:  he's nice like you're nice
Me:  and I trust you completely

Mike:  you dont know him well
Mike:  so dont just conclude

Me:  I've know him for a long time now.
Me:  I've been in the hospital for a while
Me:  I see him almost every day
Me:  what would make you think he is a bad person?
Me:  you don't even know him

Mike:  yes we have known our selfs for long but if you dont beleive me then so be it
Mike:  that is all i have to say since you trust joseph that much

Me:  I just can't understand why you think it's joseph when the western union people there probably took it from you.

Mike:  yes by joseph
Mike:  that was the same thing that happend in the first one you sent

Me:  so let me see if I have this right. he sent the money then he cancelled it the second you went to pick it up so they couldn't show it to you at the office, then he put it back in after you came back, and then he picked it up himself?
Me:  the first one was picked up by the nurse. are you saying the nurse and joseph are working together?

Mike:  yes

Me:  they barely know eachother

Mike:  then how come the western union never pick it ?
Mike:  no

Me:  cause they are lying to you

Me:  they took the money themselves
Me:  the second one, not the first one

Mike:  i said there is no way it will be pick by some one els

Me:  why not?

Mike:  if not joseph

Me:  once they have the information, they can just take it

Mike:  but icollected the information back
Mike:  how about the id card?

Me:  what id card?

Mike:  you will present an id before the money will be giveing to you

Me:  not if you work there

Mike:  even if you work there
Mike:  you must present it to prove you are the right person to receive it

Me:  Ok, let's say I work there and you come in to get some money. I want it, so I tell you sorry dude it's not there and you leave.
Me:  then I take the money, and ask myself for my ID and I say I don't have it, and then I say that's OK dude I believe you, and then I give myself the money.
Me:  How hard is that?
Me:  Joseph doesn't have your ID, so he couldn't have picked it up.

Mike:  you cant just tell me that, you will prove it to me by showing it to me

Me:  not if I am me I wont

Mike:  yes he is the sender
Mike:  he has the right to pick it

Me:  if I were me and i wanted to see my ID I would be like OK, here's a picture of a cat, and then I would be like that's a nice picture of you, thanks for showing me the ID

Mike:  stop talking as if you dont know all this

Me:  Then I would give myself the money and say thank you, have a nice day and you would be shit out of luck
Me:  who knows what?
Me:  all I know is I sent a pile of money to Africa and now it's gone.

Mike:  sorry
Mike:  all i know too is that you sent some body to do that and he purposely send it to the wrong place and later pick it
Mike:  him self
Mike:  once again thank you for your effort
Mike:  for it is not easy

Me:  what wrong place. you told me to send money to nigeria. I did that, but then you were all like no, send it to benin, so I did that and then you were like no, not exactly to benin, just you know to benin
Me:  what the hell man

Mike:  you told me there is no way they can send it to me with my adress in nigeria

Me:  no

Mike:  so joseph choice the wrong address by sending it to a particular bank

Me:  I said they asked for an address in benin and when joseph didn't have one for you, he put an address for one of their pickup places
Me:  that made sense to me. I would have done that

Mike:  yes wchich is not my

Me:  yeah but what difference does it make, the money went to benin

Mike:  no he should have come back with the money and ask

Me:  you said it wouldn't matter where in benin just as long as it went to benin
Me:  look man, he was trying to help. I think he did it right
Me:  if you wanted it sent to an exact spot in benin, you should have said so

Mike:  yes but not when it was sent to a particular bank

Me:  so where should he have sent it then?

Mike:  to the address the western union people gave me

Me:  You never gave me an address

Mike:  to resend it
Mike:  i mean the one i sent to you yesterday
Mike:  dont you get it
Mike:  in my mail or you did not read it?

Me:  I get that the money is gone. Do you want me to send money that is gone to a new address? That would be a good fucking trick.
Me:  Maybe the money is not in the system because it is at that bank waiting for you? Could that be?

Mike:  see i dont want to talk about it any more please

Me:  Why? Let's try to figure out what happened to it. Maybe it's there and you just need to go get it.

Mike:  since you dont belive me
Mike:  stop that bushit

Me:  It's not that I don't believe you, I just don't understand anything
Me:  what bullshit?

Mike:  coss am above such talk

Me:  Look man, I've never sent money like this before. Something strange happened, and don't just want to walk away from that kind of money.
Me:  we should leave no stone unturned and find it.
Me:  I think I should call the police.

Mike:  how can you tell me maybe the money is still in the bank while you and i knows that it has been picked up aready

Me:  I'm saying that maybe since it was sent to an exact bank, maybe that means they take it out and hold it for pickup.
Me:  Like when you send a package and mark it hold it for pickup, the fedex guy doesn't keep it in the truck, he delivers it and the person who signs for it has to give it to who it was for.

Mike:  is that how it is been done in your country?

Me:  well, sure, lots of stuff works like that

Mike:  but is not done that way here in africa

Me:  how do you know? you told me it was impossible to send it to an exact bank, but joseph did it

Mike:  tell josep to go and found out from where he sent it from
Mike:  they will tell better

Me:  OK. but I think you should call that bank and ask them too
Me:  you never know, maybe it's there

Mike:  i want to go now my time is up

Me:  ok. call the bank

Mike:  is there any thing els to say?

Me:  like what?

Mike:  nice day
Mike:  love you sweet heart

Me:  that's nice. don't be mad at me. i'm only trying to do nice things for you

Mike:  yes but you used the wrong person
Mike:  bye and dream about me sweet heart

Me:  call the bank

Mike:  bye

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419Eater is my life

Joined: 31 Mar 2009
Posts: 327

PostPosted: Thu May 07, 2009 9:46 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

LOL... funny how something always happens to the money when WU is involved! Shocked He sure was a bit pissy with you, too. Doesn't he know that people heal better when they're happy and in a good mood? He doesn't want you to have any set backs, what with him being mean to you and making you feel bad and all, does he? Confused

well i really don't no wat ass to say to u than telling u that u own me - Paul

Closed lad accounts x9 Easter Egg
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