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 Atlantis Bait Part Two - Now 100% Tequila Free!

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:07 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Well, since our thread somehow or other "disappeared," I'm starting another one from where we left off. Mods, please keep your elbows off the delete button. Wink As you recall, David was experiencing all kinds of mysterious connection problems, and we we trying to help him, thus finding out if he was in fact in Abuja and completed the safari. We never did get confirmation of his true location, and my last phone call to him was very confusing, as I spoke to two women who said they were in Sokoto, far from Abuja and the lad's home base we think. The last I had heard from him was on April 9th, when he sent me an encrypted message that I never opened or responded to. At 9:30am EST David (as Richard to me) gets me in a gmail chat session. Smile

Lad: Hi Emil
Are you there?
me: yes ok.
Lad: Please tell your dad that I am going to get your t-shirts available by April 25th latest
I am still having problems with my connection.
me: ok fine. how was your Easter Weekend?
Lad: I tried to e-mail you from different cafes but still the same problem
Have you heard from Sir Charles still?
Easter Weekend is fine, but not fun
me: no. nothing at all from Sir Charles. maybe he is still on holiday ok.
Lad: I could not celebrate when my wife is in the grave!
I see you are busy I hate to interrupt
Where are you now?
US or Germany??????????
me: I am still in USA.
Lad: OK
Is there bank holidays in the US today being Easter Monday?
me: I don't know.
Lad: ok
I apologise for disturbing....I will let you concentrate ok?
I will have to go now.
me: it is old message. i forgot to change it
what are you going to do now?
Lad: I just returned from an Easter monday mass
church service...
me: oh, how was it?
Lad: Well it was lovely....
At thought of being very close to God can be very soul- inspiring
It was almost 3 hours of steadfast prayers.
Your dad is very worried that you haven't got t-shirts
me: yes. it was not that long here. we colored eggs on the weekend and decorated them, and we also ate so many marchmallow peeps and choclate bunnies, most of us were sick tour stomachs. but they were so good, we couldn't stop eating them.
Lad: please tell him we have spoken and I assure you it won't be later than 25th april
me: ok i will tell him.
Lad: Good.
Easter Weekend was really fun at your end.
My wife usuallly color this eggs and keep it in hiding for our kids but usually find them and eat as much as they ever wanted
it can be a lot fun.
Sent at 9:37 AM on Monday
me: yes. we had a egg finding at school and Bobby Dwayne found the most eggs, but we think he peeked at where they hide them all and cheated. he won a 3 foot high stuffed bunny and 5 pounds of cadbury eggs for present, ok.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:06 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Original Atlantis topic now restored, here:

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