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 Badgerbait's First Romance bait...a post finished, for now.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 2:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my first posting of a bait. Nothing special (compared to some of the masters)a mostly straight bait. It is lengthy and I will comment as needed.

Our Vlad (Al3na [email protected]) is represented in red text.

Our primary character ([email protected] Put$ch) is blue text.

I shall endeavor to post as much as I can...

It all began when I received a notification that someone was interested in a bogus personal profile I placed with a popular singles service. I thought it was funny at first beacuse there is nothing serious about the personal. I designed it to specifically catch love lads,vlad and others who do not read the details. Anyway...

I replied, feigning interest, but still appearing open and wondering what was on the other end. I do not have the original reply as I must've deleted it.

However, she replied within 24 hours...

Hi Barrak!!! Its Alena from a dating site.
Thanks for your answer. To me it is very pleasant.
I send to you some my photos and I hope it is pleasant to you.
I with impatience will wait your following letter if I interest you.

To the following letter, thanks.


She included a few pictures of what she alledgedly looked like.

Image Image

Then I replied showing further intrest. I did not save this email either, but I assure the reader it was dry and without promise of anything but intrest. At this time I was unsure if this was indeed a Vlad and the newness to this type of baiting.

She wrote a lengthy response! Also included were additional photos, however I will not post addtional photos until they become relavant to the bait. These were not.

Hello my new friend Barrak!!!
I am very glad to the beginning of our dialogue, that you have found time and have answered me.
I wish to write at once in the beginning of the letter to you about all gravity of my intentions to get acquainted with the man on the Internet.
That at you did not arise what questions in this occasion.
I live in Russia, and I the first time try to get acquainted with someone through the Internet, with the man from other country.
What it is possible to write about itself not to sink in this boundless sea searching and thirsting?
Probably, here it is necessary to write, that I all mysterious, I take a great interest in far galaxies or something in this sort.
But, I the usual girl, sense of humour am available, I am able to listen and I can maintain itself any conversation, I am respectful to people and for the same I wait concerning myself, I like to read and even more to find out something new.
About me people who know me long time, say, that I am unpredictable.
Only it does not mean, that I am superficial or thoughtless.
To find out me is better with me it is necessary to get acquainted!
I am lonely, but not one, at me it is a lot of friends.
I happen different.
Vigorous and inquisitive, quiet and counterbalanced.
I am engaged in the interesting business connected with art and people.
What do I want?
I search for serious relations. To love the man, to care of it and to indulge.
Always I wish to reach impossible and often it I receive.
It is a little about itself.
My name Alena. I was born on May, 29th. My growth of 165 sm, weight of 64 kg. To me of 30 years, I was never married, no children I have.
The womanly. Gentle. Vulnerable. Live. Emotional. Lonely.
Relations with men I concern very much and very seriously.
I hate, when to me lie, and itself I do not deceive people, even in the comic form, though with sense of humour at me everything is all right.
I think, that time of acquaintances in the street for me has passed for a long time already.
I the serious adult woman and very much wish to meet the unique and unique man, from the big letter - the Man.
Which I so long searched, which will be magnanimous, kind, generous, and during too time is firm character.
With a strong shoulder, in all senses of this word on which I can always put the tired head.
I do not know, who exactly is necessary to me... No, not so.
The image is approximately made. But, maybe, having communicated to the person, I in everything even most irritating before lines, will find something lovely and heating I smother.
The most attractive, clever, gentle, unpredictable and with excellent sense of humour.
The ideal man does not drink, does not smoke, does not play jumps, never argues and consequently the such do not exist.
Therefore... I the open, sincere girl search for the pleasant, positive man with whom it will be interesting.
I very much like expression: do not allow to the Woman to begin to cry, because the God considers her tears!
The woman has occurred from an edge of the man.
Not from a foot to be humiliated.
Not from a head to surpass.
But from a side to be side by side with you to be equal with you.
From under hands to be protected,
And from heart to be favourite.
It is pleasant to me: a thunder-storm, smells of a fresh typographical paint and ice-cream in hot summer day.
To me do not like: the same buildings, hypocrisy, stereotypes and fairy tales with the bad end.
I like a smell of a rain and a warm wind, noise of the sea and a flaring decline.
I like to travel, but, unfortunately it often remains in dreams.
All our life - game. All our life - game. A lottery.
Who will manage the happy ticket?
I think, only to the one who very much wishes it to extend.
And there can be it at us in hands?
It is important to see happiness which lives near to us.
Lives in me, lives in you and in each new day.
Also can be, what we have found each other it already well and this acquaintance and is the happy ticket for both of us?
Barrak, whether you trust in the God?
I very much think much of the belief and outlooks on life.
I the Christian and me parents so have brought up, that I have grown the good person.
And it seems to me, that the god too has helped me, and I have found you and have written to you and here now we find out each other!
I liked your profile and I have understood, that I wish to get acquainted with you!
You know, when for the first time from the girlfriend have learnt, that it is possible to get acquainted on the Internet I have smiled and have thought, that it is all nonsense.
That only the defective, clamped people with any complexes which makes huge complexity there write to get acquainted in a real life.
But after many time, my girlfriend has left to the elect to Germany and there they have got married, and she to me has told, that as her husband she could not meet such man in our real world.
And even if he would go along the street she at all would not pay to him any attention.
And that that in our country such not to find.
This one, and another, that through letters they could learn and open so much in each other, that it has helped them with a real meeting and now they are very happy.
And I have decided to try!
"It is impossible!" - the Reason has told.
"This recklessness!" - has noticed Experience.
"It is useless!" - cut off Pride.
"Try..." - the Dream has whispered...
Also has met the dream!
It is not obligatory to read it, it is simple to me this parable has very much sunk down in soul and I want that you too have read it!....

Very much for a long time there was an island on which there lived all Feelings and cultural wealth of people: Pleasure, Grief, Knowledge and others.
Together with them a vein and Love.
Once Feelings have noticed, that the island plunges into ocean and will soon sink.
All lodge in the ships and have left island. The love did not hasten and waited until the last minute.
And only, when she has seen, that on rescue of island there is no hope, and he all has left under water, she began to call to the aid.
Has by floated the magnificent ship of Riches.
The love asked to take her on the ship, but the Riches have told, that by his ship it is a lot of jewelry, gold and silver and for Love of a place are not present.
The love has addressed to the Pride which ship floated by...
But in the answer the Love has heard, that her presence will break an order and perfection by the Pride ship.
With entreaty about the help the Love has addressed to Grief.
"About, the Love, - has answered Grief, - to me so is sad, that I should remain in loneliness".
By island has floated Pleasure, but she was so is occupied by fun, that at all has not heard Love entreaty.
Suddenly the Love has heard a voice: "Go here Love, I will take you with myself".
The love has seen the grey-haired aged man, and she was so is happy, what even has forgotten to ask his name.
And when they have reached the Earth, the Love remained, and the aged man has floated further.
And only when the boat of the aged man has disappeared, the Love has thought suddenly...
After all she at all has not thanked the aged man.
The love has addressed to Knowledge: "Knowledge, tell to me who has rescued me?".
"It was Time", - the Knowledge has answered.
"Time?" - the Love was surprised. Why it has helped me? "
The knowledge has answered: "Only Time understands and knows, how the Love" is important in a life.

I wish to find in the person you the charming, strong and clever man who trusts in beautiful and confidential relations.
Which, is not afraid to show the initiative.
Which, will force me to believe in miracles one occurrence in my life.
Which searches for me and which was found by me!
Barrak, I ask at once, if you have a purpose of a disposable meeting and acquaintance not what for to wound to the person a soul and I ask not to write to me more!
Probably it is time to finish the letter on such a little to a sad note, but I hope, that you the decent man and I hope shortly to see your letter.
I will wait.
I know as you wish to receive from me more than my photos, but unfortunately, today I cannot send you them.
I will necessarily try to send them in the following letter.
Yours faithfully your new friend from Russia, Alena!!!

It was alot to take in, the artistic flourishes of writing with little command of the language, looks like someone is dependant on Babelfish!

I replied, starting with light banter, building a new character.

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I have had a lot of work to be done and barely enough time to do it. Being the CEO of a sucessful business is a lot of work! So you are from Russia! Where about? My family resided in Urkraine around 1903or so before moving to Germany to escape the unrest and severe strain put on tradesmen by the old aristocracy. A few of my relative went back into Russia in the 1940's but that is during an unpleasant time. I am sure you read my profile and understand my intentions. I would definitely like to see some more pictures of you, in something sexy. I will get you some pictures of myself with this letter or the next. Your letter was full of parables and what we call "old wives tales" in my culture. Very interesting to learn them, I am greatful for that opportunity. Are you an artist yourself? I would love to see some of your work! I have been known to be a patron to many artists in my local area (as long as they are good). Many of my most favorite works are of H.R. Giger, perhaps the greatest airbrush artist of our time. Are you familiar with his work? I have been know to be lightly eccentric sometimes but always charitable to those in need. Tell me more about life in Russia, is your government beginning to scare you like mine is? I hope they will not tax my life's work into nothingness. How is the Russian winter this year? All I hear about is the real winter we are getting here in the U.S. I am running out of things to write about... Barrak

Thinking a real lady would not tolerate my angling for "dirty" pictures, I did not expect a reply. However, it looks like this one likes scripts and did not read what I wrote; another long reply...

Hi Barrak!!!
I am glad to see again your letter.
I so have a little told about myself, that I would like to write all and in a head from it all thoughts were mixed.
I do not know from what to begin.
I was born in 1978 in a usual family.
I was born and have grown in the Fine City of Balahna which to be in the Nizhniy Novgorod area. It in the northeast from Moscow.
If it is interesting to you, I have left usual school, together with usual sports,
have then arrived in the State Theatrical University and have received a speciality the Actress of theatre and cinema.
I am able to speak in english. I have received knowledge of the english language at school, and then we learnt it at university.
But my knowledge of it language was not tiresome to me while I have not got acquainted with you.
I hope, that I was not the bad schoolgirl and still something I remember from the occupations and I hope, that you understand my letters.
Now I work at theatre, and I very much like my work.
We have many performances, tours, meet and work with interesting people.
It is very a pity, that only our salaries leave to wish the best, but it too not the most important thing in our life.
I do not despair and I believe, that in my street too there will be a holiday!
I live one, in apartment which I remove in city centre.
My parents were lost in accident eight years ago.
I one in this world. I have only a work, friends and here now you.
My work to be very close from my house.
Much to our regret, I do not have personal computer the house,
work and consequently me to have to write to you of the letter from the cafe Internet.
At leisure I run there to check up mail.
Till this time I waited for the letter only from the girlfriend who lives now in Germany, but now me still excite and please your letters.
And I too with impatience will always wait for them!
It would be healthy to correspond with you directly from the house!
But I do not know, fortunately or unfortunately I do not have such possibility.
Barrak, write to me about itself. Where you work?
About the city tell, to like it or you you wait for something the best in the life.
Write about the family of what you dream also everything that I could find out more close you!
I love during free time from rehearsals to go to cafe which are located directly open-air, to enjoy a beautiful landscape,
and to drink coffee with chocolate or with chestnuts, and in hot summer days ice-cream with juice.
The nature at us in a city, yes in all area simply surprising.
In a city many green zones, parks, groves, and green lawns where it is possible to arrange picnic.
You probably would like to find out about me all?.
For me the main thing in a life - the House and the Family. In the most global sense of this word.
I have grown in the good house and a decent family. I always dreamt, that my life was similar to a life of my parents.
It is very a pity, that they are not present now with me nearby!
I do not search for supernatural love and rough passions.
Adrenaline and search of new entertainments is not for me.
Rest and comfort, gentle attachment and reliability, heat and human mutual understanding is that I search in the man and that I can give.
As the woman, I have flexible enough character, is ready to be arranged under the partner if we coincide in the main thing.
The basic lack (and for someone, maybe, advantage) - I madly love an order.
Everywhere and in everything, both in things, and in people and in relations.
I the person conducted. I am able to respond, but I am not able to entice.
Very much I am able and I like to observe of people, behind their relations and it is a little to philosophise.
But only not to climb in another's affairs and problems.
My credo - all that becomes, all to the best.
Also I think, that that that we with you have got acquainted it too the best, for all my last time.
So long! it is time To me to run for work, at us today.
Write, I miss and I wait for the letter! It is more about itself and the world.
Your girlfriend Alena.

My girlfriend, huh? Already? I replied more fleshing of character...

Alena, Good day to you! I hope all is well with you! I have attached some pics for you to peruse. So you wan to know than what my profile says? I will try as I have so much going on in my exhausted mind. It has been a busy week, so far. I was born in California in 1969 (a little older than you!), but grew up allover the united States as my Father was in the military. I finally settled in Nekoosa, Wisconsin. A small industrial community along the Wisconsin River. I worked for sometime in the local industry and was laid off, kind of like being let go by the company but not really. It was at this time I discovered my knack for inventing. I now run a small inventing business on my own. We are not big but as soon as my inventions catch on! I still make plenty selling locally to women who have need of special services. The town here is medium sized. In my free time I watch the snow melt and wait for the roads to dry up so I can get my motorcycle out. Otherwise, my day is devoted to expanding the business. Competition is fierce! I live in a frugal 1 bedroom apartment with my pack of dogs. I have three Pit bulls for home protection. It makes me feel safer than an electronic security system that can fail when the power goes out. I am not too philisophical myself, so I cannot offer any words of wisdom other than "wherever you go, there you are". I like your pictures and as always send more, the lacier the better. I like elegant sexy not slutty. You seem like a very elegant lady. Have you any pictures of your performances? What plays, musicals, etc. have you done? i am so interested. It is a shame you have to use such a public place for internet. How much does a lap top go for in Russia? I wish I had an international calling package, but that is not in the budget at this time. I do have a voice mail however so I can hear your voice. The number is US and I am not sure of the country code as I do not do overseas business. The number is 206-350-xxxx( k7 number), it is an answering service/fax service I use for business purposes and security. If you call you can leave a message, maybe even talk sexy in Russian (I like that accent!)

She replies that she wants to know more! Tells me all about her likes dislikes. Odd poems...another script.

Hi my dear friend Barrak!
I with impatience wait for the moment to receive mail and to see your letter.
I liked pictures which you have sent me. Big to you thanks for them.
Here it at me before eyes and I am glad, that you have again written.
Today has read a verse and has thought, that it about me!
And you as consider?

That wisely a life to live, the nobility it is necessary much,
Two important corrected remember to begin with:
You starve is better, than, that has got, is,
Also be better one than together with whom has got.

Barrak, what do you think of verses?
At me since student's years it is necessary to a hobby to write verses on mood. Here one of my favourite.

While nobody knows her, but everyone wishes to guess
Of what she one dreams, what for one goes to walk
In her soul that heat, an icy cold
Here a rain not so frequent visitor
Here more often laziness snow and storms,
And summer the heat, scorching heat.
She in hearts is sentimental,
But each movement of soul her big secret!
It soars, runs and cares,
And a life her thorny road,
In so quick, rough conditions,
It will be difficult to her to have a rest!
Once the girl will get tired to meet, lose, not to understand,
And he her destiny becomes,
She only can trust him!

You can my love, and I yours?!
And you have a hobby and than you like to be engaged at leisure?
How you spend days off, with friends or in loneliness alone with yourself?
It is a lot of at you friends or on the contrary, there are only relatives who will help at any time.
I wish to tell to you about the hobbies and outlooks on life.
Than I am engaged during free time from work and in the days off.
The age I do not feel, I am very young and fine.
Soul young, romantic, gentle and kind.
I consider, that I the person with sense of humour, sociable, tactful, ready to come at any time on call of the favourite person and to be with him always a difficult minute.
I live in a foot in due course.
My interests: the literature, my favourite theatre, art, photos, psychology, a fashion, music, verses and preparation of different dishes.
My favourite musical directions:
Russian and foreign pop, retro and author's song, classical and dancing music.
Especially I like to listen to English classical fate, beautiful tool music, jazz compositions.
From author's singers, I like some bards, such as Okudzhava, Vizbor, Migulya and many other things.
I do not love a chanson, except for one executor, my the most favourite it Trophim.
I cannot name his song a chanson, it deeply sincere person and songs at him very romantic and vital.
And I can listen to all on mood.
And what music is pleasant to you and what touches on the raw?
I love the pedestrian walks. I live in city centre and my favourite vacation spots: the park, a garden, the central parkway of a city where people have a rest, there is not present road for cars always silently and easy.
There people come the whole families, with children, the youth walks the whole companies, and I like to sit, have a drink coffee and to look, as other people spend time.

In men most of all I appreciate: mind, kindness, honesty, sharpness, thin humour, sexuality, the attentive and gentle relation to women.
I do not accept: treachery, tediousness, an alcoholism, absence of responsibility for the acts.
Most of all I appreciate in people: sincerity, ability to empathize and come to the aid during the necessary moment.
I do not love people envious, boastful, indifferent, false, excessively curious, cynical, not able to condole and empathize.
My friends I appreciate reliability, fidelity and fidelity to friendship, ability during the necessary moment to be a number.
Like at me all is, but happens alone and does not suffice native and close with which it is good both in a grief and in pleasure which understands and will not offend neither a word, nor business which is to be loved and preserved.
I understand, that the life is fine!
Only very much and very much there is no tender and careful man!
I wish to find to myself such man, congenial which becomes for me an integral part of my life, most close and native to which I can open the soul and without which I cannot live.
That only thing which will make me happy.
My man...
The cheerful, serious, clever, purposeful optimist, free from relations, not only it is beautiful to speak the gentle lover, the reliable friend, the interesting interlocutor who is able, but also to listen, hear other person, to like understanding and not to do hasty conclusions!!!
That about him spoke his acts instead of words...
Once I have caught myself on thought, that to me is simple there is nobody to talk on any more or less substantial theme any more.
It is sad. Because intellectual, well or even simply cogitative vacuum is an accident for the person with brains.
And I always considered myself, that they at me are.
But somehow so there was my life, that now in my life there is someone with whom I could share the thoughts concerning a current of a life, no art, the literature.
It does not mean all, that I of what I do not think.
No, I think, but I have nobody to share of what I think.
Sadly. Here now I have found the interesting interlocutor with whom it is possible to communicate simply on any different themes.
I the person quite democratic, in respect of perception of other people, their interests and opinions, therefore to you with me should be easy enough to communicate?!
So I hope, that our acquaintance and dialogue too delivers you pleasure.
Now I would like to write, that I love, and that was not present!
I love: to lay longer under a warm blanket, warm coffee with milk in the mornings, evening of Friday, sometimes to sit with friends behind a beer cup, Saturday when it is possible to sleep with all the heart in the pleasure!
Potato with a herring, marinaded cucumbers, mushrooms and meal house because has seen enough already of everything, that prepare at us at restaurants and theatrical banquets.
Occasionally I love a land.
I love, when is with whom to chat, let even about what....
And it is even better, when is with whom to keep silent and not to feel thus awful awkwardness (it in our life the big rarity).
To draw, when I am am visited by inspiration, it happens in the spring!
I love spring and summer, a heat. Darkness. Informative transfers about ancient civilisations and space.
Our Soviet cartoon films and films.
From foreign I like only "Tom and Jerry", "Glacial age", and "Corporation of monsters".
I at all do not know, whether the whole letter will suffice me to write everything, that I love. If, something I will forget that I will write to you then.
I do not love also that at all is not pleasant to me: to rise early for work, it is good that rehearsals begin in 11 mornings, absence of hot water in a waterpipe when for me something solve!
I do not love beautiful words if they do not prove to be true actions.
I do not love, when to me climb in soul, well and furthermore when in it spit!
I do not love, when something needs to be made, when it would not be desirable at all, a wind in a nape, autumn and winter, a rain and a cold...
Not so I love sweets and rolls.
At leisure I can draw, dance.
I float in pool.
I like to read, travel and have a rest on the nature. But about all I will write to you in the following letter!
Now it is time to me to go.
Today I will send to you some my photos on which I very young.
I hope that they will like you.
I say goodbye, I wait for your answer, I miss.
Yours Alena.

The photos I will not post as I cannot verify their authenticity and do not wish to involve minors and such. Might be her might not. I reply adding my own verse...yes I know some are saying, "Why are you working so hard!" It was my first romance bait, I am learning...

Hello dear love, I think you were the cutest little lady on the block when those pictures were taken! I really enjoyed your letter today. It was a breath of fresh air in a busy day. It seemed a lot of ladies needed service this past night, the cold is rough! Anyway, I like your verses. You wrote all of them? I think that verses such as these really bear the soul and I thank you for sharing them with me. I myself am an amateur: Cold sun beating down on crystals of ice,Short of patience He searches the white sea for her. Up, ahead in the distancefar away a glare of light the hope of warmth enters his heart. His mind races, his breath become fasthe wonders what this promise of a new daybrings for himHe moves faster toward the light. Short, I know, but I think it is fine how it ends and leaves you without end (for now, anyway). It seems like that is how my life has been, always searching. I'm glad I have met you, if only via email. Your letters really brighten up my day. Make me forget about quotas and serving my clients. Hobbies of mine? Of course, I like tinkering with electronic equipment and industrial equipment, too. I exercise regularly to keep unwanted pounds off. I take my dog out on long walks through the local forests. I hunt, fish, and do a lot of outdoor activity. I recently picked up snowshoeing this winter. I own a nice lake cabin with a lot of land. My free weekends are usually spent there. I do have a few close friends and realtives, though I am very independantly minded and tend not to be in large crowds. I enjoy all types of music from hard rock (Metallica, Motorhead) to Classical (Mozart, Wagner). However, since I do like to drive fast I tend to favor faster music. I ride Motorcycle, have a small cruising boat, and enjoy off-road machines. I don't always get to use these toys but I stil have them for when I want them. Actually, sometimes I just prefer to keep it simple. A nice walk in fresh air, the company of a beautiful woman, such as yourself. I also, feel and act younger than I am. I remember all the things done as a teenager and think how I can do that again. Like taking that beautiful woman and finding a nice secluded place and spending hours kissing in the April rain. Ah, sweet romance! I, too, enjoy someone with whom to talk about life with. Its ups and downs, ins and outs. It is great to have someone to discuss these things with! Sometimes, lately, I think about you being able to visit me in the U.S., I wouldn't know where to start. I wish I could send you some of my childhood photos, but I have none! All were destroyed in a house fire when I was younger! Until I see your next letter, my love. Yours always, with love, Barrak

She replies. I am not sure if it s scripted. She talks about sex?

Greetings my dear Barrak!!!
I missed and waited for your letter. I hope, you too?!
Whether I wish you to ask you understand about everything, what I write?
If, that you interests, you can ask me, and I with pleasure will answer you.
I understand you likely, the most important question, as well as all men on this planet why I one, whether was at me someone and why I have decided to get acquainted with the man from other country interests?
I will answer you!
First, my girlfriend closest to me and the most favourite has persuaded me to try to get acquainted with the man through the Internet.
As itself has successfully found to itself the spouse and it is happy with him on other to a world's end.
Secondly! We live in 21 century! It is remarkable!
But in our fine country where 10 of men are ready to create a family.
And of 90 are included into the others: who all others it is not ready to it or whom it suits.
Total, 7-10 of the men going to the union and wishing to stop the loneliness.
And in our country, ready to it, unfortunately or fortunately, it is more than women in 5-6 times.
Here now you can think how to be to women.
I have already told, that Russia is fine only from the side and at first sight, it is necessary to dig more deeply, and at once will see all delights of a life in the poor, loneliness and in all the rest about what even to write it would not be desirable.
Because it is very insulting for the native land.
But, unfortunately as one great critic has told: "the People keep silence"!
And me, as well as on a planet, the man is necessary to all women.
In my understanding it there should be not simply an owner of primary and secondary sexual signs, and, first of all the person capable of an act.
I love, when people remain people, even in the most monstrous and improbable situations.
I love, when the man respects the woman in all senses of this word.
And still I very much believe in the heart of the heart, that strong men have not come to an end on the Earth.
It was necessary to me it is not sweet in the life.
I was betrayed by the beloved. Only for that simple reason, that I was not pleasant to his mother.
To his mothers has told to him, that if he will connect with me a life, and will marry, she will deprive of his apartment and all inheritance which is necessary to him.
Though riches there any also was not, but he could not insist on the opinion and has chosen the easiest for itself a way, to leave the favourite person.
I was ready for the sake of him on all. To give up the work, to leave from parents, to rent apartment and to live only with him. And to him mum ordered! I hate our weak-willed men!
In my understanding the man should do a life more interestingly, should offer a hand, open a door, buy to us gifts.
It should be able to do everything that we cannot.
And at us for a long time it is considered to be, that the woman is capable of all and a horse to a swoop to stop, and in a burning log hut to enter and pass one fire and water, and copper pipes!
I do not understand it!!!
In my consciousness of the man can get the book from the top shelf, carry our bags, they should meet us from work. They should be courageous! Here I respect such men!
They should speak: "not the question", "is not present problems"...
They can take away us from visitors, bring home both cover with a blanket, and not notice the spoilt make-up, to take us on hands and to embrace us.
Words at them coincide with acts more often. In men I appreciate reliability, and in women feminity.
I perfectly understand, that cannot be so that the person all time was one, that something all the same will come in his life.
All flows, all changes.
The life is not necessary on a place, and we move together with it.
Sights, the purposes, desires vary. But, probably, the only thing that remains invariable is a desire to be the happy person.
And me as everything, too madly it would be desirable it.
I cannot forgive to the former man treachery and hypocrisy, I wish to appreciate sincerity and a constancy in the man.
I also very much and very much hope for global changes in the life with the advent of you.
Perhaps, it very loudly also is frankly told, but I wish to be with you fair. I wish to love and be favourite!!!
I perfectly understand that, there are many girls better me, is much worse me, but is precisely assured, that there is no same, as I.
I think, that too it is interesting to you with me

Even if a life - not paradise,
There is at all grieves an edge,
Never lose courage,
To kind people trust.
So it turns out: everyone is mistaken.
But it is not necessary to frown,
All the same all will come true!!!

Here my motto!
I the optimist also am proud of it. I always know, that the black strip has an end and it will be obligatory white.
I wish to survive in this life to choose not the most reliable.
To whom without shame any will obey strong and bravely the weak will trust.
Who will continue me and will proceed in me. Who will not throw me when.
And I try to learn you with each new letter all more close and more close.
I think, that you the good and decent person.
But to help me to understand you tell all in detail about itself, about the life. About the sights and about everything, that I have written.
Whether you agree with me?
At me after acquaintance to you any elation.
I would like to sit down, take a leaf and a pencil each free minute and to write verses.
Here look, that to me has again come to mind!

Tell, that is important for love,
Who will tell age, who brains,
And growth can be important here,
And to heart it will lay the bridge?
Perhaps the weight is very important,
Muscles, an eye a cut,
And someone searches for a shower relationship,
That the understanding has come.
Who appreciates a bust, who a hair colour,
That there was a direct aquiline nose,
And someone of hips width,
And fashions for the sake of - feet length!
One repeat, that sex is important,
Without sugar the fruitcake is not sweet,
Others search for a summer residence, the house,
After all not to live a life stark naked!
Here someone will accept for love,
Debauchery and lust again and again,
The movement of bodies was got tired also,
As "the basic instinct" ordered!
Who searches for caress and warmly,
Cosiness, pair milk,
Care, on an economy work,
When do not betray, do not say lies.
But an ideal not to find,
On the compromise it is necessary to go,
To search after all it is possible a whole century,
And the Person is necessary simply!!! You agree with me????
Well here, the big letter has again turned out, I will say goodbye to you.
I now had a lunch break, and all free time was spent for you.
Now I will run something I will buy something to eat and for work.
I wish you all good. Health and good luck.
See you soon! I wait for the letter!
Yours, Alena.

She includes the picture:


This gives me an opening to break the script. I inquire on who this guy in the picture is.

Alena! How are you? Sorry I have not replied in such a long time! Things ran a bit foul over the weekend. It took an extra day to get things finalized with the silicone producer to get the raw materials I need for my project. Did you get the eCard I sent? I hope it was not offensive as I have not received and email in return from you for a while. To answer some of the questions you posed in your last letter: Yes, I can understand you emails. I have a knack with understanding languages (grammar, structure) that helps me muddle through after re-reading the text once or twice. Sometimes our conceptualizations are different due to our cultures, but that I a m remedying also. I have made it a point to study the Russian culture so I can better understand how you think based on your upbringing in your country. I am sorry to read that a former boyfriend of yours was so shallow as to take the desires of his mother over the love a beautiful woman such as yourself. What a pity. What was her reasoning? It is foolish to think a parent can control a grown offspring. The whole goal of parenting is to get he children to be able to take care of themselves. You seem like an independant spirit, you must feel the same way. Please tell me your feelings on this. I like your view on how men should treat the women in their lives. I am, however, not always perfect in this way. Most of the time I do treat a lady the way they should be, respected. Even for women strangers I hold a door or assist in anyway that may be needed. I sometimes, admittedly, forget my duty as a man and choose not to do those things. Not always, though! I try to be a gentleman Smile. It is hard in the U.S. to tell if the women like that kind of thing beacuse of the whole feminist movement. A man never knows when his gesture of respect to a lady may be viewed as an insult! Aside from that, I could not understand why a man would tell a woman their make-up was bad. That is just disrespectful. I actually don't even mind a natual face without make-up! Natural beauty is sexy sometimes. Pictures, I am desperately looking for additonal pictures to send of me to you. By the way, who are those people in the last picture sent? Members of the theater? Friends? I have attached a picture of me and my industrous crew. Until we next email... Barrak

Wow, she replies with a modified script letter. She is breaking her protocol to answer questions...a hole in the armor...

Hi dear Barrak!!!
I am glad, that we continue to write each other letters and to learn each other more close.
I have got used to go on a life very safely and to achieve all that I want, and if something is impossible, whether that I bypass it on the other hand and I try to understand it is necessary for me.
As the great philosopher if you want that your desire has come true, at first has told think, after all it can really come true!
I think, that it is great words!
I try, not stopping before difficulties and the troubles, to surrounding people I give energy and light, and somewhere in the heart of my eyes the eternal desire of heat hides.
Today at me the day off also I will lay all the day long on a sofa with the book.
And in the evening, probably, somewhere I will go to walk with the girlfriend. Either on an exhibition or at cinema.
Weather today fine, cool, but solar.
I like such weather. And what weather is pleasant to you?
Very much for a long time was not in cinema and theatre. With my work seldom it is possible to go somewhere as almost absolutely there is no free time.
My girlfriend, her name is Karina, should come today after work to me and necessarily somewhere we will go.
I like to go to the theatre more. In our theatre, on performances where I do not play. Such you will not find another.
There show not only how to live and how to feel, how many to think and understand.
To make the outlook on life.
After viewing of this or that performance I often reflect on such things, as fidelity, honesty, the true love and friendship, treachery, lie, meanness, kindness, beauty.
I yet do not know the answer. And whether it is necessary in general?! I try to understand.
There you look, how work and live people, my colleagues are given to game, but I do not perceive as my friends to colleagues, but only as heroes of performance.
I try to come to auditorium, as the usual spectator, instead of as the professional actress.
As it is healthy!!!
At cinema, certainly, all not so. My favourite performance "Passions
under elms" Eugene About, Nile.
That I do not wish to tell, it needs to be seen the eyes. I saw this performance some times.
I very much like to go to see performances of visitors of theatres.
Very seldom it is possible to see presently good performances of modern playwrights, but too there are rare exceptions.
I very much like modern writer Nadezhda Ptushkina.
On her plays films and a large quantity of performances are put.
The truth I saw only two performances it "At another's candles", and "Come and withdraw".
Still some films which showed on TV "While she died".
Remarkable things, very comedy and at the same time tragical.
The author writes about our time and about our life.
Very interestingly as about our humour other countries always respond.
Here such at us the specific people. And consequently at us such people and a life such which gives rise to such performances and films.
To us there come many known actors from all world. From Latvia, Ukraine and other countries, it is very interesting to communicate with celebrities and to exchange experience.
And cinema for me it something such, that I can always have a rest and relax.
To take pleasure in fine imaginations of directors and to plunge together with them into the art world.
I as the true judge of cinema, can tell with accuracy, that to me like.
Old films which have left the trace in cinema history, became film classics.
I can tell, as novelties of cinema too like me, intellectual, author's and independent films.
Such as "In expectation of a miracle", "Luster".
From foreign I very much like adventures, such as all films, about
agent Born, "Penellopa", "I never will be yours" and many other things, but now even it is difficult to recollect all names which have sunk down to me in soul.
Many even you do not remember, the film has liked, I remember a plot, and the name is not present.
Here so happens to me. But the most important film which has
overturned to me all life, it "Romeo and Juliette" 1968.
Both the finest and immortal music in a film of composer Nino Rota.
I, probably, seem unpredictable to many people surrounding me, but I such.
And I can like in one day this or that film, and in another I can scarify all.
I can change in a flash the mood with bad on good and do all that prompts me my heart, instead of reason.
It can my big problem, but I so do not consider, and even to think about it do not want!
Let all say what to live boringly... That in the summer hot, in the autumn untidily, in the winter coldly, and it is windy in the spring.
The sea salty, mountains high, sea hedgehogs prickly.
And still say what to live harmfully, that of it die!
Harmfully to drink expensive cognac, loudly to listen to music at concerts, is much at remarkable restaurants, to run on highway at reckless speed, to be engaged all night long in mad sex.
I consider that it is not necessary to do nonsenses... This most important thing!
It is not necessary to taste snowflakes or to talk to pyramids.
I consider, that the Life is fine and surprising, and especially if near to you there is a favourite person.
I do not know, I can I run forward and I try to hurry events, but it seems to me if to be fair to myself, I all heart feel, that you to me like also to me very well with you.
And it for me costs very dear!
On this good note I will finish my letter.
Write me everything, that at you on a soul, and that you think of me.
Photo on which I with the girl and the man have been made at us at theatre.
The girl is my colleague. The man is the well-known actor of Russia. He came to us to theatre on tour.
I say goodbye to you and I wait for your letter.
Yours Alena.

p.s. Unfortunately I did not receive from you ecard. Try to send once again.

Uh, unfortunately I never really sent one...

My reply is just banter. Then, since she started talking about it first a little sex talk...nothing dirty though.

Alena, I am glad you wrote back. I feared you did not get the eCard and would be unhappy with not seeing my letter in your mail box. I will attempt to send one again, later. It was simply just to let you know I would be out of internet range for the weekend. You are a wise soul, beyond your years! Such wisdom have you absorbed into your mind! I really appreciate wisdom such as yours as it is so hard to find these uncertain days. I agree with the great philosopher you quoted also, because action without thought is action doomed to failure, action with thought is always bound to succeed. If we could all abide by that rule... I hope you enjoyed your day off! What did you and Karina do? Is the weather there comfortable enough for a walk? Here it is bitter cold! Arctic air is upon us! -13C (-22C with wind!), too cold for walking! I am really interested in finding some of you favorite movies on Disc. I, also, am a lover of old movies, though I was brought up on the old movies here in the U.S. I remember one of the cable service provider stations show some older Russian (U.S.S.R) movies from about the 1950's. One I believe was about two groups of people fighting on a large piece of ice (Lake Lagoda?). I found it to be facinating. My own passion for film dates back further, to the time without sound. I enjoy watching the actors and actresses used their facial expressions to convey the acting to the audience without the use of sound. It makes one appreciate how a deaf person experiences the world. As for actual theater, I have not been in many years. While I used to enjoy a few internationally renown shows, the area has, for the most part, become uncultured. I have to travel far to take in a show. Most of the performances you have told me of intrigue me. I wish I could take in a show! As for the sense of humor of your country, every country has their differences to be learned and appreciated. I sure there are things you find confusing about my country as well, you know you do! So you like the Jason Bourne films. I like the first film, but after that it became political. I suppose it is based around a political theme, but when they try to draw parallels to current events when the books did not read that way. I read also that you are a fan of the star crossed couple! I have always enjoyed the works of Shakespeare. I really like the modernized versions put to film recently. They convey the ideas to people who cannot connect with the far past rennaisance days. Have seen Romeo+Juliet or the recent Hamlet? So I also read that you are sometimes unpredictably moody. I think that is common to women...just fooling! Ah, Alena nonsense things are sometimes necessary to alleviate the monotony of life. While some may say a life is boring, let them examine it closer and see a life lived in subtleties. One does not have to do bold things like drink, drive too fast, or have passionate sex all day to live life. However, nothing ventured nothing gained. I don't like to drink all that much, nor do I condone speeding, and sex is a need in life (so scientists and psychologists tell us ). Sometimes you have to taste that snowflake. It never is wrong to take a chance, you either learn from the mistake or you gain everything. To quote a notable source, "Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?". Do not feel despair when you think of me. You warm my heart when you cross my mind. Barrak

She responds with what appears to be a script, but much shorter than before, also included were pics of her and family members which will not be posted for the same reasons as the child pictures.

Greetings my friend Barrak!!!
I am glad, that again I read your letter!
Barrak, today I have received yours ecard. Thank you very much.
To me it is very pleasant!!!
Only has woken up, as my thoughts fly to you.
At me that pleasure, grief at thought that the destiny prepares for us.
I never met such gentle, kind, strong and understanding person as you and with anybody I did not feel such necessary, happy and beautiful as with you.
Our letters help me to live and every instant I think, about us with you and that will be with us further.
Barrak, I very much would like to speak on the phone with you.
But I cannot make it because at my place there is no phone.
Now to connect phone it is necessary to pay many money.
The mistress of my apartment says, that phone is not necessary to her. And I do not have such money.
To connect city, that is a home telephone number many money is necessary, to stand in a queue some years, to collect signatures of tenants of the house, that more than half agree connection and to pay for it a heap of money.
Very provided people, such as our boss, for example have cellular telephones only.
On work too it is impossible to take advantage of phone as unique phone is in an office at the director.
At us very strict boss of theatre and the main director, very greedy people.
I very much would wish to talk to you, to hear your voice. It would be pleasant to me to communicate with you.
You know, I could call you.
You only give me the phone number. I can call from the International Telephone exchange.
If you not against, but at me are not present other choice.
Write me the full number with a country and city code, well?
I will inform you, then during what time I will call to you, that you would be at this time at home.
Just now while I cannot try to cause you as I do not have such money.
I will necessarily try to try to cause you as soon as there will be a salary.

My address:
Russia, Balahna, st. Komsomol'skaja - 23, ap. 142.

I ask you it is necessary for me to send of nothing usual mail.
You probably heard, how letters and parcels vanish.
Therefore convincingly you I ask not to send that, even usual letters.
At us in the parcel country reach the addressee very seldom, especially if it is parcels from other countries.
To prove someone's fault it is very difficult. It already happened with my friends.
And their workers like to look many organisations of mail at something unusual, that has come from other country.
And then, what to like to take to itself!
It real larceny but to find guilty and to call him for responsibility very difficultly.
Nobody will be engaged in it.
And it is very bad, disgusting, but with it that cannot be done.
I understand, how it is bad and it is a shame for our country.
But, nevertheless, such fact exists also we simple inhabitants we can not do anything.
I think, that only in Russia probably such disgrace, as our country poor.
Dishonourable people never will miss possibility to appropriate the another's.
Even it is a shame to me to write to you about it, but it how not to hide and many know about it.
It exists also will make nothing with it.
I think, that in your country of the similar happen. It so?
I know, read recently on the Internet, that you in the country have mail under name FedEx and it safe.
It is very a pity to me, that in our city there is no its branch and whom I asked all who does not know about it.
Well that I have written all to you, and that suddenly, you would send something to me, and I could not receive. Here it would be very insulting!
Therefore I ask you not to send me parcels. I do not want, that it has been stolen by dishonourable people.
Especially the most expensive and desired gift from you for me is you and your letters!
I am always happy to receive from you any news and always I look forward them!
But I have written you the full name of a city, the country and my home address just in case:
My full name: Alena Bykova.
I wish to tell to you, that I rejoice to each your electronic letter!
I did not think earlier, that I will get used to your letters so soon.
Now I feel, that they are necessary for me as air.
Dear, in your letters I have seen, have found, have felt something such unusual and attractive for me.
And I never assumed, that to a smog to tell about myself so interestingly and directly.
At me such impression was made even, that we know about each other much and are familiar already as though many years.
So it is free and easy to communicate to me with you, that I yet did not speak to any person, and especially did not write so much much about myself.
Thoughts escape forward and I am not in time behind them. It would be desirable to tell much.
Then I go for work and I recollect, that else here it wished to write, but has forgotten, about it has not told!
It is time to me to run. Once again thanks for your letter.
I miss, I look forward to hearing.
Whole, Alena.

An address? Well, well she wants something? This is an interesting email showing mailing preference that will come back to haunt her later. I love the english. Anyway...I think I'm falling in love...

Oh my sweet Alena! It is strange how are hearts are coming together like we have known eachother all along! I, also, would love to hear your voice. I am not sure what my country code is as I have never had to call from anywhere outside of North America. However, I did look up on the web how to do it from Russia! Here is what the website said: dial 8~10+1*+206350xxxx does this make sense to you? Our telephones here do not have the ~ sign, so I am unsure of that. I will research further. I really want to hear your voice and that sexy accent! Sorry, I like accents foreign to my own, it is a weakness. I am both humbled and priviledged to have you name and address. Thank you. I recently moved and have been getting my mail at a friends house. I am in the process of getting a Post Office Box set up to receive mail that I can feel prying eyes will not look into. Alena, my love, I am concerned about the mail service in your country! Is the rest of the country also bad? The things I see here, it looks nice modern and industrial. I hope and pray for your safety. I hope no harm happens to you, as I would have to fly to you immediately! A comment on the pictures! Is that your grandmother in the other picture? Your family is where you get your good looks! I also love the way you look in the picture where you are dressed in a beautiful formal dress and have your hair braided up. You look absolutely stunning! Today, for me, is like yours. My production staff is only thinking of the weekend! Do you have any performances going on this weekend? I am really thinking about coming over to see you. That may be far away yet, however. Things are tough here also. I am comfortable but not ready for such a journey yet. Perhaps this coming spring? We shall see how things blossom between us. I know I have unable to eat or sleep properly these last few days, thinking about you. It is good to get rid of some winter weight!. Alena, my love, I am being called to the production line. You are in my heart. Barrak

Do they have the ~ key on the phone in Russia? She sends back a reply, another scripted email, I am beginning to bore with the scripts, but this one is includes tow pictures of the young lady in a club outfit, but I note she is wearing a ring on the ring finger of the left hand. Time to slap a Vlad. Is she a married girl leading me on...I must know!!

Hi my dear Barrak!!!
My love to you is unextinguishable.
From your time as I have learnt you, I have lost any rest.
I am done not left by your charming image which flies over me with a gentle smile.
Since then, as I have got acquainted with you, I walk through whirlpools of a life more vigorously.
In my happy loneliness on eyes to me run tears which I intend you in a victim.
Make happy with reciprocal love me my dear.
This letter will depart to you on pink wings of love to transmit thoughts of my heart.
If I could convince you, that I love forever.
Grant my desire and if till now in our relations we kept certain borders, can we will show that really we love each other.
My favourite Barrak, I wish to tell to you one history from my childhood.
I think, that it will be interesting to you to read it.
Barrak when I was in an early age, I my and my girlfriend the first time have gone on dances.
My love, I was not able to dance and consequently we together with the girlfriend trained at home a little.
And we have decided, that all at us will turn out.
When we trained houses we included music disko and danced.
Then it were for us minutes of entertainment, and I thought, as though it is good to dance, when round you it is a lot of people.
After we long time trained, we have gone on a disco.
When we with the girlfriend have come there, loud music there played, and I was some time in confusion.
I the first time have seen so many people and as all of them well danced.
At first I have wanted to leave, but my girlfriend has not released me, and has told, that we have come here not simply so.
We have come here what to relax and take pleasure, it is necessary to do always in this life only that of that want.
Always to achieve only the!
And still she has told words which I remember till now. They always in my thoughts.
It is an ingenious phrase, that Desire are thousand ways, instead of desire are thousand reasons!
And then we began to dance. I and itself have not understood in the beginning, how all is good at me it turned out.
And many guys looked at us. But we did not look at them, because we have come to have a rest and dance, instead of to get acquainted.
In the end of this all history I was happy, because I have had a rest, when I danced also we have achieved that result which has led us to a victory.
In the end of dancing evening to us workers of a disco have come and have told, that we the best on today's evening and we can go in a current of all month on discos absolutely free of charge.
I knowingly to you have told this history. It has given me the big push in this not an easy life.
I do not float now together with all on a current, and I do not live by a crowd principle, where the people - there and the ugly creature!
And I do, that I want and I achieve the objective!
My darling Barrak, now at me is love and it you.
And I understand, how strongly I wish to be with you.
And I will achieve now that that I very much I want.
I know, that at me all to turn out! And I think only to you.
Now I would not like to dance without you.
Now I do not wish to have a rest without you.
My girlfriends go to walk, have a rest. They start to get acquainted with someone. But now with them it is not interesting to me.
I love you and I would like to be only with you.
To me it is not cheerful with them because I always think of you.
I want, that you were with me, that we together with you would spend time, walked, joked.
But you are not present nearby and consequently to me sadly.
I wish to nestle on you. I will feel better and more confident only with you.
My favourite, lovely person, I love you and only you, I wish to be only with you.
Now in a life I want only one what to be with you and to love only you.
I was defined in the life, I have made the choice.
I already adult girl.
I perfectly understand, that I do.
I perfectly realise it, and consequently I can confidently tell to you, that I really want, and that I do not want.
And now I precisely know, that I love you.
Now I any more do not wish to walk and have fun, without you to me is completely not cheerful.
Because I want to you and to love you really.
My love Barrak, I think, that you understand my words correctly.
I wish to tell to you, that I am seriously adjusted in respect of ours with you of relations.
I wish to say to you, that only you my unique love which so is strongly necessary to me, that I each time think of you.
I think, that you perfectly will understand all. I know you with me!
I am ready to repeat infinite quantity of times, that I love you.
That nobody is necessary to me except you.
You to me are very dear. My heart fights more strongly and more strongly, when I speak you words about love. And it is completely not a shame to me to speak to you about it because it is the naked truth.
Today I send to you other two photos and very much I hope that they will like you.
On last photo you could see me with my mum. Other woman is her sister.
I love you my love, I again wait from you for the letter.
Your favourite Alena.

Queens of the disco! Now about that ring...

Alena ,my love! I hope you are doing better than I! I had a bit of a mishap this weekend! My thoughts flew to you when it happened. On Saturday, a friend of mine arrived with two of his snowmobiles (are you familiar with these machines? They travel very fast on snow). We decided to go on the local trails and spend some time outdoors. About two hours into the ride, a large deer ran across the path in front of me causing me to swerve off of the trail and become ejected from the snowmobile!! I landed hard and strained my neck in the process. I was very scared because I could not move for about fifteen minutes! I thought I was paralysed! All I could thing of was my sweet Alena so far away from me! how would she react if I was an invalid!! My guardian angel must've been watching, as the pain came to me and assured me I was not paralysed. It is only now that I can type properly enough to write you again. I hope you have not lost faith and love in me. I enjoyed the story about your dancing, I hope all the local boys are jealous of me because I have captured your heart! I would love to see you dance. Is the clothing you are wearing, in the picture,one of the out fits you wear to the club? It looks absolutely beautiful on you. You are so beautiful to me!

You are so beautiful to me
Can't you see
You're everything I hoped for
You're everything I need
You are so beautiful to me

Such joy and happiness you bring
Like a dream
A guiding light that shines in the night
Heavens gift to me
You are so beautiful to me

I hope that doesn't seem to forward. I think my inhibitions are down because of the wonderful pain medication the doctor gave me! If I could only hug and give you many kisses right now! Shortly before the accident, I was at the local Gym, using the weight lifting equipment. I saw two young ladies practising dance moves. They seemd so stiff and without feeling. I cannot see that in you. I think you dance with very much feeling. You have much feeling inside you, expression of that I feel would be natural. Is this so? Again I ramble...

My love I am a little distressed! I was gazing at your recent pictures when I noticed a ring on your finger! This particular placement of the ring, in American culture, indicates you are spoken for. Are these older pictures? Have you been engaged to married? Is it the same in Russian culture? I love you and trust you with all my heart, please tell me what it means! I am getting sleepy thanks to these pain pills, I will continue to dream of you, since I cannot hold you right now.


She sends back a simple reply about the ring...almost not paying it much mind. She goes right on with the script, how irritating...I must break this one.

I have arrived in Moscow. Has gone to bank and to me have told that there is no such transfer for me!!!!
What does it mean? You played with me? If it so that you very much the cruel man and I am assured of that that the god will see your cruelty.
Explain to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Alena Byk0va
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Hello my dear Barrak!!!

With me strange things are created, and I wish to tell to you about all to you!
Barrak, at once I wish to answer your question on a ring. It because of ours
with you of cultures.
In our country wedding a ring carry on the right hand.
Barrak, know, that I always speak you only the truth and that I do not hide
from you.
Quickly heart fights, being pulled out from a breast.
Sensation of surplus of adrenaline in the blood, any insanity, pathological
Thoughts on you do not release, persistently press on reason which does not
cope with impulses which transmit my feelings.
The wave of passion, desire and love has overflowed me and already after a
while has completely absorbed and has carried away far in the sea.
The sea of love, heat and care, desires and passion...
When I come from work and there comes night, it seems to me that the moon
shines to us a way, and attracts all further in sea open spaces,
and in the afternoon the sun warms our hearts and gives light paints of world
But when I fall asleep one - the moonlight does not shine to me a way, the sun
does not warm, day does not please with the bright paints,
and the sea as if the mighty and furious octopus, delays in a chasm.
Suddenly I shudder, and from it I wake up, a shiver have run on all body, I
have looked round on the sides:
- A dream... Only a dream...
In a room it was quiet, only sometimes noise of passing cars broke silence.
I have closed eyes and have strong pressed to myself a blanket, then again them
have opened, have started to dream and smile.
I thought of you which never met, whose voice sometimes I hear in the dreams,
about what became for me meaning of the life.
Having cleaned from myself a blanket, I have risen and have slowly gone on
sleepy have included a teapot, have returned to a room and have again laid down
in bed.
Thoughts on you do not give rest, the reason understands, that it is illness,
but does not know, how with it to struggle.
I do not have medicine either for passion, or for desire, for love.
At the same time I realise, that I like this feeling, and I wish to feel it
With these thoughts, having forgotten about a teapot, I have closed eyes both
have again fallen asleep. Also has overslept for work!
My working day...
The come morning, differed nothing from others, in my life. Awakening was
difficult: eyes hardly opened and again were closed,
the body could not take pleasure in last minutes a dream in any way and stay in
Hot shower, poor breakfast - on mood of coffee, a sandwich.
Has slapped a door, and the fast steps almost passing in run, I hasten for the
Today was late and was reprimanded by the director.
I looked at him, something wrote down in the daily log.
But, as well as on road for work, thought only of what became for me meaning of
the life.
And all the working day long I tried to solve the labyrinths of the dream which
has woken me on this night, appear, that it carries in myself any deep sense.
I very much wish to be near to you, to care, give heat of the heart.
I think only of you and I draw in the imagination the moment of a long-awaited
I long searched for you, that now very much I am afraid to frighten off the
The fear, whence undertook this fear?
I am usually cold and judicious, have in a flash turned to the diffident
Perhaps, it was only game? No, it not so, I do not trust!
It is all very seriously, especially for me!
All the day long I have spent in expectation of new your letter and when there
has come the responsible
moment and now there were few minutes until of which long dreamt all day, I
have read your gentle letter to me.
I saw you time and again in the dreams.
Very often to dream me the dream as I wait for you on our first appointment,
and this dream for me has already turned to a nightmare.
In my dreams it happens approximately so!
I stand and wait, that you here here will approach to me, and around many other
I am attentive, being afraid to lose sight of you, looked at the faces of
From sensation of a coming nearer miracle my heart fights so as if it is ready
to be pulled out outside, but all are not present you.
With each minute heart starts to fight all more strongly from comprehension,
that you will not come.
I would like to shout very loudly from an intolerable pain of heart taken to
pieces, and the reason left from under the control.
Probably, it for us the next test of destiny which we should with honour
I wish to give you all world and.
All is very interesting to me in what you take a great interest to that you
rejoice about what you worry.
I wish to care of you, to help you and to love you.
I wish to tell to you about secrets of the world, and to lead there where still
anybody and never happened except us to you.
I leave from the cafe Internet on street and I do not know where to go, at me
in a head only you.
I precisely know, that I will dream, hope and wait for our meeting.
Barrak, at night in a dream I touch you, I am for a hand, I look in your eyes
as though you actually sleep with me.
I felt the happiest on light.

Whole favourite, yours Alena.

I replied with relief and some stunning pictures of the wreck in progress and the aftermath. Maybe that will bring her to reality, even though the pics are goolge products...

My beautiful, sweet Alena,

I know how your heart feels. I wish I had the mobility you do. I am unfortunate to be stuck, resting for the next week, healing my injuries. I try to read a good book, but none intrest me. I only want to read your letters, see your picture. I try to listen to soothing music, and I can only think of how you would feel next to me. My heart pounds with excitement as I check my email, hourly, hoping for your sweet words to be there. I know I have to wait, you are sleeping when I am awake. I am overjoyed to know that Russian culture is not the same as American! While I knew you would not lie to me, my heart has been burned before. In the past I have had a streak of dating the "bad" girl. The one who cares only for themselves, not for the man who loves them. I am through with that. I have my beautiful, true Alena. I give you a distant embrace in my mind since I cannot be with you right now. I enjoy seeing you in costume! It looks like an elegant period piece. What was it? Perhaps you should start writing performances yourself! I doubt the director could make notes about you then! I feel at fault for your lateness! How far is your commute to work? I would love to be able to walk to work, but the business is in an industrial park and I live in the city. I hope things are running well without me there! Alena, I love you so much! I never thought I would fall for anyone so fast! My friends tell me to slow down, I cannot. I do not want to! One thing for sure my love I will start being more careful with myself for your sake. My friend who went snowmobiling with me sent me some pictures someone was able to take. Do not be alarmed, it looks worse than it feels. I will forward them to you. Know this, I will keep myself safe.

My burning love to you, Barrak

Alas, she barely reads my reply as she send the next script. Wait what's this...ahhhh the money question and W3stern Uni0n! Now comes the torture...

Hello my most dear, that are at me you, mine Barrak!!!
The pain in my breast tries to escape outside by despair shout.
I feel as a pain prickly steps steals up to a throat.
I feel its hot breath, its holding apart being, trying to break off me.
I come from work in the late evening, I sit down on a sofa and I smear tear palms.
They stream on cheeks, on a neck, carrying away with themselves last drops of my forces and self-control.
Love, I did not know, that it has so bitter taste.
My love half-and-half with despair.
I do not know even how to tell it pleasure or grief tears.
On the one hand this huge happiness, that you is at me.
And with another, that we so love each other and till now not together!
Probably, I have grown to you, washing the soul has let in you thin and fragile, but strong, live and obstinate roots.
I FEEL YOU each splinter of the covered with wounds soul.
Very much I cling to any possibility to escape to check up mail, something to you to write most, let even a line.
It is more to find out, how it is possible to solve all to arrive to you my favourite!?
I weak before you. I absolutely do not have forces to deceive, write, that all is good.
I write that at me on heart and on a soul. There are no forces to leave from you.
To me it is terrible. To me it is sick. To me it is bad, so it is difficult and without you I cannot.
As it is a pity, that with me there is no now my mum.
I know, she could find words to maintain me such difficult minute.
It is necessary to supervise itself. I am not upset! All is very good!
Yesterday I went in tourist agency to learn that to me it is necessary to arrive to you and from it to me it be not become easier.
Now I will try to explain to you that that I have learnt.
The most important thing that that to me is necessary to have it the visa. All documents which to me will are necessary I can to make.
But there is a problem. Money.
Visa registration costs 100 dollars.
The embassy is in Moscow. Moscow very expensive city, one of the most expensive cities in the world.
The road to Moscow costs about 100 dollars one way.
Residing, meal, road at Moscow costs about 200 dollars.
As a result it turns out that to register the visa to me it is necessary about 400-450 dollars.
I do not have such money and from it to me it is very heavy.
This morning, I wished to ask money colleagues, but unfortunately to me who could not help.
I have understood that at me is not present what chance to find this money. My expenses are very great, accounts, apartment, meal, road and many other things.
I do not have other exit to ask from you the help.
To me it is very heavy and it is a shame to ask from you money, but I am ready to overcome all it for the sake of ours with you of love and a meeting.
Today, before the Internet of cafe I went to bank to learn as you can send me money and as I can receive them.
Unique way as I can receive your money it is the Western Union.
You used sometime the Western Union?
Everything, that you should make it to go, to surround with shaft where there is an office of the Western Union and to send money.
That I could receive your money to me, is necessary desire to have your full name, the address and mtcn.
MTCN - ten prospective numbers which will be in you on the receipt from the Western Union.
They to me are necessary to receive money. However, to receive your money to me, it will be necessary to have your full name and the address.
It would be very silly, if I have received your money of the house and then would go with them in Moscow.
Russia very dangerous country and I will be included into Moscow with such big money.
I ask you, that you have sent money in Moscow.
In Moscow I will live at the girlfriend with which we together studied as actresses.
I have already written her the letter.
From her very much good relations and she can help with me to me.
You can not worry, as it is safe.
I very much hope that you can send me this money.
I even to think I do not want, that we will not meet.
When I think of it at me on tear eyes, here and now I cry.
Forgive me favourite, but I cannot constrain the emotions.
I very much wish to be with you.
I only the weak defenceless woman who wishes to be together with the beloved.
You know, that I love you, I love more lives, you are more than sun and the sky, above all, after all my life, you my happiness!
But I cannot tell to you it in eyes, I can not be with you, I can not and it is all because of money!
Probably, whether that it can destroy our plans?!
Why, so happens in a life, why? Why I cannot be with you? You should me help, my love!
I have lost a head, have fallen in a precipice without hope of returning. You, as if a bird, fly for me in heavens, and I from the earth try to reach you.
I would like to be near to you, to admire you, to observe of movement of eyelashes, lips.
I wish to become a teardrop, to roll down on your cheek and I do not wish to fall on the earth.
To me it is very insulting and it is a shame, that I do not have money to arrive to you, and will meet, and it causes a terrible pain to the person following dream.

I wish you to see, hear again,
I wish to feel you as a body, soul.
My heart you lives only and breathes …
And all thoughts only about you …

To anybody in my heart there can not be a place!
There only you … There only melancholy on you!
There love as if the thin is sharp a scaffold,
Of which not in forces to get rid to me.

Love, as a magic fairy tale.
The love is a tenderness in a sight, a texture of tender hands.
Love it that is capable a reality to make dreams.
And that you will not tell words. The love for me is YOU!

It is time to me! I will wait for your letter, I very much hope, that you can think up, that we were together!
While my native! Gently whole you, yours Alena.

Only $550? Thats all? What about all the necessities? We can do better than that. What about her safety!

My sweet Alena! This is great news! I cannot wait to see you! Please tell me more details. When are you going to Moscow? What kind of visa are you going to get? Will you be able to stay long? I am so excited and I hope you are also! I don't like it when you cry. There is no reason for tears, we will be together! Are you sure that the $450 is all that you will need? I saw a television program not too long ago where some american tourists were on a race around the world. They had to stop in Moscow and complete some tasks. The Taxi cabs there are outrageous! The tourists had to pay around $300 for a taxi ride! Are youy taking the train to Moscow, or bus? I want to make sure you arrive safely at your destination. Will you lose your apartment in Balhana (did I spell that right?)? Maybe your friend and you can arrive at an agreement splitting the costs of housing and food, etcetera. I am so worried for your safety. A friend who went there a few years ago said crime was on the rise in Moscow. Alena, you are to be extremely careful when you are there! When you apply for the visa will you need a letter from me? I have only worked with bringing in specialists to work for me during the startup of my business, I am not sure how you would get here. What about air fare? Would you travel as soon as you get the visa? I cannot wait to hold you in my arms and kiss you deeply! I am feeling much better lately and have, against the doctors orders, started to move around the house. My neck is still sore but is getting better. Sweet Alena, no more crying. Your letter was good news to me. I will see if I can find a Western Union. I will write you when I get things figured out and when you tell me you will be in Moscow. I don't want your money sitting around some corrupt officals office and I do not get to see you. Mentioning that, is it still like what I would see in the movies? Do you need bribe money? I am not sure how stable things are there. My love, until we meet, is there any way I can get something to remind me of you? A locket, or a lock of your beautiful hair? You can send by regular post. I have a post office at the airport now that I can get mail from. The post still doesn't come out to my house yet, government is so slow sometimes! Let me know if you can post me such a thing, I would put the lock of hair in a small charm and carry it in my pocket to have you near me until we get things finalized for you arrival. Your waiting lover, Barrak

To all you pros out there, yes I tried for a trophy. Now, in hindsight, I am glad I got none. Who knows where the lock of hair or other token could've been stolen from.

Hey it looks like she is actually writing this out now. I am theorizing the original sender has been replaced with someone more skilled at English. The writing has vastly improved.

Hello my love Barrak.
I am very happy, to receive from you the letter.
First of all I want to tell to you that very strongly is glad that you will to send me of money.
I with impatience shall wait for this day. I think, that now every day expectations for me will be the whole eternity,
as all my ideas only about us with you and about our meeting.
Today I went travel agency and to me have told, that the ticket up to you will cost about 1000 dollars.
There there was very good woman and she has told, that will fly from Moscow more cheaply.
But first of all 450 dollars are necessary for me that I could go in Moscow and begin registration the visa.
As soon as you will send to me of money for the visa I at once I shall go in
Moscow and I shall start registration the visa, in parallel I shall work above tickets.
I will register the visa of the tourist which will be valid in a current of 90 days.
This time will be enough that we could register with you the visa of the bride.
If we register the visa of the bride that we can be together for ever. I do not wish to leave you.
I wish to be with you for ever. I love you and I want that you knew it.
I know that Moscow very big city and not the safe. In Moscow I will live at the girlfriend and I think that I will not have problems.
She has written me the letter that always is glad to see me and that will help.
I'm fine and affairs on work go perfectly.
I am very glad, that between us there is a Trust and we understand each other. I am simply happy to understand, that you my loved, trust me.
It is very good that we are fair the friend before the friend, in fact honesty,
the trust and mutual understanding is three most important things on what the love is based.
On extremely measure I so think. You agree with me? Or you think on another?
If not it I become more confident, that we shall soon meet you because the love Can overcome any distances.
Certainly, I understand, there are some difficulties which prevent us to reunite with you, but we together should overcome them, because all in ours Hands.
We should meet necessarily because I feel that I cannot live without you my love. You agree with me?
Write to me, that you think that we during Fast time we shall meet you.
Whether you enough to me are necessary to know to me trust
Or there can be everything, what, about what we with you write each other only words?
I hope that our correspondence will follow in serious relations and we in the near future can meet and love each other. I very much wish to meet you and to love you.
I hope as your feelings same as well as my and our love mutual.
I am sorry for that that so have a little written this time. At me today it is a lot of work and I shall write to you more tomorrow.
I wait for your prompt reply, eternally loving you, Alena.

p.s. I have forgotten to answer your question about regular post. I already spoke about that as it badly works in our country and consequently I do not think that it is good idea.

The email is shorter and we now have an airfare quote! Note that I am chided for the mentioning of posting things. Now the brakes go on and I get generous and start playing dumb...

My beautiful Alena!

Every day my heart pounds for you! Sometimes I think it will fly from my chest! My dear sweet girl, I know we need to get this done swiftly. I am very inexperienced at the Western Union money transfer. The agent I spoke with said I need the address of the person I am sending it to, does that sound right? I mean it is not going to your house is it? You have to go to one of their branches right? Do they need that to route it to the closest branch to you? Are you going to Moscow first and then getting the money? Or did I understand you correctly that you need the travel monies first. Do you have a bank account I could just transfer it to? That might be simpler. I think I just send you a nice figure of $3000 to keep you well and take care of your needs. Please let me know if you have a bank I can transfer this to, Western Union seems complicated and I fear you will not get your money. I want you here with me. I am turning into a puddle of melted snow waiting for you!

My love, I want you so bad
It's driving me mad
It's making me crazy inside!

Hopefully you can get back to me today, I know it is 21:30 (you use 24 hour clock, yes?) there. You had better not be out dancing without me in your heart! The agent at Western Union said they have limited hours over the weekend (my local branch is apparently not 24 hours). Please get back to me soon. I would love to hear your voice.


Hmmm...will I get a bank account out of her? Maybe not...but she likes the amount I am willing to send. I can see her drooling now...

Hi my love Barrak!!!
I am very happy to read your letter.
I am madly pleased, that you write to me such good letters.
I just as you would like it, I was your lady of a life. You actually want it?
Barrak, first of all I want to you I will tell that today I to try you to cause. I very much hope that we can speak on the phone with you.
I very strongly wish to hear your voice.
Now about the Western Union. Unfortunately, I have no bank account and consequently I ask you to send money through the Western Union.
I have money to reach to Moscow and consequently I ask you that you have sent them in Moscow.
I once again went to bank to specify the information. Here it: Russia, Moscow, Alena Bykova.
They have told that if you have this the information that you can send me money.
That I could receive your money I should have full your name and the address.
If you send me 3000 dollars that of this money to me will suffice on all. I can register the visa and tickets.
I promise to you that I will do the utmost to register the visa very soon.
I love you also all my thoughts only about you and our meeting.
Yesterday I have prepared all to leave in Moscow. As soon as you write that have sent money I at once I will leave in Moscow.
It will be very good if you can send money to me today.
Then tomorrow I will go in Moscow and on Monday I can already begin registration.
I cannot live and 15 minutes which are not thinking and you, my love and all my ideas are connected only to you.
My colleagues have noticed that I very happy and joyful.
I spoke about you with my friends, and they are very pleased for me. You have made me very happy and me in the seventh sky with happiness.
Your love would inspire me and if I would have wings, that I by all means would fly to you, and we would like each other.
The love - very strong force, and it can overcome all obstacles which are created moving ahead,
you agree with me mine the majority of a favorite and long-awaited Barrak.
I shall be very pleased, if you will find as soon as possible that the our meeting was closer and more likely on one step.
I very much miss in the evenings and night your tenderness and warm embraces my loved Barrak. You are absent on me as?
Barrak if you will send to me of money I from its part promise you to do the utmost in my forces that the our meeting was as it is possible more soon.
And I hope, that you as will do everything, that depends on you.
Two people of love should be together and the friend is similar to the friend. I very much sincerity and with all my heart speak you it, and it was a pity to me,
That we and further are not fair the friend before the friend. Actually just as has written earlier honesty,
trust and mutual understanding - the bases of a friendly life and for a long time to like, and I hope, that you agree with me.
On it good-bye and up to tomorrow.
I embrace you very strongly and whole.
You within a century like Alena.

She included a picture which made me want to try for a trophy again:


I was determined to find out what the mascot was all about and if I could get a nifty t-shirt like the one it is wearing. I suppose I could've brought Furries into the equasion.

Between these two letters I recieved two calls to my k7 line. Both sounded scripted. Perhaps the vlad had to hire a real woman to voice the phone call. I never got a call back number (foreign phone exchanges as she "had no phone at her apartment".

She got alittle worried since I took the weekend off from her and sent a brief email to see if I was still there. I replied...

Alena my love,

Sorry I have not written in a prompt manner. We had a bit of a problem at the production site. It seems, over the cold Friday night we had (another -22C night!), a line blew and we lost over 6 tons of surgical grade silicone. That was a big hit to the business. No one was injured but he pocket book. Luckily we did not get any of the stuff in our electronics part of the warehouse! That would have shut us down for a month. I am ready to go to the Western Union. I still never got an answer about where to send the money to. I am I including your address or that of your friend in Moscow? I really need to get you this money, I really need to see you. I enjoyed your voice mail you left me. Sorry I did not answer, but it is hard for me to move quickly to reach the phone. I am still very stiff from the accident. I love the spring time pictures you sent. you look so happy. Your smile really shows your happy spirit! What is the mascot for? A sport team? Is there anyway I can get a t-shirt from that team? I like the bright orange mascot! I can provide an address to send it to! I have my mail box now. It would really make me happy to get one. Also, I am still very concerned about you trip to Moscow, you be safe! I hope I do not sound like a father to you! I think you will maybe need more than we discussed, so you can take secure transportation there. Does $4000 seem like enough to ensure your safety? Please get back to me as soon as you can. I know that it is almost bed time for you, but I hope you reply before the day is done for me. I love you!


Something I learned from the pros, flash the money to get a little attention. Did it work?

Hi my loved Barrak!
As it is usual, it is very pleasant for me to receive from you your letter.
Barrak, first of all I wish to tell to you that I am very glad
to hear from you that with you everything is all right.
You have forced me to worry.
Such low temperature is an everyday occurrence in ours the country and we have got used.
Sometimes I very much like to walk in the street in such weather, but only when there is no a wind.
It is very pleasant to me to hear from you that it was pleasant to you to hear my voice on yours answering machines.
I very much hope that next time we can speak on the phone.
I am very glad to hear that you are ready to go to the Western Union.
I am ready to leave and have written the letter in Moscow to the girlfriend that she was ready to meet me.
I already wrote to you the information and once again I send: the country - Russia, a city - Moscow, a full name - Alena Bykova.
In bank to me have told that you do not require the certain information of office of the Western Union.
You can send money for my name and I can receive them in any bank of Moscow where there is a Western Union.
I very much hope that you can send them today.
My love, every night before going to bed, all my ideas belong to you.
Yesterday I thought of how in fine warm evening we go with you on coast.
You hold me for a hand and speak me warm words.
And we go and we go, further and further.
And we have stopped. We sit on a reef. We are kissed. Our kiss long and passionate.
Kiss full of pure and huge our love to each other.
We sit and we admire a decline of the pure sky.
I think, that when we shall be together we shall speak words of love each other much.
Sometimes to me hunting to cry that now I not with you also that is helpless in this situation.
Usually, I rely only on the forces and have got used to do all.
But here, I am powerless also I very much I hope that you will help.
In the first during the life I ask the god about that I as was possible more soon about my love.
With huge love to you, my love.
Your Alena.

Nothing about my request or the bump in money...time for a light slap.

Alena my sweet love,
I am interested to find you are going to pick up the money in Moscow? I thought you were far away and needed this money for transportation. I want you to get there safe and not on some god-forsaken bus or train where you could be robbed or worse. Is there a Western union in Balahna I can send it to? I would prefer you took a reputable company's cab service. As soon as you are ready to travel to the U.S. I have plans to take you to Florida and get you on those beaches away from this cold weather we have come to endure like it is nothing, my love. Can you feel the surf washing around us as we embrace on the open sand? I cannot wait to embrace you and enjoy everything about you. What is your ring size? You did not answer me about the mascot in the picture you sent, is it possible for you to send me a t-shirt for that? I will pay you back when you arrive if that is the issue. You know I am good for it.
Please write back soon. Barrak

A little more carrot might get her to give up a shirt, right?

Hello my love Barrak.
I am very glad to receive from you the letter.
I on the person at once have smile and day on it becomes much more pleasant and more joyful.
Barrak, first of all I wish to answer your questions. You understand all that I write to you?
I wrote you already answers to some your questions. I want that we understood each other.
Now I again will answer all your questions.
Yes, I ask you that you have sent me money in Moscow.
It would be very dangerous to go in Moscow with such big money.
In our city there are no state companies of a taxi on which it would be safe to go.
To use the private companies it is very dangerous.
For this reason I ask you that you have sent me money in Moscow. Barrak when you will send money?
You spoke that were ready to send them to last week-end. You know that I am already ready to that to leave in Moscow.
I have money for the ticket to reach to Moscow.
As soon as I will arrive in Moscow, I will be met by the girlfriend.
Together with her we will go to receive your money in bank.
This unique correct and safe decision.
Barrak, you should think of my safety considering that that I speak to you. Russia I know better.
Me also disturbs that with you was everything is all right
but I cannot advise to you how better to arrive as I do not know well your country.
How are you and how your mood?
At me everything is all right also I can not wait when we with you shall be together.
Today remarkable dream has dreamed me and I would not like for you to tell about it.
When I have gone to bed, I very much did not have you beside, but I know that soon we shall together.
And so now listen to my remarkable dream. I sit in the plane and we go on rise and at me only one
in a head as soon as possible to arrive to your embraces.
And I have arrived to you, I leave from the plane and at once from a gangway of the
beginning of you to search the sight and at last I find you.
Only has had time to go down from a gangway we run as small children each other on
a meeting and you strong kiss me. And we not as cannot see enough against each other.
And you meet me with the big bouquet of colors.
After the airport we sit in the machine and we go to you home.
At you at home for me not the big surprise, a supper at candles.
We very for a long time talk to you and at all we do not notice as night.
Then you take me on hands and carry me in ours a bedroom and we with you are engaged in love.
On it at me dream as at me has rung out an alarm clock has ended and I had to wake up.
But I am all the same very glad to such dream.
I very much wait for an our meeting with the big impatience and as very much
I wait for yours the letter.

Your love Alena.

p.s. Has forgotten. In Russian measurements - my size of a ring 18.
About a talisman. It not a sports command. On it the holiday name - the Pancake week is written. You celebrate this holiday.
I have no this tshort.

She getting a little bossy and the english faded for a second...hmmm combo script/real person? I'll play a little happy and dumb.

Alena my sweet love,
I look forward to seeing you soon as I will be going to the Western Union to send you the money. I cannot wait to hear from you, I will be going to the Western Union later today so I will not be able to get you the information you need untill the foloowing day. We are quite litterally night and day! PANCAKE DAY!? Is it a local celebration? In my region we have a city that has a local "Hamburger Day" as it is the city which claims to have invented the Hamburger. Perhaps you can bring a little something Russian when you visit. I can see your dream becoming true, my love. What would you like most for the dinner? What are your favorite flowers? I could wire some flowers as well when I send the money. Would you like that? I will write as soon as I can regarding the money. There is some commotion outside my office.

What could be going on outside my office? Does she care?Nope...

Hi my love Barrak.
I waited for the moment when I again shall receive from you the letter and this happy moment.
Barrak, I have well understood that you should send me money yesterday. You have sent them?
I can go on station and buy tickets? Write me all the information if you have sent money.
I that can not do with myself, it is love, she sings in me as a bird in the spring sky.
I think that it is destiny it can be dangerous, but I am madly in love with you.
Your letters are filled such heat and care, and at me tears of pleasure sometimes
run. I think " My God, that you have helped me to find thank of my only thing
and I hope that we shall incorporate to it and we shall be are happy. " I
dream of our meeting and about that as we shall walk with you to keep for hands
as we shall look after one after another and as we shall make love.
I dream as you will carry me on hands to embrace me, to kiss and caress my gentle body.
It is a pity that only dreams and whether it is fated to them to come true the God knows only.
Today I send you a photo which have been made in the city of Kazan during tours.
Behind me the Kazan Kremlin.
I hope soon to see your letter.
Yours Alena.

p.s. Has forgotten to answer some questions. In our country we celebrate the Pancake week once a year.
These photos have been made last year.
On this holiday usually all country eats pancakes. You know what is it?
About flowers. I ask you to suffer a little. To me it will be very pleasant
if you meet me at the airport with a bunch of flowers.

Hey don't the Brits have Pankcake Week? I recall a post in the OT area. Anyway, I didn't go the WU for a very good reason.

My sexy, sweet Alena!
I will be going to the Western Union later today, without fail! Yesterday we had a little problem with a former employee. He claims I stole his idea and shut him out of the profits. WHATEVER! He claimed he would make me regret everything, so the police were called and he was removed. Aside from that, all is well here, my love. I, too, cannot wait for your warm embrace. You will have the money when you awake my love. I enjoy learning about things in your country! We do not have Pancake Day here, I hope that does not make you rethink our love! We cn celebrate it here and start a new tradition. Perhaps it will catch on! You would not crush my heart would you?
I have been reading accounts of men who have brought Russian women to the States to live with them, and it was just for show that they loved them. The women went crazy and divorced after the requisite time it takes to become a resident. You would not do that to me, would you? Do you have a nickname I can call you? Some thing cute, in your language? It is snowing here, today, and all I can do is stare out the window and think of you, Do you have any recent pictures of you? I wan to see what you look like today not when you were touring last year. How will I know you when you get of the plane? My pictures were taken within the last 2 months, that I have sent. You can try calling again, I love your sweet voice!

Love, hugs and kisses, Barrak

A guy needs a little reasurance right? She doesn't have anymore photos, recent ones anyway.

Hi sweetheart Barrak!!!
At once I want you will warn that my letter the short.
I have very few money and I should leave on the ticket to Moscow.
I hoped that I last Saturday will go in Moscow and consequently have not calculated the money.
I very much hope that today you can send money and tomorrow I will go in Moscow.
I regret for your employee. Why he so has told about you?
Barrak, with your permission I only will answer your questions.
You should understand that your country has no for me what value.
I love you and only you. I want that you knew it and did not doubt it.
If you lived in other country that I would arrive to you all the same.
About mine nickname. I have no it. My name idle time also is easily said and consequently me always and all named my name.
I have many photos, but all of them on a paper. I have in view of what they not in a digital form.
I necessarily will take with myself all my photos. I will show all of them when we will be together.
I think that to you will be very interesting to look them.
About the plane. In Moscow I will have connection with you.
I am assured of that that in Moscow a lot of Internet of cafe.
I will necessarily write you all the information on my flight.
What do you think of our meeting at the airport? I very much worry.
It will be ours with you the first meeting.
I with impatience wait its and all time I represent it.
Honey, I am finishing my letter now and I will be waiting for your reply!
I miss you and every second I am thinking about you!
With hugs, Alena!!!

Going to Moscow, I think the vlad might be in Moscow already.

I have arrived in Moscow. Has gone to bank and to me have told that there is no such transfer for me!!!!
What does it mean? You played with me? If it so that you very much the cruel man and I am assured of that that the god will see your cruelty.
Explain to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Alena Byk0va
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I decided to try and play really dumb to see how deeply she would take the hook...

My dear sweet Alena,

I am sorry as I have not yet sent the Money! I will try and get it out today. I hope your banks are open on Saturday! There was an altercation between myself and the employee I have mentioned before. As I was leaving my office yesterday, to go to the Western Union, the man approached me in a menacing way. He told me I had ruined his life and he was goint to set things straight. I'll tell you I was very, very concerned for my life at that moment! Even more so than during the snowmobile accident! I had no way to defend myself with me at the time, so I ran! Luckily he must have lost his nerve and never followed. I called the police and they are looking for him. I have not heard anything since. I now carry a sidearm until this is sorted out. My sweet love you words of endearment mean so much to me in these troubling time of my life, lately! I am strongly considering a vacation soon! Where should we go? Are you familiar with the U.S. What tourist attractions would you like to see? Have you ever been out of your home town? Any other european countries? Perhaps to visit your friend in Germany? I know, I know you cannot get here if I don't get down to the Western Union. One more thing, however. I have decided, based on my recent experiences, to make you primary beneficiary of my corporate life insurance policy. Is this acceptable to you? I will of course need some information from you to add you to the policy.

I will need (I have your name, and address already):
Passport Number
Date of birth (sorry I forgot)
A contact phone number
and place of employment

The policy, in the event of my untimely death would set you up for life ($1,500,000.00) I would turn over the business to my staff so you would not have to worry about that. Please send the info so I can get this done as soon as possible. Barrak

Is that a bit of nervousness I detect beacuse of mention of the authorities? About that life insurance...

Hi sweetheart Barrak!!!
Again only the short letter and only the most important.
First of all I wish to tell to you that I am really very concerned by that case which have happened.
I hope that the police will understand with this business and will be everything is all right.
I will worry. Please, speak to me about all.
Now about the Western Union. Yes, our banks work today.
You that have not written me that have sent money and I guess that you
again have not sent me money. Is it so?
Barrak, you should understand - me who and that does not interest except you.
I wish to be with you and it is an overall objective of my life.
Sights, Germany, Europe - me that does not interest. You are necessary for me and only you.
Also the policy about which you to me is not necessary to me speak.
Do not speak about the death and 1500000 dollars.
If there will be no you that to me are not necessary neither money nor who and that another.
Barrak, please, send me money as it is possible more soon.
I love you also to me very difficultly that now we not together.
I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply!
I am sending you a kiss and my tenderness!

I did not reply for a couple of days. I want to let it stew for a littel while, becoming anxious. It appears a run in with police delayed my emailing, and getting to WU.

Forgive me Elena!
I apologize for my lack of attention! I was detained by the authorities Friday just before going into the Western Union!! It seems I was exceeding the speed limit slightly during a special enforcement campaign against drivers who speed. I do not usually speed, however I was trying to make it to the Western Union office in time to get you the money. I was oredered to pull over and gave my information to the officer when it was requested. He asked if it would be acceptable for him to search my vehicle, I said it was alright. He found all the cash I have ready to send to you, and became suspicious of me. He searched my person and found my sidearm, pushed me to the ground and arrested me on the spot. He said it was for investigation. I spent all weekend in the jail! It was very scary! I am out now, and I hope you don't mind if I send the money first thing in the morning. I have a lot of explaining to do at the factory! I miss you greatly! I all is well with you, better than my predicament! I am thinkning of getting a tattoo of your name, do you want it in cyrillic or should I do it in english? Willl you get a tattoo of my name? I love and cannot wait to see you, my love!!! Tomorrow I go to the Western Union early! Love, hugs, and kisses!!!! Barrak

She replies:

Hi my unique love Barrak!!!!!
I very much today am glad to see and again to read your long-awaited letter.
I every day hasten to check up my mail and I want to read more likely your warm words which you address to me.
To me very much to like, as you write the letters and at their perusal to me so to become well and warmly on
that I all the day am in good and happy mood.
How are you? I with impatience wait for ours with you of the prompt meeting???
Barrak, I very much regret for that history which have happened with you. I hope that they have not hurt you?
I have well understood you that you will send money to me this morning. I will try to come in the cafe Internet once again to look your answer.
I very strongly wish to begin registration very soon.
Also I hope that you the same very strongly want it as well as I. Write to me, very much I want to know, that occurs at you on heart.
My heart simply is burn with love to you and I feel, that we are created the friend for the friend. Do you think as???
All my familiar ask about you and I speak them that you the best and the most beautiful the man on all white light.
I simply burn down from impatience, I want to be more likely together and I hope that you of it the same want not less me, I am right?
Write to me more likely, I miss your letters.
I wait for them with impatience and they are necessary for me as air.
On it I speak you up to a meeting and I hope, that in following your letter I shall read good news.
I very much love you also whole.
Your long-awaited love Alena.

"Uh so you got arrested, where's my money, I still love you" to easily translate that! Well I finally got to WU with out trouble. The darn clerk ripped the receipt, however and the MC7N is missing a digit. Will it be enough? Thanks to Duezer's receipt generator!

Good news my sweet girl!
I just got back from the Western Union! I dropped off the money to be sent! I did not know it was so complicated! No police this time either. After getting in touch with the supervisor at the police station, it turned out the officers thought I was a drug dealer! Carrying that much money and a gun will set them off! I have never filled out so many forms before. I wish you had a bank account I could send this to. It would have been much easier I think! The clerk there was kind of sloppy. Her tore the receipt when he gave it to me. I copied the number as being 785946135 then rip. I hope this will work for you. Let me know when you get the payment! I cannot wait to see you! My heart feels anxious and energized when I think about you coming to see me. Tell me when you get your visa. I am on my way to the jeweler's shop to shop for a surprise for you! My love sleep well every night before you arrive! You will need the energy!I will attach a copy of the receipt for you.
Your waiting love, Barrak

She is lightly upset about my incompetentcy...

Barrak, only the short letter as today I should have time to make much.
First of all I wish to tell to you that I am very glad that you have sent me money.
Barrak, I cannot receive your money.
You have written me mtcn and in it only 9 numbers.
In bank to me have told that 10 numbers are necessary for me.
Do you understand it? I ask you that you have learnt at office of the Western Union mtcn.
Barrak, why do you have not written me about my message on your answering machine? Do you listened to it?
Yesterday I went on a public telephone booth and wished to speak on the phone with you.
I hope that it will be pleasant to you to hear my voice.
Now I should finish my letter.
Now I will go on station and I will buy tickets in Moscow.
I think, that I will write following my letter to you from Moscow.
As soon as I will arrive in Moscow, I will ask the girlfriend that she has shown me the cafe Internet.
I will write to you.
Wish me good luck!!!
I love you.
Your kitten, Alena.

p.s. Do not forget. To me it will be necessarily necessary mtcn.

I thought she was already in Moscow. Maybe she's taking the slow train? I did receive a call on the k7 line, sounded scripted again. Almost sounded like she was trying to be sexy. I have no wasy of determining if it was really the person I am dealing with or a hired speaker.

My dear sweet kitten Alena,
I am sorry for the delays! I thought I remembered the whole number, and, as you can see from my scan of the receipt, that the paper was torn. I am not even sure of the complete number! We need to get you that money! Can you see if you can get anymore information by looking at the scan? I will try to get to the Western Union Office today before it closes. I will ask them what I can do. Are you familiar witht them more than I? I am not sure of any way to get he money back if you cannot claim it. I could re-send it or if you want to open a bank account I could deposit it in there faster. I really want to see you soon. It is hard to sleep at night! I got your message, it is hard to get to the telephone at night for me as it is in another part of the house. Please forgive the generic message, also. I don't really like to take the time to personalize those things. Why should one if it is already programmed? You can call as often as you like, I love the sweet sound of your voice and your sexy accent. I will always get your messages. I will keep you advised of what I find out from the Western Union.
Your prince in waiting, Barrak

Things start getting short as she prepares to collect and drop her victim. More trouble awaits...

Hello Barrak, only the short letter to tell to you about the most important.
I have just safely arrived in Moscow.
My girlfriend has met me at station and consequently at me was not what problems.
I have asked her that she has shown me the cafe Internet.
I very much hoped that you write to me the information on transfer that I could receive your money today.
Barrak, it is necessary for me to receive your money tomorrow that on Friday I have had time to begin registration.
On Saturday and Sunday the embassy does not work also I will be forced to wait till Monday.
I ask you that you have done the utmost that all to correct.
I love you.
Barrak, I very tired and now will go to have a rest.
Tomorrow morning, I will necessarily come in the cafe Internet to check up your answer.
With love, your kitten.

I couldn't get the MC7N! Imagine that! Pesky clerk won't give it to me, set me up for something called MC7N S3cure! I received an email from the S3cure office and passed it along to my waiting love. More banter was added as camo.

Alena my sweet girl!
I did not get into the Western Union in time yesterday. However, I did talk to the agent as he was locking up shop! He said that sometimes things happen to mess up transfers like what happened to us. He said he would transfer the information to a special system in which you could get the number from them. Have you ever heard of this? This morning i found the email in my mail box which I am forwarding to you! It should help you get your money I sent. If it doesn't work let me know and I will talk to the agent again. I really wish you had a bank account for me to transfer the money to. This seems so tricky. I really want you here with me. How long does the visa process take? I have read that if I spend time in Russia and marry you there it would be easier to get you to the U.S. and the visa process would be quicker. Just a thought to keep in your mind. I want you to be extemely safe now that you are in Moscow. I really fear for your safety. i don't want you to get hurt or despoiled. I am concerned about a news story I read involoving some men killing and eating part of a young girl in Russia! Are things really that bad in Russia that people are eating people? Please be safe! i love you and cannot wait for you to arrive my love. Keep me advised of your progress!
Your love, Barrak

She accessed S3cure twice and for only a very short time. Lazy vlad! She got frustrated.

Hello Barrak, at once I wish to tell to you that you have upset me.
I very much hoped that today I will receive your money. I understand that you are not guilty also it not your fault.
I very badly know the computer and I could not receive mtcn on this site:
I really have no bank account. You should understand that our countries different.
In our country it is not enough people to have bank accounts.
At us pay out the wages on work and cash.
I do not require the account, as I when did not use banks.
Big to you thanks that you worry for my safety. It is very pleasant to me to hear it from you.
But I am not afraid to be plundered as I have no money.
I hoped that I will receive your money yesterday.
I have no money even to eat and write you letters.
To me has carried that my girlfriend could give to me of a few money.
Barrak, it is such big problem to find out mtcn?
If it is difficult, return your money and send them anew.

Barrak, you can write to me more often? It would be convenient if you answered my letter two times a day.
Understand my anxiety.
I have left all for the sake of ours with you a meeting and your problems with the Western Union me frighten.
I am am frightened also by those that we have with you uncertainty with that when I will have this money and I will begin registration.
Barrak, I will wait your letter in the cafe Internet.
With love, your kitten.

She's really mad but doesn't want to think I did this on purpose.She gets bossy.

Barrak, I have just returned from bank. To me have told that deceive you.
http://mxcn.secxre.xa - does not belong to the W3stern Union.
Go to office of the W3stern Union and will solve this problem.
Barrak, you understand my condition now. In in confusion. I do not wish to think that you play or deceive me.

I try to smotth things over, maybe a littel too pliant but I'm new to baiting at this point, remember.

Alena my sweet kitten,
I am sorry the site is not working for you. I was assured by the W3stern Union Employee that this site was legitimate. While it is not owned by W3stern Union, it is run by a contractor to them to ensure the safety of overseas transactions. He merely placed the MC7N in that system for you to be able to retrieve it at your location. I am unfamiliar with these things so I took his advice as being correct. What can you expect me to do? I will try the site myself and see what I can do about this. Maybe a bit of stubborn enthusiasm can get the job done. I hope you can be patient. As for answering your letters twice. My love do you realize that when your email arrives it is between 02:30 and 04:00 in the morning for me? I really do love you and have trouble sleeping because I wait for your good news that you have the money and visa, but I still eventually fall asleep and need to work in the morning. Keep writing, I will try and answer as I can. If the website fails me, I will go to the W3stern Union office and find out what can be done.
Love you lots, Barrak

I am not really going to play with S3cure! I might just delay and get bak to her later.

Alena, I have been working on this W3stern Union web site for a while now. It was very close to showing the number but then I had a power failure. It does work. When the certain amount of boxes is clicked it reveals the outline of the number. It is a very ingenious security device. I think that a person trying to scam money would not have the patience to go through the tediousness. I really give the security company that designed it a pat on the back for designing it. My power has been out for the last 6 hours! It gets cold in a house this time of year without electricity! My battery is almost gone on the laptop so I shall not be able to mail you again until I can power up or my home system gets power to it. If you succeed at getting the number let me know as soon as you get the money. Stick with it, do not give up! Our love is strong, I will lend you my strength, over the distance, to help you get this done. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you! If there is still no power tonight, I think I shall go to church (I have not been in many years) and pray for the success of our relationship. My strength to you, Barrak

She sends me a brief email educating me all about WU. So I try harder for her..

My dear sweet kitten,
I do not understand why you chide me so! You want me to "apply forces on my end". You make it sound like I have done nothing for you. It hurts mt heart. I sent a letter of complaint to the MCTN Secure tech support (listed on their website). This is the reply I have gotten: The security modality that we use on our website was provided by Bsafe
Internet Security Solutions LTD. It was designed to be able to prevent
the majority of internet fraud, whilst simultaneously being easy to
use for the vast majority of people. As I mentioned previously, the
main factor which determines the amount of time taken for a recipient
to complete the procedure is their intelligence level. (IQ)

We continually monitor the efficiency of our system in order to
maintain a high standard of service and I am happy to share with you
the results of a recent survey.

IQ Range: 140+.......(very bright) Average time to complete 16:52 sec
IQ Range: 120-140 ...(quite bright) Average time to complete 19:31 sec
IQ Range: 100-120....(average) Average time to complete 23:43 sec
IQ Range: 80-100.....(low)Average time to complete 32:29 sec
IQ Range: 70-80......(borderline retard) Average time to complete 46:24 sec
IQ Range: 70 or less.(moderately retarded/ brain damaged) Average time to complete 50 mins+,Mostly unable to complete.

96.8% of people who use the site, do so with no problems at all.

Thanks for your interest
Sally O'MallyWestern Union Customer Service I do not know what to make of this. I get a response from their tech support. Have you tried to click that link? I think your bank may be unaware of the U.S. Western Union security measure. Perhaps it is a regional thing? Alena, this is not my fault. I am not familiar enough with Western Union to know what I am doing. If you cannot get the money out by using the website my Western Union office provided, I will take the money out of the system, provided they let me with my torn receipt. Do I dare to try Western Union again? Should I consider Federal Express? Moneygram? coming to you myself? I am very angry about this transaction. You should have your money! I love you and pledge to take care of you! Barrak

She encourages me to do better, but then...

Barrak, I have come to the cafe Internet specially once again to check up your answer.
Already very much late and my letter will be short.
Barrak, I appreciate all that you do and I do not reproach you.
I ask you that you have applied a little more more forces.
Understand, now at me very difficult position. I in confusion.
The bank speaks that this site does not belong to the W3stern Union,
secondly, I have no many money to sit long in the Internet to see this mtcn.
Barrak, what prevents to make to you it for me? Please, make this procedure for me or return your money.
You have the id and I am assured that they will return you money without trials.
If you speak about IQ I do not understand this logic - all clients of the W3stern Union should have high level iq?
Barrak, please, help me.
If I had the money that I when would not began to ask them from you.
For this reason I have asked your help.
Barrak, we have two ways:
1st is that you have wasted time also have undergone procedure m7cn;
2nd is that you have returned the money and have sent them once again.

Barrak, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply!

With tender hugs and kisses,

From your Jenya.

Who the he double hockey sticks is Jenya!!!

Alena, my love,
I am sorry I became angry. I just want to get this done and have you here by me. Is that what you want for a friendly name? Jenya? What does it mean in Russian? I shall attempt to use the website as given to me first. It may be easier and I am good at fuguring this kind of stuff out. I am an inventor after all. If I do not complete it in time I will go to the Western Union office and get the money back out. Do you really want me to try them again? Or should I use another method? You are the light of my life Jenya, I really can't wait for you to be by my side. You get some sleep, I will try to make things right. Do you have any new pictures for me to gaze at while I toil over this computer?

Big sloppy kisses to you my love! Barrak

Now I am getting into a "groove" it seems.

Hello Barrak, first of all I wish to tell to you that
I am very glad to hear from you that you have decided to prosecute this subjects seriously.
If you cannot receive m7cn I ask you to resend money through the W3stern Union again.
I ask you that this time you were cautious with the receipt from the W3stern Union.
Barrak, I took with myself many photo.
I cannot send them to you as all of them not in a digital format.
They are printed on photographic paper.
I took them with itself to show to you at ours with you to a meeting.
Wait and soon you will see not only my photos but also personally me.
I with impatience wait for this moment.
About Jenya. In Russian we use many the Greek words.
Jenya "grateful" means.
I wished to tell that I appreciate your diligence.
Barrak, in the evening I will try to check up your letter again.
Please, write me the answer at once as soon as you will wake up in the morning.
With love, your kitten.

I have not confirmed the meaning of Jenya, but I know it is just BS because she made a mistake. Probably some victim being fleeced, or maybe another one of us?

I took all day and a better part of the night working on that terrible website. Just as I was about to receive the number the website shut down!!! That was extremly irritating! I am operating on little sleep today. I will retreive the money from the Western Union later this morning and get it re-sent to you this afternoon. If they tear the receipt again...things will not be pretty! The internet cafes here in the US sometimes have picture scanners available for business persons to use, perhaps you could as at the front desk? I really would like another picture. What is the time in Moscow? It must be late for you right now. If you are going to bed soon, dream only sweet dreams of you and I together at last. Your loving man, Barrak

Yeah , I'm going to call her Jenya alot now trying to get her to messup on her other scams, hopefully. A little false hope for her to get money a second time. She appears receptive to the pic question.

Barrak, again only the short letter.
I have well understood you that you have spent a lot of time for that website and it is really unpleasant.
If I did it without you now I would spend all money.
I very much hope that today you can send money safely.
I will necessarily speak with the manager the cafe Internet about scanners.
I do not know that this such but if he helps me that I I will try to send to you a photo.
It will be not earlier than tomorrow, as photos and girlfriends of the house.
Now I will finish my letter.
I very much hope that tomorrow I will be waited by good news.
With love, your kitten.

I do not reply in a timely manner. She sends one email asking what is going on. Two days later I reply:

Sorry about the wait my love, I understand the gravity of the situation. I am working with the Western Union Security divison right now. It seems your money was picked up, by an unknown person. Are you sure you did not get the money? I am concerned for your safety. Is your name very common in Russia? Could someone guess it? Or, perhaps, is someone watching us? Perhaps the internet cafe manager need to be consulted about the security of the network. I will let you know as I find out information from the Security division here.
Lots a love to you kitten!

Uh oh, my first attempt at a dolla chop. A light one as I did not work up to it, but I am sure she/it is wondering what the heck is going on!!!

Barrak, you very strongly shocked me. I really am very strongly surprised.
I when did not receive your money.
If I have received that I at once would inform you on it.
I just spoke with the manager and he has told that their network of 100 % is safe.
I have told to him about a suspicious website which you have given to me, he has told that 99 % the reason in it.
Swindlers use such sites to load a virus and to use personal the information.
I went to bank and to me have told that if we have problems with the Western Union that we can use Money6ram.
Barrak, please, use Money6ram if you have problems with the W3stern Union.
Please, write to me about all.
Now I feel very badly.
I will wait your letter with the big impatience.
Yours Alena.

Big impatience, her network is safe because she is probably the admin! Note how gears are quickly switched to MG now. Sure I'll go there, but they have security too...

Jenya, my love,
I have done as you have asked. I have left the fools at Western Union to find my money they have lost! I have taken out a small loan to forward you the money via Money6ram. When I went to the Money6ram offices, I told them of my troubles at Western Union. They told me this is a common occurance at that esablishment. It seems a lot of criminals use Western Union and mess it up. It makes me angry that I am trying to get you this money and some theif took it!Anyway, the Money6ram people suggested their secure transfer site that they use to ensure money gets to the right person. It is a pilot program intiated to keep terrorists from sending money through the system and stealing others money to fund terrorism. Knowing how my country works I can see this being true. Importation of raw materials for my factory is a pain also! I place the money in their hands, they completed the transaction and returned me a slip with the MC7N covered in a security tape! I was appauled! I told them my Alena needs that number! She is running low on money! They said look at he bottom of the receipt. It said: "Your funds have been electronically transmitted via S3cur3PTV. Please direct your recipient to http://s3cur3pt.1nf0 for further information." The Money6ram person then showed me the transaction number you will need to get the MC7N. It is 881680061785967522841234455590. I was assured there were no viruses associated with this method and it is an accepted method of transfer by government standards and there fore very secure. My Jenya, go get the money, get the visa and plane tickets and get here to me quickly! I need you!

She's getting smarter!

Barrak, I again very much was upset.
In the morning I have received your letter and very much was delighted.
After that I have gone to bank to check up the information and me have told that it is the DECEIT.
I have very few money and I did not begin to spend them in the empty.
You can try to go on this website and to try to receive mtcn.
They have explained all to me.
When you send money to that moment to you give mtcn.
This obligatory condition of remittance.
Barrak, either you deceive or you deceive me.
I trust you. It turns out that deceive you.
Go to other office or address in the main office.
I am assured that will help you.
Please, what other sites.
I love you and I trust you. Please, do not bring me.
With love, yours Alena.

Baby, it is not deceit...I play real dumb.

Jenya,Alena, my love,
I do not understand this. This was assured to me to be safe. Moneygram informed me by email (when I contacted their email on the website) that this was an approved method used primarily in the U.S. for counter-terror/internet scam protection. I think that maybe the bank you go to is not up to date on things. I would never decieve you. I have attached the receipt as I got it from the Moneygram place. I wish I knew more about this wire transfer. Have you even tried to access the website? It doesn't look that difficult. I am getting tired of waiting. Get the money if you really want to see me. I solved the last problem with this. If it does not work this time I will send it via courier. I don't like this wire transfer. I am getting very frustrated. I want my promised love to come to my side. Barrak

She sends one saying she is running out of money, trying to get me to hurry. I think it is time for a slap...

I think I have to put my foot down now. I love you very much but you are showing signs of laziness. I understand you are low on money. When you do the required questions you will be able to get $3000! I really hope you can do this for yourself and me. Show me you can get things done. Do you think in America I will do everything for you? I am a gentleman who will respect and love you for the rest of our days. I will open doors for you, make sure you are happy in life by it is a two way street. I need you to take care of me sometimes also. I need you to be able function on your own as well. As for the Moneygram security efforts, You may se them aas silly but I like to keep my country terror free and not worry about my money being taken and used for bad things. I still have not heard what happened to the first $3000 I sent to you. In fact it concerns me now that I have mysteriously lost $3000 and you refuse to do something to get the MC7N that may expose a terrorist or a person who commits fraud. Please tell me this is not so! I love you Alena please don't be a terrorist or con-artist! I could not bear it! Barrak

She calls my bluff, or attempts to as this is my bait not hers.

Barrak, you have very strongly upset me.
How do you can speak about laziness?
I have no money for that well to have dinner.
I save week on meal that I could write to you.
You know that I did not count that you will have such problems.
Once again I say to you that in bank speak to me that is not present what sites for reception m7cn.
You deceive.
Once you tried to receive m7cn on a website which you have sent to me and as a result you could not receive it and have lost money.
After that you have still any thoughts???
If you do not wish to lose the second 3000 dollars that go right now to bank and take away your money.
I have understood that I will not wait when you will send money.
I have made decision to come back home.
On Monday I will go home.
I regret that once I have trusted in you and have left all that I had.
I do not accuse you. The god from above all sees and to solve to him.
With love, your kitten.

p.s. Know, that I always loved you and I will love.

I apologize, I can't have dumping me yet! I try a different angle...

Alena, I am sorry I acted out on you. It has been a frusterating week. I was not able to make it to the Moneygram place in time, the banks in the U.S. don't have the weekend hours yours do. I wish they did. I no longer trust the wire transfer system. Is there another way I can get you the money? You will have no job when you return to Balahna, will you stay with your mother? Perhaps we should look into express carrier, I have found that there are a few that specialize in secure money transfers. Does this sound acceptable to you? Maybe I should come there? I am so sad about this right now. My heart aches. Barrak

She replies

Barrak, it is very unpleasant to me to hear from you that you have played me.
Shame on you!!!
This act is not reputable.
Because of you I have lost all. Now I do not have work and apartments to live.
I will not be upset, as I trust that all will be as it should be.
Do you speak about what mum? I wrote to you that I have lost the parents in accident.
If really sincere that you find your feelings to me a way to send money through the W3stern Union or Money6ram.
I spoke to you that it is a unique way to send money.
Tomorrow, after I will see your answer, I will make the decision on returning home.
All in your hands.
With love, your kitten.

What is she talking about, I did no such thing. I thought she said Express courier was safe. Don't leave me baby! I'll slap her for accusations.


Do not abandon me quite yet. I will attempt again Monday. I feel slighted that you say I have played you! I have not! I cannot understand why you would say such a thing. I apologize for forgetting your parents were gone, God rest their souls! I am also apologizing for my inexperience with the wire service. This is the first time I have used them. I hope you can forgive me. I shall contact Moneygram in the morning and see about resending without the security in place. I hope you appreciate what I go through for you. Ihope you are not this demanding when I make you my wife.


Maybe she is at fault, wire transfers suck. I will try again but I need this form filled out...

I understand that these places are the choice method of money transfer in your country. In the US it seems to me a big pain in the ass. It is not either of our fault that Western Union lost our first money and now Moneygram is all but holding my $3000 hostage. Alena they say I can get the money to you without using the secure website by having you fill out the form they have given me. I will attach it. I understand your money is running out fast, however, the clerk assured me if the form is filled out and returned to the US office in 24 hours they will issue me a MCTN that I can immediately email you and you can get the money right away! Fill out he forms and send them back right away! Then you can stay in Moscow and get the visa and plane tickets. You can even send a fax to my telephone so that I have it first thing tomorrow morning! Did you hear anything about the other $3000 on your side? I still think someone may have been "shoulder surfing" you at the internet cafe. Look around next time you are there and see if anyone is doing that to others. Alena, hopefully you can write longer and include the form. I will send the MCTN they give me right away!! Hurry! Barrak

I have arrived in Moscow. Has gone to bank and to me have told that there is no such transfer for me!!!!
What does it mean? You played with me? If it so that you very much the cruel man and I am assured of that that the god will see your cruelty.
Explain to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Alena Byk0va
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She could not read the form. So she went to the bank. Do you get the feeling they are annoyed by her and she is not too trusting of me...

Barrak, I have just returned from bank.
I could not to make that with your form and consequently have gone to bank to ask their help.
In bank have been very surprised.
They have refused to help me.
They made comments, that for the first time meet such difficulties as at me.
They have told, that to send money through the W3stern Union or Money6ram you personally should go to bank.
It borrows not enough time to send money.
You can make it knowing my full name and the country. Do you understand it?
All that you send me it a fantasy.
Barrak, I do not blame you for it as I do not know a policy of your banks, but you should understand that I cannot continue so.
I am assured of that that you personally not can to guarantee to me when money will be sent.
If I could eat air and water that I would continue to wait for your money.
But in this situation I am forced to come back home.
Now I will go to buy tickets home.
I will buy them for tomorrow.
If there will be a miracle and you will send me money so that I could receive them I will return money.
With love to you.

p.s. All in your hands.

Deadlines, deadlines...I ante up.

I do not understand, I thought you english was good, your emails are very good. I could not find a Russian version of the form. Perhaps you have a friend who can translate? I hope you get this quickly so you can get the form filled out. I think you would understand after the attacks of 9/11/01 that this security is not uncommon in the US. It is very strict when dealing with foreign countries who have had terrorism problems. I imagine they do not want the money falling in the hands of Chechin terrorists. I think you would understand. This is not fantasy. If I do not hear from you during daylight hours I shall withdraw the money from Moneygram and ship it via check to your home address in Balahna through a secure courrier. I need you...

So she slaps me hard...I lke abuse!

Barrak, I have well understood all that you have written.
I think that you do not understand me.
In bank to me have told that the only thing in what you require it this information:
You misinform about terrorists and the Chechen insurgents.
The matter is that I will receive your money by means of the id.
What terrorist cannot receive your money. Do you understand it?
Go personally and all make the hands.
I have already bought tickets and if you do not correct I all that tomorrow I will go home.
Can do that want, even to send to me on a home address.
I to you already wrote to you about our mail. And after your terrorists you contradict the words about safety.
I have already understood that you play with me and when will not send me money.
You very much very much the cruel man if I am not mistaken.
If I am mistaken that I ask from you pardons.
I cannot remain in Moscow and each time to read from you that there is a new way to protect money.
New - about which at all do not know in bank and laugh at me and that that I trust in all it.
Do you can write me the truth?

I slap back...

Alena, Are all you Russians so hard headed? These are US countermeasures not Russian. I would not expect them to know about it. The courier service I speak of is like unto an amoured car service? Surely you have those there? They are bonded to take large sums of money usually for banks but will sometimes carry money door to door. You need to stop insulting me when I am trying to be your benefactor! I want you to come to me! Stop being bull headed and fill out the form so you can get your money! I instructed you to fill it out and FAX or email it back to me for remittance to Moneygram in the US so I can receive the secured MC7N and email it to you. Instead you have wasted time.

Frailty thy name is woman! Perhaps you recognize that quote?

Now get writing and we can get your money. Start being obedient! Barrak

See if she knows her Shakspeare. But I cannot let her dump me, I feel bad Twisted Evil .

Jenya, my love,
Please forgive me. I went to Money6ram and got the money back out. I am sorry for my lack of expertise in this wire transfer business. I just don't understand it. I did not mean to insult you. I did not call you a terrorist, I was just trying to explain...please forgive me. I was not playing you or telling you untruths, I was just relaying what I was told. I am yours to command. I will send the money to you in Balahna. Please don't give up on me baby. Say you still love me. It feels horrible to have this hurt in my heart all these miles from you and be unable to reach you. Barrak

She replies. She is back home.

Barrak, I only have come back home.
I very much regret that all has happened so.
Now I do not know that to me to do.
On the one hand I wish to stop our dialogue as you have caused me a pain, but on the other hand I love you and I can not to make that with it.
All of you still can send me money.
Excuse, but I cannot write you long letters as I have very few money.

The carrot is presented again.

Alena, Should I try W3stern Union again, Money6ram or use the courier I talked about? Were you able to get you job back? I feel so bad for you, I want to rush to your side. Should i deliver the money in person? Will I get robbed? I wish you could write more. I miss your kind words and light verses. We will make it through this, my love. I hope to have news for you this very day. Barrak

What does she ask for? WU again!

Barrak, now to me really it is very difficult.
I have no work and apartment to live.
I have temporarily stopped at the girlfriend.
Now crisis and me it will be difficult to find work.
I in big difficulty.
I will be very glad if you can send money through the W3stern Union.
It will be very easily and quickly for me to get your transfer.
I very much hope for you.
With love, your kitten.

I took about a week off from my pet. She wrote a few emails asking what had hapened and even called the k7 twice. I finally replied...

Alena, I am so sorry for not writing! I was forced into a situation beyond my control. Friday I went to the W3stern Union to send the money to you. When I got there, the former employee I had removed from my business was in my way. He threatened me and spit at my face. He made a motion like he was going to pull out a weapon from under his coat. I reacted strongly and dre my concealed firearm. He produced a knife and lunged at me, I shot and hit is leg. The police arrived within minutes. I was arrested and he was taken to the hospital. The police thought it was a drug deal gone wrong (all the money and my gun!) After explaining what happened and the history between myself and the former employee they said they had to keep me over the weekend to get all sides of the story and let the judge figure it out. My assailant tried to lie his way out of it but inthe end, with all my friend and witnesses he was placed under arrest at the hospital. I am so relieved that I did not kill him. I was defending myself but, still that would've been too much. This morning the judge let me out on my own recognizance (no bail money!) but I still have to appear before the court as a matter of formality. They are keeping the money and the gun until after that hearing at the end of the week. Can you hold on that long? Have you talked to the director at your old job? Maybe he will welcome you back. Please keep me in you heart. Barrak

There are few back and forth emails just small talk about court cases, how she is holding up being homeless (but still using the internet cafe). I even sent a mock newspaper article as proof of the incident. Then she questions me about the telephone.

Hello Barrak, again only the short letter.
Know, that my letters short, but my love to you huge.
I am forced to write short letters because of difficult position.
Thanks that you wish to help me, but I can cause you from a public telephone booth.
Barrak why do you not write me about that I leave to you messages on your answering machine?
Please, write to me that I spoke to you on your answering machine.
I want that you have written me literally my words.
Only after that I can believe to you that you really heard my voice.
I am valid in very difficult position and I hope that you really will send me money on Friday.
I very much hope that this time the train will not fall to you from the sky or there will be something again. Only a joke.
With love, your kitten.

I send her back a transcript of her message, word for word as she asked. Now in hind sight I could have said I erased it and not have worked so hard.

Alena, Thank you for reminding me to check messages!! I had completely forgot about them! I check and heard your sexy voice.

You said: "Barrak, hello this is Alena (you pronounced "Alona"). I so want to talk with you, to hear you voice. For me it is very difficult right now and you promised to help me and I am waiting. I just feel so sad and I don't know where to go or what to do now. I was ready to be with you, to be yours, but it has not happened and I --unable to hear, garbled--let's meet. Let's be together. I am waiting. -garbled- Goodbye."

I hope you can trust me, I can only write what I hear. Some was not understandable due to electronic noises and you beautiful accent. That is what I heard on the message. I also had a message from the former employee I shot. He was threatening me. I am free he is not and he has a broken leg for all his aggresiveness. I have heard from the court and they have moved my hearing up to Thursday, it seems the District Attorney wants to get this case cleared and get to prosecuting the right man. Maybe I will get the money back early! I hope no trains fall on me either, we actually have a large rail center here in Nekoosa! Don't curse me! I pray for this to be done and you to be with me. Barrak

Yay, it worked!

Hi my sunshine Barrak!!! Barrak, I want that you knew that I trust you and very strongly I love.
I am glad to hear that probably you will return money earlier.
I am finishing my letter to you and I will be looking forward to your reply! You know that your letters always brighten my day!
With warm hugs and kisses,

A little more small talk about court then...

I will receive the money back Monday morning. The court has released me of all culpability for my actions and has given me my freedom! They plan on prosecuting my attacker to the fullest. The problem with the money is that they cannot give me back the actual cash, only a check. Checks put in the bank on Friday do not clear until first thing Monday morning. I cannot wait for you to arrive my love! Our day is coming soon! I hope you are in comfort where you are staying with your girlfriend. You can write me some more of your verses while I await you next letter. My heart is light with love for you today! Barrak

It went back to small talk as the money could not be processed back to me until Friday of that week. I that time I hatched a plan, recuited Marvinator for his expertise in form design. Then I a carrot to dangle...

Haha, are funny! No, the problem yesterday was the lovely court proceedures. I had no idea it would take so long. By the time the hearing was over, I had 30 minutes to complete processing at the clerks office to receive my money. With 5 minutes before their closing the clerk tels me that I may have to comeback tomorrow because their check printer is down. I told them my elderly mother needs the money today or her rent will be late. He gave me a scowl and went back at it and produced the check. Today I shall go to Western Union and pray all goes well. I miss your long letters. Barrak

More trouble with WU.

Alena, The Western Union will not work with me. They refuse to let me on the property and say that I am bad for business. They do not like me going into their place and shooting. They were very upset. I had no idea they would treat me this way for defending my own life and perhaps theirs! What to do next? Shall I go to Moneygram and try them again? Do you have Moneygram in Balahna? Will they have me give you a form again? Perhaps there is another way? I may have an idea to get you the money in a different way. Let me contact an old friend in the airline industry, ok? I will make this happen don't you worry. I love you so much I will be happy to take care of you all the rest of my days! Barrak

She slaps me again, gently, but it's still a slap. Please note she has moved back to Balahna a few emails ago.

Barrak, it would be surprising if you could send money.
I already thought that again something will prevent you.
I do not understand, if in your bank to you have given up that why you cannot go to other bank?
Why you ask Moneygram in Balahna?
You have forgotten that I asked you to send money in Moscow?
Moscow and consequently you can use very big city Western Union or Moneygram.
In bank to me have told that you do not require any form.
You should use my name and mtcn.
mtcn they should give to you. You should transfer me it to get your transfer.
It is all. It is not necessary what forms, sites or trains.
All is very easy and simple.

I understand that you miss under my long letters. But I do not presume it.
I have very difficult position and you know it.
I will write to you more or I will call that day when I will receive your money.

Your kitten!!!

I call her mistake out...

Alena, I am confused now. You told me you went back to Balahna. I assume you are there. Are you saying that it doesn't matter what city it goes to? All that matters is your name and the mctn? In the U.S. Western Union doesn't operate in a bank. They are their own stand alone shop, and in the state in which I reside the law states that service may be refused by the business at any time. They chose to exercise that right. That is why i asked about Moneygram. Where are you staying right now? Can you maybe update me on your location? I thought you were in Balahna! Listen to me, I think I have areally good idea about getting you the money really fast. The only thing that could slow you down is you. I have a friend that might be able to help as soon as he gets back to me. More details later. Trust in me, my love. Barrak

She loses it...

Barrak, I have just come to cafe Internet to check up your letter and is very glad that you have written me the answer.
I already wrote to you that I have been forced to return back home. I now in Balahna.
I ask you to send money in Moscow as it will be more safe.
Do you remember because of what I has been forced to return?
It is not necessary to accuse me of that that I complicate all.
Tell to me at least one reason which could affect it???????????????
I always did all that all was as it should be.
At first I have believed to you and at once have gone in Moscow.
Then, I waited for your money in Moscow very long.
Each new day began for me with hope that today I will receive money.
But every day there were new reasons not to be.
I very much hope that it not your fault and the Western Union.
Do you have forgotten what it I have lost all that I had in view of?
It I have left apartment and work and have gone in Moscow.
Now you speak to me about occurrence of any acquaintance and to me terribly think that can to happen after that.
I very much hope, that this occurrence will not cause other adventures with you.
You have very strongly upset me.
I do not wish to continue the letter.
You do not appreciate neither me nor that that I did for the sake of us.

Now I spring my trap. I asked Marvinator to create a bogus airline e ticket which could be "refunded" to the passenger or the buyer (no such thing exists). He created a real nice piece. My hope was it would go to the ticket counter and eventually get escorted out of the airport in cuffs.

I don't know what you are upset about. I know you have given up a lot for us. Love requires sacrifice. If you think for once that I have not sacrificed, you had better remember the fact that I have been assaulted once, been to jail twice, fought with Western Union and Moneygram people twice in defending your honor when they told me things about Russia and wire transfers. Don't you call me a thorn in your side. You upset me, we have been emailing for almost three months in our relationship. I have fallen in love with you attempted to get you the move because I feel obligated to rescue my true love in Russia. Please see attached copy. It is scan of the original I received in the mail. Some internet cafe computers do not read pdf files so I scanned it to jpg. This is for you. It bypasses all the road blocks we have hit to this point. You will be able to get your money now. It is fully refundable to you. You just have to go to the airport. I had to pull some strings to get this done and pay an extra $1000 for processing through a travel agency.

Get it done, get your money and email me. You had better apologize. Barrak


This is very out of its realm!! Overload, overload!!!

Barrak, I did not expect to receive from you something another.
It would be very strange if you have sent money in the normal way as all people.
What relation your tickets have here?????????????? I have no neither the visa, nor money to go in Moscow.
I at home and I have no airport nearby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no money to reach in Moscow in the airport.
Once I have believed to you and I will not do it in second time.
You have deceived me and I had to come back home.
It has bothered me.
I that will not do until then while you will not send me money through the Western union or Moneygram.

I have to defend my baby!

How dare you accuse me of decieving you. The money is right there waiting for you to pick it up. It is a REFUNDABLE ticket! That means YOU can get the money from it by turning it in. My friend at the ticket agency said this booked at a first class fare. That way you will have enought to buy an economy class ticket and get you visa processed after you get the money refunded. It is close to the same amount I promised before. We have done this too much your way my love. Now it is time to try another. Your narest airport is not that far away: Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (or in Russian Международный аэропорт Нижний Новгород). I Googled it as being about 20 km to the south east of your town. Please write me when you have gotten your money. I love you, trust me, I will see you soon. Barrak

She replies...

Barrak, you do not understand me.
I have already told that once I have attacked a rake and I am not going to do it once again.
I that will not do until then while you will not send me money through bank.
I will not leave the city once again again to come back home.
Send money to any bank of my city.
Only after I will receive your money I will begin movement.
Do you understand me? I very much hope that you will understand me.

I didn't ask her to attack a rake! Must be an expression. She pretty much mentally shut down on this one. If she can go back to basics I can too...

I understand everything you say except the thing about the rake. Lawn work is not relavent to this problem we are having my dear.
As your man, I insist we do this my way. It is a sure fire method for you to get your money and get things you need done. I don't think you understand me. I have tried sending money to you through wire transfer and have come to only pain because the choice to not complete the security measures my country requires. I am sorry the paranoia level here is the same as that of the "cold war" regarding terrorism. It was like all the feear we once placed on your country was redirected to terrorism. I cannot help that. It is beyond my control to change the companies mind. I cannot change the fact that Western Union and Moneygram in your country does things differently than in my country. How can I control that??? The only other way, in my opinion, to get you money is either by bank draft, secure courier, or to bring it myself. We have been writing each other for almost 3 months now. I feel that some belief in my actions is warranted. You are always accusing me. As I said before everything that has happened to me is beyond my control, Janya! Believe in me! Barrak

She is not pleased...

Barrak, it is not pleasant to you that I accuse you? But what to me to do?
I have lost all that I had and till now have not received your money.
You think out each time a new way to send money.
The bank policy of banks identical in all countries.
If your bank does not allow to you to send money that you can find the friend which will make it instead of you.
Barrak, excuse, but I will not do second time identical a mistake.
I hope that all your letters sincere and you will find a way to send money through the telegraphic transfer.

I stick to my guns...

Alena, my love,

I cannot understand why you do not go get the money. It cannot cost that much to go over to the airport to cash in the ticket reservations for the money it is worth! I full well understand that you gave up everything (how is it you use the internet cafe if you are not working, jenya?) but I have lost $3000 already to someone who has stolen it from both of us. Did you ever find anything out about that? Perhaps it may be someone you know from the cafe. Contrary to what your "bank officials" may tell you not all banks run the same. I once had dealings with a bank in England and it was not the same at all as my U.S. banks. So you cannot tell me that. We only have the option of bank draft to an account and this method I have thought up myself, to which you give me no credit. The E-ticket refund deadline approaches soon. If you do not claim the money, please get back to me in 24 hours so I can get it. No sense in loosing another $3000. I do not understand why you don't get the money. Surely you must have a friend with an auto? Are all your friends too timid to help you? Keep me in you heart, I still have faith that you will get the money. Barrak

She insists she is not going to the airport...

Barrak, you do not understand me or specially do so.
I will not leave again the house while I will not be assured that you have sent money.
Now I am not assured of it as I cannot check up it.
Return your money as I will not go to the airport and I will not try to receive your money.
Find the friend which can send money instead of you to my city through the Western Union or Moneygramm.
Only when I will receive your money and I will have them on hands, I will go in Moscow.
Do not speak please about my friends badly.
They are always ready to help me.
In this case it is my personal will.
And if you really love me that you should understand that I have in view of.

How is she going to know if I send it? She will not be able to go to the internet cafe to check her mail. She also appears to be back in Balahna again. I have her story all muddied up.She tries to force my hand again..

Barrak, your silence means that you played all this time with me?
I very much hope that I am mistaken and if it so that I am ready to apologise before you.
Write me your thoughts.

I reply...

I don't know what you are talking about "playing with you". I have tried and tried to get things to go right for us and it just upsets me that things never seem to go our way. I have been an emotional wreck these last few days trying to figure things out. I am so lost Jenya, so many bad things I never thought would happen to me have happened! I have lost so much. My accountant is becoming concerned with my large spending habits. I did not make it in time to refund the airfare I sent you. I might be in trouble Alena. I hope you still love me. Please say you do. Barrak

She sends a sob story. Please don't be fooled by her ways. At this very same time she is sending to another character of mine the same emails and same pictures she sent to my first character.

Barrak, go in police and return your money which has stolen at you the Western Union. Return money money from cost of tickets. You spoke to me that you can return them.
Understand me, I am powerless in this a situation.
I very much hope that you leave this difficult position and your bookkeeper will calm down.
Is it interesting to you to know that I do??? I that do not do. You know that I have lost all.
Next week I will search new work and I will forget about this history as about a terrible dream.
Believe to me, all these days were for me a nightmare.
I have changed all that had to be with you, but I have not received you and it kills me.
I do not know what to write still to describe my condition.
I when did not hear from you support and understanding am very insulting that.
You have disappointed me.

Sure I'll call the authorities!!!

Alena, I love you, do not dispair! I will contact the police and let them know what has been going on. Perhaps you could give me a contact number for your international branch that I may call them and let them know what has beeen happening. It is not fair for you to be left in the cold, they should see to your needs as a victim of crime! What other way can I get you some money? The accountant can kiss my ass, I pay him. Do you think it wise to send via FedEx a check or money order? Hopefully I can get it to you, please let me know your current address. Alena, I want to be with you. Don't give up on us, baby! Barrak

Then it's all, like, no just send the money!!

Barrak, I do not know international branch. I have no phone and I do not require this number.
Other way I do not see. Do you have forgotten that I spoke to you about bad work of our mail?
Barrak, I am assured of that that you have a lot of friends. Please, ask one that the friend has helped to send money.
If the bank does not allow to send you that will allow the friend to send to your friend.
Ask about the help.
Use again the Western Union or MoneyGram.
This time use only mtcn and what sites.
I many times wrote to you about it.
I do not understand why you each time ignore my words.
Please, apply more forces.
I trust you and I hope that at you all will turn out.
With love, yours Alena.

I do not reply right away, she worries, I send a mail a few days later...

Alena, I have contacted my local police about the missing money. They wish to interview you and find out what happened in Russia. Would you talk to them if I gave the phone number? If not they said they would be happy to contact the local police where you are to obtain an interview through them. Maybe we can get something done to get you closer to coming to the US! I have heard there is a "victim of crime visa". Perhaps we should look into that! It might be free like an asylum thing. Let me know what you think, my love! Barrak

Expecting her to twig, she keeps on. I apparently sent a mail claiming to have sent a transfer again then ...

Barrak, do you understand what I write to you???
I spoke to you about that in bank to me have told that there is no such transfer.
You can transfer it polices.
It is all that is known to me.
You have already enough exhausted me morally and I am not going to undertake any steps.
I already wrote it to you.
To me has bothered each time to listen to your fairy tales.
Understand with that that happens to you.

Hmmm...perhaps the police have found something out?

I have been working witht he authorities here in the US. They are being very helpful. I hope you can help them as well. Strange thing happened when I was in the Western Union getting the information they requested from me (I called them in advance a said I would not bring my gun this time!). A strange man was waiting behind me and appeared to be very interested when I showed the agent the picture of you I always carry with me. He looked surprised and ran out the door. That was VERY strange! I was wishing perhaps I should have just brought my gun with me for protection anyway! Upon talking to the Western Union clerk, I was interested to fin out that their network (the local one not the national) had been HACKED!!! They think it may explain why they were having so much trouble with money transfers these last few months. They provided my receipts to me for the police. The clerk couldn't verify my transfer was one of the tranfers that was involved with the problem but he said it might be. He said the hacker only hit single transfers in the first few weeks but got greedy and began to collect more and more until he got sloppy and forgot to cover his tracks. Apparently, he was able to falsify entries that the person recieving the money was the person receiving it. I feel so horrible for getting into this huge argument with you over money. I want our relationship to be more than that. Remember all the sweet verses we shared in the begining? Lets start over and forget this problem that caused us to fight. Please be mine again Alena. I love you! Barrak

She disappears...could it be that I created yet another character, a police inspector, to doggedly try to interview her?

Alena, You have not written in a week. Since then my skies are always gray, the flower that was you in my heart has wilted. Everyday I look at your pictures and wonder if we can make this work. Now that everything is corrected at the Western Union there should be no strife between us. Please email me, I miss the way you brightened my mornings. Please... Barrak

My othet character did not fair as well or produce such things, other than my siggy line. I think the boys finally blew her nerve when I had them briefly meet at the Western Union a few emails before this. I unfortunately cannot find those emails, but if i do I will correct this account.

I have arrived in Moscow. Has gone to bank and to me have told that there is no such transfer for me!!!!
What does it mean? You played with me? If it so that you very much the cruel man and I am assured of that that the god will see your cruelty.
Explain to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Alena Byk0va
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A wonderful bait, entertaining, easy to digest and well presented, educational for other baiters, comments, witty, sharp, making the vlad do the work, tempting, teasing, yet the baiter always in control, one step ahead.

Your style and posting of the bait is superb.

I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.

In a word. Excellent.

Well deserved *kisses & hugs* to a worthy Badger.

Wink Laughing Cool

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Badger, I must admit I only skimmed through, quickly, I dont read the emails my own pets send me Laughing

But it looks to me like you have fullfilled the baiters objectives of having fun and causing a scammer misery, but as it is share information with a badger day, if I may offer some suggestions;

Never feel your work is unworthy of being posted, even those baits deemed a failure can be very educational and even they have wasted a scammer time

Post your baits for others to share, they will offer advice and encouragement as you go but the hidden bonus is that a victim may find the script you have posted as well, that in itself isa huge bonus but if your pet has 1 less victim on the hook, they may see you as the most promising and perform better tricks for you

Lastly, post your pets details at Scamwarners, you can check first if your pet is already there by doing a couple of searches and if not, post away, it doesn't need to have any reference to your bait and your bait will be perfectly safe, just dont post your baiting details or emails and there will be no risk of alerting your pet, but a good chance of saving a vic from being scammed, after all, isn't that what we are doing here

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He he, nice one Thumbs up

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