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 our family details help us for christ sake.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I found me a new lad-toy. Who can resist a subject like that? Twisted Evil

from Prince Kabila
to felchpuppet
date Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 7:49 PM
subject our family details help us for christ sake.

Dearest one.

I am Prine Robert Kabila son to the former president of Congo late Mr Joseph Kabila,i am the fourth son to my late father and the only son to my devastated mother . (hmmm Prine Kabila.. sounds like some sort of alien race in a science fiction flick)

dearest one i and my only sister are contacting you today in the regards of our three consignments trunk boxes which is presently with the U.N appointed diplomatic man over there in California Sandie-go mummy (sounds like some sort of twisted doll for demented kids) we want you to help us to receive this three consignments trunk boxes from the UNITED NATIONS APPOINTED diplomatic man in America California at your door step as our new foreign beneficiary.

Our former foreign beneficiary who was to help us receive this consignments in California
from the diplomatic man Mr. Austin St, Louis is a very greedy man (wait until they get to know Felchpuppet) in the sence that i and my sister agreed to give to him 40% out from the total funds before our consignments finally left the Ghana Kotoka international air-port about a week ago to America but as soon as the diplomatic man arrives California safely with our consignments he started demanding from us 60%out from the total fund which we could not afford as for that reason i and my sister have to stop the order of the delivery of our consignments to him for his greed .We later received a phone call from the diplomat just yesterday night that he was to told that our beneficiary later died of heart cancer by his wife Mrs Joyce Irene , this has left every thing nearly stumbled . (don't worry, Felch is here to help you with that)

Dearest and only one the total amount of the funds inside the three consignments trunk
boxes is ($12 million u.s dollars one of the box is filled of gold and diamonds and we will be very willing to let go to you 40% out from the total funds to you for your mutual
assistance in helping us to receive our three consignment trunk boxes in your country as our new foreign partner at your door step .And also for you to also help us to invest it very wisely for us , and to make immediate arrangements for me and my sister to come over to join you in America (wouldn't you like a nice safari, first?) and to further up our education and to live and be very happy with you as one united family.

Also we are still ready to let go to you 5% out from the total funds for any expenditure that you may encure during the process of the delivery of this boxes to you at your door step as our new foreign partner since we can not receive it our self with out the help of a foreign and honest reliable God fearing (you got that all wrong, I'm the one that's feared) partner like you. this transaction is totally legal and safe as we will like it to pass through a legal
process since it is the only last resort that is left for me and my sister to continue our lives we are assuring you 100% risk free.

Dearest one this funds were deposited by my late father to a security company here in
Ghana before his untimely death known as the PROVIDENT INSURANCE SECURITY AND FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED ACCRA GHANA WEST AFRICA (they must spend a fortune on rubber stamps), according to my late father this funds were deposited as family precious belonging and not as cash for security reason best known to my late father him self.

Right now since our consignments is already in your country with the diplomat now
which we can send across to you the air-way bill and all other receipt of payments and
documents that is covering up this three boxes if need be for your verification after your urgent responds i want you to act at once as our new foreign beneficiary to help us to receive this fund from the diplomatic man who his already in California.

Please kindly understand that all aspect of payments of money for the cost of
shipment of our consignments trunk boxes to live the Ghana Kotoka International Air-Port
a week days ago via America has been paid for by me and my sister and this amounts a total money of twelve thousand us dollars only.

mummy please if my proposal sounds interesting to you kindly forward down to us immediately as soon as you receive this mail your.

(1) first and second pages of your international passport photograph picture via this mail box so that we can know you facially and who our funds is going to meet.

(2) Your present residential address.

( 3)Fax and mobile telephone number.

mummy we shall send to you an agreement paper of understanding between us for you to sign and return back to us through this mail box for the best interest of this transaction between us as soon as we hear from you, please kindly understand that you are our only hope please you must act very fast .

We shall give to you the information for you to contact the diplomatic man so that you can speak with him about this transaction and the delivery on our on behalf as our new foreign partner and also to let him know exactly how you may want our consignments to be deliver to you and also for you to confirm if our boxes are still with the diplomatic man .

mummy as soon as we hear words to know your mind towards this endevour i will give to you the contact of the diplomatic man involved for the immediate delivery,please if there is any questions you may wish to know more about before proceeding please feel free to ask any time.

please kindly contact i and my sister on this email box and our mobile phone number stated bellow only for security reasonswaiting for your responds..

Waiting very anxiously to hear from you soon.

Thanks and God bless you .

Yours lovely .Master Prince Robert Kabila

Dear Prince Kabila,

I'm sorry I took this long to respond. I truly am concerned about
your plight. What can I do to help you?


Dearest Felch.

Thanks for your kind response. how ever i and my kid sister will go to the Security Company to meet with the manager and discuss with him.
all we need from you is to stand as my late Father partner that will receive these funds for us. and all the nessary documents that my late father use in depositing these funds are with me here in ghana.

All we need from you is your trust and honesty when these fund finally get to you. sir i will love you to send to me your cell number so that i can also call you to let you know the position of thing here before they will do the shipment of these funds to you. because i and my sister we shall countinue our education when we finally finish with the security company.

And you will help us invest these funds because is all i and my sister have left for life. sir i really need your honesty and treat us like our new father when we come over to be with you.i will get back to you as soon as i discuss with the security company management.
i hope to hear from you soon.Also send to me your cell number for more details.

Call me on the number


Dearest Felch.
i shall get back to you with all the documents that my late father use in depositing these funds. please get back to us immediatelly.




Prince Kabila,

I await your father's documents so that I may pose as him.


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