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 Illegal dogs

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smartbomb wrote:
This is the second time in a month that ive seen a thread with so little relevance to scambaiting get so far out of proportion that it makes me wonder what we actually do here these days. Im stunned at how easily some of the most accomplished and respected baiters have let themselves get sucked into an argument that even if resolved, would serve no beneficial purpose to us as a community whatsoever.

Whilst the level of free speech on eater (which was coincidentally what the other thread was about) means people can use this thread for pretty much anything within reason, to dedicate as much time as some have done to topics like this is madness. And just when it looks like dissolving into a general acceptance that it wont realy ever end up with everyone in agreement, it starts up again.

What would have been the reaction if this thread had been locked on page 1? The mods are jackboots for shutting down a perfectly legitimate discussion? And if we let it run? We're too PC and not willing to interfere with people's rights to speak even if it is irrelevant drivel?

General Chat is for non-baiting stuff. It's for people to come and chill a bit. People sign up here for all sorts of reasons. I'd much rather they baited or made some other contribution while they are here, of course, but it's not compulsory. As long as a GC thread is within the rules and guidelines and does not get overly inflammatory, it will be allowed to stay. If people don't like it, they can choose not to read it. Oh, and if anyone needed a cogent reason for why politics and religion are banned here, this thread is it.

What disapponts me about this thread is the people who seemingly cannot present an argument without turning it into a personal attack on those who disagree. It adds absolutely fuck all to the strength of your argument or your personal credibility in my eyes. Excuse me being so blunt, but pointing it out more politely last time had little effect.

Scambo, the multiplicity of off-topic posts and posts about the nature of the thread itself are a sure sign that it has run its course, never mind the invocation of Godwin's Law. Laughing I am going to lock this. Anyone is welcome to PM me if they have a view or comment; insults aside, I'll be happy to talk to you. Very Happy


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