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 Oh nooooooo Mr. Bill

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2008 3:22 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is a relatively short bait, but I did manage to kill my first fake bank, so I'd call it successful Smile

The Cast

Frida Fondel: Owner of the Four Inn Refuge who hapened to be looking for a loan.
David Smith: Barrister, part in the story is unclear and totally unnecessary
Mr. Bill:Head of account dept at Hackney Bank of London - Does really weird things with spacing in his emails

And thus begins our story:

From: Barrister David Smith <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 3:55 PM
Subject: Hello,


We are a registered financial firm which grants loans to all
individuals.We giveout loans ranging from Home loans Auto Loans Car loans
Mortgage loans BusinessLoans International Loans Personal Loans.CONTACT US
TODAY AT:[email protected]

We give out loans at 3% interest rate. The loan is opened to all no matter
theNationality.Bellow are the Details required so that we can start with
the processing of your loan (Loan Terms and Condition)

Amount Required:
Applicant Place of work:
Note That Applicant should be Minimum Age of 18years Old.

Best Regards,
Barrister David Smith

Fortunately, Frida Fondel is looking for a loan. So she fills out the application.

Name: Frida Fondel
Address: 643 Thomas St.
Amount Required: $52,836
Duration: I'd like to keep it forever
Purpose: Upkeep of inn (visit the url in my signature for more info)
Applicant Place of work: Four Inn Refuge

Attn : Frida Fondel,

Good day to you, how do you do today ?
As a result to your e-mail over the loan i impore you contact the finace house with the details below :

Contact Mr.Bill : [head of account dept]

E-mail : [email protected]��

Bank Web Address :

I await your urgent reply, until then have a wonderful day ahead.


Alright, it all seems a little strange to Frida, but she's willing to play along for now. Surely the good barrister has forwarded Frida's request onto Mr. Bill and we can hit the ground running right?

Hello Mr. Bill:

I have been in contact with one Barrister David Smith regarding getting a loan. After submitting my infromation to him, he directed me to email you. I presume he has shared with you my contact information and the amount I wish to get a loan for so there is no reason to go over it again. Please let me know what the next step is.

Also, if I may be so bold as to ask, back in the 1970's there was a very funny actor named Mr. Bill. He suffered many injuries while on a show called Saturday Night Live which I believe led to him leaving the show. Anyway, given that he is now starring in Visa commercials, and with you being in banking, I was just wondering if that is you? If so, I commend you for your work.

Alas, it appears Mr. Bill has no knowledge of neither his name sake nor me.


Dear Sir,

Sorry it is not me.Please tell us your porpose of loan and amount you intend to loan.


Wow, two strikes against these guys: not only has the barrister not shared Frida's request with Mr. Bill but Mr. Bill got her gender wrong! Time to get to the bottom of things...

Mr. Bill,

Thank you for your response. It is probably best that you are not the Mr. Bill of Saturday Night Live fame. He suffered greatly due to his injuries, although to look at him in Visa commercials you'd swear he's as good as new and hasn't aged a day!

Anyway, why did Barrister David Smith not share my request with you? I requested $52,836 to make repairs to my business, Four Inn Refuge. You may learn more about the business and me at the web address in my signature.

Also, while visiting my website, please check out my bio. There you will see that I am a woman. Please do not address me as Sir.

And now to try and get David's excuse...


I got a response from Mr. Bill; he apparantly had no information from yoiu about my loan request. I had to explain everything all over to him! Tell me just what is your part in all this? If you aren't sharing my correspondence with you to Mr. Bill, why should I send you my correspondence with him?

Alas, no response from Dave, but Mr. Bill is back asking Frida to repeat herself yet again.

Dear Madam,

Please go to our website : and fill the laon request form.


But Frida is tired of saying the same thing over and over...

Mr. Bill,

May I ask why it is necessary for me to repeatedly submit my loan request? This is going to be my third time explaining myself! Now, I understand that Barrister David Smith did not share my information with you and that you were just doing your job by asking me to submit my loan request to you, but I think enough is enough. You have my info. It isn't going to change.

And while I'm on the subject, is there any place that I can go to register a complaint against the Barrister? Clearly he is not doing his job and somebody should know about it. He hasn't responded to my requests for more information and I'm starting to think he is running some sort of scam. Did you know he asked me to forward every email I receive from you on to him?

Anyway, I'm sorry to ramble about David, but I really think this guy needs to be investigated. I await your response.

About an hour after sending this email I recived word from the isp for that they had suspended the account so it's unlikely that I will hear back from Mr. Bill. I am trying to get Dave involved again.


I am concerned, I haven't been able to reach Mr. Bill today. My emails to him keep bouncing back and the Hackney website is down.
What's going on?

The end?

United Kingdom x4 United States x2 China x2 Ghana Malaysia

"I believe something must be wrong with you by doing this to me" - Simon Om

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