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 next-of-kin of South Korea President! - Bait in progress

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my second bait, let's see how long I will manage to hold my little fish... I'm a newbie, so advices are warmly accepted.

The fish wrote me the following:


From: J0hn C0le
To: [email protected] Lec0ntes

> Hello and how are you doing?
> I would like that you treat this email with all seriousness
> until now, I
> am Mr. J0hn C0le by name and I work with a bank in REPUBLIC
> am the head of files and computer department of ESTATE
> and I am presently in charge of the government account. I
> have discovered
> that some of the account are dormant with a lot of money in
> the account,
> on further investigation I found out that one particular
> account belong to
> the former president of south Koreans MR PARK CHUNG HEE,
> who ruled south
> Koreans from 1963-1979 and this particular account has a
> deposit of
> $6.5Million with no next of kin.
> Since I am the account officer and the money in the account
> is dormant and
> there is no next of kin because the past president hid the
> money here in
> our branch when he was still in office. Obviously the
> account owner the
> former president of South Korean died long time ago,
> leaving the money
> behind and nobody is claiming it because there is no next
> of kin.
> The money he deposited was $6.5million and this is the
> reason why I have
> invited your faithful and trustful participation to contact
> the claims
> department of our bank for the transfer of the $6.5million
> into your
> account as the next of kin. [I really can't believe how lucky I'm] I have all the entire documents
> to back you up
> as the legal next of kin to Late Mr. Park Chung Hee who was
> the former
> president of South Korea for our mutual benefit. Please if
> this is of
> interest to you I will advice that you contact me through
> my direct email
> address. [email protected]. Please this
> transaction
> should be kept confidential and the sharing ratio of the
> total funds will
> be on equal basis.
> Your reply will be appreciated, Thank you,
> J0hn C0le.

I answered with my fictional identity: a french businessman from Arles called [email protected] Lec0ntes, that owns with his brother a firm that sells and buys bulls for bullfighting (for which Arles IS famous)!
Note that the surname lec0ntes in french can be read as "le con t'es" or "le con tu es", that means more or less "the sucker you are".


From: [email protected] Lec0ntes
To: J0hn C0le

Dear Mr. J0hn C0le,

I'm sorry for answering late, but my google mail has wrongly put your
mél in the spam box, and since my informatic technician will be away
until the next week, I have some troubles.

Let me introduce me: my name is [email protected] Lec0ntes, and I'm a french
businnessman well-known in Arles; with my brother, I'm the CEO of "Ami
[email protected]@u", a firm that buys and sells bulls for games and bullfights
(Arles is a city as famous as Spain for bullfighting). The affairs are
going pretty well, and we are going to expand ourselves, so your offer
would be perfect in order to gather some money to build another
bullfight arena for testing bull strenght.
However, due to the huge amount of money, I would like to have some
guarantees: for example, from your letter it seems I should claim the
money as next of kin, but obviously I have no asian tracts and
therefore there could be some problems.

Please, give me more detailes about the affaire and answer me soon.

Best Regards

[email protected] Lec0ntes

Chef de la direction du "Ami [email protected]@u SAS"

J0hn replies with some standard bullshits


From: J0hn C0le
To: [email protected] Lec0ntes

Thank you for your response to my urgent proposal even if you are not related to him. I want to assure you that this transaction is very serious and you have only few working days to claim the funds to avoid loosing the funds to Government. Late Mr. Park Chung Hee deposited the funds (US$6.5 Million) in our bank without indicating an alternative next of kin.

After the death of Mr. Park Chung Hee and his family, no body has ever come forward to claim these funds as the next of kin for over six years now. I have all the documents relating to these funds are with me because I am the personal account officer to Late Mr. Park Chung Hee. These documents will empower you to claim the funds successfully without any hitches. With my profession as a banker, my instructions and directives as an insider in the bank will make everything go successful Within 7 working days.

This Golden opportunity came to us as a platter of gold and we have to be serious to make it happen. You have to understand that there is greedy people all over the world, not everybody will be happy because you are getting US$6.5 million, people must be jealous of you that is the most important reason why you have to always keep this deal confidential for security of our families. [Wahn.]

The first step we are going to take is to sign an agreement letter before I release all the documents to you, after both parties has signed and agreed to move on with the transaction, I will send to you all the documents and application form for you to apply for the funds in my bank. Remember you have to act fast so that the Government won’t take over these funds, it in our banking policy that if such deposit remains unclaimed for a period of 8 years and above, it will be transfer to Government account as unclaimed deposit of deceased customer.

As soon as we sign agreement between us, I will release all the documents to you and application form for you to contact the bank for processing of the transfer.

My contacts are as follows:-

Mr. John Cole.

Office Address: 12 Morahton Avenue Kerewan, Republic of Gambia.
Home Address: 15 Mission Hill roads, Republic of Gambia
Tel: 0112347083204522 (Dial exactly like this 0112347083204522 and you will get through.
Work Email: [email protected]

I need your full name, address and private Tel Phone Numbers for easy communication, once I receive your information’s I will be sending to you the partnership agreement letter in my next message to you and let you know what next to do.

Call me upon the reciept of this mail if you have any urgent question
Hope to hear from you soon.

John Cole

My important businessman has some doubts: a year ago he had a bad experience and he is a bit suspicious.


From: [email protected] Lec0ntes
To: J0hn C0le

Dear Mr. John Cole

Thank you for your prompt answer: as a businessman, I like people that
don't make waste other people's time.

I would have no problem to send the information you required, after
all we are in affairs; however, I would like to have some proof of the
existence of this money. You have to realize, Mr. Cole, that I'm a
serious businessman and I cannot give personal details such telephone
number to everyone; a years ago, some arrogant animalist activists
against bullfighting took my number somewhere and started to send me
death threats all the day, until I went to the police and I made
arrest them. From that episode, I'm very cautious, and therefore I
prefer you give me further details of the deal: forward me an official
document of your bank that certifies the existence of the money and
immediately after we can go on with other details.

Best Regards.

Little John precises that he is an honest man and he is not trying to scam me. Yeah.


From: J0hn C0le
To: [email protected] Lec0ntes

Dear Mr. Jacques,

Thanks for your prompt response to my mail which was well understood. I am a family man with a wife and three kids, and cater for all of them. I am a Christian and an honest man who will not hurt his/her fellow human for money [None doubts about this, Mr. C0le] . You have the wrong impression about me, we both want to help our self and our families as well, and I work very hard to feed and cloth my family [I'm starting crying] and I have kept this transaction to myself before contacting you.However, I know that there is bad people every where in the world, my family and I will not be a party to any evil plans, if this deal is not real I wouldn’t have contacted you [This is a superb rationale!] .

Attached to this mail is my official ID card where I work and the Deposit certificate of the $6.5Million which was deposited by Late Mr. Park Chung Hee. Do not be scared of anything going to go wrong in this transaction because I have all legal documents and information to back you up in making the claims of the funds as the true next of kin in our bank without any problem.

All I need from you is to trust me and have it at the back of your mind that this transaction is 100% real and free risk, you are advice to send me the required details such as your full anems, your mailing address and your private cell phone number Nope. where I can reach you easily for more discussions in regards to this transaction so that we can proceed immediately without any further delay because time is not our friend in this transaction.

Have a nice day and hope to hear from you soon. [Sure, little fish: you are really entertaining me! ]

God bless us,

J0hn C0le.

[Some shitty ID and bank documents attached]

Time to reply; I sent him my "identity card": a corrupted jpg file that I renamed as .odg (open document graph). I'm an important businessman but since my informatic technician will be away I can send documents only in this form.


From: [email protected] Lec0ntes
To: J0hn C0le

Dear Mr. J0hn C0le

I didn't mean to questioning about your honesty. Both of us are
carrying out a business and it's right that we give each other mutual
insurance about our willing to reach a good result: this is the way of
working that a decent businessman should pursue.
Probably you are more confident about internet technology, but I'm
not, especially now that my informatic technician is away and I cannot
count on him to solve technical problems.

Thank you for your useful information; now I'm much more determined to
carry out this business.

I'm aware that we should act fast, so explain me exactly what I have to do.

As you requested, I put my ID as attachment. [Corrupted Open Document Graph file]

The address of the "Ami [email protected]@u SAS" is the following:

"Ami [email protected]@u SAS"
Boulevard du Framboises Bleus 7/A [Framboises Bleus means "blue raspberry", but in Gambia they don't speak french]
CP 13200
Arrondissement d'Arles
Département Bouches-du-Rhône
Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

If you think it necessary [I'm sure you won't] , you can send me any documents to this
address, but take care of specifying the following: "Réservé - à
l'attention du M. [email protected] Lec0ntes". In general the mail is controlled
also by my brother, who is too suspicious to be part in this affaire

Best Regards.

[email protected] Lec0ntes

Chef de la direction du "Ami [email protected]@u SAS"

The fish replies, a bit upset: he really want my phone number


From: J0hn C0le
To: [email protected] Lec0ntes

Be informed that i recieved your mail without the required details to enable us proceed with this transaction however, i espect you to send me your private cell phone number where I can easily reach you for private discussin in regards to this transaction that is very necessary and important. As soon as i reconfirm the above informations from you, i shall draft out an agreement letter which we will both sign before i can be able to release the entire documents that will back you up in making the claims of the $6.5Million in our bank as the true next of kin to Late Mr. Park Chung Hee without any problem.

Note that much delay has been putting into this transaction which will not bring a fast and successful end of this transaction because time is no longer our friend. Do call me on my cell phone number which i sent to you and i will be happy to speak with you before anything take place. [No way, man]

I will be waiting to recieve the required information from you as soon as possible.
J0hn C0le

Let's see if he is so dumb to believe this...


From: [email protected] Lec0ntes
To: J0hn C0le

Mr. John Cole,

IF you had checked my ID I sent to you, you WOULD have noticed that my
office telephone number and my mobile number are ALREADY there, since
at least one valid number it is required by the law in each french ID. [What a bullshit!]
I don't want to be rude, but I'm an important businessman, with
businesses worth millions of euro to organize [Money....Money...] , and I cannot waste time
with people that are not able to carry out a simple task like this.

I should be in the office all the day today and tomorrow, since I have
to meet some important clients, so call me or send me an e-mail and
we'll discuss further terms of the deal. Otherwise, please don't waste
my precious time anymore.


[email protected] Lec0ntes

Chef de la direction du "Ami [email protected]@u SAS"

That's it, for now. However, I have ready my "office number" (a public payphone in Paris) for the next e-mail.
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