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 prince celeb chekwas - world's worst scammer

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Mentor Slut

Joined: 07 Apr 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 6:55 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my first published bait - not my best work, but pretty short. Comments and suggestions are welcome. I colorized parts of emails that I really liked.

This Lad was a piece of work - not too bright and a few goofy, entertaining emails. I would be amazed if he made any money at this at all.

I baited this guy after reading a post from rootuser that he was quite funny and at the bottom of the food chain.

Sent:Fri 5/09/08 1:56 AM To: [email protected] wrote:
Thank you for your email. I know we have written before because you used my first name and nobody knows what it is.

I see was very interested in the business proposition you made but I can't remember what it was. I suffer from short-term memory loss - especially when it rains. It's been raining here for the last few days, so I have no idea what we were talking about.

Please remind me of our business and how I may help you.

Regards - Stinky [baiter name]

Took a few days to hear back from him. He was pleased to remind me that exporting used footwear or top-grade London fashion was a potential goldmine. I didn't get the last sentance at all.
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Mon 5/12/08 7:16 PM wrote:
Dearest [baiter name],

Good night, how is today i hope succefully,

i want to start by shipping second hands shoes to Togo and cloths i mean first Gade London Bills to Benin cotonou.before diracting to cars, and that should be at Abuja nigeria,

Please, Look into this money i requiresting from yopu not to use it unwisely but for me to be somebody and taking care but mother and my sister is now 7 days sickness and 3 moonth free, finance to start.

yours obedient son
onwuchekwa chima or Augustine celeb.

you can riche me through this phone numbers,+233 027 266 2427

I threw in a few movie references (Mean Girls and Forrect Gump) to waste a little time and draw his story out of him.
Sent:Tue 5/13/08 12:44 AM To: [email protected] wrote:
Dearest onwuchekwa chima or Augustine celeb,

What name do you prefer to use? A lot of people still call me Stinky. They call me that because I work on a fishing boat and my job is to bait the nets. Since I always smell like fish they call me Stinky - but I prefer Baiter. There's one guy that calls me "O Great Baiter". I think that's really cool.

I don't have to work because my Daddy is a gazillionaire. He invented toaster strudel. Have you ever had that? But I like to, so I do. I also cut the grass on the football field for the high school just because I like to.

Anyway, I did some looking on the internet and I bet we could make a LOT of money by exporting used footwear to Togo. What does diracting cars mean? I'm not too smart when it comes to big business.

write back - Stinky Baiter [baiter name]

okay - guess I'm incontrol of the scam?!? No format, script or request for money?!?
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Wed 5/14/08 4:32 PM wrote:

Thanks for your writing ,and possetive answer,meanwhile i will like us to start with importation of footwears to Togo,we are going to make much money out, if you agreed.Then tell me when.

onwuchekwa chima is in our language, but you can call me prince, augustine celeb

Thanks for your understanding.

Sent:Wed 5/14/08 6:21 PM To: [email protected] wrote:

is summer a good time to sell used, imported foot wear in Togo? doesn't Togo have their own domestic used footwear industry? what is your plan?


f he wasn't asking, I figured I'd just lay it out there for him.
Sent:Wed 5/14/08 10:55 PM To: [email protected] wrote:
Prince, Augustine Celeb

I am very excited about our potential business deal. There are a lot of people in Togo who could use used shoes. Is this the part where you ask me to send you money through Western Union or Moneygram? Please respond to me urgently.

Stinky Baiter

Back to the used shoes. And still no request for cash.
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Sat 5/17/08 8:29 PM wrote:
Dearest Stinky,

I love your question, you see Togo is in africa we do not think about summer,everybody consitrect on foriegn if you can load 20 fit contianner of fairly used footwears, and cloths (bells) then you shipp it and come down and witness by your self how i sale it.or you come with the money i will direct goods from london down here with the money your going to provide to me.i hope you understand me.


Now he wants me on a safari. For a moment I thought I was being had, but the IPs were from West Africa.
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Sat 5/17/08 8:34 PM wrote:
Please Stinky if you can come by yourself fine.i prifect it than western union, but if you can send it through any of money gram oky.but concider the first letter i ask about summer.

Try another approach - just blab a little.
Sent:Mon 5/19/08 8:30 AM To: [email protected] wrote:

Since your name is Prince, are your Mommy and Daddy a Queen and a King? That would be pretty cool. I don't meen cool like air conditioning. Di you have air conditioning in Africa? I mean cool like The Fonz was cool. Do you know Fonzie? I don't thin he ever cam to Africa.

I looked in our basement. We don't have a 20 feet container to send fairly used footwear in. Then I went ot the Container Store and even they don't have one. Where doyou get a 20 feet container. Wouldn't that only hold like 10 pairs of shoes, being only 20 feet and all?

Maybe we should get the stuff from London. That would be cool (like The Fonz I mean). Can you send me pictures of the kind of stuff you are thinking about?

I could try and buy a ticket to come to Africa. Can I stay with you?

Write back.

He's going for the safari way too early. And he finally asks for money for the first time - without instructions on where to send it - and then berates me for the delay in the same email!
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Fri 5/23/08 5:17 PM wrote:
Dear i call the number you give me you told me to take my time why,my prince is for great mommy and daddy, i hope you understand,if your ready to do it not to fuck me up you just buy the ticket and come by your self then i explain more for you then we stay together,are you male or female, or you send me some money to start the business, and stop delaying me on this.



There's only one explaination for an email like that! Then a little fun with the don't fuck me up thing. And I went ahead and sent a copy of the airline ticket. Tried to get his attention by waving a little more money around.
Sent:Tue 5/27/08 10:33 AM To: [email protected] wrote:
Security scan upon download 62704686.jpg (26.7 KB)


What kind of drugs are you smoking? Because that must be some real quality shit based on your last email. You must have been fucking stoned out of your mind! Can I have some when we meet?

By the way, are you gay? I thought you were gay, after all your name is Prince, but wasn't sure. Now that you said you want me to 'fuck you up', I am pretty sure you are. It's OK with me if you are. But I am not gay and I don't want to fuck you up anywhere. If you want to get fucked up you know where, that's up to you. But just don't ask me to fuck you up there, okay? We can be friends and business partners, but that's all, okay. I knew you would understand.

I bought my tickets to come to Africa. I attached a scan of one so you have the details. Can you help make hotel reservations?

You never said how much money we need to start our used shoe export business in Togo. Is $9,900 enough? This is all I can bring on the plane with me. Do you need money before I arrive?

I still can't find a 20 feet container. I even went to the morgue and they don't have one. What will we do?

Please reply urgently.

So he'll deal drugs for the cash? And after waving $10k, he finally asks for ... $500!
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Tue 5/27/08 5:26 PM wrote:

i heard you i do not use it but i like to do the business because it give much money,that is the line i like also, if i see trusted and intrested person, which god will provide to me as you my dear,with that a mount we can buy from seaport at Lome Togo There is white who sale oncontianers at that seaport and we are going to make profit on it,because many here used to buy from there, so i will like you to come with that amount and how nise and wise i will aply to mutiply it

Your hotel you tolk about, choose hotel the peace, beach ocean,before your plane land at lome Togo just call my number to let me know, then you send me some money like 500 dollors for expence of comming to lome to welcome you.because am at Accra Ghana.

yours prince
+233 27 266 2427

Try to set the stage for a trophy of some sort. Somehow I don't thik he'll get it.
Sent:Tue 5/27/08 10:12 PM To: [email protected] wrote:
Dear Prince

Please don't lie to me. If I am to be your friend and business partner, we must be honest with each other. And seriously, dude - you are for sure smoking some wild ass grass or other potent shit to come up with emails like these. I would appreciate it if you would share.

Anyway, I am ready to come to Togo if you can show me how we will make money and you are a real business man. I have recently heard about criminals that lure americans to Africa or Eastern Europe then murder them. Have you seen the movie Hostel? That scared the shit out of me. You wouldn't do that to me, would you? Do you like to chop people up? I hope not.
To be safe, I need you to prove to me that you are a normal and honest business man. I am not sure how. Do you have any ideas?

From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Wed 5/28/08 1:28 PM wrote:
Dearest, this is all about me i have suffered on the street, sleep on the road, bout i did not one engaged myself with thief dueto family i come from how i was brouth up that spirit still in me , my father is a native doctor and his death on 1993 but my mother is jehovah witness and other of my 2 sisters i follow her but due to how my family is i decided to move out to build my self and my own family.

so do not be afread of me i will never chop your own percentage ownly my i will collect.just come with the money, but try to send that one i told you for expences, my dear.


OK, go for a trophy as this bait is goin' nowhere.
Sent:Wed 5/28/08 10:21 PM To: [email protected] wrote:

I read your story and am impressed you have come from such tragedy to the successful businessman you are. I apologize for accusing you of drug use. It is clear that you are just completely whacked on a deeper organic and physiological level.
I am preparing the papers for our business and the investment I will make. I need to get the money from my trust fund.
I will need your help with a few things to get the $9,900 plus your $500 in expense money from my banker.

First - please tell me where to send the $500 in expense fees.

Next - I need 2 things from you urgently:

(1) A letter from you - hand written and certified by a Barrister as an original - explaining our business and the investment you wish me to make. I must present this to the banker to get money

(2) Some form of ID from you OR a local Barrister that will prepare import/export papers

Please send them immediately so I can get the money before my trip.


*** CAME IN 50 EMAILS ***
This was pretty wierd. I opened my email account and has about 50 emails from him. The first email has 1 word - and each successive email had 1 more work than the last. This is the last email of the series and has the whole message. He finally gets the 'chopping' I was referring to.
From: celeb chekwas (celebc[email protected]) Sent:Thu 5/29/08 3:19 PM wrote:
why you white like somebody who will froud you first befor you agreed with the person for reality,my friend or whatever i do not have any paper for that people do business without consulting barrister if only there have understanding to each other which your afread of me no need you can not stay with me you will also be fread if i kill you or froud you and collect your money and chop,mean you do not have trust to me upon what i explain to you.or do you think i just answer prince?or what only that i have not get my onw money yet not that i do not have money this is the ways to covert prince money to reality if you can understand what i mean by prince,am not for froud or 419 you may call it. if need drug i have the contact also any kg you need it i will consult .
AL i know is that God or gods will still provid some one how will agreed for real business then from there i collect my and the person al so take his or her onw peroid ,so since your not intresd on reality please please do not write back, my lord will be annoyed with you if you do. if your sending any money let be through money gram, or western union

Sent:Thu 5/29/08 3:33 PM To: [email protected] wrote:

Are you smoking of that really really good weed again? I think you must be. I just got 50 emails from you - each with one or two more words than the last. You must be completely stoned out of your fucking mind!

Here's the deal. Stop fucking around - I couldn't understand a word you wrote. Get off the shit, quit drinking that monkey piss or whatever you've been drinking, and for goodness sake don't smack your head against the wall anymore. You are funny, but you are fucked up.

OKAY. Now that that's out of the way ...

Where do you want me to send the $500? By Western Union?

You must send a letter describing the business you wish me to invest in. Fake the Barrister's name if you want to. I don't care but I cannot get the $9,900 money without that note.

I need your photo ID, please send it now.

You are too funny dude.

[baiter name].

Nothing is working, so I ASEM on an email with payment detaiuls from another bait. Apparantly this git under his skin - but I have no idea wha he's talking about.
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Thu 5/29/08 3:27 PM wrote:

--- On Thu, 5/29/08, [baiter name] <[email protected]> wrote:

Subject: RE: re.ref no. 2116SuK3
To: "Andrew Ness" <[email protected]>
Cc: "Mr. William Gills" <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, May 29, 2008, 9:56 AM

Mr. Ness

Thank you for your email. Below are the answers to your questions:

I bank with the Yoknapatawpha County Community Private Bank & Trust
I do not owe them any money so my credit balance is $0
Yes, I have applied for a loan before.

So you know, I am applying for a loan to:

1) finance my business to sell computers to a newspaper in Abuja, Nigeria thru a local business partner. You can contact [email protected] to confirm
2) to get my son's boat out of a tree - it got there during the recent flood. i attached a picture
3) to remodel and expand my other son's safari business. Based on my success in Nigeria, he is thinking about Nigeria/Benin/Togo and is looking for a business partner there.

Please let's get on with this. Thank you.

[baiter name].

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: re.ref no. 2116SuK3
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 11:13:33 +0000

blah blah blah

Mr.Andrew Fisher Ness
International Financial Supervisor.

Sent:Thu 5/29/08 3:38 PM To: [email protected] wrote:

Where did you get this email? This is my private business. Why are you stealing my emails and sending them to me? How did you get this? Who is OYEDEPO BISHOP OF 419?

You are beginning to worry me Prince.

[baiter name].

Now we're getting somewhere. I have no idea who Gloria is.
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Fri 5/30/08 3:31 PM
This is long story if i telling what happaned may be you can understand me or you can over look me but it real , am not just ordinary prince am real that is reality am tell you.but that is not the main issue,are you comming with the money( 40,000 pounds london) i told i want to use and start business when give me date and where to meet you in Ghana here, am still on the circle area sleeping on street road side now even today am writing to you,and do not fuck me up like before am serious over this telling me to write to Gloria.

yours prince
onwuchekwa chima (celeb)

Sent:Fri 5/30/08 4:13 PM To: [email protected] wrote:

Thanks for the email.

Prince, I beg of you, tell me where to send your $419.00 in travel money. If you cannot figure out how to tell me where to send your advance fees and are sleeping on the street, maybe you should consider another line of work.

Second, let's be clear here ... I am not gay and I will not fuck you up anywhere no matter how may times you ask.

Fourth, I will find £40,000 to import goods from London. You must first send me a list of what you wish to import.

[baiter name].

From: onwchekwa chima ([email protected]) Sent:Sat 5/31/08 1:29 PM wrote:
please sir,i will like to know if are to send me cash to tavel and come and buy it or through goods because the type i need, is direct London cloths bells,first grade second bells and shoes.

if your send goods cloths, let is be, Oreginar Short, Men shirt, men trussers, men polo t shirt, bed spreed., C.C.r

Yours obedient winning prince

onwuchekwa chima.

Sent:Sat 5/31/08 4:01 PM To: [email protected] wrote:
Prince -

I have deposited $500 with Integrated Wire Transfer Services. Your security code is iWi11BEagaYP0rN0b0y4U.

I still need proof of your identity. Please send me a photograph of you - hold a sign with your security code on it. When I receive the identity photo I will send you the modality of where to pick up the money.

If you do not do this, I must have an identity letter signed by a local barrister.

For our import business, I have secured $75,000 US dollars to invest. I need a more complete list with desctiptions of all the items you wish to import from London. I expect you to take leadership as I don't know anything about importing and exporting used shoes, bells and trusses to Togo. What is a CCr?

Thank you.

[baiter name].

Sent:Tue 6/03/08 1:36 AM To: [email protected] wrote:
Prince -

I went to the bank today and got the investment cash. But I don't know where to send it. You said we could make a lot of money and I know we can. I am worried that you have left me for a business partner willing to pay you more.

I do not want to lose this opportunity. I am willing to send $9,000.00 to invest now. I will bring $50,000 more to invest when we meet in Togo. You can have a 60% cut of the profits.

Please write back urgently.

[baiter name].

I finally lay it out for him as clear as I can and he disappears. So I send him a video of laying out a few thousand in cash on the kitchen table.
Sent:Tue 6/03/08 5:11 PM To: [email protected] wrote:
Security scan upon download money.wmv (7.7 MB)

Prince -

I am serious. Where are you?

Sent:Wed 6/04/08 8:08 PM To: [email protected]; [email protected] wrote:
Security scan upon download money.wmv (7.7 MB)

Prince -

I am serious. Where are you? Please email med back if you are you dead and we must cancel this deal.

That got a bite.
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Thu 6/05/08 4:03 PM wrote:
Iam now at circle Accra Ghana,

phone contact number if you, 027 266 2427 or +233 27 266 2427 it will start work on friday is not with me here.this is seanson of this business (shoes) at dearest.

yours prince
onwuchekwa chima

Notice the change in attitude and a different email. I think I may be getting dolla chopped. The WU instructions are not very explicit.
From: onwchekwa chima ([email protected]) Sent:Thu 6/05/08 5:53 PM wrote:

i for get to give you name to put the money to me at Circle Accra Ghana,


from yours prince.
onwuchekwa chima.

From: onwchekwa chima ([email protected]) Sent:Thu 6/05/08 5:57 PM wrote:

i hope you told me that your coming by yourself ,what brought about holding sign and not holding sign since your coming by yourlfdown here, please if your not seroius just forget about this fucking mail your writing to me. after all you knows me very where only that is heard to you to open up peroid

Sent:Thu 6/05/08 6:32 PM To: [email protected] wrote:
I tried to call you mobile and the phone company said the line was disconnected.
You must email me the instructions on where to send the money. You must also arrange to meet me in Togo on June 16.

[baiter name]

Sent:Thu 6/05/08 6:35 PM To: [email protected] wrote:
Did I forget to tell you that I was coming by myself? Silly me. I am.

I am very serious about making money. Aren't you? I am in need of a good business partner who is not a stupid, lazy goat fucker. Are you a stupid, lazy goat fucker? I hope not.
Please tell me where to send the money.

[baiter name].

** received twice **
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Fri 6/06/08 4:32 PM wrote:
Dear i read your letter,i feel happy over it ,immediatly i recieve the money ,itrave down to Togo and waiting to welcome you at the hotel i told , hotel the peace,because am member of prince peace hood.

Send the money to Circle Accra Ghana, western union or money gram,this name below i will recieve it.


yours prince
onwuchekwa chima

From: onwchekwa chima ([email protected]) Sent:Fri 6/06/08 4:37 PM wrote:
Dearest less i forgate,my handset mobile will be with me on thursady evening this week so call me between thursady 8p.m


I'm not gonna get a trophy, so let's see if he'll spend the afternoon clicking for cash.
** sent to both addys **
Sent:Sat 6/07/08 12:40 AM To: [email protected] wrote:
Prince -

I have sent you $785 US only. They said since it was going to Ghana = and there are a lo of scammers and criminals in Ghana = I must use a secure modality.

Go to and enter the following security code: 3cc562b594e3721e0aeaf4544a9613f3
Follow the instructions. You will obtain the MTCN #.

Regards - [baiter name].

From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Sat 6/07/08 9:49 AM wrote:

i heard what you said that is truth, but that procces i do know it , please i will like you inother to protect this money from froud stars or thiefs, send the control number two terms, like if the number is 254 712 then you firts send 254 before 712 there is noway anybody on this earth can know it, even the person ia spirite he or she can not get the code if realy want to send it to me. that name i gave,which PATRICK OHAJA

yours prince

peace hood.

am washing my white handkachief and there is fanta orange which i like far from me now which i need near.kiss

Sent:Sat 6/07/08 10:39 AM To: [email protected] wrote:

Go to

Enter this code: 3cc562b594e3721e0aeaf4544a9613f3

You will get the control number.

[baiter name]

From: onwchekwa chima ([email protected]) Sent:Sat 6/07/08 6:02 PM wrote:
your not seroius, let forget about sending this money ,the one am with will do it, and do not expect me to married you in yur lifeand any of my thing you eat get ready to pay back, i know you, you used to cross your ledge if sitting down.since you do not what to cooperate

am not maga ,guy, or 419, i have pass all this level, am reality in everything that why i choosed import and export to collecting my own money, if lke delaying your self not sending the money untill gods need then you explain

from prince

Guess he didn't like MTCN S3cur3 - but he didn't even log in. Maybe he's be burned there before.
From: celeb chekwas ([email protected]) Sent:Sun 6/08/08 3:14 PM wrote:
fuck with your impressed

Sent:Sun 6/08/08 9:18 PM To: [email protected] wrote:
Prince -

That is terrible language. Why do you use that language with me?

[baiter name]

Haven't heard form him since.

"Listen this guys are scammer..i will fishe them out!!..scam!! run for your there life !!"
"God dam guys i don't know talk like they are me do there email look like mine? shit!! shit!!"
"i have no time to advise you on some fucker!! One love for all"

"i am pissed about all this..writing monkey mails everyday without no end, holy God."
"I am freaky worried about everything that is happening right now."

United States x4 United Kingdom
Safari Stanley: Aba>Lagos>Cotonou>Lagos>Accra "plz i am really dizzy"
Safari Stanley w/ Jayhawk+Gadget+Worf: Aba>Benin City
Closed lad accounts x? Mortar x6
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Mentor Slut

Joined: 07 Apr 2008
Posts: 376
Location: Atlantic Coast

PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:04 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I thought he was gone, but after a week I get this. I have no idea what he's saying ...

prince onwuchekwa chima wrote:
are you on the side of female or male? i will liek to know your belonging because i know that is reason you do not want to send the money for me to start, and i will be comming live meet with others, if circle is giving to me, any place since iam with money.

iam on the woman side because she is the one i saw last on thursday morny, after wesday night,the band and tropect was played, papa who wear yellow lace and wear nothing on his foot.reality.

"Listen this guys are scammer..i will fishe them out!!..scam!! run for your there life !!"
"God dam guys i don't know talk like they are me do there email look like mine? shit!! shit!!"
"i have no time to advise you on some fucker!! One love for all"

"i am pissed about all this..writing monkey mails everyday without no end, holy God."
"I am freaky worried about everything that is happening right now."

United States x4 United Kingdom
Safari Stanley: Aba>Lagos>Cotonou>Lagos>Accra "plz i am really dizzy"
Safari Stanley w/ Jayhawk+Gadget+Worf: Aba>Benin City
Closed lad accounts x? Mortar x6
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