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 Have fun giving this Lad(ette) grief for me.

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Myuutsu Ichigorei
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:46 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Ok in a nutshell this is the YIM of a scammer I Picked up and was victum'd by. I just fell minor victum (a week's worth of emotional attachment is all, best yet though It led me to this site. and thusly I get some lulz from it all. Anyways the scammer's YIM name is juliet4sure02 thats the only contact I have for them he/she is playing the part of a nice "christian" girl who is looking for a real relationship.the name of their "character" is Juliet "she" is 28 years old and I have three photos "she" used for herself.

Heres a little background on the character the scammer was playing. I will be refering to the scammers character as if they were a real person in this discription.

Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian it seems
religion: christian
Hometown: Pauls Valley, OK
Mother: person from nigeria who came to america with her father.
Father: reporter for a poverty aid program in america.
siblings: none
BIO: Basicially she contacted me saying at the moment she was looking on yahoo and saw my profile an Liked what she saw blah blah blah then said she was currently visiting her mother who is in the hospital in nigeria. she said she was a fassion designer in pauls vally OK and had a small shop there. what alerted me to the scam were 2 things, 1 tshe contacted me from YIM with no profile existing in yahoo personls where she said she found me at. there and contacted me via IM. Yahoo personals only allows you TO IM replies to personals sites if you are a paying member with an active profile. when it became certain it was a 419 scam was when they wanted my full name and Address I had given them my real first name already (brandon) Which if you want to say you are my Brandons friend in an intro in baiting "her go right ahead) they then proceded to try the whoel I need it to get you money to deposit in my name. I didnt give information said I woudl give that info in person if we met here in Oklahoma. (tulsa to be specific)

If you want to have fun with them heres some additional info

Places you can say you are from that would be effective would be Norman, OK (thats where OU is its less then 30 mins away from her supposed hometown. Oklahoma city (just a little north of norman) Edmond OK (North west OKC area) Tulsa (where "she" knows I am at) Broken arrow, (suburb of tulsa). Jenks (another tulsa suburb) Talequah (Northeastern state University where I had told her I had went to college at before) so if you want to contact this scammer via IM saying that you are someone Brandon knows (like an old college friend or friend fron highschool going to college in wherever. go ahead and use what i have given you. You cn even mention my first name which is what they know me by as well as the YIM name I was using when they contacted me leet1284 )
Anyways then they wanted money for a flight back here to OK I told them I couldnt give away money as I didnt have it and couldnt afford to help them out I apologized she signed off. If I am contacted by them again I will post the chatlogs in this message. I will be giving out no other real info at all all they know of me is my YIM name my yahoo email and my first name and my hometown (which is a fairly large city so they in no way could find me I figure. any additional information i may or may not give them will all be fake and I am hoping will contribute to helping scambait them to tears. have fun scamminf If you want to Have my help at all in future scamming of them please IM me I dont have the time to bait them but Will give whatever info on their scam that I have.

((sorry for the typos btw, I'm also having to get reay for work while typing this.))
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