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 The (un)holy trinity? A n00bs journey from lurker to member.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 2:23 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Lurking about for a long time, and using my new found access as a basic member, I've come across three huge figures, one massive traveling church, and a camp to provide housing for all. So here goes a n00bs idea of the forums (un) holy trinity, who worships it, and where it lives.

T.W.A.T. triangle is ofcourse the source of the trinity. Without T.W.A.T. how could we get our missionaries into the lovely Abeche golf courses and only cafe on HOSPITAL ROAD (which seems to lack the hospital part).

The top of the triangle, out of fear and respect of the mysterious power, HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED. I have learned from searching to not name HIM. I'd rather travel to middle earth and start talking about sauron and mordor like they were babies pooping in a play pen.

Supporting on the dolla chopping right corner. G0mer and the g0merboyz. Pure dolla choppas in action.

Supporting on the bad ends for bad lads in the left corner. The (to me, recently discovered) Barry melrose. The magical arresting Barry. They probably installed a turnstyle into that bank that goes straight to the jail.

So with the T.W.A.T. symbol erected with unstoppable support we'd need someplace for them to live, worship, and travel from.

They must CERTAINLY have a church and partnership with 5imba 5afari's. What better place to have a wealthy church than a high class safari like 5imba has?

There the church members can (respectfully) give praises to the trinity. Or send off the wrathful right hand to chop some dolla. Or send out their vengance with the arresting left hand. Then they can have some pizza with extra toppings brought in by 5imba's own van and SUV fleet (barring accidents on the road of course), and have a feast while waiting for their WU secure and MG transfers to go through (100% risky free).

A (n00b's) vision of the (un)holy trinity of 419.
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