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 Oh jeez this guy is off script....

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PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2008 10:06 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

And thinks I have all day to read a book......

Dear Claimant

I thank you very much for your letters well received and I’m very sorry for my late reply to those letters dated Saturday till date respectively , pls kindly accept my apology for late reply.

I due understand you commitment to your Organization to save them money and as you want to accomplished many things while in Africa for your claim of funds it is good, but i will advise you to call it a serious issue of going to Africa for the said claim and for the conclusion of what ever issue you wish to accomplished there very important.

Furtherance the my suggestion for you to be in Africa by 20th I note your reasons that will not permit you to be in Africa by 20th but I would want you to make it a point of duty to be in Africa(Ghana by 30/31st as you said as I will be confirming this to and other cash payment officials in that Sub Sahara Africa concerning your arrival on that date for the claiming of your funds and searching for more investment to humanity and less privileged ones in that Area

I hear the news and saw it Television the horrible thing that happened in Myanmar and i am not happy about it because it involves lives and i thank God Almighty for bringing people like you to this earth and pray that you and your Organization will surely have the reward of God here in Earth and life after death because you are doing a wonderful works touching lives all over the world.
Dear Sara It will be of a great interest for you to do every thing within your reach to be in Ghana come 30th or 3ist may 2008 and don't fail that date because it will not be right to other official or works with this Organization, it is a fact that you are taking care of human beings that is troubles all over there world but it will be nice for you to look into the area of this your claim because of how things is going because of your delay, for the fact that I am covering your interest been aware of what your doing to affect positive changes to lives of people via your organization but remember that other official are as well taking records of all the process or delay in any clients claiming his/her fund from this organization.

It may not be possible for me to meet with you in that country as you know that I am very busy of late and will advise you to be in Ghana on that date so we can meet by God's Grace.

As a Christian Help people must come first because you understand to sake the face of God but remember that an official issue have to be attended to like that of you claiming your funds from Ghana because i believe in my own little way that God has started blessing you and for me having the fearing of God is my reasons of trying all i could to see that nothing happens to your funds so pls create chance within this two date to be in Ghana.

It might interest you to know that I have been in humanitarian serves for a very long time. because I am the judge or one of the judges that delivered judgment to the holocaust of 1st/2nd world war which many affected homes are today benefiting but I promised you strongly that I will look into your advise of meeting with some top USA government officials for an approval to enable work in Albany in New York and other places in the world i will start this as soon as time and chance permits me, i don't bother of getting or making names because i have made name already but all what i care or may want is for peace to be in the world and for those affected badly in any way to receive aids for the sake of GOD.

For your information Attorney S0lom0n and official of this organization is waiting to receive you in Ghana as I told you earlier you have nothing to worry about as they will pick you from air port down to the hotel I have given I advise concerning your arrival to Ghana and every thing concerning you all be perfectly handled even other investment you wish to open for the ageing women in that country i have told him every thing and he is very willing to meet with you and assist you in any way you may want him to, immediately you arrived Ghana and after your claim you can open up with to him concerning the which i have told him already he stand a good chance to advise you legally and the area good for the clubs, don’t bother your head every thing has been taking care of

I'm happy with you because you have touched many lives and God will reward you personally for your wonderful works, i can see many countries you are going to meet with their government official concerning the supply of aids material to them, please keep to you are good as God will Honor you more than men, believe me as you work for God, God with his Angels will work for you and your entire generation.

In your second letter i saw where you said the trip will take a month time and believe me i don't understand which of the month please clarify me more with your tentative flight schedule because this may be out of my power to grant you any further month apart from the date you stated (IAM WAITING FOR YOUR CLEAR CONFIRMATION OF DATE FOR YOU TO BE IN GHANA) BUT PRAY IT WILL BE THIS MONTH BECAUSE THE ORGANIZATION WE WORK MUST NEED ACCOUNTABILITY)

I due understand your willingness to talk with Attorney S0lom0n but for your information I believe it will be better if you meet one on one with him in Ghana and have a word with him concerning this your future investment as you know that he is a consultant Attorney for the holocaust payment in sub Sahara Africa and it is on that form that I introduced him to you I will advise you further that hence you have a personal reason meeting with him for claiming of your over due fund, it will nice for you to leave every thing until you arrived Ghana on 3o/31st of may 2008 then you can sit a round table talk and see things or every thing concerning such investment in a good and official position so that if will be talking to the officials of your organization, you will be talking with assurance because you are there yourself and see things yourself i know and believe that, that I will be a better way to handle this matter for the betterment and clarification of every concerned person(s), I will call you later.

Lastly I wish you the best of luck and God's protection
Remain Blessed.

Anyway - I just flew to the UK and am getting on a TWAT plane right now and landing on a military ship in the morning. Tomorrow I will be in Myanmar to deliver aid. Then I am going to China to deliver aid. Then I am going to Pakistan to visit the old ladies in the there. So in 1 month, he will have heard all about my journeys doing the work of God and will be prepared for me to fly to Ghana.

He just has no idea that I am not going to get permission to fly my private jet into the airport that he has requested.....and then when he travels to get me and can't find me - I'll be telling him that I gave the money to his colleague and that I am leaving Africa tomorrow - I hope he can have lunch with me and his colleague (UB) before I leave back to the US.....and then UB will be kidnapping me for a ransom. I have a month to get the rest of this set up. LOL

In the mean time - this is the lad who has told me that I will die any time from now (or told that to UB in another account) So, I've set him up for a big dollar chop in the future! He already knows UB and it will be a month before he finds out that I, too, have been contacted by UB.

I can't wait for the lad distress.

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PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2008 10:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Geez, you sure that's not a script? Smile That is one wordy mugu. I got confused as hell reading that stuff. Good work as always ED!
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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2008 8:19 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I hope he can have lunch with me and his colleague (UB) before I leave back to the US.....and then UB will be kidnapping me for a ransom. I have a month to get the rest of this set up. Laughing

Why use (UB) as his colleague, why not instead use G0mer from the lotteries commission. Laughing
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