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 Three-way obfuscation and embuggerment

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My first three baits are going splendidly well.

My bank manager is currently battering his head against em tee see en see cure.
Please it is very complecated that the i cannot get the Mtcn of the transaction,so get the hold of the westernunion Agent and get the Mtcn of transaction over to me Asap.

I have slapped him affectionately for not being able to cope with the world's finest and most secure bank transfer system. Reply pending, veering rapidly off script.

My throat cancer victim has sent me a letter of authority to transfer a huge sum into my account from hers so i can distribute it to the poor and starving. it is a credit to the skill of the artist and the mighty tool that is MS paint. I'll post it when he's sick of me and goes home. Still trying to stick to the script, I'll play this straight for a while. Still trying to get "en can ker m3nt" accepted as an english word.

My offer of employment as a money mule is on the rocks since I have administered a good amount of slappage to my prospective employer. he won't give me the company car i want, and has obviously not read my CV, which I promised him I'd sed in Word format ... forgot, sent a PDF instead ... which was actually a DLL. silly me. He is offering over 55K pa though, which is very generous. somewhat off script, having to work a bit now.

Tool one: Ignorance. I'm getting quite adept at this. If you think your lads are miserable buggers when they just won't bloody listen, try scamming me.

God, i love this game. Cool
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