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 Teaching a lad about Halloween

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 3:50 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I have been talking with [email protected] with two charecters. Halloween came up with Randall the lad seemed not to know what is was so he asked J3erry. If the subject of halloween comes up with a real vic this should raise some flags

[email protected]: he is friend from high school
P. J0nes: ok
[email protected]: he having party
[email protected]: i ask you what i should dress up as?
[email protected]: i dont know what that have to do with anything
P. J0nes: ok sweetie i will like you to be dressed up in a nice suit
[email protected]: suit it is halloween
P. J0nes: okay sorry get dressed in a simple cool tee and nice pair of jeans then
[email protected]: i thought you were from US
[email protected]: it halloween
P. J0nes: dont you like to wear jeans and tees or do you wanna dress up like santa claus lol?
[email protected]: ok you dont understand halloween party
[email protected]: i am thinking you have lied to me about living in the united states
P. J0nes: nope thats not true,what do you mean?
[email protected]: what is halloween?
P. J0nes: its a trick party
[email protected]: yeah you not from here
P. J0nes: baby back when i was in the uk we have the halloween and its usually a trick party
[email protected]: ok
[email protected]: you said you live in united states
P. J0nes: yea baby i have never celibrated one over there since i moved there though
P. J0nes: okay baby will you email me?
[email protected]: prob
P. J0nes: okay sweetie i will email you and am gonna miss you
[email protected]: ok
[email protected]: bye
P. J0nes: okay sweetie hold on whats your number again?
P. J0nes: i wanna try to call you from my neighbours phone and se of its gonna work
[email protected]:
P. J0nes: ok sweetie
P. J0nes: You know what?
[email protected]: what?
P. J0nes: try to wear a pink for the easter bunny and some shorts and some different pair of shoes, and socks lol
P. J0nes:
[email protected]: why is that funny
P. J0nes: I know it would sound funny to you
[email protected]: why?
P. J0nes: thats the dressing code of course
[email protected]: ok why it take so long for you to tell me?
P. J0nes: am sorry dear,you said you were going for the halloweens
P. J0nes: and you dont know what to wear meanwhile you know theres a way everyone dresses up that day so it sounded so funny to me
P. J0nes: Baby i wanna try calling you now
[email protected]: ok
P. J0nes: aww damn its asking me to leave a message
[email protected]: sorry baby
P. J0nes: okay baby am going to bed now
[email protected]: ok
P. J0nes: am gonna miss you so much,take care always and enjoy your swinger party my dear i love you so much and will email you in the morning
P. J0nes: bye for now
P. J0nes: so much kisses
[email protected]: love you baby
P. J0nes: love you too
P. J0nes: bye for now my love
[email protected]: ok bye love you

P. J0nes : hello
P. J0nes : sorry am a bit busy now?
J3rry : oh
J3rry : ok
P. J0nes : please whats the meaning of halloween party?
J3rry : you dont know what a halloween party is?
P. J0nes : tell me
P. J0nes : am arguing with someone over here so i wanna correct her cos thier is different over here ok
J3rry : it is part where people dress up as the easter bunny and go bobbing for eggs
J3rry : ok
P. J0nes : how can a man dress that day?
J3rry : he should where a pink for the easter bunny but he must where shorts because that how it is at halloween party and he prob should where 2 different shoes and socks
P. J0nes : is there another name for halloween party?
J3rry : no
J3rry : everybody have them here
P. J0nes : ok
P. J0nes : whats the date?
J3rry : for what?
P. J0nes : halloweens?
J3rry : you told me you from usa u should know this
J3rry : its on november 2
P. J0nes : I am not originally from the usa i just live and work there
J3rry : oh
J3rry: oh i forgot we call halloween swinger party sometimes
J3rry: hello
J3rry : you there>
P. J0nes : yes am here
J3rry : so did you win you arument with friend
P. J0nes : yes
J3rry : good
J3rry : who is the friend?
P. J0nes : my neighbour
J3rry : oh
J3rry: they not know about halloween
J3rry: ?
P. J0nes : yes they are all from africa,do you know am not in the states now?
J3rry: yeah
P. J0nes: ok am in africa now
J3rry: yeah
P. J0nes: okay so what else do you want to knowa about me?
J3rry: so what do you do there?
P. J0nes: nothing i just came here to take care of my sick mom and i spent all i have on her thinking it would save her life but still she died
J3rry: sorry to here that
P. J0nes : ohh thanks
P. J0nes : hold on i will be right back ok
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:24 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi icedtea1

Good job on re-educating a lad.

try to wear a pink for the easter bunny and some shorts and some different pair of shoes, and socks

That made me laugh - love the mental picture that brought to mind.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:18 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Me too, loved the thought of him telling all his friends about it too Laughing

Welcome @icedtea1 and thanks for sharing.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Great work Iced Tea,

Most of us try to de-educate our pets where we can, that is a particularly amusing example of it, well done Laughing

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