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 The dolla chop and mugu emotional torture

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sir scam alot
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This isn't the complete work, I've left some letters out because after the chop, he didn't write me for awhile and I deleted some. This is more for other baiters who aren't familiar with the chop and what it can do to a mugu's mind. Twisted Evil

Bear in mind this is my first dolla chop and it went better than expected. He is emotionally broken right now and perhaps ready for a safari.

After the initial chop (and a horribly insulting email from the chopper address), there is silence from Mr. 0lu and then my character demands to know what is going on. Two angry emails in two days.

Ok, your silence makes me think you are a scammer. I am sitting here and waiting to hear from you and I have heard nothing. What is going on here. Do I need to call the US Embassy or Interpol to get this through your skull?

Do not make me angry,


On 4/17/08, Tracy <m*******> wrote:
Mr. Olu,

I demand to know what is going on here. I have copied Soludo on this email. You two need to find out what is going and get this fixed. I am very angry! I want answer with a quickness!

This finally gets his attention and I get a nasty email:

Listen woman in the begining i made it known to you that you are not the serious type but you fill embarassed but is it showing now someone that is trust worthy or a woman without a word,please i want answer and i want to let you know that i never need your money but to make you become somebody and have good relationship with you for future life but now you failed yourself .

Listen i want to let you know that i am going to get someone else to complete this very transaction and i will write you to inform you that the funds have been release ok.

Yes you have called yourself a hacker not myself called you that name so you have already open whom, you are now to me and if this fund finally get to your bank such type of people like you will run away with the money,i will go and get my passport back from the office no problem you go ahead to fool yourself not me ok.

If you have money i don't know and i want to let you know that i really want to get who you are and that is my reason of following you and now the answer has been giving.

Mr Olu

Of course my character has "lost" $3,000 dollars and will hear nothing of this, and certainly won't let the insults and accusations of being a hacker go.

Mr. Olu,

Do not insult me like this. First, your English is horrible and I am having a hard time understanding you.

I am not a hacker, when did I ever say that to you? I sent the money to Mr. Soludo who contacted me and I am waiting for you to complete this transaction as you have promised. I have been completely serious through this entire hell you and your people have put me through.

Something you may not have learned in your life is to never anger or insult a woman but perhaps you will learn this soon enough.


He's not happy and is threatening to drop the deal. Really?

Listen you should stop fool any body you see or do something with in the name of business or anything because the way you started this very show you are not serious and now you are calling it insult,i will advise since you have send the money to soludo you go and finish it with him because i am going to write the office in spain myself to cancel your name from the payment list ok.

Again i want to let you know also that i have writing to the wema bank plc formally to withdraw your name because you never show as the fund owner and they must take to my instruction ,so advise me now who you are and do you want this transaction to complete and how do you come to know soludo and gomez.

Lastly why have you refuse to for to me your provious communications with souldo and why is his id with gmail .com the same with you and who is soludo can you send his international passport he sent to you in the begining to show you he is the one because the soludo i know is the executive governor of the apex bank of this country and i know his face and work id and int'l id.
So if you are sure of what you are saying kindly answer my questions and let me know your position immediately over this very matter and i want you also to tell me the truth about the money ok.

Now Tracy has already sent the email (which is an email I sent from the chopper account to her account, just messed with the dates a bit), he claims he didn't get the email, but notice how he mentions gmail .com?

Mr. Olu,

I am completely serious and very angry. I forwarded to you the email from Soludo yesterday and if you were to look through your email, you would see it. I don't know why he uses Gmail, but millions of people do. You use Yahoo and millions of people use it too, should I question you?

I have no idea who this Soludo is, he contacted me after I contacted the office in Spain and told me Pedro Gomez was the person who would accept the payment. I never saw his passport because he wrote back to me. Perhaps he cheated us, maybe someone in his office saw his email and pretended to be the payment person. Maybe someone you know setup a fake email address and is pretending to be Soludo the banker to steal your money? Did you ever think of that?

I have told you the complete truth about this money, remember it is my money, not yours. I have been trying to finish this transaction with you and it is because of the reason you have made me contact all these people that we have the mess that we do now. Do not blame me for this, now if you want to continue with me, you will find out who this Soludo pretender is and you will have him arrested.

I will forgive the mistakes that you have made, but no other people will be involved from now on, just you and me.

Do you understand me now?

Now he is a little more compliant because now he sends me this:

Listen do not missunderstood me here ok ,the contact information that was sent to you from the wema bank plc here does it contained Soludo name and how did you come accross the name and email and why do you have to send your money to him and can you send me the mail he sent to you telling you that he is the payment officer and gomez is his representative,because i called the bank and they forward to me the message sent to you with the contact information how there you telling me that it was my mistake.

Well like as i said any further contact from spain henceforth should be send to me first to enable me advise but for now on you have to seize all communication with anyone henceforth ok.

As you said i buy the idea but we have to finish it here because i don't have the money to complete it from here because we have to go back to the court to reddress the issue and call your file back and your fund has to be deliver to you in cash and you know i borrowed money before which i am still finding way to pay back,so tell me now what we are to do and how much you will send immediately and go send it to the name i sent to you before if you are ready and serious and it will be between both of us.

I will be waiting to hear from you now.

That's all fine and dandy but better break him just a little bit more:

Mr. Olu,

Perhaps you do not understand me. I emailed the contact in Spain, like you AND the bank told me to. I got an email back from (dollachoppa account) telling me that he was the contact in Spain and to send the money to Pedr0 G0mez. So I sent the money, $3,000 for them to process the money. This person calling himself Charles S0ludo assured me that he had talked to you and that I was to send him this money and once he received it, he would close the transaction and send me the money we originally discussed. He told me that you would receive your share, that he would personally send the money to you.

So answer me this, what is going on here? I don't feel like you are telling me everything here. Perhaps you need to make sure that your people are not fraudstars and scammers because I think the money was stolen from me.

Please let me know what is going on here.

He is utterly confused and is losing sleep. That's so sad because while I was enjoying the decadent comfort of my Tempurpedic bed with the cats and the dog, he was at his computer (I estimate 2am his time), typing out this message:

Listen this matter is now giving me a sleepless night because the whole thing is confusing me Twisted Evil and why i am worried is that i contacted you in the first place for this very fund transfer and you replied back with acceptance answer and we proceed until i demanded for your help and which you accepted doing and to get this done took us some days without yielding good answer ,my good friend that is why i begining to sense some misfurtune around the whole issue and now what i am hearing is different thing and if you where in my position will you believe me ,so i want you to read my first and answer the questions therein and let me know how you will be able to send .

Becuase if to judge i gave you name and information to send the money now you turned and send the money to spain when you have not even informed me of your contact with them,showing they have contacted now you are telling me you send money to them .

Well that is not disturbing me now because you failed to take to my instructions and you called me your partner,now what are we going to do and get this done because i don't think you will see this people again and as i have told you i am going to petition the officers in spain,so we need some money to finish this very matter ,how do we get the money now please advise me now and let me know how much you will be sending immediately.

Please i will advise you stop further communication with them because even the email look suspicious ,so do not attend to them again and let progress further and get this done .

Please let me hear from you and tell me how you will send now.

Mr olu

Well perhaps he learned his lesson about involving other parties in his transactions and maybe he finally learned to not disrespect a woman or piss one off. (I'm male by the way) However, this is the final letter so far today but I think he's ready for more pain.

Mr. Olu,

You gave me the information after talking to Wema bank and told me that I had to contact them. I DID NOTHING WRONG! I followed your instructions, as you requested. Someone in your organization has taken the money and scammed both of us. Someone you trust is a fraudstar and I am feeling sick at this. How am I to know that you didn't take that money and are now demanding more money from me? I have already lost $3,000 and still have seen nothing but accusations and excuses.

Here is what I have managed to accomplish so far. He's about as offscript as I'm going to get him, he's paranoid, he's losing sleep, he's been verbally abused by a "woman", I've broken him a couple of times, and after all of this, it's HIS fault. Perhaps "Tracy" is ready to make a trip to Africa, 500 miles away from wherever he is, of course.

When things don't go my way, bad things happen. When things go my way, all is right with the world, except their bank accounts which get submitted to Alan. My area of concentration is killing bank accounts and that is usually what I shoot for initially. However, if they balk at that, then they go through this torture.

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