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 Mrs. Ella Snizore Needs My Help! First Scambait

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:20 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I used to be one of the regular contributors to, trashing pedophiles and would-be freaks on AOL chat until it stopped being fun due to all the spambots that chat with each other into infinity there now.

Got curious after a few years of just spam-filtering out this crap, and two days ago got the classic "dying and suffering Mrs. Ella Snizore" who just needs my help to get her precious millions out of the US to will as her legacy.

True to the scambait tips, I use a disposable Yahoo address and info.

I'm sure you all already know the usual "Help me with all my lovely dying-widow cash" plea-bait email, so I'll just post my initial reply:

Would like to help if at all possible. What information do you need and where can I send it to help you the most quickly?

--Mrs. Nancy Carrot

Kept it short and sweet just to see if they'd bite. Sure enough, this morning:

Dear Mrs. Nancy Carrot ,

Thanks for your kind of response with your personal concern to my illness and my misfortune. I appreciate you adding me into your special daily prayers and I pray that God almighty will always be your strenght in whatever you do.
The information, I will like you to provide for me is :

1: Your full name.
2: Your full address contact details.
3: Your mobile phone & fax number.
4: First & second page of your international passport.

Please find here below the contact information of the security company to contact them for the immediate release of the consignment to you as my partner and the beneficiary of the deposited consignment at their custody .

TEL : +22560674745
FAX: +22524390077
EMAIL:([email protected])
EMAIL:([email protected])

I will like you to contact the security company and also contact the security company operational director DR.HASSAN BELLO first through his mobile phone number on +22560674745.

You have to tell them on how you want the consignment to be released and deliver to your care,either by you coming down here to make the claims or by them sending the consignment to you in your country , if possible you can come down here or you can ask them to send the consignment to you over there in your country .

I hope to hear from you. Find the attached file of my international passport to know me more better. Please send me your photos once again and let me know your occupation all the stated required detailks will be submited to the security company as my partner and the beneficiary of the deposited consignment, I will also instruct them to release the consignment to your care upon request. It will be my greatest joy if I can witness the end of this transaction before meeting my grave soon as it is fast approaching according to my medical doctor.
May God bless you Amen.

Mrs.Ella Snizore.

So I figured, now is the time to start laying that groundwork for some real fun. My reply of today:

Dear Mrs. Ella Snozore;

As a sufferer of serious illness myself, I sympathize with your untimely pain and misfortune. Hopefully what help I can render will assist you in helping others avoid similar fate.

My full name is Nancy D. Angle-Carrot (I kept my husband's last name after his death of cancer ten years ago but I only use it on formal documents).

I'm currently in the process of moving, so I don't know what address you want, the one I'm living at or the one I'm moving to. I don't have a fax at present, but my phone number is a cellular number. I'm not sure if it will stay the same because I'm moving to a different zip code, so again I don't know if you can use the current number or I should give the new number when I get it.

The first and second pages of my passport are just the inside cover and the seal of the United States on it. Is that what you need to confirm my citizenship?

I'm not familiar with consignment arrangements. In America consignment usually refers to secondhand clothes or pawned items. When you say you want me to notify the security officer of my method of consignment, are you hiding the money in some sort of clothing packaging or shipping it by way of some sort of secondhand goods distributor?

I look forward to your reply to my questions and God grant you the grace to face your continuing travails with the dignity you've already demonstrated.


Mrs. Nancy Carrot

So, let's see how far along I can string my little dangling-carrot would-be scammer.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Just a thought- if your character is going to "travel" (of course not really) you may want to invent an excuse to move to a Gmail account where it is much more difficult (but not impossible) to find IPs and your location...

Good luck - you have to love the name Snizemore- where in the hell do they get these?

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" I am runing around to get money to pay the photoman that took the photo and I will send it to you for your confirmations in the next 2hours from now"

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