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 My first long scamming the scammer

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:48 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

this is my first post here though I've been reading around for a bit (without registering until now) and after a few months of scamming scammers. I had a few boring ones, but this one was my favourtie ^^
Here it is. Enjoy Smile

Oliver wrote:
From: Oliver Mamallo <[email protected]>
Date: 31st Aug 2007
Subject: From Oliver ( Response Requested Pls)

Good Day!

Oliver Mamallo is my name and a credit officer of the Lloyds TSB Group Plc
I have a proposal to discuss with you concerning one of our late customer
who is a national of your country.

As soon as i hear from you and once we are in
agreements.I would be needing
your assistance in making a business investment in real estate, oil & gas
and any other lucrative sphere of business in your country.

Owing to the urgency of this transaction,i would
appreciate an immediate response from you to confirm the receipt of my
mail. As soon as i get this response from you,I will furnish you
with details of the transaction and the urgency at which i need to get the
funds transfered out of England to you.

Your earliest response to this letter
will be appreciated via my private email address[[email protected]]

Oliver Mamallo.

He sent me the same mail the next day. I replied to the second one. My made-up name is a tribute to a doctor from ER, though I misspelled the surname ^^;

I wrote:
From: Jorgen Morgenstein
To: [email protected]
Date: 1st Sept 2007

Dear Mr Mamallo,

Thank you for your kind offer. I am very sorry to hear about your loss. It is
very tragical when someone dies and it hurts me particularly, when it's someone
national of my country.
I understand your needs and I'm willing to help you.
I hope we can collaborate well.

Best Regards

Jorgen Morgenstein

Replied back to me the same day, yay

Oliver wrote:
From: Oliver Mamallo <[email protected]>
Date: 1st Sept 2007
Sibject: Details from Oliver

Dear Jorgen Morgenstein,

In Receipt of your response and i also thank you for taking out your time to go through my mail as i believe my first mail would come as a surprise to you bearing in mind that you may never have heard of the demise of our late customer (Mr.Louis Morgenstein).

My last mail to you was after weeks of intense search. I came across your contact in my search for a likely next of kin to present to my bank to claim the money our late customer deposited with my bank before his death to the tune of USD47M. The said money was willed to his eldest son who unfortunately died with him in the accident.I wrote you because of the following reasons:

1) There are similarities in your last name and that of our late Customer Mr.Louis Morgenstein2) You both came from the same country3) You will easily be accepted to the bank as his relation and therefore an appropriate next of kin.
Since his death, our bank had written severally until the present deadline on the need to forward a next of kin but i have always believed that someone will come up. They are now threatening to invoke a certain section of the inheritance law of the united Kingdom if we do not present a next of kin at the end of the notice to which the money will be paid. Invoking this section will entails sending the said money to the Government, as unclaimed.that is if the money will ever get there.

I have contacted an Attorney that will prepare the necessary documents that will back you up as the next of kin.He will prepare the "WILL"and Testament bequeathing the assets of the deceased to you and this includes the deposited funds with my bank.
After the drafting and notarization of the "WILL"at the notary public,He will attest to an affidavit of claim in your favor that you are related to our late Customer. This affidavit shall be notarized in the High court of justice here in London.After which he will then apply for the Letter of Administration/probate certificate.This is a letter that will mandate the bank to disburse the estate of our late Customer to you under oath(since your name was not mentioned on his original will).
All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us see this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law.Be Informed also that we shall share the funds in the ratio 50% for me and 45% for you, while 5% should be for Expenses or Tax as your Government may require.
In-order for the Attorney to commence with the documentation process,I will want you to send as a matter of urgency the following information:
i)your full name and addressii)your Tel/fax no.iii)your age, sex and occupation.iv)A copy of your ID Card.

Once i receive the above information from you,the Attorney will commence immediately with the documentation and i shall forward to you copies of the documents for your perusal. Please ensure that you keep this transaction very confidential bearing in mind that i am a public servant that is still in service and i will not want any thing that will jeopardize my career,i hope you understand?
Please do call me on my private line so we can have a voice contact.I will await your response.Regards,Oliver MamalloTel:+447045732985.

I tried to be greedy.

I wrote:
(the To is always the same and subject is always a Re:, so I'll omit them)
Date: 3rd Sept 2007

Dear Mr Mamallo,

I think you are underestimating my role with giving me just 45%. I will be
pretending to be someone's relative, so if something goes wrong, I will get
prosecuted, while you are much safer, as you can say, that you didn't know that
I was lying and that I was working with the attorney behind your back.
In regard to this, I demand my share to be 70%.

I will be waiting your reply.

Jorgen A. Morgenstein

He wants his money. So no for me.

Oliver wrote:
Date: 3rd Sept 2007
Subject: conditions

Dear Mr Jorgen,Thanks for your mail and also for letting me know where you stand.Please understand that am the one inside and i was the one who called you to do this with me. I can always assure you that nothing can never go wrong as the whole documentation will be done by a professional lawyer and for as long as you follow my instructions.The documentation will be costing me so much and you must understand this as i even plan to secure a loan to be able to come up with the money for the documentation and the lawyer will never work on a post paid basis.Also, i need to let you know that when the documentation is completed and the approval is granted, there might be need for you to come physically to the UK to come and sign the clearance documents.I can share it with you 45-55 on the condition that you will be responsible for the bills to executive the documentation here in the UK and upon your agreement to do this, i shall forward the contact information of the Attorney to you so that you can monitor everything yourself.In the meantime, please send the requested information and also a copy of your ID.Waiting to hear from you.Regards,Oliver44 704 573 2985.

He's right. I'll be humble.

I wrote:
Date: 3rd Sept 2007

Dear Mr Mamallo

I understand your point and all the trouble and money you have to spend in order
for this to work.
I thought you needed an attorney, but if it's a lawyer you need, I know a very
good lawyer from London, who would be willing to help us and for quite cheap
(even though we are good friends, I think he would still want some money for the
And if I'll have to come to the UK, it'll be a good opportunity to meet my
friend, since being from New Zealand we rarely get to see each other.

I hope to get my ID by tomorrow.

Best regards

Surprisingly, he doesn't like the idea of a "real" lawyer.

Oliver wrote:
Date: 3rd Sept 2007

Dear Mr Jorgen,We should not go for any cheap lawyer because we have to save costs and i will suggest we keep your lawyer friend that does not know the genesis of this fund out of this.I was going to say an Attorney but i just used lawyer to quickly bring my point home and if you will be coming to Uk, i will suggest you're coming here to take care of business first.Please send other information while i await the ID so that the Attorney can start off with the Documentation tomorrow morning.Waiting for the details from you.Regards,Oliver.

Time to make an ID... I found a picture of a driving licence from Norway on Wikipedia, did some Photoshopping, added an old picture of Morgan Freeman and I had my driving licence!

I wrote:
Date: 4th Sep 2007

Dear Mr Mamallo,

My friend finally scanned my driving licence, so I'm sending it to you.
Here's my other information:
i)full name and address: Jorgen Ashley Morgenstein; 88 Bishopdale Ave, Nelson,
New Zealand
ii)Tel no: +64 3 545 6952
iii)age, sex and occupation: 43, male, worker at a kiwi farm

I'm sorry for not calling you, but calls to the UK from here are very expensive
and as you know, I'm saving money to travel to the UK.

Best regards,



Oliver wrote:
Date: 5th Sept 2007
Subject: Information received

Hi Jorgen,

Thanks for the supplied informations. Please know that i have already forwarded the informations to the Attorney and e as already commenced work on the documentation and i will also keep you updated wit all developments.

Also, note that there will be carges to pay when you come for the final clearance and release of the fund but i cannot ascertain how much precisely this amount will be until when we know the actual finance house that will be detailed to make the payment but as soon as i can lay my hands on this information, i will let you know immediately.

Please do not hesistate to find the means of calling me whenever te need arises for you to do so.


I tried to make him see I'm just a poor guys and make his stop the scam if he had a heart.

I wrote:
Date: 5th Sept 2007

Dear Oliver,

Thank you so much for all the trouble you are going through to help a poor
worker from a far away country you never met! You really are an exceptional
person! I will never be able to thank you enough to show all my gratitude.
If possible, please send me a picture of you and your relatives, so I know how
you look like, when I remember you in my prayers.
Receiving your email was the best thing that happened in my whole life.
Really thank you!
All the best

Nope, no heart.

Oliver wrote:
Date: 6th Sept 2007

Dear Mr Jorgen,Thanks for your mail and your appreciation of all my efforts. I pray that the good Lord see us through so that we can really share good times together.What i will really be pleading from you right now is your sincerity as you would understand that all powers will be in your hands once this money has been released to you and i will so much appreciate that you act as we have agreed.I will also be pleading to you not to let me down, putting into consideration the avenues from which i have raised money to get these documents done.By tomorrow we should be hearing from the Attorney to give us an update on how far he has gone and i shall communicate this to you as soon as possible.My regards to your family.Oliver.

Maybe he didn't understand well. I added a heart-breaking story.

I wrote:
Date: 7th Sept 2007

Dear Oliver,

Please do not worry. You have my word that I will do exactly what we agreed
beforehand. I know too well what it is like to go through bad times, so I won't
let you down!
You see, my birth parents were from Africa, but they tried going abroad, to
Europe, to find a better life. They ended up in Sweden, where they met Mr and
Mrs Morgenstein and became best friends. They worked hard there and after a
couple of years I was born. But when I was five months old, they had a terrible
car accident and died. Mr and Mrs Morgenstein, who could not have children,
decided to adopt me, so I became their child. When I was three years old, my dad
had some problems in Sweden, so we had to leave and we moved to New Zealand.
We lived an ordinary life here, until when I was in high school, when my dad
got very ill. He couldn't work and the hospital bills were very high... Just as
I finished high school, he died. My mom, who loved him very much, was desperate.
When I left for college, she was left alone and within a few months she died
too. I always blamed myself for her death. As you can imagine, it is hard to go
to college without the financial help from parents, so I had to drop out and
start working. My love life was also very bad.
That's why I always believed that I was born under an unlucky star or that
someone cursed me.
But about a year ago things started to look better. I found a new, better paid
job. I got a really good girlfriend, we love each other a lot. We are engaged.
And now I got your mail and will soon receive a lot of money. Things changed for me.
I would like to use this moment to tell you also, that I am getting married to
my fiance Rita next May (2008) and of course you are invited. And I would like
you to be my best man.

Thank you for everything,
your friend Jorgen

Didn't shed a tear I guess.

Oliver wrote:
Date: 9th Sept 2007

Hello Jorgen,How are you doing today and how's your weekend been?I received your email and all i can say is that we should just try as much as we can to be transparent and sincere so that we can acheive the desired goal.I will give you an update tomorrow.Regards,Oliver

I wrote:
Date: 9th Sept 2007

Hi Oliver,

My weekend was very good, thank you. Me and my fiancee went rafting and camping
for the weekend. We had a really good time. We should do that more often.
And how was your weekend?
You know, I've been thinking a lot about you and of the great opportunity you
are giving me. And I realised, that I know very little about you. Just your name
and work. I feel you as a very good friend so if you don't mind, I would like to
know more about you. Like where do you live, do you have a family,... Do you
have any picture of you to share?
Thank you for everything
Your friend,

Haven't heard from him for a few days, so I checked on him

I wrote:
Date: 12th Sept 2007

Dear Oliver,

How are things? Has the attorney said anything new?

Hope to hear you soon,


Maybe he was busy making the documents.

Oliver wrote:
Date: 12th Sept 2007

Hello Jorgen,How are you doing today and how's Rita.The Attorney got back to me this to inform me of how far he has gone with the documentation. And to the Glory of God, he has been able to secure an affidavit on your behalf and he has also applied for the letter of administration.lam happy to inform you that the lord has finally answered our prayers,The LETTER OF ADMINISTRATION has been issued on your behalf by the registry,thus confirming you to be the next of Kin to Mr.Louis Mortenstein and consequently the beneficiary of the said funds $47M USD,so congratulations.Please find attached copy of the letter of administration, the copy of the affidavit and also a copy of the Certificate of deposit as were forwarded to me by the Attorney. Moreso,i want you to know that it has not been easy putting all these things together considering the amount of funds,time and energy i have invested in this transaction,but my happiness is that we are making head ways.Note that i had to go as far as putting my only property as collateral just to be able to come up with the required money to procure all these legal documents and i just hope you will not let me down? And for your information, it is also mandatory that I insure the fund and I have been working on that already. Meanwhile the Attorney has also proceed to the bank to file in a formal application on your behalf for the final approval of your funds and fortunately the board of directors of my bank will be meeting on thursday the 13th of September 2007,and i will do everything within my power to ensure that your application is included in the agenda which i am very positive that it will be granted.Dear Friend, i will strongly advice that you use the online account arrangement with the affiliate finance house of my bank instead of coming in person to UK even though it will be very good if you can be here to sign the final clearance yourself, reason is that the risks attached to your coming to UK will be too much and the clearance might cost you so much money.Nevertheless,the exact finance house that will be handling your file will be made available on the approval if you'll agree with me so that you will immediately contact them and setup the online/transit account with them in other for the funds to be credited into the account once it has been transfered out of my bank,hope you understand?Be informed also that the affiliate bank will be charging for the account setup/activation minimal deposit,but it is what you can handle and based on this,i will want you to keep a proper record of all expenses you are making as regards this transaction because once the funds has been successfully transfered into your account,the first thing will be for us to offset ourselves of all expenses,am keeping records of my own expenses already.i hope you understand?Please confirm the receipt of this mail as soon as possible.I will await your response.RegardsOliver+447045732985.

Lol at those "documents". And I was worried mine would seem too fake Very Happy
He wrote me again in reply to my earlier email

Oliver wrote:
Date: 12th Sept 2007
Subject: Approved

Hello Jorgen,

It is now out of the Attorney's hand as he has already filled the application at my bank but the Meeting was held today as i told you yesterday and to the Glory of God, it has been approved but it will come out officially tomorrow and i will let you have the details as soon as possible so that you can contact the paying bank.

How's Rita doing?

Hope to meeting you guys soon.


I wrote:
Date 13th Sept

My dear friend,

I am very glad to hear that everything is going as planned. Everything is going
so smoothly that I am sure that the good Lord is watching over us!
But I have good news too! A coworker from Europe has two airplane tickets for
Europe valid till October, but he won't be able to go, so he offered me his
tickets really cheap. Which means, that I'll be able to come to London for the
We don't know London at all, so if it isn't too much troblesome, would you mind
picking us up at the airport? And do you know of any good hotel where we can stay?

Your sincerely,


Rita sends her regards too. She's very thrilled!

Oliver wrote:
Date: 14th Sept

Hello Jorgen,I received your mail and like i said, the approval has be given but still waiting to get it out officially and as soon as it gets to my desk, i will pass it to you as soon as possible so that you can contact the affiliate company that will be making the payment.Also, you should understand the nature of my job and you should not expect that i will have the time to pick you up at the Airport but i will definitely see you after the end of work when you come.Who are you coming with? I hope you understand that there will be handling charges to pay and please prepare for this so that it won't be a fruitless journey but i can assure you that as soon as you open up communication with the paying affiliate, the details of the charges will be made available to you.My lovely regards to Rita and tell her we will be meeting soon.I should be getting the approval before the end of work today and i will pass it to you as soon as possible.Have a lovely day.Regards,Oliver.

I wrote:
Date: 14th Sept

Dear Oliver,

If it is because of work that you couldn't come to the airport, we can come also
on a sunday, if that would suit you better. And of course we would like to pay
for your exoenses of getting to the airport.
The thing is that we aren't great travelers and are afraid of getting lost...
Plus I had a nervous breakdown a couple of years ago and because of my not
liking new experiences am afraid of it repeating again. So I am asking this of
you, because knowing that someone very friendly will be waiting for me will calm
me down a lot.

Yours truly,

Oliver wrote:
Date 15th Sept

Hello Jorgen,It will be nice to pick you up at the airport if you will be coming on a Sunday as it will give us to meet and plan before the official engagement with the paying affiliate. And again, who are you coming with because you were referring to you and another person in your mail.I received the approval letter quite late yesterday and i had to attend to some other pressing issues earlier today.Please the attached approval letter so that you can contact the security firm that will be handling the firm. I doubt if they'll be available till Monday but you can just give it a trial.Endeavour to keep me posted.Have a lovely weekend.Oliver.

Didn't reply immidately, so he got worried.

Oliver wrote:
Date: 18 Sept
Subject: Update

Hello Jorgen,How are you doing today and how's Rita?Just writing to know if you received my mail containing the copy of the approval letter and i also want to know if you have contacted the paying firm.Kindly give me an update as soon as possible.Regards,Oliver.

I wrote:
Date: 18 Sept

Hi Oliver,

Sorry for writing so late, but I was somewhat busy the past few days.
Me and Rita are doing well, thank you. And of course she is the one that will
come with me to the UK.
I haven't yet contacted that firm, but I will do so soon.

Best wishes,


So I contacted that firm

I wrote:
For: [email protected]
Date: 18 Sept
Subject: Morgenstein


I am writing you regarding the late Louis Morgenstein, whose money is in Lloyds
bank and I want to get it as next of kin.
I am sure you know of the details as Mr Oliver Mamallo already told you everything.

Best regards,

Jorgen A. Morgenstein

The email doesn't exist. I asked Oliver about this.

I wrote:
Date: 18 Sept
Ho Oliver,

Just a small update: I tried contacting the firm, but I got an error saying that
the email address doesn't exist...
What to do?

Thanks and kind regards,

Oliver wrote:
Date: 19 Sept
Subject: New Info

Hi Jorgen,

It was so shocking to hear that you couldn't reach the paying firm through their email and i actually went to figure out what was wrong and also discovered that there was a mistake on the email address.

Please find below their contact information and open uop communication with them as soon as possible.

Please endeavour to keep me posted and also send my lovely regards to Rita.

Looking forward to meeting you guys soon.

Have a lovely day.


I sent the same email as above to the new address on 21st Sept. This time it worked.

firm wrote:
From: info <[email protected]>
Date: 22nd Sept

Attn: Mr. Jorgen Ashley Morgenstein. Dear Sir, Ref: GAM-39060-C47M May we use this medium to officially confirm receipt of your name and details from the LLOYDS TSB GROUP PLC, suggesting you as the nominated beneficiary of the above- mentioned reference for the release of estate of late Louis Morgenstein. We are licensed off-shore agents with functions of verification, processing and disbursement of such funds. During your eventual visit to our office you will have contact with financial consultants to discuss integration and delivery options. Please kindly forward as soon as possible by return facsimile (0044 207 900 1599) or by email attachment [email protected] copy of your valid identification (driving licence or travelling passport) and anyother relevant document in your possession substantiating your claims for us to start the formal verification exercise leading to the actual release of estate. Thanks. Best regards, Richard Morgan.

I sent an email to Oliver too

I wrote:
Date: 22nd Sept

Dear Oliver,

I sent an email to that firm and am awaiting a reply from them.
The airplane tickets offer won't be valid much longer so if it's ok with you,
we'd like to book for next sunday.

Best wishes,

I replied to the firm too

I wrote:
Date: 22nd Sept


Please speak with my friend Oliver Mamallo as he has all the necessary documents.
I am also planning to come to the UK soon, so we'll be able to talk at that time.

Best regards,
Jorgen Morgenstein

Was Oliver getting cold feet?

Oliver wrote:
Date: 25th Sept

Hello Jorgen,Coming to to Uk is not as important as your primary objective of coming here.I will suggest you finalise your arrangement with the paying firm and if possible you hasten them so that you and Rita can still use the air ticket while it is still valid.Waiting for an update from you.Regards,Oliver.

I wrote:
Date: 26th Sept

Yes, they wanted some documents and I tld them to contact you as you have
everything they need. So they should contact you about it.
All the best,

Oliver wrote:
Date: 27th Sept

Jorgen,I really do not like your attitude towards this transaction.The purpose of giving you the copies of the documents was to equip you for the defense of the approval and why did you have to tell them to contact me for the documents again?Besides, what document did they request from you that you do not have?Please update me as soon as possible.Regards,Oliver.

I wrote:
Date: 27th Sept

Well, you see, as you have them already on the disk and I don't, you know, only
as attachments... Oh well, I'll have to do it some day or we'll do it together
in London when I come next week. Right, I shall go book the tickets tomorrow or
some day.
Anyway, what happens afterwards? Do I give that personmy details and they then
send me the money?
Hope to hear soon from you,

Oliver explained to me what I should do.

Oliver wrote:
Date: 28th Sept

Hi Jorgen,

Thanks for your mail. You can always download the documents and send it to them if you can.

You can go ahead and book your tickets but make sure you have finalised with them as that is your primary assignment here in the Uk. Also bear it in mind that i will be going to work and coming on a weekend will be most appriopriate if iam the one to pick you at the airport. Let me have your travel itinery as soon as it is booked.
Also, who are you giving your personal details? The paying firm?

Please update me as soon as possible.


So I sent this to the firm and attached everything Oliver sent me

[quote=I"]Here you are.
When can I get the money?
Jorgen A. Morgenstein[/quote]

I wrote:
Date: 29th Sept

My friend Oliver,

I sent that firm all the documents they needed, so now we wait for their answer.
I went to book tockets, but haven't gor them yet as the people at the ageny are
still working to find us a good itinerary, as many flights are already
completely booked. Well, they know where we are going and when we want to be
there, so I'll let you know as soon as I find out (should be monday).

Best wishes,

Oliver wrote:
Date: 29th Sept

Hello Oliver,How are you doing today and how is your weekend?I received your mail and i quite appreciate your efforts . You can always mount pressure on the paying firm to ensure that you are booked for appointment so that all can fall within the specified time of the flight.I will await further updates from you and and my lovely regards to Rita.Have a lovely weekend.Oliver

Why did he call me Oliver? Typo?
Anyway, I got word from the firm

firm wrote:
Date 1st oct

Attn: Mr. Jorgen Ashley Morgenstein.
Dear Sir,
Ref: GAM-39060-C47M.

This is to confirm receipt of your last several electronic mail, Please note that the verification exercise as regarding the above-mentioned reference for release of funds is in progress.

Also note that upon the successful completion of this exercise you will be duly notified and your presence requested in our office for you to complete other formalities prior to release of funds. Thanks. Best regards, Peter Logan.

I replied to them.

I wrote:
Date: 1st oct

I wonder if I can get any reply soon as at the end of the week I'm flying to tbe
Uk and would like to have as many things settled as possibly.
I really do not like your attitude in this transaction, making me wait ages
before you reply.

I got bored of waiting so I wrote to Oliver

I wrote:
Date: 2nd Oct

Dear oliver,
this morning I'm sending you some news.
Firstly, the paying firm finally replied back and said that they are processing
the data and that my presence will be needed. Good thing that we'll be arriving
That is actually my second point in this letter. Unfortunately we booked our
flights at such a short notice of our flying time that it was hard for the
travel agency to find us a simple journey. We'll still be getting there on
sunday morning, but with two different flights Sad First will fly in Rita from
Slavania or something (I don't currently have the details here, they are at
Rita's) and I will fly in from Germany about an hour later. Luckily both to the
same airport Smile Gatwik I think it's called.
I hope sunday morning isn't a bad time for you, since it's a job-free day and I
know it's bad getting up early. So if you don't feel like come to pick us up
please do not worry as I completely understand you.
If you won't be able to meet us there I'll contact you from our hotel.
Best wishes and see you soon

Oliver wrote:
Date: 4th Oct

Dear Friend,

Thanks for your mail and the good news that you have brought with it.

I will do all i can to pick you up at the airport but let me have the flight details as soon as possible. The name of the flight and it's time of landing. Also, let me have a copy of you & Rita's photographs for identification purpose.

Waiting for the details.

I sent him two fake pics I got somewhere

I wrote:
Date: 4th Sept

Dear Oliver,

Rita (surname: Smrdljiva) will be arriving on Sunday at 0845 from Ljubljana
(LJU), flight: JP0450
They changed my flight at the last moment, making me fly from Warsaw (WAW) on
the same day at 0950, flight: C00255
I attached our pictures as you asked me. Could you send me yours as well please?
I have also another favor to ask you. Could you please wait for rita with a
paper with her name and surname written on it? You know, like those who wait for
some bisinessmen. It would be a nice surprise for her.
Thanks and see you soon,

That would be a fun thing to see. A plane of Slovenians and a lad with the sign Rita Smrdljiva. Because that name means "smelly ass". Oh well...
Just to let him know that we are serious.

Date: 6th Oct

I wrote:
Just to let you know that we are on our way. I am writing this from Singapore,
where I found some computers that connect to the internet at the airport.
We are waiting for our further flights.
Hope to see you soon,

We got to London but missed Oliver. What to do now?

I wrote:
Date: 7th Oct
Subject: From London

Dear Oliver,
I was very sorry for not seeing you at the airport. But I am not angry with you,
I knew it was quite pretentious to ask you to come pick us up. Well, we made it
to the hotel somehow and we have intenret access here, which is good, so we can
continue to send emails at each other Smile
I will wait for the paying firm to contact me and in the meantime will visit
this big city.
Best wishes,

Ah, he got work...

Oliver wrote:
Date: 8th oct

Hello Jorgen,Just came to check my email with the belief that i will have a mail from you. lam on an emergency journey out of the Uk. Please continue with whatever you have to do with the paying firm.You can drop your number here so that i can call you whenever i have access to check my mail again.Regards to Rita.Oliver.

That was the last I heard from my friend. Afterwards I sent him three more emails

I wrote:
Date: 9th Oct

Dear Oliver,
I am very disappointed to hear that. I hope you will be back soon and then we
can go to a pub and have some beer, ok? Smile
Anyway, in which country are you now? When are you coming back?
I really love London! It's a great city.
You work at Lloyds, right? What's the address of your job? I'd like to see where
my best friend works and where we'll be getting all of our money from Very Happy
Best wishes
Jorgen & Rita

I wrote:
Date: 12th Oct

Hey, what's up? You got my last mail? Haven't heard from you in a while...


I wrote:
Date: 22nd Oct

Dear Oliver,
How are you? It's been two weeks since I last heard from you and I am getting
worried about you. You know, with all these wars and disasters I really hope
that you are still alive and healthy.
Hope to hear from you soon,
your friend,

That's it. I wonder if I scared him with my coming to the UK Twisted Evil . I must also say that this one was strange as he never got around to ask me for money, even though I actually proposed to give him some.

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hi well done,gave me a giggle or 2 Very Happy
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