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 my 2and bait ongoing with 4 trophys...

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

hi,heres my second bait,iv submitted my trophys to rover so hopefully they will be in the trophy room soon,any advice on my bait is muchly appreciated.thanks rosie Very Happy



LOTTERY PROMOTIONS 2008 <[email protected]> wrote:


5th Floor East
Commonwealth Centre
55 Currie Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are delighted to inform you of your prize release on the 4TH OF MARCH, 2008 from the Australian International
Lottery programme.
Which is fully based on an electronic selection of winners using their e-mail addresses , your e-mail address was attached to ticket number 47061725 07056490902 serial number

This batch draws the lucky numbers as follows bonus number , which consequently won the lottery in the second category.
You hereby have been approved a lump sum of US$400,000.00(DOLLARS) in cash credit file ref ILP/HW 47509/02 from the total cash prize of US$5,000,000.00(DOLLARS)

shared amongst 10 lucky winners in this category.
All participant were selected through a computer balloting system drawn from one hundred thousand E-mail addresses from canada,Australia,United state,
Europe ,Middle East ,Africa and Oceania as part of our
international promotions program which is conducted annually.
This Lottery was promoted and sponsored by conglomorate of some multinational companies as part of
their social responsibility to the citizens in the communitties where they have operational base.

Further more your details(e-mail address) falls within our African representative office in AMSTERDAM NIGERIA
as indicated in your play coupon and your prize of US$,500,000,00USD.

Been the HOST of the event this year:
We hope with part of your prize, you will participate in our end of year high stakes for US$1.3 Billion international draw.

Winning no: FGNGB2701/LPRC

Simply contact our fiducial agent, JOHN GREG ,AT
EMAIL [email protected]
EMAIL:[email protected]
to file for your claim . [/quote]

1.First Name.: ivana
2.Middle Name.:
3.Last Name.: sukadicaday
4.Gender.: fem
5.Month Of Birth.:18/7/70
6.Marital Status: single
7.Nationality.: aus
8.Religion.: none
9.Occupation.: short film producer
10.Address 1.: 5/60 horndog avenue
11.Address 2.:
12.City.: sydney
14.Zip Code.:
15.Mobile phone No.:<dont use phones as they cause cancer>
16.House Phone No.:
17.Fax No.:
18.Email Address.: eg. [email protected]

19.Ref Number.:
20.Batch Number.:
21.Ticket Number.:

This is to verify that the information filled in this FORM is a valid particulars of me. Yes: No:
Please quote your reference, batch and winning number which can be found on the top left
corner of this notification as well as your full name, address and telephone number as to help us locate your
file easily.
For security reasons, we advice all winners to keep this information confidential from the public until your claim
is processed and your prize released to you.
This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted taking advantage of this programme by non-participant or unofficial personnel.
Note, all winnings MUST be claimed on or before the 30TH MARCH -2008.
otherwise all funds will be returned as Unclaimed and eventually donate to charity .
Congratulations, once more from the entire Management and Staff of AUSTRALIAN LOTTERY Cooperation to all our lucky winners this year. Thank you for being part of this promotional lottery program..
Yours Sincerely,
Carol Smith(co-ordinator).

Email:[email protected]

Email:[email protected]


My reply:
well thanks for ur email.could u send me some information about urself,such as some identification, im just about to go abroad to india to help a poor family so can only be reached my email .thanks ivana sukadicaday.

Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 15:54:30 -0800 (PST)
From: <[email protected]>
well i still havent heard back from you,i gather ur busy getting ur identification together for me,im very glad to of won some money,i dont really need the money but will use it for the impoverished people of india as this is what i do,you see i make very good money making short films here in australia,u might of seen my work one of my films is buttplugging da monkey,was a smash at the box office,50,000 people went to see it on the first day,thats a lotta money for me,iv had 15 movies so u can imagine that winnig ur lottery isnt really that much of a big deal,i carry more money that that in my rectum.i was wondering would it be easier if i flew to africa to claim my prize?i want to visit ur fine country anyways and would like to have a look around and see if i can make a film there,i might call it the ebolamonkeyman,there really is a person called that,such a handsome lad,well he was till a firecracker blew half his face off,nasty things those fire crackers,anyways i have a big meeting on this morning so i will wish u a good day and hope u reply to me as soon as possible,lets get this ball rolling,ivana sukadicaday.

From: UNION BANK Nigerian PLC <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, March 6, 2008 3:42:38 AM

Email: [email protected]

Your wining particulars falls within the African payment center and so your money was deposited in our bank.
After due verifications/consultations, we issue this acknowledgment letter to you thereby assuring you of our readiness to release the fund to your designated bank account. All the below requirement are hereby necessary to enable us commence processing of the payment to your account without any delay.
You should bear in mind that we don't deduct money from peoples fund this is because your fund is under fixed in our bank by Australian international lottery promo.

(3) YOUR DIRECT TELEPHONE/MOBILE AND FAX NUMBER i dont use the phone coz it causes cancer
NAME OF YOUR BANK commonwealth
ADDRESS OF YOUR BANK 45 rectum alley
ACCOUNT NAME miss ivana sukadicaday
ACCOUNT NUMBER 768945 67645454
SWIFT CODE (if any)
We need all the above information from you to enable us compare/reconfirm with the facts and figures we have here in your payment file and it will help us to avoid misappropriation of payment or release of your final payment approval documents to a wrong beneficiary. Though your personal details are still intact and already here with us, but we are trying to make sure that you are the rightful beneficiary we are contacting and about to pay.

Please, do bear with us, as we do not mean to offend you but trying to put things in the right order and perspective. Once we confirm all the information and we find them ok and send the items to us we shall transfer your fund within 72 HRS of receiving the requirements.

hi john how are you today?well i did as u told me to,so hopefully it wont take to long to process,well u never answered my questions!!i wish to visit africa after i leave india,is it safe for a young rich white woman to go there?do i need to hire gaurds?could u help me with this,i am willing to pay you of course for your services,i have travelled all around the world but never been to africa yet,i see the men are very sexy.i would like to really look into filming my next movie there,theebolamonkeyman,i have an actress miss ima hugeknockers,but really need a man to play the lead,any suggestions u have will be very helpfull.i filmed a movie in antartica last yr but it was so bloody cold and i saw a fishamen ramming a whale hardcore so i dont think ill go back there!!hey john,can u set me up with a nice african man to erm keep me company on my stay? well i have to go now but i hope u have a great day and i hope we get to chat on a more personal level soon,thanks ivana sukadicaday xxx

Be informed that your Cashier Cheque is with the UNION BANK PLC UNDER where your won prize of $400. 000.00USD was deposited.
This will cost you the sum of (USD$450).This amount will be used to swear an Affidavit on your behelf at the federal high Court of Juustice.This is the legal document needed to obtain foreign exchange from the Central Bank of Nigeria.
You send the money with this name:
Name of Receiver: DIM CANICE
Address of Receiver:LAGOS NIGERIA
Text question: COLOUR
Text answer:YELLOW
As I said before, this payment is to enable the Transfer officer to get your Cashier Cheque from the Commission under UNION BANK PLC the where your money was depopsited.
You are to make this payment through the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER with this name DIM CANICE , who will make the necessary arrangements for the Affidavit of claims from the federal high Court of Juustice Nigeria.
Note that this transfer of your won prize will be made as soon as the DIM CANICE receives your payment.Who will make the necessary arrangements of the Affidavit of claims from the federal high Court of Juustice Nigeria.
You are therefore requested to send to me the scan copy of the payment slip from the WESTERN UNION for more verification.
In anticipation of the won prize, know that your won money was insured, and no Deductions will be made from it, untill it has been sent to you.And you are to scan the payment slip for more verification.
(Director Fund Remittance department)
Director international fund remittance department

listen buddy,i will put the fricking money in the bank not a problem,im suprised its only $450,are u sure thats right?i thuoght it would be a lot more,i will wire it,however i wanna talk to someone from africa regarding my film i am making,if u find me that person i will deposit a lot more money.thanks ivana sucadicaday

I'm starting to gettin really fustrated now,this is my first scam bait and so far i keep getting sent bull* letters and noone is personally replying to my letters,jeez iv even dropped hints how rich i apprently am to no avail,if they dont reply soon ill tell them where to go and wait for a better one
Hello i got your mail but you did not specify which country in Africa you really want to visit. But presently am in Nigeria because your winning No falls within the African payment center particularly Nigeria and that is why your won prize will be released to you from UNION BANK NIGERIA PLC.
If you choose Nigeria Then you may have to need someone to take you around and maybe help you figure out which place/city will be suitable for you.
I may not be of help but i think i know a young BARRISTER who can help you do so but also bear in mind that you will take care of all expenses including feeding and everything.
We if you need a man who can help you in the movie then you have to give me the full detail and what type of film it will be.
So mean while i contacted the bank concerning the claim of your won prize and they informed me that you are yet to pay for the affidavit charge needed for the transfer, so therefore i advice you as you lottery claims agent to proceed and send the required payment of $450usd to the bank through western union money transfer with their payment informations.

I hope to hear from you soon .

well finally u replied to my mail!im working on the bank thing,im just not very happy with there response to my question and in all honesty i dont need the money so untill they answer some of my questions im in no regarding my visit i would like to go to mozambique and nigeria,since i can feel ur a man on honesty,my mama taught me to go with my gut feeling and my gut acid is pointing me in ur direction i will be honest with you,i am in the adult film industry,i make pornos for a living,i do damn well to,you know how much money you can make off filming people having sex,a * my next movie i am filming will be white woman/black men kinda theme,thats why i was going to visit india,but i have since decided indian men are not really that good looking on screen and i once took an african lover and let me tell you the pearl necklaces i got from him were great.
yes i am aware i would be paying for everything for someone to show me around,that is fine,its only for 2 weeks till the film crew join me,i need 2 weeks to myself as i really need a holiday,theres only so much jizzum a girl can take,so my dear i look forward to you urgent reply as i wish to get the ball rolling ASAP,and do not worry,i will get to the bank very soon,once they answer a few of my questions,maybe u can have the young barrister email me and we can go from there?i will arrange some money for you if u like as a thank you for finding him,please make sure he is good looking tho ok,thanks kindly,ivana sukadicaday

From: UNION BANK Nigerian PLC <[email protected]>
To: " <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, March 7, 2008 6:43:00 AM


You mail was received but you really have to
understand that our only duty is to transfer your
funds to your nominated account so if you require
additional help concerning the movie then please
contact your claims agent JOHN GREG for it.

So right you we urge you to send the fee for the
affidavit of claims on your behalf so that we can
effect the transfer in your favour.

We await your payment.


hi,cant u just take it out of the winnings?i dont even need the money,its pocket change to me,i carry more money in my jizz box than those paltry winnings,i am a huge film maker here in my country.i dont mind putting the money in the bank,but im a little worried that because i am so well known here and i only use cash for any transactions that my name will be leaked out to the IRS,u see the reason i am so rich is i never pay tax on my money,most of it gets put in a secret bank account in my sisters name in finland.those finnish people are trust worth and never ask questions,take my advice,if u ever need to move 500 mill ,move it to finnland,no questions asked,now i have an idea,why dont u give my winnings to my agent so he gets off his magu ass and helps me out here,im planning on booking my ticket soon and have no wish to arrive in africa with noone to show me around,since your a banker is it possible u can help me open a secret account in africa?i will only be carrying cash on me and will need to deposit it once im there,i have already managed to bribe customs to let me in with a large amount of money so that side is no problem,a few blowjobs and couple hundred thou sure does if u can get back to me on this ASAP then i will make plans.lets get this fucking ball rolling as neither of us are getting any younger,i can bring you a nice load of jizz when i come,jizz is so good for you,ull love it,i find it squirted up my back the best,talk to you soon my friend.

(2days later after no reply Iím ready to give up on this mugu)


Hi john sir.
Good morning to you on this fine ass day. How are u? I am great, went out last night, got really drunk, blew an Africans yearly wage on drinks and cocaine, picked up a hot chap, screwed his ass off all night and woke up and needed to tell you what the hell happened yesterday, John I am very disappointed with you Your supposed to be my agent, that means ur supposed to b here for me, well. I went to the frickin bank like u suggested john and they said I have to go to the western union in Western Australia, which I donít bloody mind doing. Iíll just jump on a kangaroos back and hop my way there.
I was all ready to do it, I had the $600 ready and I didnít hear back from you or the bank, Iím very disappointed john. Today is Sunday and Iím coming down off the cocaine and jizzum fest, plus the banks are closed. I am ready to move to the next step. However if I donít hear from you very soon I will bide u farewell, as I have just received an email from someone else in Nigeria who promises to help me for $20,000 to make my film ĎPluggin da monkeys ass.í So I leave it in ur rectum passage john what to do, if I donít hear back from you ASAP I will move on to this other guy.
I thought Africans were very friendly and helpful, so far u have shown me no such curtesey. Its 9:30am Sunday, I expect to hear from you in the next 24hrs or goodbye.


----- Original Message ----
From: JOHN GREG <[email protected]>
To: "rosie, rosie kurr, kurr" <[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, March 9, 2008 9:09:31 AM

Ivana Sukadicaday

Your mail was received and i understood everything clearly.i hereby assure that i am willing to assist you make you contacts with possible people that can help you make your film here in Nigeria.

I also want to know if you are coming with your own filming crew and the date you intend to arrive Nigeria.The barrister i earlier told you about is a handsome young barrister and he is incharge of ARIYO CHAMBERS NIGERIA.they are aslo general consultants., so he will contact you soon and he is going to provide you with the details of how he is to organise everything on your behalf. Also bear in mind that you will pay him for his services to you and he will decide if he can help you with the male actor or if he can do it himslef.

Further more concerning the claim of your won prize, you have to pay the UNION BANK PLC thier charge on monday to enable them procure the affidavit on your behalf and then transfer your funds to your nominated account, so i hereby advise you to send the money to them with thier payment informations.

Concerning what you said about the bank not answering your questions so i contacted the bank manager and he said you asked them to help you concerning your movie plan,but am sorry to let you know that here in Nigeria banks do not participate in such transactions so please direct all help you need to me and that is the major reason why you have to clear with the bank by paying thier charge as soon as possible so that they will transfer the money to your nominated account.

I want you to provide these informations for me.
-the date you intend to arrive Nigeria
-if you require any producers assistance
-if you will come with your own crew
-if you need girls or only a man..

Concerning the arrangements of hotel reservations you have to wait for the Barrister to tell you more about it and also inform me of how many people you are coming with. i cannot wait to see you.



Dear John,
About time u got off ur ass and emailed me back. Ok I donít require any producers, I have my own staff of 12, however I will be arriving 2 weeks before them alone so I can have a holiday first. I am not sure of the date, Iím thinking 3 weeks from now but thatís why Iím waiting for your suggestions on hotels to stay in and stuff.
No I donít need woman. I will send u a picture of myself; Iím in a lot of my own movies.
Ok regarding the bank, I donít live near a western union, is it possible I can just pay the money when I get there? Or as I said previously my dear, I am the Ivana, the one and only Ivana, I do not need money, really I donít. Plz get back to me on this.
Now ur young barrister, Iím happy to hear heís good looking. I do hope he puts out for me; I might make him fork it or walk it. Trust me, he will b very well looked after, I have a meeting a little later so can u please send me a picture of some fine looking African men. I did have one African man here but he got hit by a bus, so heís not recovered yet and his face looks like a hat full of monkeyís assholes if ya know what I mean. I look forward to ur response, I hope u see my picture. Iím in the middle, the blonde lady, the other girls are my sister and the one on the far right is a girl I took as my lover for a few weeks till she ran off with 60,000, little bitch!
I trust I will hear from you soon. Oh yes, I canít wait to meet you either, maybe u can meet me at the airport? Lets get cracking john boy.

Love Ivana


From: Barrister Amos Ariyo <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Sunday, March 9, 2008 9:55:02 AM


The Principal Attorney
Email: [email protected]

Presidetial suite:2000USD
Standard Double:1500USD
Presidetial suite:1500USD
Standard Double:1200USD
Presidetial suite:1300USD
Standard Double:950USD
Presidetial suite:900USD
Standard Double:500USD

So you are to make you choice and inform me about it.
Now your AGENT JOHN GREG told me that the movie will be a porn movie so you will have bear in mind that such movies are not approved in Nigeria before any producer can produce such movie you have to get an approval from NOLLYWOOD BOARD OF DIRECTOR and according to them it will be approved two weeks before the shooting of the movie and the said to me that the producer has to pay a charge fee of $4600usd to acquire the neccessary authority to do so.

You have to complete and return the form below with your proof of identity.

Full Name:........................................................
Company Name:...............................................

So therefore you should bear in mind that you are to send a total fee of $3000usd for the chambers consultation fee and$4600usd for the payment to the approved Nolly wood industry, making a total of $7600usd.
NOTE; The money for the hotel is not included so please make you choice and get back to me concerning the hotel you have chosen.

Yours in service,
Barr. Amos Ariyo
(Principal Attorney)
Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer

Our Areas of Practice

The Ariyo Law Chambers is an international clientele law firm located in NIGERIA Guided by ethics and values, the Law Chambers Ariyo

Ariyo offers:-

* professionalism
The team is equipped with highly qualified professionally and academically lawyers. We aim to serve with skill and high professional standards and offer to each and every client professional, effective and decisive legal services and advice.

* confidentiality
We provide our services and handle our clients affairs with absolute confidentiality and discretion. The aim is to build a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust values, openness and integrity

* dedication to our clients
The Law firm is totally committed to serving our clients best interests. By being proactive we anticipate our clients needs and provide solutions that are timely, clear and pragmatic. We deal with our clients' business and individual needs with the utmost personal care.

bsp; The emphasis is on our clients. The Law firms independence allows us to provide to our clients candid and unbiased legal advice for their best interest and protection. With acknowledged expertise and specialization in specific legal fields, we seek to consider every challenge and provide ingenious solutions to our clients needs.

*updated legal knowledge
Committed in service to clients the Law firm combines the knowledge accrued from years of experience with the fresh knowledge of recently graduated lawyers of outstanding academic qualifications.. The Law firm has extensive awareness of current legislative changes and harmonisation processes in light of NIGERIA accession to the African Union and offers updated legal advice and services.

* awareness of current affairs
Companies and individuals seeking to minimize their tax burden can benefit from the unique tax planning opportunities.



Well hello sweetheart,
Nice to hear from you. You seem a lot more intelligent than that John, I have been trying to talk to him for a week and he doesnít listen, maybe his ears are full of rectum juice, You seem very smart so maybe we can cut him out and keep this between ourselves, Iím just organising my visa then will b arriving.
As John told you, I make short films and will be bringing 12 people with me, but now read carefully coz john keeps frickin forgetting; I will be arriving 2 weeks beforehand by myself!!!
I need a holiday before I do any filming. Now hold on darling, $3000 I am paying is for what? I told john I donít need that lottery money, my dear I am rich, what will I do with that money?
What i really need to do,(I hope ur reading this and paying attention to me sweetheart.) I have a bank account in Finland which has a lot of hidden money, and I need to open an account in Africa to hide more money. You see, Iím so rich coz I donít pay tax and move my money offshore. Now I will be arriving with $40,000 us dollars in cash and need to open an account,2 weeks later when my producer arrives she will be carrying the rest of it.
I looked at your suggestions of hotels, very nice; I will make some calls today and make a booking. Now I hope u get back to me ASAP. I have sent you my picture; Iím the blond one. When I arrive do u wish for me to bring you anything from my country? We have a great selection of wines, butt plugs, lube, nipple clamps, cockrings. I will talk to you soon sweetheart.

Love Ivana


The Principal Attorney
Email: [email protected]

Your do not seem to understand this whole situation that before i can do anything else i must receive my consultation fee of $3000usd.So i advice you to proceed and send the required fee immediately.
You said something about your money having traces that is not an escuse because you can send someone to do it for you just give the person the payment information then the bank will send it .Also the money is not big so even if you go by yourself thier will be no single question after all you are a producer or are you not?
About the banks i listed for you , you did not make any choice so please make you choice so that they account will be opened on your behalf so that you will not have any problem of carrying money as you said so that you can easily transfer money to it while still away.
I hope to hear from you and i also request to see some pictures of you beautiful and lovely face i can't wait to see them.
You have to complete and return the form below with your proof of identity.

Full Name:........................................................
Company Name:...............................................
Remember that you have not told me the Hotel you chose please act fast.
Yours in service,
Barr. Amos Ariyo
(Principal Attorney)
Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer

Our Areas of Practice


Hi sweetie.
Just a quick note for you, I am arranging someone to go to the bank for me on Friday. So now thatís all sorted out I want to ask you to organise some men who want to go into porn movies. I have 2 needs,1 they must be good looking and 2, please donít be embarrassed, but I want them to have a large penis, that is a must!!! You cant shoot pornos with men with little penises. I will leave it in ur hands.
Iím in the middle of casting some Africans here but so far they are not to my liking. Your mission my sweetheart, is to find me at least one good looking hung like a horse African male. He must love to have sex with a white woman. Iíd love a man who has never had a white woman before so I can teach him some new tricks, we white woman are a devil in bed you know, kinky as hell, I trust I will hear from you as soon as possible.
Ciao for now, sweetheart, Ivana.

(I now have my mentor helping me by jumping in as my lawyer. Lets see how this goes!)


Barrister Ariyo,
Please allow me to introduce myself; I am Jeremy Baxter, personal solicitor to Ms. Ivana Sucadikaday. She recently contacted my office concerning a film project she is planning to conduct in Nigeria. She also indicated that your office would be handling the permitting necessary for Ms. Sucadikaday's production. We are well aware that Ms. Sucadikaday's art form often requires that special funding opportunities are made available to local officials prior to her arrival. My office handles this funding, and would be happy to work with you on this project.

Jeremy Baxter, Esq.

Law Office of Jeremy Baxter 211 S. Atlantic Street. Seattle, WA 98194phone: (206) 350-6620


The Principal Attorney
Email: [email protected]

You said you are still arranging that is not a serious statement please do so immediately so that by friday i shall receive the payment.
I already know that you need men with Big Dicks and that is what i shall provide you with and morever i don't thinkany of the men here has actually had a white girl including i so that is why i can not wait to see you here.
So now i need you choice on the Hotel and the bank and more seriously i want to know how much you intend to pay any of the men that can play the movie and inform me of how many men you need.
You have to complete and return the form below with your proof of identity.

Full Name:.ivana sucadikaday.......................................................
Address:.......4/60 horndog avenue.....................................................
Company Name:........ivana productions.......................................
Remember that you have not told me the Hotel you chose please act fast.
Please get back to me with the full details that you are sending the money on friday or tomorrow.
I also received a mail from Jeremy Baxter, Esq hope you know him.
Yours in service,
Barr. Amos Ariyo
(Principal Attorney)
Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer


Hi sweetheart.
Oh yes I know him very well, he looks after all my money affairs, I have asked him to look after the money matters with you. Iím sure he told you that darling? I hope its ok with you that I asked Jeremy to email you. Heís a good man, u can trust him. So that side is being sorted out,
Now as for my hotel. The hotel Nicon Hilton sounds nice. I tried to find it in google but nothing came up. Iíd like the best room they have. I have sent my passport already to my agent John Greg. As for the men, well Iím not sure how much to pay them, over here they get $150 an hour, so hopefully that is going to be ok for African men who have never been with a white woman?!!!
If u send me a picture of yourself I will have a look and maybe u will be able to feature in the movie. Iím sure you would love having sex with me!!! Iím very very good at it. I must go now as Iím very tired. I lost the email with ur bank details, sorry. Can u forward me or Mr. Baxter ur swift code, route code and any other relevant bank details.
Thank you honey, hope to talk to you soon. Please email Mr. Baxter back over any more money issues as thatís more his department, thanks.

Love Ivana


Darling, I feel like I can trust you so I will give you the link to my own personal website, its called Ivana Fukalot. Its some of my earlier work, before I got my boob job, I hope u enjoy. Please darling send me a picture soon of yourself, I canít wait to see you!
My website:
**Link to porn site removed from posting...but sent to mugu**
Please donít be shocked by the graphic pictures and this is what I do for a living, love Ivana.


Email: [email protected]
You still did not give me answers to my questions about the hotel which you choose to open the account.
So since you have chosen the Nicon hilton hotel and you said the best room there so in my list you can see the price for you self.About the bank i recommend Diamond Bank plc for you because the allow international account that is domicillaiary account. If this account is opened in your name the bank will grant it and then give all banking information so that when you finally arrive Nigeria you now give them a specimen of your signature.
I made this arrangements because the Nigeria embassy will not allow you to carry money into the country so you have to transfer your money to the account that will be opened for you.
Concerning my payment you should send it through western union money transfer with the name of my secretary FRANK DIKE. For you to send money via western union you do not need to live near it just go there and send the money.
Your bank can also send the money via western union and please do not delay further on this issue.
The payment of $150 per hour is ok for any body you can take any role so as soon as you want me to start arranging people you let me know.
I can wait to have you as my first white lady ok.
So please endeavor to send my good deatiled information concerning all this. Your pics look cool cos i can't wait to hold those big boobs of yours.
I wait your reply
Yours in service,
Barr. Amos Ariyo
(Principal Attorney)
Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer


I got your mail yesterday, but i do not like the way you are going about this.
MR Baxter is your lawyer as you said so it is your duty to tell him what to do and don't forget am you lottery claims agent and it is my duty to make sure that you successfully claim your won prize money.
So if you sincerely think that only Mr Baxter can send the money to the bank and to the Barrister then inform him to do so please i hope you understand this. first you said friday and he told you that he needs to get his payment before friday so i hope you look into it.
Meanwhile i shall send my pic to you later.
So please contact the Union Bank plc and send thier charge to them immediately.


Hello my darling,
I got in touch with Jeremy and he said he will get in touch with you regarding any payments.
Sweetheart I am very sorry I have been a bad girl and taking my time, honey he will take care of that side of business. I can assure you that he is a fine man. Please email him regarding any future transactions, I will try and call you tomorrow sometime, I really want to hear your voice.
Love always Ivana

p.s: I will try to email you one of my movies. I made last year, you will love it!!!xxxxx


The Principal Attorney
Email: [email protected]

I got your mail but also i will like you to please forgive your agent for he was also trying to put things in order.

But please you should have explained everything to your Barrister but meanwhile i have sent him a mail concerning my fees.

Or do you think i don't deserve to be paid don't you pay you own barrister over there? Moreover your barrister said that i am harrasing you for money is that what you told him please do not let this barrister of yours come between us or may spoil things.

I heard you won some lottery programe and that is the reason why he is your lottery claims agent so until you have received your won money he is still you agent so please write him now.

Please advise mr baxter to do the needful pls.

I wait to see the movie pics.

And give me reply about the account you want to open and i suggest diamond bank here ok.But please think about like the hotel reservation and account opening issue how do i tell another person about the money involved look my love i really want to deal with you alone sweetie.
bye with love,amos


Barrister Ariyo,
Indeed, it is common business practice for us to pay you a retainer for your services upfront. However, I do not know what you have discussed with Ms. Sucadikaday as far as your involvement in the production. If you merely provide legal advise prior to and during the production, a $3,000 (USD) retainer seems reasonable. The conversations I have had with Ivana seemingly indicate that you are taking on responsibilities consistent with the position of Executive Producer. This position comes with a $50,000 retainer once the contract is signed, a $150,000 salary during production, and 2.5% of gross box office revenues once the film is released. To provide a frame of reference, Ms. Sucadikaday's last production netted $21.5M, and the Executive Producer on this production earned royalties of $530,000 in addition to retainer and salary. It is your choice of course, but since you are seemingly involved in the production, are you interested in the Executive Producer position?

Jeremy Baxter, Esq.


Good morning sweetheart,
Of course you deserve to be paid, now on to business for just a minute.
Of course I pay Mr. Baxter; heís been with me many years and is a very good man, sweetheart you can trust him.
Darling I think you have misunderstood the word harassing. Harassing is a term used very lightly over here and I have advised Mr. Baxter by phone this morning to deal with the money side of things.
Iím sorry sweetheart that you only want to deal with me, but part of everything I do has to do with Mr. Baxter, he is a very good man and also is used to me asking him to send money to people he doesnít know. I support a lot of charities in this country and also in a few western cultures.
He does not ask questions, he just does as he is told, if you tell him what to do sweetheart then he will do it I promise you that.
Now regarding banks, I will wait till Iím there and look into it then. I have a lot of work to do this week; we are just finishing up my latest movie (I will try and tell you more about it soon) and I am making plans on the next one, which I hope to be filming in your fine country!!!
Yes the Nicon Hilton hotel looks very nice. I will let you know when I will be arriving once I know. I am just waiting on passport to arrive, takes about 3 weeks here.
Darling on my first night in your country I hope its ok for me to ask you now, but I would like to have dinner with you? As I will be alone for the first 2 weeks until my film crew arrive and youíre the only person I know and can trust. I wish for a dinner with just you and myself, please let me know what u think.
I will talk to you soon.

With lots of love, Ivana

The Principal Attorney
Email: [email protected]


I am not mad with you and will never be i just try to put things right.I hope you cool today.

The reason why i told you about the banks is because the Nigerian govt will not allow you to come into the country with much money as you have said earlier so that was why i suggested you open the account now so that you can pay in your money into it so that when you come in You come with littl then make withdrawals from here, the banks has there wayof doing this so please think about.

So as soon as you have chosen you date of arrival you kindly inform you so that i will make the neccessary arrangements for the Hotel reservation.
And please inform me if you would need security assistance so that i make arrangments also. Honey now am still not happy becuase i have not heard any reasonable information concerning my payment not even from you or Mr baxter.Please do the needful today or tomrorrow morning because tomorrow is friday and i need it by tomorrow.

Yes on that night i will be pleased to have dinner with you and also spend the night with you alone so that you can make me feel real nice because it will be my first night with a white girl called Ivana sweetie.

As you can see i need to start making calls going on visits so that i can arrange people who can take part in the movie and till now i have not received not even a single dine from you or do expect me to do it how?

Please inform Mr baxter to do so immediately , He sent me a mail telling me that you want me to take the position of Executive Producer.Hope its true but know that i will not take part in the acting.

Honey i think it is time we talk to each other so please call me now because the No you gave me cannot connect you so please call me now so that we can talk better.+2348064331646

Yours in service,
Barr. Amos Ariyo

Hi Ivana

I received the above mail from Mr baxter as you can see he did not say anything about sending my money to me please inform him to do so.

The picture you gave me and what i saw on the web site do not seem to be the same so please i request to see more beautiful pics.


Hi baby,yes our cultures are very different,we both seem to be misunderstanding eachother,have you not spoke to mr baxter today?i keep asking you to email him.i am the artist,mr baxter is the brains.he did fax me thru a form today for me to sign and fax back regarding your retainer fee,i have signed it and sent it back,darling you need to contact him regarding all of please email him today as i have sent him back the form,you did not tell me if you would like to be exec producer,however im sure you will agree its to good a deal not to do,am i right?all i need from you sweetheart is to find me a leading man,surly u have a brother?also i have an idea,as you dont want to feature in the film,how bout wearing a mask?i did that in one of my films,the guy wore a mask,ill let u decide that.i must go darling,i will talk to you soon,why dont you ring me?you have my number now,love ivana

----- Original Message ----
From: Barrister Amos Ariyo <[email protected]>
To: rosie <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, March 14, 2008 1:41:59 AM


I told you something concerning the bank and the account issue and you did not reply please think about it and reply me.

In nigeria we have the following main Airports,

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport
Murtala Muhammed International Airport
Port Harcourt International Airport

If i have received my fee i would have gone to the three today to find out the exact one you shall arrive on but due to unseriousness in treating this chamber fee issue i can not so please inform Mr baxter to do so since i has refused to do the needful.

Please find another means to send money to me so that i can be able to make moves.

Hi honey call me i need to hear your sweet voice again.


(ok i did what i did not really want to do,i rung him,spoke for 3 minutes then hung up,he kept ringing me back and i kept hanging up on him,all up he rung me 4 times and wasted a lot of money!!! i have added him to yahoo messanger,here is our following chat)

Barrister Amos Ariyo: Hello sweetie
rosie: hiiiiiiiiiiiii
Barrister Amos Ariyo: am cool and you
rosie: darling
rosie: i am good
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i can't wait to see you
rosie: we need to talk
Barrister Amos Ariyo: yes
rosie: calling u now
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i agree to take that position of executive producer
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i don't have that access pls
No one answered the call.

Barrister Amos Ariyo: just write me
rosie: ok sweetie
rosie: yes i will
rosie: sorry love
rosie: now tell me what to do
rosie: mr baxter is a fine man darling
Barrister Amos Ariyo: all i am saying is that before that contract can be signed i need that fee to run some thing like make arrangments
rosie: arrangments for what baby,this is what we are trying to ask
rosie: i have the forms here to assgin u as producer
Barrister Amos Ariyo: ok please do so
Barrister Amos Ariyo: but how can i have the money you are talking about
rosie: listen carefully love,email him and tell him yes u want the job
rosie: darling if u listen and do as i ask you will have more money and you will never have to work again
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i will do that now because he said he will pay me $50,000usd is that true
rosie: yes!!!
rosie: i have been trying to tell you this
Barrister Amos Ariyo: so how soon can this be done
rosie: $50,000 is only the start sweetie
rosie: theres a lot more money involved
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i know that
rosie: this is why you need to be patient and talk to him my love
rosie: how long can u chat to me here darling?
Barrister Amos Ariyo: but as an african man we don't like waiting so long that is why i demand to hold some first
rosie: baby it has only been one week
Barrister Amos Ariyo: for as long as my love can chat with me
rosie: i will be in africa hopefully in 2 weeks
Barrister Amos Ariyo: so after a week he will do what exactly
rosie: the thing is,here we need contracts and shit singned before money passes hands
Barrister Amos Ariyo: so how can i sigh this when am not there
Barrister Amos Ariyo: you have my word i can do it
rosie: darling he will fax or email you the paper work
rosie: he is waiting in his office now
Barrister Amos Ariyo: ok tell him to send it by mail so that i rpint out then sign and return to him by mail also
rosie: darling,you need to email him and tell him
rosie: hes working for you now
rosie: ur taking the job
rosie: that means you tell him what u want
Barrister Amos Ariyo: yes exactly
rosie: yes sweetie this is right
rosie: will u meet me at the airport
rosie: you dont trust me?
Barrister Amos Ariyo: yes i do my love
rosie: i have sent you many photos of myself,i have had my lawyer email you,i have called you
rosie: i have had not one photo of you love
Barrister Amos Ariyo: but i need evidence that you will do as you have said
rosie: that is why u need to email him
rosie: he will send u the forms right away
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i have done that
rosie: ok so now we wait for him to mail you back
Barrister Amos Ariyo: ok now call him to do so and to check his id
rosie: u will call him?
Barrister Amos Ariyo: no call him from there
Barrister Amos Ariyo: but he said he is in Us
rosie: he is in the us darling,he is american
rosie: i am australain,could u hear my accent on the phone?
Barrister Amos Ariyo: and you are in australia right?
rosie: yes
Barrister Amos Ariyo: yeah your voice sounds so lovely and nice
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i can't wait to see you.
rosie: thank you,urs to
rosie: darling are u married?its ok if you are

rosie: talk to me love,its very late at night here and im tired
Barrister Amos Ariyo: can i really wear a mask and act
Barrister Amos Ariyo: yes i am
Barrister Amos Ariyo: and you
Barrister Amos Ariyo: sweetie
Barrister Amos Ariyo: are you there
Barrister Amos Ariyo: hi
rosie: yes u can wear a mask
Barrister Amos Ariyo: is night already
rosie: yes 1030pm
Barrister Amos Ariyo: are you married
rosie: no im not married
rosie: in my line of work i cant have a husband
rosie: i fuck men for a living
rosie: that is my job
rosie: i make many films
Barrister Amos Ariyo: but do you intend to
Barrister Amos Ariyo: but as executive producer do you think it will be nice for m to act
rosie: yes it would be fine,i need to see a picture of you first before i let you act of course
rosie: you would be paid more money also
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i don't think i will but i can arrange someone
Barrister Amos Ariyo: no
rosie: no problem
Barrister Amos Ariyo: but i will be with you all night
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i have not made love to a white before
rosie: really?
rosie: we r very sexy
Barrister Amos Ariyo: yeah
rosie: u make love to ur wife?
Barrister Amos Ariyo: yeah
rosie: been married long?
rosie: i love black men
rosie: i cant wait to have sex with you
rosie: are u here
Barrister Amos Ariyo: no
Barrister Amos Ariyo: just seven yrs
Barrister Amos Ariyo: really that means we are going to have fun
Barrister Amos Ariyo: but a black man can marry
Barrister Amos Ariyo: you
Barrister Amos Ariyo: hi
rosie: darling its ok if u dont want to act
rosie: thats fine
Barrister Amos Ariyo: yes
Barrister Amos Ariyo: can i ask you a favour honey
rosie: anything
rosie: its late
rosie: why r u keeping me waiting my love
rosie: i am going now amos,your obvoiusly to busy for me
Barrister Amos Ariyo: hi sorry
Barrister Amos Ariyo: did you read my request
rosie: no i didnt
rosie: i didnt see it
Barrister Amos Ariyo: why do say that honey am ready to chat
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i said you should send me that $3000usd on your own ok
Barrister Amos Ariyo: are you there
rosie: i cant do that darling untill mr baxter tells me to do that
rosie: he handles all my money
Barrister Amos Ariyo: what do you mean
Barrister Amos Ariyo: it is not true and you know it
Barrister Amos Ariyo: how can you say another man handles your money
rosie: im very rich darling,i need him to look after everything
rosie: he looks after me so well
Barrister Amos Ariyo: including making love to you
rosie: no
rosie: no,no,no
rosie: mr baxter is not like that
Barrister Amos Ariyo: then why do reject this each time i tell you about
rosie: because ok honestly
rosie: i havent seen a picture of you
Barrister Amos Ariyo: are you telling me that you can not take money from your purse and send to me
rosie: well of course i can silly
rosie: except i dont live near western union
rosie: i told you that many times
Barrister Amos Ariyo: can't you go there for my sake
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i am an african man and we have our way of reasoning
rosie: darling,its on the other side of australia
rosie: this is what i tried to tell you
rosie: but u didnt listen
Barrister Amos Ariyo: what did you try telling me
rosie: i told you that i dont live near western union
rosie: i dont have a bank in australia coz i dont pay taxes
rosie: i fly out to mr baxter once a month or he flys to me and thats how i get money
Barrister Amos Ariyo: do you have a car
rosie: yes
rosie: do u no how big my country is?>
rosie: it is a 5 day car trip
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i dont believe you
Barrister Amos Ariyo: listen you said you shall pay me $50,000usd as executive producer yet you find it difficult to send $3000 consultation fee
rosie: that is coz jeremy handles all the money side
rosie: you need to help us to help u here
rosie: i need to go soon
Barrister Amos Ariyo: honey you ar beginning to make me doubt you
rosie: why
rosie: i have sent u many pictures
Barrister Amos Ariyo: every bank has a western union outlet and can send money you even can do that in gas stations shoping mall
rosie: my lawyer has emailed u
rosie: its australia darling
Barrister Amos Ariyo: pictures can not convince me that you are serioBarrister Amos Ariyo: if you can pay $50000 why can't you pay my consultation fee
rosie: well why dont u email him like iv said to you?ur wasting time on this babe.
Barrister Amos Ariyo: like the airport issue these are things i suppose to help on
Barrister Amos Ariyo: you said am wasting time in africa you don't make promises that you can not fulfil
rosie: i am trying here
Barrister Amos Ariyo: what do you have to say on this issue
Barrister Amos Ariyo: No please wait
Barrister Amos Ariyo: if you can pay $50000 why can't you pay my consultation fee
Barrister Amos Ariyo: Ivana
rosie: u hurt me
Barrister Amos Ariyo has selected the "Champion" IMVironment.

Barrister Amos Ariyo: how am sorry am only trying to make that am not wasting my time
rosie: ur not wasting ur time,u made me so sad i cried
Barrister Amos Ariyo: have you gotten visa to Nigeria yet
Barrister Amos Ariyo: honey please talk to m
Barrister Amos Ariyo: am so sorry honey
rosie: i was busy arranging my passport and visa today
Your friend cannot load the Champion IMV.
rosie: please dont ring my phone any more tonight ok,the battery is flat
Barrister Amos Ariyo: so how did it go
rosie: it went very well
Barrister Amos Ariyo: ok please then call me as soon as you wake up and please charge it ok
Barrister Amos Ariyo: have they given the visa
rosie: yes darling i have got it arranged
rosie: i need one thing from you
rosie: i need you to email mr baxter and tell him you will be producer
rosie: and also i need a leading man lined up
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i have done that
rosie: if u cant do it then please find me someone
Barrister Amos Ariyo: what do you mean by leading man lined up
rosie: well i need you to find me a man that i can fuck in my movie
rosie: someone to play the lead
rosie: i have casting tomoro morning
Barrister Amos Ariyo: how can i do that when you have refused to send the money to me don't you no i have to make contacts and it involved some money
rosie: darling u will be reimbursed,cant u do it for me?do i not mean enough to you
rosie: have i not spent a lont time writing to u
rosie: planning to visit u
rosie: paying u a lot of money
rosie: if u dont want to do it then tell me
rosie: i will find someone else
rosie: u have made me cry again
Barrister Amos Ariyo: I need that before i can go further
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i have a suggestion for you
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i have a suggestion for you
Barrister Amos Ariyo: i have a suggestion for you
Barrister Amos Ariyo: pls dont cry
Barrister Amos Ariyo: what do you mean by paying u a lot of money
rosie: by paying u a 50.000 retainer
rosie: u made me feel bad,i cant type coz crying
Barrister Amos Ariyo: you have not paid a single dine to me
rosie: i no that
rosie: that is because u need to sign paper work that mr baxter is about to send you.
(connection lIvana

Am really sorry ok just cheer up for me okey please as soon as you wake up call me so that i can tell you sweet things and also remember to do what i asked you to do so that you don't fell angry again ok.

I wish you happy birthday ahead ok .

Iwant yuou to know that i trust you but am only trying to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Here in Nigeria before you consult any lawyer you have to first be his her consultation fee before any other thing so when john greg contacted me he said you will bear the expenses and when i asked you about it you agreed and now you feel as if you should not pay the amount so please think about it.

I have emaileD mr Baxter so please ask him to send me a mail immediately and as soon as you wake up please call me ok

And remember what i told you about the Bank account issue please answer to that effect.


amos my darling,it is ok.i cannot call you as i am busy all day today,here is the deal,i have spoken to mr baxter and this is what it all boils down to.
in our culture we dont hand over money untill contract is signed,i dont understand,u would rather $3000 which is very small and not have $50,000?my dear,untill u sign the contract not a dime will pass hands.we operate very prosessionaly when it comes to my money,did u not pay attention to my previuos emails sweetheart?
the reason mr baxter is so professional is because before he worked for me i use to waste money and had lots of people steal from me,now we do it this way,its for my own protection.NOW READ CAREFULLY MY SOON TO BE LOVER,sign the contract and become richer than you can imagine,or keep asking for a mere $3000 which u will not get.darling it will not cost you $3000 to send me some pictures of a few men to film in my i advise you to email jeremy and do as he says,if you wish to do it then i am sure theres a lot of other men out there who will jump at the chance.i feel like you dont trust me,have i not spent hours emailing you?have i not called you?have i not sent u many intimate pictures of my body in many poses?so far darling i havent even recieved a picture of you,i have done a lot more than you in this deal so far and am offering to make you very rich.if u do as i say then you will never have to work is up to you now amos sweetie,either you sign and we do this with a contract in place or i take my buisness elsewhere.i am very hurt by this and its my birthday today and all of this makes me very sad.if you care for me as you say you do then you will start listening to me and do as i say as i am trying to help u and its an offer of a lifetime for you.if i dont hear from you within 24 hours i will take my buisness and money elasewhere,that is up to you darling.
i will be very disapointed if i dont get to meet you in person,i had lots of things to show you.this is your choice,good day. ivana sukadikaday

darling are you mad at me?i have been trying to ring you all day with no luck.fucking phone lines.have u thought about my offer or do i give the job to anouther african man i have been in touch with?what do i do,you tell me,i dont have much time to waste my love,my passport is approved,as is my visa.all i need is to get a malaria and yellow fever vaccination.write me back right away amos.

(am getting a little fustrated with this mugu.i would never have the patience to do a couple of months bait,id go crazy,decided to start showing him who is boss and gave him a big bitch slap that i will take my offer elsewhere,lets see what happens now)

I got your mail so now that i have agreed on your terms so please send me the contract details as mr baxter has not emailed me yet.

So please give my the details.

You will be safe in my hands ok

So please do not worry about that honey for i will take care of you.


Sweet Ivana

I am really sorry that i can not send you any of my pictures naked for reason best know to me ok.

So please wait until you arrive and after the contract is signed i and i receive some pay then i will send you some.

But in the meanwhile i will like you to snap the pictures yourself when you be together.

I will like to hear you sweet voice today please call me now lets talk.


Hi darling,that is great news,i cant wait to see the men.yes i spoke to mr baxter today and he is busy working on the contract.sure you can book the lodging,that is not a problem,as for entertainment darling,iv never been to africa so i dont know what i want to do,as you know ill be alone for the first 2weeks untill my crew join me,i really want to do a lot of shopping,site seeing and trying all the fantastic food,amos will you tell me about the food now?what do you eat for breakfast and lunch and dinner,i cant wait to know these things,also who is the man you have in mind for the film?i cant wait to see pictures,please work on it so there is no delay after contract is signed,i dont wish to wait much longer to you soon,ivana


I got your mail and i really apprecite it. i will like us to talk on the phone so please call me same time ok.

Now the press release sheet was received and i saw it clearly so i will issue that to any men i choose i have only one man now but i hope to make them two soon.

Mr Baxter sent me a mail with the full details and conditions which i have accepted and replied to him but one thing is this he said i will book the lodging and the entertainments so please discuss this with him as you wish.

Also inform me earlier if there are things you might need.

So honey i now wait to sign the contract and send you pictures.


I will try my best to get a secure location which you would see yourself when you get hard.
About the security that will be arranged as soon as i sign the contract and the the $50,000. so do not worry about it.

A beach front house may be difficult because we do not have much beaches here, i cant realy wait to have fun with you in a pool. as sweetie i have not had sex in a pool so it will be fun.

After the contract has been signed of course i will very happy to meet you at the airport. i will take very good care of for your hair don't worry about it ok honey my love.


sorry i dont understand what the exact amount of the hotel means amos???i would like to stay at the hotel nicon in the best room they have,i dont care what it costs per night,i want the best there is.i also require 4 armed gaurds outside of my room at all times and if we are to go out site seeing or whatever i wish them to always be there in a car behind us.its also not a problem carrying a lot of cash into the country with me as mr baxter has already fixed it and bribed the approraite people so this is not a concern.i will arrive with your 150k salary and 30k for myself.i also wish you to get back to me on the food that is served in africa as i have a few allergies and dont wish to get sick,please tell me all about african food amos.i had a dream last night i was eating sweet and sour monkey.this is how excited i am to be arriving there,im dreaming bout it!!!love you lots sweetie xxx





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Excellent bait so far...well done Wink

This 'Bait in progress' has been moved around the forums several times. In the process it became very untidy and fragmented.

At the OP.s request. I have edited the post to tidy things up and moved it back here. In doing so several helpful suggestions that had been previously posted had to be deleted. For this I apologise.

Just keep me informed...then I can inform on you!

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thanks cherrie,its looks better,what does the (NSFW)stand for in the headline?
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NSFW - Not safe for work!

Welcome rosie652 and great bait. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Great work!!

I did have one African man here but he got hit by a bus, so heís not recovered yet and his face looks like a hat full of monkeyís assholes if ya know what I mean.
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