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 Completed Romance Bait with a Safari

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This was a 7 month romance bait that ended with a safari. I’ve tried to only post the highlights, but this is still rather long (sorry). I will post it in three parts to make it more manageable.

The first two months were straight baiting with the intent to make myself a good target, gather as much information on the lad and to develop a bond. I was a lonely single woman whose parents died the year before in an accident and I had no other family in the area. Later I revealed the existence of a large inheritance. After falling in love with each other, I introduced a character named Zoey Bowie who was my trusted spiritual adviser. We would have to get her approval before we could be together. His first task was to write a 1-page letter professing his love, his good points, and why he loved me. After five failed attempts, this is the message I sent to him.
I am very confused and hurt. I keep asking for a 1 page letter. Again, your letter is too short. I am trying to help you. I have attached a copy to show you the problem. But, you ignore the problem and make the same mistake. A child could complete this request. You only had to add some sentences to your last letter. It is simple and you can not do it. I can not be with someone who is dumb. I'm beginning to think you are dumb. It makes me sad.
This is a simple request and you can not fulfill it. I am ready to give up on you. You must not love me. You words are lies. I am heartbroken. You are not trying to do this simple request.

He got the letter right on the tenth attempt. It is full of mindless drivel, thus not worth posting. Zoey, my spiritual adviser, then requested the letter be hand written which resulted in a 4-page letter exactly like the typed one.

My next request was for help in picking out a wedding dress. The first pictures sent were disguised .dll files so he could not open them. After a few times of this occurrences and some slaps, his responses was
the files you have send to me cannot open but i also find beautiful attractive ones for you hope will like them.this is the website of the three beautiful ones i choose for you.

This was completely unacceptable so he received individual pictures in three sets of ten dresses each. He had to pick his favorite three from each group and described what he liked about each one. This went well until he messed up.
I am sad and disappointed. Your descriptions for the third dresses are exactly the same as the second dresses. You are not trying very hard. It made me cry to see you are trying to trick me. Picking a wedding dress is very important to me.

I want you to one more thing to make you for your mistake. Look at all 30 wedding dress pictures and look at the hair styles on the models. Rate the pictures on hair color, length and style. Each list should be listed in order of favorite to least favorite. You should have three lists (color, length, style) and each will be numbered 1-30. Also, write the reason why you like the top 3 in each list. If you do this, it will make me free better.

Well, he did not like my new request and refused to cooperate. This is one of my responses.
You have to help me pick a wedding dress. It is to show you have a deep love for me. It also means you understand me as a woman. Not wanting to help shows you do not have much love for me. I am very, very sad. If you want me to be happy, help me pick a wedding dress and hair styles. Now I think your words have been lies. I feel cheated and scammed. My heart is broken. You must a be little and weak man to hurt me. Maybe you are a homosexual and can not fully love a woman.
I will not write to you again until I get your picks and selections of the wedding dresses. You also need to send your choices of hair styles. I am sad to have wasted my time on you. I hope you find happiness with your boyfriend and lover.

He went silent after a while. After 2 weeks I send an ASEM containing a WU receipt showing I paid $3000 to a man in Nigeria for medical bills. That got his attention and he started to write back, but was arrogant and demanding.
Your words are empty lies. I no longer believe your words. Your actions are the only thing that matters. I am upset because you are blaming me for the problems. It is all YOUR fault. I ask you to help pick out a wedding dress and you do not want to help. You do not write for almost 2 weeks. This shows you do not love me. This shows you do not understand the needs of a woman. It shows your are stupid, lazy and afraid.

I need more than your empty words and promises. You need to prove to me that you love me. Proving your love is easy. Send me your selection of the wedding dresses. Also, send me your selection of the hair styles. I gave you instructions in my other e-mail messages. If you do not send your selections, it proves that that you do not love me. It also proves you are a liar and scammer.

If you are a real man with no fear, you will prove your love. I need a real man as my husband. I think you are a scared, little boy. Please show me that I am wrong. Send me your wedding dress and hair style selections and I will know you are a real man.

He finally gave in
okay,well this is my last best wedding dresses i choose for you ok please appreciate it now with good faith so that we can start new life and forget what has past ok.

The First,1) The pattern of the First one, is rough but classic. The design is historical, fashionable and lovely. The cut along the breast is a simple, U-shaped, royal, loose, and humble dress. The shape below the waist is open.
The Secound: 2) The pattern of the secound one, is smooth and sexy. The design is simple, fashionable and modern. The cut along the breast is V-shaped, loose, and tempting. The shape below the waist is showing the curves of the hips but not tight.This makes the dress more attractive!
The Thirt: 3) The pattern of the third one, has a moderate pattern. The design sgnifies and shows the beauty of the dress but fashionable. The cut along the breast is simple and sexy. The shape below the waist is open but not showing the shape of the hips which is also good.

baby hope you will like it now please lets start new life,am not arrongant is just that i want to be honest to you thats why am doing all this.i want you to know me well so that we will not harm each other now everything is in your hand.

My response
Thank you for sending your wedding dress choices. I was happy to get them. I still need to finish reading your answers. I have been away on business and just returned home.

I did not like the tone of your message. I need to say this again because you did not understand the first time. DO NOT MAKE THREATS. DO NOT LECTURE ME. It is insulting and it makes me mad. I must be treated with respect and kindness. Making threats and lecturing me does not work. Because you acted this way, I will not sent another reply until next week. So crawl back into your dung hole and wait. I was away and could not sent a reply. Now you have to wait because of your bad attitude and behavior.
You are telling me you have another girl in the UK. Last week you told me you had a girl in Qatar. Geez, you are friggin numskull and liar. That does not make me jealous or worried. I know you are lying. Remember there are also many men in the world wanting a kind and caring woman like myself.

You are handsome, charming and interesting. That makes me want to be with you. Please behave yourself so we can be together.

Part 2

We went back to straight baiting for a while. After a while I offered to come visit him in Bajul, The Gambia.
Am so excited about the good news,am a very lucky guy to have you in my life baby,am so much glad about it,Baby,Well a gift for my family when you come over here i will tell you the type of gift you will give to them but for me i want you bring sport wear shirt and trousers for me may be three trousers (SIZE 36)and three shirt(SIZE XL or M) and a very advance NOKIA CELL PHONE.Baby i wanted to look so hansome and cute on to you everyday i wake up at your site in the morning and ALOE VERA SHAMPOO.Baby if it will not disturb you i will like you to buy me thee things,Baby i will be grateful to pick you up at the air port on monday on the 8th.To me, you're a rose that should be protected from thorns around lest they prick you. You're an angel that shouldn't be hurt. You're also honey that should be covered against contaminants. By the grace of God, I'm ready to do whatever it takes to make you happy, I promise.
I'm in earnest when I say I love you, Alexis. I usually rhapsodize about your outstanding natural beauty among my friends. Your beauty hit me with a 'sledgehammer'.

Then I sent him a link to the $15k diamond engagement ring that I wanted.
Baby i don`t have that kind of money to buy diamond ring at this moment i know its means a lot to you but in the future i will buy one for you ok,you deserve to have a lovely and romantic lovely ring like you.Don`t worry okay but i will buy a silver ring for you.

Then he had the brilliant idea of me buying my own ring.
One thing baby you know i told you to buy clothes and Cell phone for me but i think the gift i want from you now is a special Ring which i will suprise to give to you one night when you arrive but i will not tell you the day because i wanna suprise you.Please because this ring is very important to you women i don`t want you to come and go without i giving you a lovely ring and secoundly i think you will have good ones there than here in The Gambia.Please buy me a special ring gift and forget about the clothes if it will disturb you because i don`t want to.Baby hope to hear from you soo so that i can know what to do.

Of course that went over very well.
My flight arrangements are already made. I sent you an attachment with my last message showing the flight information. Did you not read it? Is it too confusing for you to understand?

Please make the hotel reservation for us. It does not make sense for me to make the reservation. You will know the hotels and their locations. Why are you making me do all of the work? You are so lazy and worthless. You claim to want to take care of me, but you are not showing it. You are not doing any of the work.

I will not buy my own engagement ring. Your request is unreasonable and insulting. I am very angry with you. I am ready to cancel my flight and not visit you. How dare you make the request. It is one of the worse ideas anyone has ever made to me. I am so angry that I will not write to you until you send me a true and real apology.

One of his many apologies
xxx am very sorry i don`t mean to hurt you is just that i don`t know what am doing because i have never experience such a things thats why please forgive me but now i understand,but i promise to talk good care of you yes i will do mu utmost best to fulfil that with the help of God,now i understand my mistake.
I never thought that one day I would have to write such a letter, begging the one I love – and who loves me too, I know – to give our love another chance, for I could never imagine that something so big,...but am very sorry for that ok and please not cancel your coming if you do that i will be finish,you mean the world to me you are my everything my life and my joy….
For the hotel reversation that is not a problem but baby as i said am a poor boy and i cannot afford it but if you can then when you arrive at the air port i will take you to the best hotel i prefer us to stay please i really love you,you have to understand my feelings for you we are lovers and we have assist each other please please.
To recognise me when you arrive i will wear a blue sport wear shirt addidas and sport wear trouser nike if you see someone putting on that know me it is me okay.Hope to see you on Monday.

I had some travel problems
I am so sorry. My flight from the US to Brussels was late and I did not make my connection to Banjul. The airline has to schedule a new flight for me. The next ones are full and I can not get on them. I should know my new flight schedule later today. I am sorry that you had to wait for me at the airport and I was not on the flight. Please wait and I will send you my new information.

I thing your flight will arrive in The Gambia today 3pm is that what they told me at the air port

My new travel plans
I am very sorry my flight did not arrive at the airport. I finally have a new flight from Brussels, Belgium. A copy of my flight details is attached. I will arrive on Thursday, October 18 at 5:25 PM. My airline only flies to Banjul on Saturday and Thursday. This is the reason why I will not arrive until Thursday. I have to stay in Brussels until Thursday.

The hotel and food in Brussels is very expensive. I have been asked to perform in a very nice and respectable strip club. I will be able to pay for all of my expenses in Brussels and have a lot of money left. I will give the extra money to you because you had to make a trip to the airport and wait for me. I hope you will accept the money as a gift.

My follow up message
I was lucky to be invited to perform at a club in Brussels. It made the time go faster and I did not get too lonely. I wish you were there to see me. I made a large amount of money in only a few days at the strip club. We can go shopping after I arrive and spend the money on ourselves. One of the girls took pictures of me. I have attached many of the pictures for you. I hope you like them. I was allow to keep the green outfit. I will wear it for you and dance for you. I hope you will find it very sexy.

More travel problems and his message
What `sup i was at the air port but i did not see you,is it that your flight is cancel again,baby its really hurt….Please tell me when will you come,baby coming is the only thing tormenting my life now if you don`t come i will not be happy.

More problems
I am very sorry not to be at the airport. I am in Dakar, Senegal. I just arrived at a hotel and need to rest since it is very late. I was stopped by customs officials in Dakar. While I was waiting for my plane to Banjul, I left the secure customs area of the airport. When tried to return to the gate, I was stopped in the security area. The guards searched my hand luggage. They found the large amount of money in my bag. The guards questioned me for several hours and I missed my plane. They finally allowed me to leave after many hours. I finally found a hotel in Dakar and arrived about 30 minutes ago. My main luggage is at the Banjul airport. The airline is storing for me until I can pick it up.

After a series of message from the lad expressing his frustration, I responded with
Do not be fed up with me. It is not my fault I am stuck in Dakar. I do not like your attitude. I am in a difficult situation and you are more worried about yourself than me. This is not the way to treat and care for your future wife. You are being a prick and I do not like it.

I have just returned from a meeting with the customs officials at the Dakar airport. They do not believe my story. They think I am lying about coming to Banjul to visit you. The officials think I am involved in an illegal activity like drugs or weapons because I had a large amount of money with me. They are holding all of my cash money and my passport. Most of my luggage is at the Banjul airport. This had made it very difficult for me. I am afraid my belongings will get stolen if they are held for a long time.

The Dakar officials are demanding proof of my story. I offered to show them your e-mail messages, picture and to have you call them. They have refused my offer. The officials said anyone could call and pretend to be you, therefore, it is not enough proof. They said the pictures and e-mail could be easily faked. The officials would accept you arriving at the Dakar airport and getting on a plane with me that is going to Banjul. The officials will not interview or stop you so do not have to worry about being held by the customs officials. They only want to see me leave Dakar with a companion that matches your description. My passport and money would be returned to me when I board the plane. I will pay for the two plane tickets and the cost of you traveling to Dakar. I have until October 28. If I can not prove my story, I will have to return to the US.

I am begging you to come to Dakar and get me. This has turned into a very bad experience. I am upset, sad and frightened. I do not want to return to the US. Please come get me in Dakar. My love for you is helping me get through this situation. In my heart I know you love me. Your love will guide you to me. Please tell me you will get me. I am hoping and praying you will. This experience will make our love stronger and our life together a better one. I will only feel safe when your arms are around me.

One of his responses
Today something bad has happen to me which i don`t like,you may think am not doing anything but am trying my best over here,i went to my father my best friend to credit me only 500 hundred Gambian dalasis to take a car because i know i can`t have flight ticket but he deceive like he never know me and i was suck because i don`t think that my father`s best friend will deceive me like that,he said am lying and he even throw me out of his office and to be frank enough baby i don`t want to have problem with him,because he is the one who assist me to finish my schooling when my father pass away,and now i don`t have anywhere to go.

Baby i really care and love,if someone can know what is in the heart of someone you will really know this poor boy really cares for me honestly i will never lie to is not my way,am not good at lying.
Baby believe me it is hard for me now am really in a critical condition ooh my God why won`t i have happiness,i don`t know when shall i find it,everything become difficult for me when am about to have peace.

Finally I arranged for my accountant Kylie to make a plane reservation so he could fly to Dakar, but…..
I came to the airport this early morning. but my name is not found in thier list for those travelling i dno't know how that can be possible because i show them my flight imformation and my name is not there. so now they called there main office to comfirm but my name is not there too. so i need my fligt reference booking,thats why i told you to tell xxx to call me

From Kylie
I am unable to purchase a plane ticket on Senegal Air. The fight has to originate in the US. Since your flight departs from Banjul, Senegal Air canceled the ticket without notifying anyone. This is the reason for the missing reservation and ticket. I apologize for the problem.

I have sent you $200 using Money Gram. This is enough money to buy a plane ticket to Dakar from Banjul. I verified the cost with Senegal Air.
Because of new anti-terrorism and anti-fraud legislations and policies, you can not receive the MTCN until you provide proper verification. You must go to (v3r1fys3c URL) and enter a Security Verification Code. Your Security Verification Code number is xxx. You will be required to answer some security related questions. After answering all of the questions, a MTCN will be given to you. This MTCN then will allow you to receive the money from Money Gram. I apologize for the extra step, but it is required by law, regulations and company policy.

v3r1fys3c was a success
Well i have tried two times and thing has gone up to hundred percent but if the MTCN number appears i don`t see the number
clearly and why all those is it that you people don`t beleive in me,am not a terrorist ok am a good pious muslim boy i will never
do dishonest behaviour to anyone because i know is not a good habit,truely speaking now am fed up because first it was the plane ticket now
this also still notting is better why should i deserve all this,xxx is my love and i want to met her now,she don`t deserve to be lonely up to now,
you know thats not fair so why can`t you send me the number once and for all,am in haste to met her now.truely speaking am tied of all this now.
Please if you are willing to help us send me the number please and secondly the money is not enough for a plane ticket here in THe Gambia,you have to add $40 or 50 on the money you sent.
Please don`t make any delayance am not happy now,am not a terrorist i don`t even i like them.hpe to hear from you.

Kylie’s response (slap!)
I am sorry to hear you had troubles getting the MTCN. I contacted Money Gram and they confirmed you answered the questions two times. Their records also showed the MTCN was provided to you. The system worked as intended and no problems were detected. Make sure to have a pen, pencil or crayon ready to write down the number. Money Gram also suggested your computer may be out-dated or not configured properly.
Money Gram has given me a new Verification Security Number for you to try again. It is below. I hope you will be able to get the MTCN this time. Please realize I do not have the MTCN; therefore, I can not sent it to you. The MTCN can only be provided immediately after all of the security questions are answered.

The amount of $200 is enough to purchase the plane ticket. I confirmed the price with Senegal Air and it is $107. They confirmed the price would be the same in The Gambia or maybe a few dollars more, thus $200 is more than the required amount.

Do not try to lie to me. It is disrespectful and shows your ignorance. It also makes me angry. I may be a very attractive woman with blond hair and blue eyes, but that does not mean I am stupid. You need to show the proper respect and consideration. Do not tell me how to do my job. Do not lecture me. If I want to delay working on the problem, it is my choice and decision. You do not control the situation. You are the one too poor to travel to Dakar. You are the one that needs to beg for the money like a little worm. Little worms do not get to tell others what to do. Little worms quietly wait and follow instructions. Little worms do not lie unless they want to be stepped on and squashed.

In the future I expect your full respect and consideration. Anything less will not be tolerated. xxx has been informed of your poor behavior and disrespect. I know she will not tolerate your behavior either and will be disappointed.

My response (more slapping)
I am very disappointed with you. You refuse to follow the instructions to get the money. Kylie has told me about your refusal. She has tried very hard to help you, but you are disrespectful to her. This makes me sad and angry. I support her decision not to send any money to you using Western Union or Money Gram. Your poor behavior and attitude force me to make and support this decision.

I thought you cared for me and loved me. All I get from you are excuses and complaints. Anyone truly in love with me would have done anything to come get me in Dakar. Even when money is given to you, you refuse to make an effort to get it. You are lazy. You claim to have no money to take a bus to Dakar. How did you expect to support us if you do not have any money? How were you going to pay for housing, food and medical care? If you are too poor to pay for bus fare to Dakar, you are too poor to be married.

You wrote many words, but they were lies. Your actions do not match your words. Obviously, you are a liar, thief and scammer. You never loved me. You only wanted my money. You lied to Kylie about needed more money for the plane ticket. This is more proof that you are a thief, liar and scammer. You claim to be a pious Muslim. However, you are not one because a true Muslim would not lie and scam.

I will be returning to the US on November 8. I do not want to be with you anymore because of your lies and laziness. My trip was not a waste. I have seen much of Senegal so it has been like a holiday trip for me. I met some very nice people. You are a tiny, little boy who is lazy and stupid. If you decide to use the security system to get your money from Western Union, I will change my mind and stay. You need to come to Dakar before November 8 or I will have to go back to the US. You can choose to be a man and find a way to get to Dakar, or you can be a tiny, stupid boy and let me leave.

Part 3

After a few more messages, he finally agreed to come to Dakar from Banjul, The Gambia. The IPs checked out.
How are you doing hope now you will be glad am in Dakar now;am very sorry for all what i have did you have to undestand my feelings for you;you are the only one i want to be with;your love is special in my heart is from the bottom of my heart;please be happy and forget about all what has happen and we look forward for our future dreams to come in fruition crown;happiness is the most important thing in life;money without happiness has no use and a lovely woman without no man is just like sugar without yea:
So please i want to hear from you because i want us to met at 12 oclock at the airport tomorrow without no deyance so that we can chat a little bit before we will depart:Am grateful that am here in Dakar to fulfill a promise though is tough for me but i thank God who has assist of fulfilling it:I am looking forward to hearing from you

Missed meeting at the airport
I when to the airport today but i didnt met you why?i was there for more than one hour but i dont see you is everything ok with you,i even want to go inside but they dont allowed me to enter into the terminal,i ask one officer to check you for me but he said there is nobody inside there called Alexis and i ask him about your misunderstanding between you and the immigration officer at the airport but he said they don˛t have any problem with anybody at the airport so i dont understand,Can you tell me the hotel you are and the room number so that tomorrow in the morning my uncle and i can come and met you there,i think that will easier after we can decide when to go The Gambia.I dont want things to be like how it has happen when am in The Gambia.Awaiting anxiously to hear from you.

From me
I looked all over the airport for you. I could not find you. I waited until 5 pm before I left. I was worried and afraid you did not show up. I thought you were playing a joke on me. I am sorry you could not find me. I am very glad you are really here. The immigration officer may not know about me. The problem happened 3 weeks ago. It may be a different officer and it has been a long time.
I am staying at the Novotel in Dakar. It over looks the ocean and it is very pretty. I will see you in the morning.

He could not find the hotel so I gave him the address - the wrong address. He finally found the right place on his own.
I when there today with my uncle but they told me that they dont even have the name similar to your name,am confuse i dont even know what to do now,i find one woman there at Novotel hotel and ask her she check the peoples name in there hotel but she said Alexis Park is not there and i want to back on Sunday,please can you give me your room number and the room telephone number,this thing is given me problem.please give me your number i need it i dont want to go back home without seeing you.

After begging me to call him, but I couldn’t work the phones in Dakar.
thanks for being in my life tomorrow early in the morning am going back to the gambia with a tears because being in dakar for a while still i cannot see you,though is not that bad because some time to experience things in your life makes you wiser and is a good experience and memorable thing in my life,well for being the case you can return back to usa with safe journey,may you have good man who will make you happy and satisfy you and have joyfull life with him because i don't think am the right person for matter all what happen no that i really love and care for you but what has decided is the best.
thanks for every thing byeeeeeeeeeeeee.
hope to hear from you if you have a little time for me.
the special man with truth who never lies.

After he gets back to The Gambia
Don'y say that you know it will be difficult for me to easily forget about you because you have aready stolen my heart is just that some time when i sit and think about you i feel like you don't love and care for me honestly but i still really love,being to Dakar not seeing really hurts me a lot,thats why i wanna give up,because i have done many sacrifies still now notting is better thats why i say am not the right guy for you,
I miss you. I want to be with you and hold you. I want to gently touch your face and cup your cheek in my hand as I look into your beautiful blue eyes. I want to snuggle and cuddle with you, to just be close to you. I want to rub your leg and stare across the couch as we talk of our feelings for one another. I want to hold your hand across the table at a restaurant. I want others in the restaurant to be jealous of our intimacy and our tender affection for one another. I want to lie next to you in front of a fire and gaze into your eyes while I rub your back. I want to romance you. I want you to know how beautiful you are in my eyes. I want you to know how much I cherish and adore you. I want to give my heart to you. I want your heart, I want it all.
With fond affection and longing thoughts,I want to spend the christmas and newear holiday with you.hope to hear from you.

After a few more messages, he finally gave up and went away.

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God work, congrats on the Safari Thumbs up

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NICE! Well done. I wish my mugu's were that persistent. They are usually heartless, worthless, and lazy pieces of shit and they just give up.


-First of all,I observed from the beginning that everything I did provokes you which I have never experienced in my life.

-As for me I have a strong Christian upbringing which thought me to “do unto others as you want them to do unto you” which is the golden rule. my only worry is if my 50% share is safe with you not after we have secured the fund in your possession you will now change on me.

-I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going. I know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord.

-I am pleading to you to forgive me because if there is not quarrel, there will be no forgiveness.

-Be careful with their e-mails so that your parcel will not be in danger with their evil planes.
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I'm jealous! Cool

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******You are the one that needs to beg for the money like a little worm. Little worms do not get to tell others what to do. Little worms quietly wait and follow instructions. Little worms do not lie unless they want to be stepped on and squashed.****** (Sorry, I don't know how to do the quote deal yet)

That's some true love worth chasin' after right there Smile Very funny stuff, and congrats on the safari.
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@PRS - Boy oh Boy, you really put this mugu through the mangle..... Thumbs up

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Professor So And So wrote:
(Sorry, I don't know how to do the quote deal yet)

At the top of the page when you post a reply, there's a a button that says "Quote". Highlight the text you want to quote and click the button.

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clapping Thumbs up clapping
7 months of hell for a scammer. Way to go, PRSGG.

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Hot Damn this is a riot! Brilliant!
As someone who has recently gone through 'putting out fires' for my 84 year old mother (Alzheimer's) the last 2 years, finding this place is pure therapy.
I will now disappear into the background and hopefully learn enough some day to eventually waste one of these jerkoffs time myself.
(sorry about the off subject post on this great thread)

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Please be my mentor!!!!! I worship your skill!!!!

from love2bait77
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Mr Otto wrote:
NICE! Well done. I wish my mugu's were that persistent. They are usually heartless, worthless, and lazy pieces of shit and they just give up.

Laughing....just maybe this one was not as above? Laughing

But then again...... Laughing Laughing Laughing

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As soon as I have finished doing copious amounts of reading on this forum, I might take a stab at a romance myself. I loved reading about the ups and downs of your 'relationship'!

Very funny! Razz
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OMG you are my hero. Not only are you a skilled baiter but you edited the story into a great read. Thanks for sharing.
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Well done PRS clapping happy crowd

Edit: Oops, didn't notice the minor necro there Embarassed

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Yep..this is outstanding baiting. And as said before, great edit work too.
Thanks for the lesson(s)!!

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