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 They will fight the rats

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 5:04 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This was one of my first baits and it took place on Yahoo messenger. I had a lot of fun with this one!

I had the pleasure of speaking with a "Katherina Craig." The following conversation was simply in jest and to see how far a scammer will go with their lies. I play "Jenny Holtz!"

The saga begins with a search for free yorkies on google. I end up on Ad Flakes which brings me to She or He has quite a few ad's and I pick one to respond to. Send off a quick email asking if the puppy was still available and got a classic "The puppies are this big and just adorable and oh they need a home so bad" response right back. We then moved the conversation to IM. The conversation is as follows:

Katherina Craig: hello
Jenny: Hi!
Jenny: How are you tonight!
Katherina Craig: i am doing fine and you?
Jenny: Oh hanging in there! I don't know where you live, but where I am at
it is COLD!
Katherina Craig: okay great
Katherina Craig: i am presently in St.alberta cameroon island which i will be
transporting the puppies from here to your home
Jenny Holtz: Oh I see! What are you doing there?
Katherina Craig: i am presently here due to studies okay
Jenny Holtz: Oh okay!
Katherina Craig: so when are you ready to have this puppies?
Jenny Holtz: Well I thought you wanted to know a little about me first?
Katherina Craig: true and i willreally love to
Jenny Holtz: Wonderful!
Jenny Holtz: What would you like to know!
Jenny Holtz: ?
Katherina Craig: have you any pet care experience
Jenny Holtz: No I do not.
Jenny Holtz: I have never had a pet before
Jenny Holtz: Hello?
Katherina Craig: yes
Katherina Craig: how old are you?
Jenny Holtz: 25
Katherina Craig: married?
Katherina Craig: with kids
Jenny Holtz: No
Jenny Holtz: Single
Katherina Craig: still living with your parents?
Jenny Holtz: No
Jenny Holtz: Apartment
Katherina Craig: What do you do for a leaving?
Jenny Holtz: I work at McDonalds
Jenny Holtz: and at TAco Bell
Katherina Craig: i am sorry for this questions but hope you should understand
why i ask all this right
Jenny Holtz: Well of course!
Katherina Craig: So let me know when you are ready to have this puppies
Katherina Craig: and which sex you want
Jenny Holtz: How many puppies do you have?
Katherina Craig: 2 which they are both male and female called Kelly and Sparky
Jenny Holtz: Oh okay
Jenny Holtz: I would like both
Jenny Holtz: Now I don't have a backyard...all I have is a the front of my house
and that is a road
Jenny Holtz: I would have to tie them to my front door
Jenny Holtz: to let them out
Katherina Craig: i am very happy you prove out your truth
Katherina Craig: and i will be very happy to give the puppies to you
Jenny Holtz: Really!?
Jenny Holtz: That is wonderful!
Jenny Holtz: Now I cannot afford dog food
Jenny Holtz: I can only feed them with leftover mcdonalds and leftover taco bell
Katherina Craig: thats okay
Jenny Holtz: oh good
Katherina Craig: it will be possible for you to spend this christmas with them
but all will depend on you
Jenny Holtz: And during the day I would have to let my neighbors watch them
during the day
Jenny Holtz: but they like to knife fight a lot...
Jenny Holtz: I just want to be honest with you
Jenny Holtz:
Jenny Holtz:
Katherina Craig: i am sorry you make me scared
Katherina Craig: thats high risk
Katherina Craig: So what do you think you will do?
Jenny Holtz: It's either that or I will let them stay with my uncle who is
studying to be a taxidermist
Jenny Holtz: I don't know!
Katherina Craig: thats better
Jenny Holtz: No!
Jenny Holtz: He likes to practice on animals all of the time!
Jenny Holtz: They are safer with the knife fighters!
Jenny Holtz: I don't know...I mean it is such a good deal...I think I have to
have them!
Katherina Craig: okay Jenny
Jenny Holtz: And one more thing, at night I don't have a cage for them so I
would have to keep them in a kitchen drawer when I go to bed
Jenny Holtz: They are tiny enough for that right?
Katherina Craig: as you can see on their picture
Katherina Craig: You can have them as soon as you can provide their
transportation fee
Jenny Holtz: Are these dogs known for hunting?
Jenny Holtz: Just a quick question...
Katherina Craig: oh no
Jenny Holtz: I kind of have a cockroach infestation....
Katherina Craig: there are home companions
Katherina Craig: but are very sentiment
Jenny Holtz: there are a LOT or roaches...and I just want them to be safe at
night in the drawer
Katherina Craig: not to boarder all will be fine
Katherina Craig: Were are you located?
Jenny Holtz: boarder?
Jenny Holtz: Sorry I don't know what you mean
Katherina Craig: what is your state? city?
Jenny Holtz: I am talking about in my house! There are roaches and sometimes an
occasional rat...
Jenny Holtz: I live in NM
Jenny Holtz: So I need your honest opinion....
Jenny Holtz: will they be able to fight the roaches?
Jenny Holtz:
Jenny Holtz: That is how big they are
Katherina Craig: they will be able to fight them
Jenny Holtz: Oh good
Katherina Craig: So when are you ready for the puppies?
Jenny Holtz: and one last thing...This is a picture of the rats I caught....
Jenny Holtz:
Jenny Holtz: Will they be able to fight them...
Katherina Craig: Just have them home and you will know their importants
Jenny Holtz: I don't understand...
Jenny Holtz: Will they be able to fight the rats?
Jenny Holtz: I need to know
Jenny Holtz: if they can then great!
Jenny Holtz: But if not...
Jenny Holtz:
Katherina Craig: they will fight the rats
Jenny Holtz: WONDERFUL!
Katherina Craig: Can i have a contact phone number?
Katherina Craig: with your full house address?
Jenny Holtz: Hold on....
Katherina Craig: hello
Katherina Craig: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenny Holtz: I am getting it!
Jenny Holtz: WOW
Jenny Holtz: Hold your horses!
Katherina Craig: okay

I ended up getting distracted by real life *darn* and was unable to finish...

Sorry you didn't make that sale Katherina! Or not...

~They will fight the rats.~
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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 6:09 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Traci Ndam to me
show details 1:40 AM (21 hours ago) Reply

Thanks for Contacting in regards to my male and female English Bulldog puppies which are still available,i just got two babies,male and
female called Boby and Lisa.There are well raised and potty trained,vet
checked,Health Guaranteed,playful with kids and other home pets,very
good companions and needs a lot of attention and love affection.They are
12 weeks old and really in need of very good homes.Before giving out my puppies to
any home i will need to know the following from you.
Are you from a Christian Home?
Have you any pet-care experience?
Where are you located?
Are you a breeder?
How old are you,are you married with kids and what do you do for a
When are you ready for this puppies and Which of the sex do you want?

Sorry for all this Questions (i mean no offense) but just that i
really need a very loving home for this puppies.I am giving away this
puppies due to the fact that i am having a Research Program which i am
out.I will be transportation the puppies from St.Alberta Cameroon
Island which you will only pay the transportation fee of $150 which it will
take just 5-6 hours for the puppy to get to you.I am not out to make
money from them since they where just like my own children,my main
concern is to give them the best they ever want.
hope to read from you if this is okay with you lets proceed.
Stay Blessed
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Ted Bullpit
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 2:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey Flipping, maybe you could try contacting Katherina again as your uncle the taxidermist, and asking if she/he has any puppies that "didn't quite make it" to practice on! Surprised

Forget WU... leave the money on the fridge! (Ted Bullpit)
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