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 The reverend and the Evangelist, Sister Ruth Elvis Roland

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

date Feb 2, 2008 6:53 AM
subject Offering Donation .

Offering Donation .
Dear beloved in the Lord,

My greetings goes to you and your family including our brothers and sisters in the Lord. I am Evangelist Mrs Ruth Elvis Roland a citizen of United Kingdom and i was married to Late Elder Dr.Elvis Roland both of us worshiped at The Lord Rock life ministry London before my husband dead even up till today i am still worshiping with this church as a full born again Christian. Now i have been in hospital bed for 6 months, Itís just because i had a motor accident on my way to a friend house after our evening study and since then my condition is getting worst that's why i am contacting you in order to contact this company ( Lehac assurance security company) London with my direction and withdraw this sum of USD$4.2 million dollars which i and my late husband Dr.Elvis Roland was deposited in their custody for hospital project.

I am donating this USD$4.2 million dollars into your ministry since we do not have any child that will inherit this wealth if it happened that i die today and i may not survive in this condition as i am seeing my self spiritually ,please follow my instructions when you will withdraw this money use it according to the Christian tradition so that the name of the Lord will be glorify in heaven. I am waiting to receive your full information and photo in order to give you the contact of this security company here in London so that you will withdraw this fund immediately.

Keep on putting me in your prayers.
From Evangelist Mrs Ruth Elvis Roland.

Proof that the good Lord does answer prayer !

Reverend Steven Palmer

My dear Child,

I was overwhelmed to receive your offer in my in box. I have been away at a Church Minister's retreat at the new Wind Surfing attraction in the North Sea. I have almost managed to get rid of the 'windswept look' and having just recovered from hypothermia, I can now continue tending to my flock.

By the Grace of God - I pray you stay alive long enough to furnish me with all the information.

I must say - this news has come at a very opportune moment - we have a serious Bat infestation in our Church roof.

God moves in mysterious ways my friend !

Please get back to me at once with more information.

May the Lord Keep you safe

Reverend Steven Palmer

A reply - game on !

Evangelist, Sister Ruth Elvis Roland

Dear beloved Reverend steven Palmer,

Thanks for your mail may God bless you. Again this donation is for the work of God not for ungodly affair which you know as real man of God. Listen this is Gods evangelism i can not lies because of money or worldly things. I must do my work according to the direction of God so that his name will be glorify in Heaven. I am the one who suppose to use this fund for this evangelism but because of my present condition here in the hospital i can not make it, that's why i ask God to provide a good pastor in the church who will handle this project according to the Christian tradition. The only thing i need from your side is prayers and be faithful in the Lord so that this evangelism project will work out well, so donít allow devil to deceive you in any way or allow the spirit of this money to control you because this is Gods words. I need your full information in your next mail so that I can direct you to the security company director in order to contact him as my Christian Reverend pastor partner so that they will transfer the consgnment to your contact immediately since i am still alive.I know that i can die at any time but i am not afriedof death because i know where i am going even though i die today. Pleasefather do remember me in your prayers let Godswill be done.

May God bless you including all the members of your ministry. I wait to see your urgent respond
Read this scripture Matthews 25:30 vs 46 .

Remain bless.


From Sister Ruth Elvis Roland Jeans.

Jeans or no Jeans - which is it woman ?

My dear Sister Ruth Elvis Roland Jeans,

Praise God that you have managed to string some sentences together from your hospital bed. Please tell me the exact nature of your condition so that I may be specific when praying for you - it helps when one is praying.

In your original email to me you called yourself Ruth Elvis Roland, however when you signed off your last email to me, you signed yourself as 'Ruth Elvis Roland Jeans'.

I am not sure of your exact name so I do not want to offend you dear - which is it - Jeans or no Jeans ? One has to be specific when mentioning one in prayers !

As I mentioned in my opening paragraph to you, my first Spiritual Priority is your welfare - before we discuss anything else - I must know what is wrong with you so that we can offer up our specific daily prayers for you.

You also mentioned you are in London ? A good school chum of mine is a specialist in Cardiopulmo-rectalopathy in one of London's leading hospitals. His name is Professor B. Bollocks. Have you heard of him ? What a miracle it would be if you were at his hospital. Professor Bollocks would have you sorted out ship shape..... I can tell you !

Please remember Professor Bollocks in your prayers - the man isn't superman you know - he does a very difficult job.

Must run along dear - time to do my weekly Bat inspection in the Church roof. The little devils seem to be multiplying.

"May the Lord Bless you as you wearily tap your reply to me on the computer keyboard conveniently located next to your hospital bed on an extended curly telephone type lead.."

Reverend Steven Palmer

Thank goodness the Jeans issue has been sorted out. That nurse wants a bloody slap for not using the old spell checker though...

Sister Ruth Elvis Roland Jeans.

Dear beloved Reverend steven Palmer,

Please i dont have much strieghnt to type mails,is only one nursehelp me to type massage andisnot allthe time. Listen my completenameis Mrs Ruth Elvis Roland Jean and the Jean is the last sure name of my late husband. Look at the deposited certificate document of this family consignment box that deposited by my late husband before his death. I am the next of kin of this fund,so it belong to me since my husband is no more alive that's why i donate it to your ministry for Gods evangelism. Please keep the document very well for security purpose because my churchwill be taking me to Rome in Italy by this weekend. So i am still looking to see your full information and i will give you the company contat in my next mail. Have my photo in hospital bed suffering of heart enjury because of motor accident.

Remain bless.


From Sister Ruth Elvis Roland Jeans.

This lowlife attaches a picture of some poor unfortunate soul randomly found on the internet I geuss. I also have a very poor certificate confirming the security box...containing the loot..yadda yadda. In light of the innocent victim's picture they have used, I am even more determined to burn these MOFO's now so I would like some advice on stringing this out please !

Some information is tossed

My dear Sister Evangelist Elvis Roland Ruth Jean(s),

May God Bless that little nurse who helped you type the message to me. Isn't wonderful what nurses can do for you in bed these days ? I once had a spell in hospital, where one delightful young nurse gave me a bedbath with a free happy ending option thrown in for good measure. I felt it was impolite to decline. Didn't like Matron's insistence on having to administer those nasty ice-cold enemas to me every half an hour though....but that's a story for another time.

What a remarkable co incidence too that you happen to have the document already scanned into you computer you are using at the Hospital ? The good Lord surely does work in mysterious ways ! Praise the Lord Sister Elvis!!

You mentioned a 'heart injury' . How was this sustained ? The reason I ask is because one of our great teachers, Prophet Kenny Everett, taught us that when we pray for others, we need to try and see the injury - it always helps to know how it was caused and what the doctor's diagnosis is. You did mention it was due to a car injury. Was drink involved Sister Ruth ? I've never ever condoned drink driving - makes an awful mess on one's trousers.

You didn't mention if Proff B Bollocks is treating you ? He'd know what to do. That man is blessed with the God given skills, natrual abilities in the field of Cardiopulmanry-rectalopathy. It's no easy game let me tell you Sister Ruth Jeans. Was your husband related to Mr Bludenm Jeans per chance ?

That's not important for now. I know you have a lot on your plate right now but please promise to pray for my friend, Proff B Bollocks who works at St Bilgepump's Infirmary for the Infirm. Please mention this in your reply to me - it will bring me comfort.

Why are they moving you to Italy ? I know our English hospitals have had their share of controversy of late, but don't you think it's a little drastic ? Professor Bollocks wouldn't stand for any of that nonsense, let me tell you. Never-the-less I will pray for guidance for the doctors treating you.

You keep asking me for my details, well they are:

Six Foot Two
Eyes are Blue
I don't smoke or Chew
Or go with women who do.

(These were part of our vows when we were ordained by the Great Prophet Kenny Everett.)

You probably also need my postal address ? You didn't really make that clear - must be that young Phillipino nurse distracting you. Never mind

1 Little Swallow Cottage
United Kingdom

So my dear Sister Ruth ( you're not related to the famous Dr Ruth are you...?) when can our little church expect our donation ? The Lord knows how badly we need it - those blasted bats seem to be multiplying all the time. I desparately hope they are not evolving into vampire bats. After all our expenses, there may even be enough to spread the good news according to St Everett. We even may splash out on a shiny new cock for our steeple.

May the Lord Bless you with the strength needed to reply and fervently pray that the nurse doesn't cock up the message back to me.

Reverend Steven Palmer

This is as far as I have got - please can I get some guidance ! ?
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Bait Runner
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Well done! I'm a newbie at this, so I'm hardly qualified to advise you.

However I would think that your church would require some information when arranging a donation such as this - certainly there must be forms to fill out? Really long forms? Too bad if you accidentally send a huge .dll file renamed as a jpeg the first few times you try to send the form - it's so difficult to get this sort of thing right.

Perhaps some other members of your church staff could email requesting specific information for the church database?

Of course no one there understands what Western Union is. I'm sure you'll need detailed explanations as to how WU works, and you still won't get it right.

Does your church have any missionaries working in Africa that might be flying down there soon and could meet at the airport to deal with all those pesky bank transfer fees?
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 7:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

@ scam warrior:

So far you are doing great with the bait. Church baits take a long time to develop.
The scammer will soon be tellig you to contact a barrister or a bank. Standard MO.
You will soon need to develop and introduce a new character to help you with the bait.
This could be a higher ranking priest, who begins to suspect that this is not real. President of the board of directors or just simply a board member.

Let me know the next reply from the mugu.

PM me if you get into trouble or need help with the bait


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I bet u , soon , u will be laying in a close casket ,
will make u understand that i'm a spiritual man (Makinwa the retarded mugu)
in juses name u will dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
( Makinwa)
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