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 Freshman attempt

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Clown Six
Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 5:58 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is my first attempt at scam baiting...this all happened...heck, almost six months ago, so the headers and what not are missing, but hopefully you all can overlook that. My replies and remarks are in blue


Dearest One

How cool, I'm already his dearest one!!

I know this mail may come to you as a surprise, since we have not known or written before. I am Frank Mark, I am contacting you on behalf of myself and my youner sister Joyce, We are an orphans.

Nationality: Ivoirians. Our late Father Mr Lawrence Mark was a successful business-man whom before his untimely death , was a Cocoa and Diamond Merchant based here in Abidjan, Cote d'lvoire.Both our Father and Mother were poisoned at a party organised by one of his business associates. Whoa, would The Donald even do that?? Hard core man!! Before he died in a private hospital here, my Father called me and told me that he deposited the sum of US$12.5m (Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand American Dollars), in a bank here which he used my name as next of kin to deposit the funds as the only son.Due to the problem that have arised in our family between my late Father's brothers over who should control his wealth and subsquent death in the family, I have decided with my younger sister to transfer this funds overseas for future investment after we finish our education.

We want to leave here and come over to your country to live and continue our studies, because our lives is no longer safe here. We have heard from a reliable source that they are planing on how to retrieve all the documents concerning the funds from us, so that they can claim the funds.

Before contacting you, we have spoken with the local bank manager and worked out modalities I love Depeche Modalities! on how to transfer the funds to your country.
Please, we humbly seek your assistance in the following ways:

1- To assist us in transferring this fund quietly into your account in your country.
2- To serve as the guardian of this funds since I am still in the university and my younger sister is still in the college.

3- To make arrangement for me and my younger sister to come over to your country to further our education and to help us secure a residential permit in your country. Moreover, we are willing to offer you any agreed (percentage) out of the total funds as compensation for your efforts/input after the successful transfer of this funds into your nominated account overseas, while some percentage will be set aside to offset any expenses we may incur.

4- Furthermore, you can indicate your option towards assisting us as I believe that this transaction would be concluded within the shortest possible time.
NB: Please, if you are interested to help us, contact me immediately after you read this proposal so that I may give you more detailed information how this transfer could be carried out.

However, I wish to hear from you to know your decision concerning this proposal. please We are expecting your urgent responds.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr frank and Joyce

Hello Frank and Joyce,

What an incredible coincidence! I happen to be planning on traveling to Côte d'Ivoire in the next two months. I am currently employed by a private security firm that, among other tasks, assists in training local law enforcement and other protective services in VIP protection. Apparently there is some concern by members of President Gbagbo's staff that a rift may soon open...or should I say reopen...with members of the New Party. PM Soro was allegedly responsible for arranging the detail that currently watches over President Gbagbo's security and there is the feeling that if tested, that security detail may be found.....wanting.

In any event, as I will be there in late November, I would be happy to meet with you and your sister. I gather you both are young....could you tell me more about yourselves? For example, your educational background? Hobbies? Appearance? All these things could help me put together some information for you that might assist with your immigration to the US and what happens afterward.


Thomas Chamberlain Cantrell Allen

I had sorta screwed personal Yahoo email is essentially my name, so I had to come up with an explanation and alternate. As you will see, the Thomas C.C. Allen name worked in my favor.


[email protected] wrote
Dear Allen Cowan

Good morning to you, how are you doing today together with other members of your family?
My sister and I thank you very much for your response and for your careing and concern.

The most important thing we need from you is trust and honesty.

Oh yeah know how we say "Trust me" in WV? "F*** you!" LOL

Our late father left this money for me and my younger sister. I have to be sincere with you, we will not be able to take care of this money and how to invest it, this is why I contacted you.

Wait a sec.....what happened to your brothers?? I thought THEY wanted to take the money? Now you're saying you and sis are irresponsible brats??

Then, another thing we need from you is that you will help us to invest this money when the money is transferred to your safe bank account. When the money arrive your account, my sister and I will come over so as to continue our education, you will
also assist us on this, so we need 4 major things from you-

1. Your assurance that you will be honest and trusted when this money arrive your account. Hee hee hee
2. You will assist us to invest this money in your country.
3. You will help us to find a good college for us to contiue our education.
4. You will send bank account where the money will be transferred.

According to the bank officer in charge, for the fund to be transferred to your account, you need to send your bank account information so that the bank we ues to transferred the fund in to your transferred.

Name and Branch of your bank.
Your Account Number
Your telephone and fax numbers
Your Address.
your picture

The bank officer also said that, when the money is transferred, they will send to you and also to your bank some legal documents that will show that the money has been transferred to your account and also show that the money is a clean money. I will also give you the contact of the bank officer in charge so that you will be able to contact him for him to give you more information.

If you are capable of helping us on this, please respond to us.

We wait for your urgent response. We will also want to know more about you, we want to know your age, if you are married and how many children you have, we are sorry to bother you with this question, we have to know since we will be spending our life and inheritance with you.

Again, we want you to keep this transaction very confidential because we do not want our lifes to be exposed when we come over, we want to live a quite life as our late father directed us.



Also we do not understand what you mean by doing things your own way,could you please explain.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr Frank and Joyce Mark,

Mr. Mark,

Good morning to you too. I regret to say I have no family. My parents died in my youth and I am divorced. I should also point out that "Allen Cowan" is NOT my name. That is just a name I made up to go with my screen name.. AllenTC2 = Allen, Thomas Chamberlain Cantrell. But I display "Allen Cowan" as a security measure.

<aside>Yeah, that was pretty lame, but all I could come up with. But as you'll see below, it worked out pretty good. <aside>

Anyway, regarding your requests:

1. My honesty and trustworthiness are beyond reproach.

2. I will not personally help you invest. I am not a financial expert. However, once you are here, I will introduce you to my ex-wife. She is a former stock broker and she will be happy to assist you in that matter.

3. I will be happy to gve you advice on finding a college. However, as you apparently have internet access, you could begin your search NOW. A simple Google search will allow you to look for colleges/universities by subject matter, location or many other variables.

4. I will not send you my bank account information, especially via email. This is simple security. Anyone could get this email and empty my bank account. However, tomorrow I will open two new accounts and send you the information for one of them. As it is empty, it won't matter is someone learns the account number, there is nothing there to steal. As soon as the money is transferred, I will move all the money into the second account. This information I will pass on to you when I arrive in November.

The bank I will use is West Virginia Member's Choice Federal Credit Union. I do not have the account numbers yet. I only I have my employer's fax number and I think it would be unwise to use it for this purpose. My phone number is also to a company phone, and while I can use it for personal reasons, I think my employer would not appreciate calls from West least until after I have made my trip.

Right now my address is:

1 Scott Lane
Scott Depot, WV 25560

<aside>There is a Scott Lane, but I have no idea who lives there.<aside>

I will hopefully be moving into a larger house soon.

My picture is attached below. I'm afraid the only one I had was from a conference I attended last year.


<aside>Bonus points if you know who this is! Actor Roger Mosley who is best known for playing "TC" (as in Thomas Chamberlain? LOL) on "Magnum PI". <aside>

Personal info? Well, I am 44, I'm an only child and my parents died when I was 17. I joined the Army, spent 20 years there. A lot of the training and skills I learned there I apply now as a secruity contractor. I was married for 2 years, got divorced and have no children. I basically spend my time working.

I hope that is enough information for you.



Dear Thomas

Goodmorning and how are you today sir?

I guess you are fine by the grace of God? If so glory be to Almighty God.

Sir, i expected to hear from you yesterday as you promised and i could not read your mail.

I wanted to know if you have been able to set up the new bank account as stated in your last email, if that has been done i will be glad to have the information of preferably Thomas why don't you contact the bank here directly and send them whatever information that you need to send as regards to the fund transfer?

Maybe because I don't want an international call on my phone bill?

i think it would have been more better and wise for you to open direct communication with the bank as that will help you be safeguided and have less fear of the risk of whatever.

The guy who says he and his sister can't handle money is giving ME financial advice??

Write to the bank or call the bank and let them know you are the bonofide beneficiary/foreign patner to Late Mr Lawrence Mark who has deposit of fund with the bank and that you have been in contact with the next of kin and son of late Mr Mark(FRANK MARK) and you wish to inquire from the bank on what will be the requirements and the procedure to have the said deposit wired to your bank account abroad.

Brother Thomas, i am only given a sugestion and i want you to reaso with me as i am having hard times here and can't wait to have this funds transfered out of here so that i can have a better life.

This is the contact of the bank below:

Societe Ivoirienne de Banque
34, Boulevard de la République
Immeuble SIB, 5ème étage
01 BP 1300 ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Abidjan 01
Côte d'Ivoire
TELEFAX: +22522525004
Telex : BANKIV CI 22305 -
E-mail:[email protected]
Contact Person: DR USMAN ALI

Interesting note here.....there is a bank at that street address by that name...but the phone numbers don't match and neither does the email. I contacted the bank through their website to see if Dr. Usman Ali actually worked reply yet.

Please brother Thomas try to understad my plights andf see how faster you can be of help to me.

Have a great day and may the blessing of the Lord be with you.

Yours brother


Good morning Frank!

I am doing well and I apologize for the delay. I did go to the bank on Monday, but I was told I could not set up an account for someone else. The manager did inform me that I could open one in my name, but frankly, that amount of money would seriously tempt me. I mean really.....what could stop me from taking all your money and forgetting all about you and your sister's education? LOL I am kidding. <aside>No. No I'm not.<aside> I am not perfect, but I am not a thief. Seriously though, there are some HUGE tax implications if I open an account in my name. I cannot simply deposit several million dollars without the government knowing. The bank reports such transactions. If you could pass on your mailing address to me, I can send you the forms they need filled out.

One personal favor please Frank. Don't call me "brother" or bestow your religious blessings upon me. I am not a religious man. Simply call me "Thomas" and that will be fine.

I am sorry to hear about your plight. How is your sister doing? If I might say so, she is very pretty. Her face is gorgeous. I am not sure how I would feel having a sister who looked like that. Surely you must get urges sometime.

<aside>Okay, so I'm delving into the gutter here....gotta see if I can get some kind of reaction.<aside>

Anyway, I digress. Please get me your mailing address. I will try to get the forms sent to you post haste.

Thomas C. C. Allen


Dear Thomas

Goodday and how are you today,well i read your email and understand all you stateted in the email.Please below is the name of the person you can send the forms to :

Mr Emmanuel Egwu.
Cocody Angre Abidjan Cote D'Iviore

Does that look like a complete addy to you? I didn't think so either.

Phone number :00 225 04862885

Thomas please do send the forms through "D.H.L OR FEDEX CURRIER SERVICE" as fast as you can as we cant wait to get this fund transfered as this would enable us start a new life having lost our parents .

Please Thomas if you can do send us some money as we are unable to feed well in the camp,the food in the camp is very poor and my sister is very sick at the moment.Hoping to hear from you very sson .

<aside> he did pick up that I was interested in his sister. I wonder if I can get him to pimp her out? And they are in a camp now??? WTF?? I mean before it was greedy family members, then it was they couldn't handle they're in a camp?? <aside>

Hello Frank,

Is that a complete mailing address? I don't see any street number or anything else but the phone number. I will try to send the form out today, but I am worried the address is not complete.

I am sorry to say I cannot afford to send you any money. I am between jobs at the a matter of fact, I am waiting on the job in your country to start up. Speaking of which, I have heard some rumblings about the political situation becoming worse over there. Have you heard anything in the camps? There is talk of a coup occuring.

<aside>Ahhhh, can't be showing any weakness there! No money for you!! But I'm still hoping to start a civil war LOL<aside>

Anyway, I am sorry I can do so little for you and even more sorry to hear that your sister is ill. I have thought of her often, I even dared dream to become someone special to her....but I am so much older than she. And my job is a violent one sometimes. I'm sure nothing could ever happen between us.

<aside>Yeah....dangle that worm!!! LOL Will he bite?<aside>

I will do what I can, my friend. Don't give up though. Do what you have to to get by in the camp.

<aside>Like pimp your sister out. Or do it yourself. According to Trent Reznor it's not so bad once you get past the taste. LOL<aside>


<aside> I know I'm impatient, but it's surprising just HOW impatient. I couldn't wait. It's slow here at work, I realize my 'game' is not the best it could be...I just want to get it over with. So Frank is gonna get some good news. <aside>

Frank, I have some incredible news!!!!

First, about your money....I called the credit union again and they have their enrollment forms ONLINE!!! Go to this URL;

Print off the application and fax it immediately!!! No worries about the taxes (yet), security or anything else! Open the account and stick that moola in there! You'll be halfway home!!!

<aside>What could be a credit union account in WV....from West Africa. LOL While my past claims (bank reporting large deposits, etc.) have been more or less factual, I have no idea if you could actually open an account like this. I seriously doubt it.<aside>

Now, the next part...and this is GREAT!!!! They have moved our time schedule up.....I'm leaving for the Ivory Coast in TWO WEEKS!!! Yup...we just shifted our plans from November to now...nothing odd about that!! LOL Frank, just hold on a little longer and I will be there to help you and the lovely, scrumptious Joyce out. My company is wanting to send an advance team in to procure lodgings for the rest of the training group and I AM ON IT!! Hell, I can probably get you and Joyce a place outside of the camp (what kind of camp is this anyway? Will I need to bust you out?)! Someplace nice and clean...get Joyce a REAL doctor! And it won't cost you a dime!!

<aside>Now to hit on his sister some more......<aside>

Frank, I have to tell you....I am completely infatuated with your sister. She looks so beautiful. Do you have any more pictures of her? I swear I dream about her! I'd like to ask a favor....could I get a picture of her? Maybe holding a sign saying, "Please take me, TC"?

<aside>Oh hell yes!!! That would be awesome!! Maybe not as good as the scammers with "Haywood Jablowme" signs, but I'd be tickled to death nonetheless.<aside>

I'm telling you Frank, once I've got you guys in America, I will see to it you all get the best of everything, especially Joyce!

<aside>I wonder if I can intimidate Frank any? From what I've read, these guys are fairly gullible. Scam baiters have talked these clowns into waiting at airports for the marks to show up....maybe Frank is actually thinking I'm going to show up with Task Force Cowan? If so, might as well have him thinking we're the second incarnation of the Wild Geese (Google it).<aside>

I recall you saying that your brothers were contesting the provisions of your father's money? Well bud, let me tell you something. My employer is NOT Blackwater, but we are a pretty tough bunch. I think if we can handle training a President's security force, we can deal with some greedy family members. I've got some friends you'll have to meet once we arrive. I've attached a picture of my best friend in the company. His name is Thomas too, Thomas Magnum.

<aside>Here we go.....are any bells going off in Frank's head?<aside>

He is an awesome guy...former US Navy SEAL, he really knows his stuff. He'd love to help you out, I'm sure. I've got another couple of guys who will be handy to have around too...Rick and Higgie. Rick flies the chopper you see in the picture.

<aside>Yeah, I know, TC flew the chopper. I made it up as I went along, so sue me.<aside>

He used to be in the Army, flew a lot in Somalia and Iraq. Higgie....well, his real name is Higgins....he used to be in the British Army...he's older but very good at Intelligence. We can fix those brothers of yours up GOOD!

Anyway Frank,,,please let me know if you need anything. I will have a large cargo allowance when I fly over, so I can bring plenty of extra stuff if you or Joyce need. I'll also be getting an up-front bonus once I hit the ground in Abidjan. Just let me know.

Your American Friend



<aside>Well, I haven't heard anything from Frank over the weekend, and my mind reels with possibilities? Did his brothers find out what he was planning, and dump his mutilated body in the tepid ocean waters off West Africa? Has the beautiful Joyce succumbed to the poor food in whatever hellhole camp she's been confined too? Or maybe Frank has seen a little too much American TV and my little joke has been blown wide open? Anyway, hoping against hope, I have continued my farce...<aside>

Frank, where are ya?? I haven't heard from you and I'm getting worried. Is Joyce okay? Did you run into problems faxing the forms?

Look, just hold on tight. I've gotten in touch with my team mates and told them about you (I didn't mention the money part) you and your sister. They want to help out. I did give Higgie your email addy.....he says he should be able to track down where you generally log on to the internet. When we get over there, we will set up security around the area, so rest assured your family won't be able to mess with you any more.

Can you tell me more about what's wrong with Joyce? We'll have a medic come with our team..he can get some medicines to help her out, but we need to know more about what's wrong with her.

Keep your chin up, we'll be there soon!


<aside>Who knows....maybe he's busy getting that picture I asked for taken. The very least I can do is keep up the act....and hopefully at the same time put the fear of God in him. I kinda like the idea of some scammer shitting himself at the thought of a team of highly trained, heavily armed actors from an 80s TV show........errrrr, make that "professional security contractors".... coming to his hometown and looking for him.<aside>

<aside>Well, I finally heard from Frank (must have been a holiday weekend in Abidjan) and he had no time for pleasantries.<aside>


Goodday and how are you today,well the form you said you would send am yet to see it,what is happening.

<aside>I emailed you a link, jackass! I'm not about to spend MY money to send you some forms.<aside>

Please my sister is not feeling fine and am very worried about it,if i may ask again are you really ready to help us do let us know so that we would know our fate.Like we told you life has not been easy on us down here.Do get back to us as soon as possible .

<aside>Oh, we're gonna get back to you, rest assured of that! LOL<aside>


Frank Mark and Sister

<aside>Obviously, my man Frank has never seen "Magnum, PI". The shot of Thomas and TC failed to blow the game open, so I'm sure I can throw in all sorts of other celebs if this goes on. But, as you'll see in a minute, I have sorta put a deadline on this....<aside>

Frank, oh thank goodness you're okay!! Have you not gotten any of my emails? I've been mailing daily...what's up with the internet in Africa??? I sent you a link to the forms. You can print them out there then fax them directly to the bank. Here it is again... See, I seperated the link from the rest of the paragraph, so he can't miss this...right?

You can open your own account, without worrying about security, etc. If you are having trouble understanding the questions, I'll be happy to help. Now here is the big news.. drumroll, please...

I'm leaving next Wednesday for the advance party. I will be Abidjan on October 12, we arrive on South African Airways flight SA 0052, from Johannesburg.

<aside>Yes, this is an actual flight. Apparently you can't book flights to Abidjan fon Travelocity, so I had to do some legwork. LOL But I did find a series of flights from Washington DC, to Dakar, Senegal then on to Johannesburg. Rather than overtax Frank's little scammer brain, I stuck to the pertinant parts.<aside>

I've arranged for my whole team to be with me. Rick will be coming a little later as he has to secure a helicopter in S. Africa, but Tom and Higgie will be with me on the flight. I've attached a picture of all of us (it's only a couple of years old) so you can recognize us.


<aside>Man, does Magnum wear some butt-ugly shirts or what? But Higgie, that cat is a class act. Fo'shizzle.<aside>

We have transportation, but if you could meet us at the airport, that would be great. The guys all want to help out, and the sooner we get information, the sooner we can get started. Higgie has already got a good idea where your internet server is, so we can secure that area if you'd prefer not to meet us at the airport.

<aside>Just trying to instill a little paranoia..."Yes Frank, we know where you log in. We can find you." <aside>

Now, do you need anything? I told you I have plenty of excess cargo space, so I can bring some stuff. I'll also be getting a bonus, so if you need a loan or something I can help with that too. Dangling the worm again....I just won't have it until we depart for the Ivory Coast. How is Joyce doing?? Can she send me a picture?

<aside>Quid pro quo, mf'er.<aside>

Speaking of pictures, Tom said it would help if we had one of you holding a sign at the airport.....but don't use our names....have it say "I give Phil LeShow". That will let us know what to look for.

<aside>It occured to me that though Latin is not one of the official languages of the Ivory Coast, French is. I wonder if he'll make the "Phil LeShow = fellatio" connection?<aside>

Hold on Frank...we are on the way.

Your benefactor,


Dear T.C,

Goodday and how are you today,honestly we read your email and were all happy.But we have a problem now as we need some money to relocate from the camp to the city.Life is not been easy on us in the camp.

<aside>How f'ing hard can it be Frank? You have internet access for God's sake!! Or do you and the rest of your campmates pull shenanigans on your keepers like some Africanized "Hogan's Heros"? I can see you sneaking around some Idi Amin-looking Sgt. Schultz type now.<aside>

We also went to the bank and the bank manager told us that there are some documents that they need to procure,he also informed us that some fees would need to be paid for the procurement of these documents . Please do contact the bank and find out about this fee.Below is the contact of the bank.

<aside>Wow......I guess US banks aren't the only ones with weird service charges and whatnot! <aside>

Societe Ivoirienne de Banque
34, Boulevard de la République
Immeuble SIB, 5ème étage
01 BP 1300 Abidjan 01
Côte d'Ivoire
TELEFAX: +22522525004
Telex : BANKIV CI 22305 -
E-mail:[email protected]
Contact Person: DR USMAN ALI

<aside>Dude, have you gone mental? I told you last time I wasn't able to do that.<aside>

Please do contact the bank as fast as possible and do send us this money as we are in great need for it.Hoping to hear from you soon.


Frank and Sister

<aside>I'm really disappointed with this. Frank isn't keeping up with the storyline. Did he not get the part when I said I was coming in a week? With a team of high-speed, low-drag special op types?? I dunno.....seems to me that if he (as a veteran scammer) knows I am bullshitting about tracking down his server, he'd quit wasting his time with me....but if he really believes the BS I'm sending him, he's not responding to my emails 'normally'.....if there is such a thing as 'normal' for your typical West African assmunch.....errrrrrrr, email scammer. <aside>


I'm glad to hear my emails are getting through, but I told will have to hold on till next week. My budget is extremely tight. I have just enough money here for my bills and expenses to get to Washington to start my flight to Abidjan. I cannot spare any. Just hold on until I get there. You can introduce me to Dr. Ali personally and we can settle this matter of forms and fees all at once. LOL I wonder if Frank will suggest we meet at some bistro instead of at the bank? My bonus should be very substantial, given the risky situation developing there....

<aside>Still trying to foment some internal political strife, but I guess Frankie isn't a gov't worker supplimenting his income<aside>

... maybe around $10K USD. I could loan you most of that until we get your money taken care of. <aside>Wiggle wiggle<aside>

7 (or Cool more days Frank...take good care of Joyce. We're coming to help!

Oh, will you meet us at the airport? We need that picture I asked for if you're going to be there. Here is our flight info again...

South African Airways SA 0052 - I think we get there around 8pm.

Anyway, keep your chin up Frank. Tell Joyce I'm coming for her. I can't wait to see her in person.


And that was that....never heard from Frank or his lovely sister again. about some constructive criticism?

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EXCELLENT bait Clown Six. Plus a most entertaining read. One suggestion I might make....and I don't think it takes up extra bandwidth...could you change the default colors of your different characters? The impact of your writings will come through much easier for your readers then.

Also, the picture you publish of "Joyce" is the same picture, (stolen from, I believe, MySpace), and was sent to me as "Celine Boba", alas, deprived orphaned student also from Cote D'Ivoire. If I get time tomorrow I will post this pic on here for your comparison. Laughing
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