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 Insulting a vlad

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 2:12 am Reply with quoteBack to top

We all know that lads will take just about any abuse thrown at them.

What is the best you've thrown at your vlad and got a response? Laughing

"the truth, that the Kangaroo carry the cubs in a bag?" - Sounds like weird game of animal golf!
"I want to speak you hot pleasant favourite words, a hedgehog more than what exactly is sure you which that person I searched."
"You the most vile person in which my life I only knew! You played with me!!! "

Mugu Reseller Russia x lost count Ukraine x too many Senegal x 2

When your finished playing with them, make sure you post all the info on a public website for all romance scams
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 4:48 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I don't usually insult them, but I had so many in my inbox at MySpace and I was in a particularly bad mood this day when a lad named Dennis told me I was the love of his life, his beautiful queen and we had so much in common. This is my MySpace account where I have no picture posted and say I'm a bitch, I hate scammers and am fat, ugly and pick my nose in public. They never read the profiles!

I replied back to him:
Lemme guess here, you're working in Nigeria and you can't cash your paychecks or your credit card was stolen. You love me deeply and want to be with me but you don't have quite enough money for a plane ticket or you need money to travel or clear your visa. Honey, I've heard them all. And so has just about every single woman alive on the Internet. It's time for you to get off your lazy ass and get a real job.

Usually I don't reply to you goat f*ckers but when you use kids in your stolen ID pictures, that really pisses me off. You're probably a freakin pedophile.

Oh and your English grammar sucks.

His response was, he deleted his profile. I'm satisfied.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 5:13 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Normally do not insult them either but had one who became a real pest recently Crying or Very sad

Почему пошлите деньг?
Вы не реальны!!
Будет scam ПОИСТИНЕ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why send money.
You’re not real.
It is a scam TRUE!!!!!!!

But after they get upset!!!

во первых, мой дорогой. чья фотография вам нужна? и пишите мне по
английски. я не верю что это пишите мне вы. мужчина которого я знаю
как Ed не такой грубый как вы. я требую обьяснений от вас.


first of all, my by road. whose photograph to you is necessary? and write me on
English. I do not believe that this write me you. man of which I know
as Ed not such rough as you. I require [obyasneniy] from you.

Now you'd think they'd get the message but no they were determined to play some more!!

So after a several more harsh mails and them complaiing they finally send a picture with a name photoshopped into it Embarassed


And I reply

Даже моя сестра младенца сделала бы более лучшую работу редактировать
и изменять изображения чем вы сделали

Translation is that my baby sister could do a better job!!

But instead of going away they continued to try and play!!!

Again that that to not like you? You are crazy about a deceit? You who
is constant that tries to deceive and on this you so speak with
people? You and have not answered, you love me? I did all the day long
that you asked me and you badly speak me. Answer me now

You to me not that should not also I to you not that should not. If
you do not trust me, let's understand once and for all. We shall meet
whether or not? To me has bothered to listen to yours delirium. On
mine you do not love me. Tell only if we shall not meet I I shall
simply tell in agency that I do not need in their services and all.
Have not the right to call me. You are not worthy it. You person very
rough and not loving me. Simply tell, we shall be a meeting with you
whether or not? And if you do not love me that this my last letter to
you. Not who and not when did not do me so poorly as you. You have
what right to speak not well with me.

I think that I vainly suffered your roughness yesterday and did what
that movement for you. You have not estimated it. Live as know. If you
ask a pardon for me that I shall be glad to see your letter and if you
will speak badly again about me that I ask you any more when to not
speak with me. I know that you love me, but you very rough person to
me, and I think that you the terrible person in to live together.

And I thought that we shall be good family. In total you of the kindest.

I've stopped answering them but they write once a week to play some more!!
Even used the same script on another of my characters and sent five of the letters without reply Rolling Eyes

Be Careful out there

Once the bait is over IMHO you should publish in an open forum or even when you have a few generic mass mails that cant identify your baiting persona -

Prevent the scammer making $$ from victims and that is a real victory, every single thank you from a victim your post alerts preventing a scammer making $$ should be considered a trophy too!!!

One such place is

They have sections on Vlads and Lads

Any contact details or links I post are an open invitation to readers to jump on in and write to them
Mortar x2
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