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 Cheese deserves it own thread. Long live cheese!

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2007 1:49 am Reply with quoteBack to top

@josh just buy two blocks let them have their boring and stuff and enjoy yours.

I love a buttered Jatz with tasty cheddar, topped of with an anchovy Smile

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Tuxford and Tebbutt's Blue Stilton.

The brie, blue brie and camembert from King Island Dairy are also tdf Very Happy

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The name you give a drug is important. There is marketing for drugs, as with any other product. Indeed, when it comes to drugs, the name a drug gets landed with is often a matter of life and death. Look at America at the moment – or, more specifically, Texas, where a new drug has killed 23 teenagers in the last two years. The drug has been described by the Dallas County Health and Human Services as an epidemic – “the most instantly addictive and deadliest drug we’ve seen since crack cocaine”.

Made with a combination of black tar heroin and powdered headache tablet, the new drug is particularly lethal because it’s snorted. There’s a whole market of potential teenage heroin users scared of injecting or smoking, but inured to the idea of snorting something on a Friday night. So it’s a gateway opiate for very young people. We should all be doing something about it.

Except the only problem is, this lethal new drug is called Cheese. Really. Apparently, when you mix up powdered headache medicine and black tar heroin, it resembles crumbled Parmesan.* So far, there’s been notably little national publicity or action in America over the rise of Cheese – because, I would suspect, it’s very difficult for any campaigner to stand up and, in all seriousness, say: “People of America, there is a new menace that stalks our streets – and it is Cheese. Cheese is coming for our young. Part of the war on drugs must also now be the war on Cheese. Look out for Cheese. Cheese kills.”

TimesOnline 17/09/2007

Be afraid, be very afraid...
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