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 The only one I kept...not my best work though.

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2007 4:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Archie G Kane
confidential Phone number: +4470470104759

Dear Sir,

How are you today? I hope you receive my mail in the best of health of mind and body. I am really grateful to you and to God almighty in heaven for your prompt response to my email. I have been praying very hard that you would atleast try to hear me out and consider my proposal to you. I can assure you that you will never regret your decision.

You can be rest assured that there is no consequenses as long as you do as I tell you because I have already mapped out a no-risk plan to make this a success. My dear friend, I am very much interested in building a solid relationship with you based on trust and understanding. I will be putting a lot of money in your total care and control and would like to have the assurance that you will always be honest with me at all times.

I have information concerning an account which has been dormant for a long period of time in our bank. What i want us to do is lay claim to this funds and get it transferred into an account abroad which you will provide. To do this, I as the account officer of this account with the bank will be able to update the banks database and insert your name into the column of the records. As soon as this is done, you will become the listed sole and legal beneficiary to all the funds contained in the said account. You are to immediately provide me with this details for me to do this effectively.


I have carefully mapped out Steps required for you to lay claims to this funds which will include your official claim to the funds by forwarding an APPLICATION OF CLAIM to the Director, Foreign operations Department of our bank. The director is the only authorised staff of the bank to permit the transfer of the funds into your account as far as we can prove that you are indeed the right beneficiary of this account. I will provide you with all the required documents required for you to lay claims to the funds and also any other documents required by the foreign operations director in the course of the claim and subsequent transfer of the funds.

All is on course, first of all i suggest that we have a brief chat to break the ice, i can then tell you what is needed and if you have any questions you can ask. We can achieve more in a 4minute talk that days of email.One we get the talk out of the way we can them set the ball rolling. If we are fast we can wrap this up in two weeks.

You have nothing to worry about as I have already made a every preparation before contacting you. I assure you that if we work together as a partners, we will get this funds into your account within two weeks after the claims to the funds have been officially received by the bank.

Finally, This transaction requires lot of maturety on your part. All the details of this process must be kept secret from everybody. You must not divulge any part of this information to anybody whatsoever for any reason whatsoever. This is to ensure that the funds are not diverted into another account by greedy people who are around you and you wont know.

Also my involvement in this whole process must not be revealed to any person especially the director of the bank. I will be your inside man as an experienced banker to advice you on steps to take to ensure a successful transfer of the funds. Once this is finally completed, I have mapped out 40% of the total sum will be for you while 55% would be
for and the remaining 5% has been mapped out for any expenses that might be incured during the course of this transaction.

I am open to investment opportunities, do you have good Real Estate, i know tourism has good potential.

I anticipate your immediate and urgent response. Please call me on my direct confidential number +447040104759 or send me yours and i will call you immediately.

Best Regards

Archie G Kane
confidential Phone number: +4470470104759

Dear Archie,

What good fortune.

I can save you a lot of time as I work at Lloyds Bank. I am a computer
operator there. I have access to that account that you speak of.
(Please do not tell anybody this).
It would be very easy for me to transfer the money into any account you wish.

Could you give me just the name of the account and I will transfer the
fund immediately.

What account would you like the fund sent to? I don't need to transfer
it into my account. I could split the transaction and send your
balance direct and take the commission immediately to my Swiss Bank

Please give me the details asap and I will do it straight away. This
is easy money.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Dear Archie,

What happened?
You haven't contacted me!
Is there a problem? Have the police come for you?
I am worried.

No, just feel u r not serious.

Dear Archie,

why on earth did you contact me in the first place if you didn't think
I was serious?


Dear Sir,

Kindly desist from sending me emails again.


Dear Archie,

You are deranged. I promise not to send you anymore emails. At least
until your birthday, Christmas, New Years and every other occasion I
can think of.

You are a fucking thief! And I'm coming after you now.

I know exactly where you are. Close your curtains and bolt your doors
cause the cops are going to come busting through your door in about 2

Nice knowing you.

See you in court.


ps. Don't forget to brush your teeth.

From everything you have said in your last email, you must be a very jobless person. try catching osama bin laden instead of wasting your time on me. he will be a bigger fish to fry, don't you think so?:d

You are Osama Bin Laden.
I saw your towels hanging out to dry.
Same ones Bin Laden wraps his head in.

Hey Archie.

Could you give me your telephone number again.
I can't get through.



Why???????? We can discuss better via email.

And you haven't informed the fbi or cia or mi6 or the russian secret service????? how jobless and unresourcefull can someone get???????

See you in a couple of hours Archie....

I'll let you know the truth... the answer to your question is in here...

informed the fbi or cia or mi6 or the russian secret
> service?????

You don't know who I am do you Archie?

Dan is not my real name either...

Where were they when ur likes were robbing africa. It is pay back time. we are not foolish like the lebanese, vietnam, or osama and the rest of them who think they can match you with military strength, we eat your economy little by little and destroy as little as we can bc little drops of water will make a mighty ocean.

There is in this world no such force as the force of a wise African man determined to rise. The African soul can never be permanently chained.

it is time to take back what is ours, whether u pigs like it or not.


Why don't you just be nice to people?

Let's be friends Archie!

Whatever your religion or race is I don't care....

Peace on Earth and all that...stealing money is not the path to peace...
I work hard for my money and my family. I live in a country where I am
a minority.
I get taken advantage of. I don't resort to stealing though. I
continue to work hard.

You don't eat my economy. I make my own economy. I am an ocean.
Reap what you sow. And you sow hate!

You call me a pig but you don't even know me.


Dear Whatever ur name is,

u started with the abusing and not me for crying out loud. And I am not foolish, i might not be as rich as you are but I am not foolish.

I really do not also care about your race, religion or sex, but the difference btw us is that I am hungry and you r not and your kind is not nice to people like us. So what do we result to?? If you want to help, you help and stop talking bullshit.

It might surprice you that I am a jobless graduate of marketing, pruchasing and supply.

best Regards

Dear Archie,

my good friend.
I suggest that if you can't find a job where you live now that you
move to a country where food and jobs are plentiful. People do that
everyday and it is hard but they are all glad that they did in the
I agree that it is ok for the hungry to steal but they should also be
willing to go out of their way to find work. My ancestors had to steal
food to survive. They moved to another country and they found it hard
to find work. By doing what they did their children and grand children
and great grandchildren were never hungry.
When I was 25 I decided to move again to another country where jobs
and food were even more plentiful.
Move Archie, move... pack up your things, take your wife & children if
you have any and move....walk if you can't get a bus, train or
plane...walk and strong.

Good luck on your journey.

Kind regards
William Clinton.

I must beleive you think it is easy to move. Well, it is not easy to move from here as u people refuse to give us visa, instead, u enjoy us sleeping in front of your embassy for weeks to get appointments and after the appointment, u still refuse us visa after the whole nights spent on your doorstep. Is this what you advice. See, if you want to help you can help. There are many ways you can also right the wrongs of your ancestors. Dat will be by giving back a little of what was stolen during their hungry days. Do not give me physical cash. Do something instead of offering lip service. How about investing here, creat employment. i was in the same class with some very brilliant people you know and all of them jobless like i am.

See, I am a nigerian and I understand what it means to be jobless, without food, bad governance. I have also seen many people go down the drain, and i am not willing to go down dat way, my people say anyway is a way.

You have given me food for thoughts anyway


Dear Peter,

I thank you for your honesty.
My name is also Peter and that is not a joke or a lie.

I think that if you just told the truth from the start people would be
more willing to help you.

You could have said.

Hi My name is Peter. I live in Nigeria. I have no job although I am
well educated.
People in Nigeria are having a terrible time. Would you be willing to
help us? Help me?
I am hungry.
If you could send me even a small donation it would be appreciated.

Thank you and sorry to sen you a spam email as I know that Nigerians
send out millions of lies by email every day.


Dear Peter,

can you invest in Africa?? I have had an idea for a longtime and wish to give it to you free.

There is a company in france with plants in dubai. Check out this website for more details.

This product will be an instant success but it is very capital intensive bc we cannot directly import finished beverages into nigeria so the best option is getting a plant here for export to other african countries.

Think about this and if you need help here, I can be of great help to you.

Best regards,


Dear Peter,

You are very ambitious which is good. You must think I have a lot of
money which I don't.
My estimate for setting up a bottling company would be between 5 and 8
million U.S dollars. Mecca Cola is catchy but it is marketed to the
Islamic community.

I take it you live in the North of Nigeria where there is a high
Islamic population. Would it not be better to open a bottling plant in
the south. Possibly Port Harcourt. Ideally situated between Lagos to
the West, Calabar to the East and on the Niger river which would make
a cheap distribution port North up the river.

You don't want to ostricise the Protestant and local syncretic
Christians who are most evident in the Yoruba areas, and Catholics
predominately in the Igbo and closely related areas. With 47 percent
of Nigerians Muslim, you have cornered a large market however the 35
percent Christian, and 18 percent members of local indigenous
congregations may actually be your better customers.

Would you be willing to change the name?

Have you pitched your idea to the Muslim communities in Malaysia who
are experiencing a good economy and may be willing to invest in
Nigeria? I have contacts in Malaysia.

Personally, I am against carbonated drinks. You'd want to have some
sports drinks as well as canned coffee or teas. Coca Cola in Japan is
a world leader in bringing new drinks to the market. Beer would be a
good export drink. You could put out a beer to bring Guinness to it's

Another idea would be to install vending machines across Nigeria. They
would have to be strong and heavy to avoid thieves pilferring or

What other products are there in Nigeria? Are you an artist? Original
paintings bring in big money across the world. You could set up an art
school and sell the students works over the internet.

I have many ideas and would like to continue discussing possibilities
with you as well as learn more about Nigeria.

I offered you a fish you asked for a hook. I want to get a net now and
harness all the possibilities.

BTW, do you know what country I live in?

Your friend


Hi Peter,

How are you today? I hope it is well with you.

Being ambitious and really not knowing where to start from is really a big problem and I hope I am starting from the right place after a very long time of inactivity.

One thing I want you to understand here that this venture cannot fail in this country because i have a good knowledge of muslims and behaivour here in Nigeria.

I do not live in the north (Abuja), I went to secondary school there, I grew up in the west (Lagos) and now live in the eastern part of Nigera (Enugu). I also did my national youth service in the north (gombe) and have quite a lot of friends in the north but that is really not why I want this situated in the north, the company should be situated in the north because that is where the market is. Distribution will also be easier as the north have better road networks than the southern part of nigeria. I plan to introduce this product in the north first before getting to other parts of the country. Also, up north to other african countries, you get more muslims who are potiential market too. I have really been thinking of this for the past 3 years and can set this up if given the chance to perform, u have my word on that too.

There will be no need to change the name at all as it's present name will appeal precisely to the target market.

You are really the first person i have discussed this with who has put in real interest and I thank you for that. I am not a muslim and really do not know how to go about contacting the muslim community here or elsewhere because of this but I intend to get a muslim friend to help out but would have to see how far I can go alone first.

Will your contacts in malaysia be willing to invest in Nigeria, I would be very glad to work with them. i can start research on my own or get some sort of proposal ready for them This is big business, the company will acheive it goal while I will make money and put my brains to something usefull.

First things first, once we start, we will introduce other products to the market but we need recognition first and i need investments.

Vending machines is a good idea but you will have to put it is very secure places likes banks, schools, mosques, hotels charity organisations, government owned offices etc. I never really thought of this, thanks for the idea and more are welcomed.

I really want to thank you giving me such audience, it really speaks alot of you and want to use this medium to apologies for my attitude initially, i hope that will be in the past and we can forge a new relationship that will be beneficial to both parties and my great country Nigeria. I really do not know where u live.

Hope to hear from you soonest.


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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2007 7:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Almost makes me feel sorry for the poor guy.......not!! They are all the same, no matter where they are in the world. Lazy and eager to blame everyone else for their problems.
Yes, they have been victimized and mistreated in the past, but for the past 30 years or more the world has done nothing but try to help them. Show them how to farm, show them how to use a "condom", set up schools for them to learn, give them free access to higher education and pay them huge salaries to play professional sports.
One thing I can say for them is that they can learn and some can be highly intelligent but most use it to the wrong ends.
I for one would not be opposed to cutting off the entire continent from foreign aid, block them from internet server around the world and let them either figure out how to survive or become extinct. But, that will never happen in our age of the "bleeding heart".

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:16 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Awesome, I new twist here, you seem to have a better chance encouraging Peter to go the good path.

Although I can understand jmack32's anger with scum, this guy may be honest in wanting to be a better person.

I'm all for it, helping someone verses hurting them, is and always will be, much more honorable.

I'm interested to see where this leads.

I eat 419's for breakfast.
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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:47 am Reply with quoteBack to top

@ DJ - Never gonna happen mate.

This guy is neither sorry nor is he going to change his ways.

In Nigeria it is a character trait to get something out of doing nothing, and those who scam the "rich white man" are considered to be heroes because they managed to "eat" their money by doing nothing.

I've seen this sort of thing many times, and it always comes down to the same thing:

They are criminals, thieves, scum.

They don't care about you, they don't care about Nigeria, they don't care about their fellow man. All they care about is getting your money. Of course, when they get exposed they sometimes get all high and mighty like this guy.

It is no different to the dirty scum who say that it wasn't rape because she was wearing a skirt.

Sorry to burst the bubble, but this guy is the worst kind of scammer. He is intelligent, knows exactly what he is doing and what pain he is causing, and does it anyway.

If he really wanted to help his country and his people he would not commit crimes. Why do you think no one wants to invest in Nigeria? Because they can't trust the country because of people this like guy.

Reserve your sympathy for his victims who are probably crying over their shattered lives right now.

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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 1:28 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Very well said.......

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