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 Robert Brown - Bin Laden Butt Buddy

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 9:52 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is rather short. I'm a vlad baiter but could not resist replying to this moron.
Hello Dear, I am Mr robert brown the only man seer from london living in usa I am a murderer. i was been paid to kill you and you family by one of your friend’s and the date has come . my colleagues has been in your state right now keeping eye’s on everystep’s you move but on my searching about your contact email information i find out your email and due to the love i have with your family i decided to inform you about it before going any forward with my boy’s. Do get back to me as soon as possible if you have anything to say about this ,so that i will give all their informations. Thanks, robert brown, email: [email protected] the seer, killer, saver and damager. [email protected]

Dude, Why would anyone want me dead?????? I live in Texas and own lots guns, any motherfucker comes near my house and I will shot the fuck out of them. Luci Fur

mr man, this is not the issue of having gun or security. remember, all force gaurded world trade market, but was destroyed by our men ok. remember, i am one of them ok. and am more dangeruos than that of usman because, i work with the queen of the coast and the marine ocultic dead and alive. here is the instruction from the queen of the coast, for your life to be save, and never to treath again in life, you have to pay the part payment being paid for your life to be terminated. remember, no time left on your side. this is a matter of life or dead. be warned even as you keep quiet and act fast for your safety. i thought you will be thankful and comply instead forwarding to non remedians. no one sees me when i come. am giving you today and this week to comply fully ok. am out. incase you wants to see me, then meet me at mississippi beach bu twelve midnight and remember, i live deepest of the beach so, you are welcome to my house. do not tell me where you live because, the son of the bitch knows all. robert brown co- usman bin laden men son of the beach.

Dude, Why do you live deepest of the beach??? Are you a turtle? You so ugly you will only meet people at mid-night? I piss on bin laden. I was a Marine and killed loads of his boyfriends, smeered there bodies in pigs blood, they cried and died like dogs. Fear me, because I am the angel of hell fire. Luci Fur

so you are playing with lifw or you are playing with me , i want giving you two days for you to change ur mind ok . but if you refuse you to pay, i will be coming after you ok . robert brown co- usman bin laden men son of the beach.

Hello Mr Turtle, It is very nice of you, to want to give me money. How much are you going to give me? I know you are an ugly turtle and do not like to be seen in day light, so best if you just put the money in an envelope and post it to me. God bless and remember even though you are a homosexual, god still loves you. Love and slugs, Luci Fur.

so,what are you up to now? ready to comply? get back to me fast before it is late or you die.

Hello Mr Turtle, Did you send me the money today, if so thanks. How is the beach today. Remember, god loves you even if yo do take it up the Gary Glitter. Lots of slugs, Luci Fur

Mr Turtle, Why have you not sent the money yet? I do not understand, you promised to send me some money. Kiss and Piss, Luci Fur
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 5:28 am Reply with quoteBack to top

That was quite amusing, although I think a letter like that has plenty of potential for longer, more ambitious baits. I'll definitely try to make contact with this mugu.

Johnny was a chemist's son,
But Johnny is no more.
What Johnny thought was H20
was H2SO4.
United Kingdom x2
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