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 17 Paragraph Reply, a Photo & Phone number from Burkina!

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:20 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

(All I wrote was, "yes please send me the money, I can help" because I am too lazy to write anything else!)

Dear Alice,


Thanks for your response ! The late response was due to some pressing office engagements which took me out of the office.

I want all your correspondences with me to be made through this i.d because I need everything to be secured. The time frame is 7 to 14 days from the period of commencement.

This period is the best time to do the transaction because after the long years of absence, the bank has decided to transfer the fund to the Bank Treasury if unclaimed at the end of the fiscal year,which will elapse Dec.31st,2007 so that is why everything has to be done speedly if you wish that we make a success in this transaction.

You need to have courage if we must realize this transaction together because no good thing comes so easy,but the end justifies the means.

You can handle the transaction if you desire and your commitments and efforts towards working together with me,in honesty and trust.

I believe that you can be the right person to do this transaction if you want to.I do not intend to put you into any kind of problem because there is no way the fund can be transferred without legalizing it,so at the height of approving the funds for transfer, once my bank here is satisfied with their requirements from you and also confirms that you are the bona-fide beneficiary to the fund,through your application and necessary legal papers backing up your claims, the bank will Approve the funds for transfer to your designated account and thereby issue some legal documents to cover the fund so that no institution will poke-nose.

You can also open a new account for the transfer if you are afraid of using your old account,but one thing I have to assure you is that nothing will ever happen to your account.

I want to assure you that no other person is in this transaction with me today except you and I. Please be assured that you are safe.

I have received your message and has agreed to work with you if we are able to build up trust between us. My only concern is for you to keep the secret so that other people will not know what we are doing and may later implicate us out of greed.This is a begging opportunity which I do not want to miss. I am repeating most of what I said before so that you can understand and step into actions quickly.

Be sure that you have no risks to fear about.The guarantee is that I am working in the same bank and will also serve as an insider on your behalf. I do not want you to have any fears of any kind because if there is anything to fear about, I would have been the one to fear more,since I work in the same place.I am sure also that no one is coming later to ask you whether you are the true next of kin or not hence we shall meet up with every necessary proceedures which the bank requires towards the claim of this fund and because I studied everything before contacting you and moreover, I cannot involve myself to danger in the same bank where I am working.

I see this as an opportunity for me and I want you also to be honest with me after the fund has been transferred to your account.I believe that you will not betray me at last. You will send to me the following information: Your Bank Name, account no, bank routing or branch code no, account name, and your address with the email address and phone no you want us to use for this transaction.

The account information i need from you is where you want the fund to be transferred, so that i will use the information to fill up an application which will be submitted to the bank on your behalf, by me. Like i said you can open a new account for this transaction if you are not comfortable using your old account, but for me,there is no reason to be afraid.

After submitting the application on your behalf,bank will contact you directly on the receipt of the application but you must not let the bank know that I am the one that informed you about this funds,to avoid suspicion and you must not respond to any contact from the bank without contacting me first to avoid you making mistakes and to enable a perfect response.All you will do is to forward to me any contact from the bank for perfect response or follow up.

Now,i want you to know that this transaction which we are about to do,means my life and fortune.I have put in all that i have to see that we conclude successfully.

Transaction is risk-free, hence i have studied it well,before i decided to go ahead.There is no risks involved ,hence i am working with this bank and will be monitoring every situation here,until you confirm money in your account.I have introduced you into this for our mutual benefit. After due consideration, i have decided to give you 38% and i hope this gladdens
your heart.

You need to expedite actions because we are about conducting our first quater revision of files in my bank and if there is no claim for this fund, other people may discover the fund during our next audit.

.Upon completion of this transaction you will be the one to contact and confirm to me on the remittance of funds into you account, so that i will come over immediately and meet you for my share.

I am 52 years from Diallo Northern part of Burkina in West Africa,married with four Children and have worked in this same bank for years.

Please note that we shall work together to make this transaction a success.

Attached is my posture for our familiarity. You can contact me through this phone no +22678014145. Please send your private phone no and posture for our familiarity.

I want you to try and keep this transaction secret till everything is over.

If there is anything you never understood so far,do not hesitate to inform me.
Don't be afraid because i am here to give you all the necessary guidelines to follow and condlude transaction

Waiting to receive the requested information,

Thompson Duke
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Tommo Shanter
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 10:18 am Reply with quoteBack to top

<br>Looks like a typical scripted reply. Although I do like this bit and intend to steal it for future baits...

Attached is my posture for our familiarity. You can contact me through this phone no +22678014145. Please send your private phone no and posture for our familiarity.

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 05 Apr 2007
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 12:41 am Reply with quoteBack to top

(Oh, Yawn another scripted reply, wot a wowser, I'm gonna ask him if the decease person is not dead yet - and that I'm not really into that sort of thing.)

Process Required

Dear Partner,


Thanks for your response!

I am sorry for the late response, as i was admitted in the hospital for 6 days and got discharged just yesterday the 18th of June 2007.

Your role on the transfer process are as follow:
On your side, you will be maintaining absolute information and absolute secrecy throughout the duration of the transaction, and normally you will be responding like a true next of kin who wish to speed up the release and transfer of his money.

I shall portray you the bona-fide next of kin to the decease customer and process an application in this regard and have it submitted to the bank on your behalf. Now you have to send to me the following information to process the application: Your full name, address, phone no,Bank Name,Bank Address,Bank Routing No, Account Name and Account No.
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