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 Short story

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2007 2:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey all,
1st post - I'm a noob at this but I thought I'd throw out my 1st correspondence - thought up completely on the fly.

Red = Scammer Monica
Black = Me

From: Monica Okosy,
Country: Ivory Coast
Location: West Africa,

Dear One,

I got your contact information through site and decided to contact you, hoping that by God's grace, you will successfully assist me out from my situation after seven days of prayers and fasting, seeking for an overseas guardance. I am Monica Okosy( 22 years old ). The only daughter of late Chief Jeseph Okosy, who was a famous and wealthy cocoa and gold dealer base in Abidjan, the econimic capital of Ivory Coast

My father was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outing on a business trip. My mother died when i was a baby and since then, my father took me so special. Before he died, he secrectly called me on his bed side and told me that he has the sum of ($10,500, 000.00 USD ).Ten million, five hundred thousand united state dollars. Deposited in fixed / suspense account in one of the prime banks here in Abidjan, that he used my name as his only daughter for the next of kin.

I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business.I am seeking for your urgent attention to help me transfer the sum into your account for an investment purposes, Such as real estates and stock markets business. And i want you to help me invest this money in your country and help me to locate a nice school to continue my education in your country.I am willing to offer you 20% of the total sum as compensation for your urgent assistance to me, immediately after the transfer of the fund into your account in your Country. I will be waiting for your urgent and favourable response.

Yours sincerely,
Monica Okosy.

Dear Monica,
First let me say how sorry I am to hear of your father's untimely demise. It's tragic that business partners can do such things and presumably get away with it. I can only trust that your government will punish the wrongdoers to the fullest extent of the law.

I am an administrator for a non-profit arts ministry and am in the final stages of organizing our first ever "Creative Writing Scholarship" program. I bring this up because you say you are looking to attend school here in the States. We have 3 scholarships to give away, but since our ministry is so new and so few know of us, we have only managed to give away 2! If you or anyone you know of is interested in applying for this a scholarship of $10,000 cash, please let me know.

On the matter of transferring your funds to my bank. I may be able to help, but have to ask - how do you know you can trust me with it? Isn't there a safer way to get your money out of your country? It seems to be a great leap of faith to be willing to transfer such an enormous sum to someone's bank account especially given all the unethical people in the world these days.

Best regards,

Director of Student Education
Masterful Art Ministries

I was very happy to receive your response.To be candid,i prayed and fasted over your contacts and inspirational i was reveal by almight God to go ahead and seek for your help and that is why i contacted you.Wanting you to help me receive my inheritance fund into your bank account so that i will come over and start my education again and invest the fund in any lucrative business you know best that can sustain me accademically is an advise given to me by my late father when he was on a sick bed because he was poisoned by some of his business associates in collaboration with my wicked uncle.They got away from their evil deed because there is no evidence to track them.

Secretly, my late father told me about the fund which he said he deposited in a fixed/suspense account with my name as the next of kin to the fund.He told me that should in case he didn't make it,that i should seek for the help of a foreigner who will assist me and that is why i contacted you after prayers and fasting over it. As i am writing to you now,i am hiding in one of the local hotels here in my country because my uncle is after my life.He stopped paying for my school fees and has sold all my fathers property.I just thank God because he is not aware of the fund; the only person who is aware of the fund is Mr Konan Joel the bank director where the fund is been deposited because he was a very good friend of my father when my father was alive. Mr Konan Joel gave me his word that immediatly i was able to get a foreigner who will assist me in receiving the fund in his account,that he will not hesitate to do so because it was his promise to my late father.Getting accass to the fund here is not possible because purposely it was deposited in a fixed/suspense account for onward transfer by my late father and that is the more reasons i am seeking for your help to get it transferred.

Dear sir, attached below this message is my photo for you to view and my late father burial photo.please dear sir,i want you to help me out in receiving this fund into your account and i will also want you to send to me your photos,resdential address and phone number for confidential reason. Interms of the admission you mentioned,i am very much interested and i pray that through your help,everything about the transfer will be fanalised before middle of next month and i will come over immediately for my schooling.I am a mass communication 200 level undergraduate when i dropped out due to my father's death.

Expecting your immediate response.

Yours Sincerely
Monica Okosy

Dear Monica,
Thank you for having such faith in me. However, after contacting my bank, they have informed me that they cannot insure such a large fund for me and since I keep only a minimal balance there of $50 to keep the account open, they do not provide me with their investment banking priveledges.

I would still like very much to assist you and do not expect to recieve any gifts from you in return. It sounds like your current education major is in line with the scholarship we are giving away. If you would like to apply for this final scholarship of $10,000 cash, we would need the following application submitted:

1. A short fictional story of no less than 5,000 words. The story can be about anything. The only requirements for the story are to include a protagonist named Toby and an Antagonist named Spencer and somehow work in a marathon (foot race). The story must be written in English.
2. A photograph of yourself (which you have already provided).
3. A detailed biography of yourself and why you wish to pursue the arts and why you deserve this scholarship.

I really must tell you that it is such a coincidence you wrote me. I have been looking for one last person to provide this scholarship to - otherwise it must be returned to the donors. At this point there is no one else in competition for this scholarship. Even though I am unable to help you with the money, I feel fortunate that I can help you in this way as you seek to enhance your education.
Best Regards,

Director of Student Education
Masterful Art Ministries

I am so much willing for this scholarship admission but how can i actualise this dream.I can only actualise this dream through your help by helping me to receive the fund.As i told you that the fund was purposely deposited in a fixed/suspense account for onward transfer by my late father,i cannot have access to it untill it get transferred and it is there i will draw my expenditure for the admission.Please find anyway to assisst me even if it means opening a new account for my sake.Please do something,i don't want to miss this golden opportunity of continuing my education.Expecting yuor immediate response.


Dear Monica,
I'm afraid that I am not a man of means and would not be able to open the kind of account you need me to. I truly apologize and do wish I could help. In addition, however, I have this urgent deadline in regards to the scholarship as I must find at least one person willing to apply by this Friday. Unfortunately, this leaves me with no time to commit to anything else.

I am sorry that I am unable to enter into your business proposition at this time, however if you have any contacts in your part of the world who have writers who you think may benefit from our financial help then I would be very interested to be put in touch with them. We are especially very keen on promoting young writers with interest in pursuing art, creative writing and teaching as well. And of course, we will be happy to offer a very generous $10,000 scholarship package to young or old writers with good potential. If you know of an writer who could benefit from our financial help and who would also be prepared to produce work for us to sell or promote then please do let me know.

I wish you the best of luck in finding somebody to help you.

Funny, you are looking for young and potential writers,while trying to lose the one you have found.If you know the stuff i am made off, you will definitely find a means to help me out.Think about it and get back to me.

Dear Monica,
My Deadline is tomorrow and still no luck. I will have the time to help you out tomorrow if you can commit to submitting an application for this scholarship and get the workload off my plate. I would only need a 1-2 page outline of the short story by tomorrow afternoon and can explain to the board that the final submission will be submitted next week. That way, they won't return the Scholarship funds to the donors (which would probably cost me my job). Then I can run out to my bank and look into setting up an account that is able to hold that amount of funds. once i have done that I can forward all that info back to you and start working on getting you over here to the US! Can you make that committment to me so I can move forward?

Director of Student education
Masterful Art Ministries

Good morning and how do you do? i hope all is well with you.I was very happy to receive a positive response from you.Thanks very much and may God almight continue to bless you.

Please if i may ask, how do i submit my application,should i write it and mail it to you or should it be through the school website? if it is through the school,please do send their website to me.

Please, i will like you to highlight me more on how to write the 1-2 page outline of the story.

Good Monring Monica,
I'm so relieved to learn you will submit an application! It may be submitted directly to me via email. The 1-2 page outline would need to have a basic 2 paragraph summary of the fictional story including the antagonist and protagonist I mentioned in my earlier email and the marathon. After the summary, you could just provide an outline of the chapters in traditional form. (ie, Title of story, I. Chapter 1 summary, II. Chapter 2 summary, etc). Please, I need this before the end of the day so I can show it to my Director. The approval process hsould only take a few days and we'll be annoucing the award by the end of the Month! At that time, I'll need your address to mail you the check, or you can just pick it up when you arrive in the US.

I have made a call to my banker and scheduled an appointment for late this afternoon. I have to admit, I feel nervous setting up an account to receive such a large sum!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Director of Student Education
Masterful Arts Ministries

The director of student education
Master Arts Ministries
Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for the enlistment of my name in the current scholarship award going on in your schhol.

I am 22years old, and am in my second year in the Université de Cocody Abidjan.My major area of discipline is mass communication.

Sir, i shall be grateful if you feel able to consider my application favourably.

Yours Faithful

Okosy Monica

Monica, I do not see the story outline. Is it coming under separate cover?


Once upon a time,there was a femine in the animal kingdom.Every animal were in a destitute except Mr Hawk and his family who ate three square meal everyday.One day Mr Tortoise visited Mr Hawk and asked him how he does survive the femine.It is by God's grace, Mr Hawk said and laughed.Mr Tortoise insisted untill Mr Hawk eventually told him how he does survive.

In his surviving story,Mr Hawk said, Tortoise my friend,i cross seven rivers everyday before i am able to reach a palm tree which i get palm kernel which me and my family eat to survive.Mr Tortoise begged Mr Hawk to take him along in his next trip.Mr Hawk accepted and told Mr Tortoise to meet him as early as 5:30am in the morning because that is the time he usually depart.

The nextday,Mr Tortoise went to Mr Hawk house as they schedduled;suprised,Mrs Hawk told him that his husband left as earlier by 5:00am.Twice this phenomenon happened and Mr Tortoise without being told realised that Mr Hawk didnot want to take him along.So he devised a plan to trap Mr Hawk.

At home,Mr Tortoise told his wife to wrap him in a foil and take him to Mr Hawk.He told his wife to pressnt him to Mr Hawk as an edible parcel which they will use to refresh themselves in their promised next trip.

Mrs Tortoise did as she was told and Mr Hawk accepted the parcel and dropped it in his trip travelling bag without examining the content.The next day, Mr Hawk left without waiting for Mr Tortoise not knowing that Mr Tortoise is the content of the parcel which he planned to eat alone.

When Mr Hawk reached his havesting destination,He climbed the palm tree and start pluking palm kernel and keep on loading them in his trip traveling bag which contain Mr Tortoise.After one hour plucking,his trip bag still feth empty and Mr Hawk suspected that something must be wrong.He unrapped the parcel and found Mr Tortoise cunningly consumming his palm kernel.

Mr Tortoise laughed at him and told him that he is wiser than him.Mr Hawk swallowed his anger and placed Mr Tortoise on the vicinity palm tree so that he will fetch for his own palm kernel too.Because of the anger,Mr Hawk planned to leave scretly without the knowledge of Mr T ortoise.When Mr Hawk finally wanted to scretly depart, he dropped his excrement and put an aligator peppe in it.He chammed speak unto the excrement to answer Mr Tortoise whenever Mr Tortoise calls him to verify when he is still on the palm tree.The cham worked and Mr Hawk excrement keep on answering Mr tortoise whenever he calls to know whether his friend is still there.

When evening approached, Mr Tortoise sensed that something must be wrong.He climbed down and climbed the tree where Mr Hawk was.He didn't see Mr Hawk and he realised that Mr Hawk has tricked him and left.He started thinking how he can succeed by crossing seven rivers before he can reach his town.

During his trobling moment,he saw Mr webcob passing through the river with his rope.Mr Tortoise called his attention and begged him to assist him to cross over the rivers.Mr Cobweb feth compassion for him and help him out but when the where about to cross the last seven rivers,Mr Tortoise start making mockery of Mr Webcob.With annoyance Mr Cobweb cut his rope and Mr Tortoise falled into the river.

In the bottom ot the river,all the residence fish gathered to devour Mr Tortoise.Mr Tortoise begged them not to kill him.He promised to do them a great favour.He promise to make them grow in hight because in the fish kingdom,they respect their giant collegues so much.Therefore, the whole fish accepted to spare Mr Tortoise since he will help them in their growth.

Mr Tortoise listed the item they should provide.He told them to provide...

[Monica says in subject that she has a impending power outage and will finish later... I do not respond]

I am sorry, they just restored our ligth.I want to conclud my story but i want to hear from you whether i am getting it the way you want it or not.Please talk to me.


I'm just waiting for the rest of the story.

[No response from 'Monica' - she must be on to me. Oh well, it was worth quite a few laughs at the family reunion.]

Proverbs 27:22
Though you grind fools in a mortar,
grinding them like grain with a pestle,
you will not remove their folly from them.
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Saturn Soda
Hello I'm New here!

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To be candid,i prayed and fasted over your contacts and inspirational i was reveal by almight God to go ahead and seek for your help and that is why i contacted you.

I love nonsense like this.

"God, I beg to partake of your wisdom! What must I do to escape my life of poverty and fear?"

"You must contact [email protected]!"
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