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 Helimina not so bright

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:51 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is my lad,, miss helimina bright, (lad in ghana)

usual love scam using stolen internet pics so I have been baiting the lad for about 4 weeks now and last week I sent a package via GOIT (thanks zombie) to my lad containing cash and jewelery. NOT Smile

and now we are here: maybe a little safari but if so it will be my first Twisted Evil

Hey my pussy on legs,
You will have to collect the package today, please collect it because the company called me this morning and said if it is not collected in 3 days they will return it to me,
FUCK THAT I want you to have it so please go get it ok.

Why do you want me to send money by WU? I can do this but I know that sending by WU to africa can be a bad thing.

Just let me know how much you want,, 5,000 10,000 15,000 how much ????
I will get it sent to you but be more clear ok....

Kiss and puss 4 you.. W*******
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helimina bright to me
show details 11:06 am (1 hours ago)

Hi my love,am very very anytime i open my mail just to see that u send me mail,my i where will the package come to,why am asking this is because i dont know where their office is at, pls i will go and check my box if they write to me from there..

My love i really cant wait to see u face to face,dear with the money i cant tell u to send that 15,000, but in Africa WU is the save and faster way to get money from outside ok. is not bad to send money there ok. My love Dear i hope u send the 10,000 first it be ok or not i cant tell,may be some will remain or it will not rich it will tell u if ok or not ok. the best way to send the money is WU . but promise me that will make me more than happy and also stay with my forever when are u going to send that money so that i start with my papers to meet u,as soon as i get the money i hope we cant meet in two to tree weeks time ok.


to helimina
show details 12:12 pm (25 minutes ago)
It is easy,

Just go to the goit office and pick it up, I phoned them and they said they are waiting for you,

But remember I have sent them your picture, They are waiting for a beautiful long blond haired girl.
I guess you should also take your ID card too.

Love you so deeper
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********** to helimina
show details 12:33 pm (3 minutes ago)
Hey sex goddesssssssss.

I just spoke to the goit head office in Ghana and it is there waiting for you but the head office is in Accra? is that near you? I hope so well it is all there safe and sound just waiting for you ok.

Wellard and I am


I hope to get a fast reply today as I have told the lad that the package is in Accra Approx 38 miles away, waiting for pick up..

Wish me luck Twisted Evil


God himself wii judge you for trying to delay and make someones life a waste, Mother felicia, April 30th 2007
Thanks very much for fooling me ok and i dont have any other thing to say, Helimina Bright, May 1st 2007
Pleasantly, that we have understanding and continue intercourse, Elena USSR vlad, May 1st 2007
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