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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 05 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 3:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hmm it seems lately a lot of profiles on dont match up. Like hometown and where they are from dont match. Dont get me wrong i used to move around a lot but you dont move from winchester virginia to east los angeles california!!! you got to me one down puto( dumbass) to fall for that. Winchester is one hell of a town and east l.a is... well a hell hole( i should know i am from east l.a) plus you dont go to nigiria for a modeling seminar ( i guess not every one watches american next top model) well going into my story. I meet this cute girl on ( hey i am a lonely guy) (dont laugh!!!) she seems pretty cool but the name was just weird. michelle Tuber... (what kind of name is that??) everything was going good but her english was bad... worse then mine.... then the bomb shell... she goes on saying that she is in nigiria for a model seminar. wtf? who in there right mind would go there for a model seminar? well then it goes on by her flight has problems and needs 430 dollars to correct it plus the w.u website was in the end of it... haha the 419 has landed.. well of course me being in the military i am well aware of them. so i started to ask about the area where she lives which is fresno california... no reply... then i asked again about fresno and she/he said only lived there for 2 months dont know much about it. hmmm duh you live in nigiria dumbass of course you dont know about it. of course it had a back story saying it was from winchester v.a ( thank you google earth) i got some good maps and started naming streets, parks, stores, and saying i was just there a week ago... hmm no reply... well then it ended with the ultimate line. On my fathers death bed i am telling the truth!!... sadly i wish i could play with it more but i had to drop more of the questions of winchester but no reply.. it was time to end the chat.. so i said the 3 magics numbers.. 419 and ended it with the scammers quote and i never heard from that person again. I of course i contacted the webmaster and let them know what happen. but most likely the scammer will get a new picture and a new account so the fight will go on!!!!!!!

oh i got the things name wrong it was nicolle i dont want to edit it out cause its the same thing..

zapata (4/1/2007 2:26:10 PM): pretty late isnt it?
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:26:24 PM): Hello
zapata (4/1/2007 2:26:27 PM): hi
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:26:45 PM): How have you been??
zapata(4/1/2007 2:26:53 PM): how have i been?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:27:00 PM): hmm your english is pretty weird
zapata(4/1/2007 2:27:06 PM): you must have just woken up
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:27:12 PM): Lol
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:27:16 PM): So how are you doing?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:27:20 PM): good good
zapata (4/1/2007 2:27:23 PM): cant complain
zapata(4/1/2007 2:27:29 PM): just here chilling in pico
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:27:40 PM): So how long have you been on singlesnet?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:27:47 PM): not that long
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:27:47 PM): I mean how long have you been a member?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:28:00 PM): not that long
zapata (4/1/2007 2:28:03 PM): just started recently
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:28:18 PM): Ohh well am new here and i hope for a serious relationship?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:28:26 PM): really?
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:28:32 PM): u>
zapata(4/1/2007 2:28:33 PM): well yah i am looking for that too
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:28:34 PM): Yeah
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:28:56 PM): So have you met anyone off here before?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:29:03 PM): nope
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:29:22 PM): Ohh so what are you looking for in a partner?
zapata(4/1/2007 2:29:35 PM): some one with a good sense of humor and someone out going
zapata(4/1/2007 2:29:43 PM): loves to travel and loves animals
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:30:15 PM): As for me am looking for a trustworthy,caring,honest and loving man that'll love and be there for me always
zapata (4/1/2007 2:30:28 PM): trust is the key
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:30:34 PM): and i love outdoor activities like camping,hiking,fishing,swimming and going to the beach
zapata (4/1/2007 2:30:41 PM): yup me too
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:30:52 PM): Sounds good
zapata (4/1/2007 2:30:53 PM): i just went fishing not that long ago
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:31:11 PM): Ohh well havent done that in a long time
zapata(4/1/2007 2:31:16 PM): haha
zapata(4/1/2007 2:31:19 PM): its relaxing
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:31:33 PM): Yeah like that alot
zapata (4/1/2007 2:31:40 PM): i love it but just like my relationships i didnt have much luck with it
zapata (4/1/2007 2:31:44 PM): didnt catch anything
zapata (4/1/2007 2:31:48 PM):
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:32:05 PM): Lol that's funny
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:32:13 PM): So are you really looking for something serious?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:32:35 PM): yup
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:32:58 PM): I am looking for that too and not for games here
zapata (4/1/2007 2:33:11 PM): yah i just got played not that long ago
zapata (4/1/2007 2:33:18 PM): she played me like a fiddle
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:33:35 PM): That sucks
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:33:50 PM): i really would like to meet,coz am not that good at this online dating stuff
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:33:55 PM): kinda new to this whole thing
zapata (4/1/2007 2:33:58 PM): me too
zapata(4/1/2007 2:34:06 PM): i figured to give it a shot
zapata (4/1/2007 2:34:16 PM): i got nothing to lose
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:34:18 PM): I would like to meet though
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:35:01 PM): OKay
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:35:12 PM): So have you chatted with any girl off here before
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:35:14 PM): ??
zapata(4/1/2007 2:35:51 PM): no i havent meet any other girl here
zapata (4/1/2007 2:36:00 PM): you are the first
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:36:25 PM): OHH SOUNDS GOOD
zapata (4/1/2007 2:36:37 PM): so why are you in nigiria?
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:36:53 PM): I really would love to meet and get to meet personally but am stuck here,coz of a problem am having with my flight
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:36:55 PM): am here for a modelling seminar
zapata (4/1/2007 2:37:07 PM): flight problems?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:37:48 PM): what kind of problems?
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:37:59 PM): What happened is that when i tried booking my flight,the airline agent told me that i don't have enough funds on my creditcard,so i had to contact my card company since i knew the funds i left there and when the reports came i was told that i purchased some phones which i never did
zapata (4/1/2007 2:38:31 PM): ic
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:39:32 PM): Yeah and now the airline agent is insisting i gets the remaining funds before my flight can be scheduled
zapata (4/1/2007 2:39:46 PM): sucks
zapata (4/1/2007 2:39:52 PM): sounds like you are stuck
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:40:10 PM): Yeah but really cant wait to be outta here
zapata(4/1/2007 2:40:20 PM): yah africa sucks balls
zapata (4/1/2007 2:40:27 PM): specially nigiria
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:40:55 PM): oh heard anything about here before?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:41:13 PM): i am well imformed
zapata(4/1/2007 2:41:16 PM): informed
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:41:36 PM): how?//
zapata (4/1/2007 2:41:44 PM): i am a world traveler
Rzapata (4/1/2007 2:42:09 PM): i do my homework on the countries i visited
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:42:33 PM): OHH SO WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO HELP ME?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:42:39 PM): dont know
zapata (4/1/2007 2:42:50 PM): i am not aloud to send money to nigiria
zapata (4/1/2007 2:42:54 PM): allowed
zapata (4/1/2007 2:43:19 PM): another thing i dont know you
zapata (4/1/2007 2:43:51 PM): besides how much money do you need?
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:44:12 PM): If you wanna help me you can just send the money online now
zapata (4/1/2007 2:44:20 PM): nope
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:44:26 PM): $430
zapata (4/1/2007 2:44:38 PM): i need proof of who you are
zapata (4/1/2007 2:44:58 PM): you know a webcam
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:45:14 PM): I swear on my late father's grave not to take advantage of your kindness if you would just help
zapata (4/1/2007 2:45:24 PM): tell me about fresno
zapata (4/1/2007 2:45:42 PM): high school you went too
zapata (4/1/2007 2:45:45 PM): friends
zapata (4/1/2007 2:46:25 PM): come on lets talk about your high school
zapata (4/1/2007 2:46:52 PM): we are the same age so we graduated in the same year
zapata (4/1/2007 2:47:13 PM): what was your fathers name?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:47:58 PM): i will send you the money but tell me about your life in fresno
zapata (4/1/2007 2:49:11 PM): hello?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:49:52 PM): do you need the help or not?
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:50:20 PM): Hey i was born in winchester,va
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:50:33 PM): Have only lived in fresno for 2 months before coming down here
zapata (4/1/2007 2:50:42 PM): okay
zapata (4/1/2007 2:50:47 PM): tell me about fresno
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:52:17 PM): I dont know much man
zapata (4/1/2007 2:52:21 PM): hey been to winchester va i even been to friendship park
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 2:52:30 PM): you ask me about winchester,VA where i grew up
zapata (4/1/2007 2:52:54 PM): whats the name of the cemetary that s near friendship park?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:53:05 PM): i know it cause my friend in burried there
zapata (4/1/2007 2:53:19 PM): he died two years ago
zapata (4/1/2007 2:54:50 PM): i was just there about a week ago
zapata (4/1/2007 2:55:40 PM): hmm do you know it?
zapata (4/1/2007 2:57:02 PM): growing up there must have been nice i love that city
zapata (4/1/2007 2:58:13 PM): oi you there?
zapata (4/1/2007 3:00:58 PM): are you sure you dont want my help?
t.nicolle (4/1/2007 3:01:14 PM): not gonna force you
zapata (4/1/2007 3:01:28 PM): you seem to be avoiding my questions and what i am writing
zapata (4/1/2007 3:03:15 PM): hey talk to me
zapata (4/1/2007 3:05:07 PM): you know what i hate about nigiria?
zapata (4/1/2007 3:06:12 PM): first you wanted to talk and now you dont
zapata (4/1/2007 3:06:16 PM): whats up with that?!?
zapata (4/1/2007 3:08:30 PM): did you know i am a member of the winchester country club
zapata (4/1/2007 3:08:57 PM): right off of senseny rd
zapata (4/1/2007 3:09:33 PM): right off the freeway 81
zapata (4/1/2007 3:10:47 PM): got nothing to say?
zapata (4/1/2007 3:10:56 PM): you know what other numbers i know?
zapata (4/1/2007 3:10:58 PM): 419
zapata (4/1/2007 3:11:56 PM): A Five Billion US$ (as of 1996, much more now) worldwide Scam which has run since the early 1980's under Successive Governments of Nigeria. It is also referred to as "Advance Fee Fraud", "419 Fraud" (Four-One-Nine) after a formerly relevant section of the Criminal Code of Nigeria, and "The Nigerian Connection" (mostly in Europe). However, it is usually called plain old "419" even by the Nigerians themselves. In brief, 419 is a sub-classification of Advance Fee Fraud crime in which the perpetrators are West Africans, primarily Nigerians, operating globally from Nigeria and elsewhere.
zapata (4/1/2007 3:13:19 PM): you are not from fresno or virginia
zapata (4/1/2007 3:13:53 PM): you are not white
zapata (4/1/2007 3:14:12 PM): or christian or in trouble
zapata (4/1/2007 3:14:28 PM): all flights are one way or both ways
zapata (4/1/2007 3:14:46 PM): i know cause i always flying
zapata (4/1/2007 3:16:37 PM): you should do your homework better retard! not every one in america is stupid and the ones that do fall for the scam are retarded and deserve to get scammed
zapata (4/1/2007 3:17:25 PM): the thing that gave it away was the model seminar
zapata (4/1/2007 3:18:06 PM): fucking idiot
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Pastor Frank
Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 5:43 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I don't think you get the idea of baiting yet. I suggest reading the stickies, and perhaps getting a mentor.

Edit: You just educated her on what she did wrong. You made her a better scammer. The idea is to drag them out for as long as you can so they don't have time to scam the innocents. We, as a rule, don't let them know they were stung by a baiter. You just showed her what "didn't work"

Sorry if this was harsh, but I believe others will agree.

"Father Juan are sure that you are man of God,because your behaviors showed you as unbeliever" -Mary R

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 05 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 5:47 am Reply with quoteBack to top

haha trust me we are working on it as a report we are doing for school. this was just a really fast one. i didnt see it coming or was looking for it. we are coming up with a good plan. i just felt like sharing that story. this isnt a competition this is a hobby! so relax this isnt my first rodeo. i just never reported my stuff.
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Pastor Frank
Baiting Guru

Joined: 31 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:07 am Reply with quoteBack to top

so relax this isnt my first rodeo

Ok cowboy.

"Father Juan are sure that you are man of God,because your behaviors showed you as unbeliever" -Mary R
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 05 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:09 am Reply with quoteBack to top

damn right
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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I don't think much good is going to come from this. Started bad and heading down hill.

"i think you people do not know whom you are talking of,i am not in any terrorist organization or planning any such of terrorist activities."
"i am not a terrorist and your america cia cna also investigate me."
"i am not a terrorist.send the shit stuff and let me get it fillied."

United Nations Mortar x12
"To Serve Man"
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