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 My first result (sort of)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:10 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is still a work in progress, but I'd like to share it as it's the first time I tricked my pet into doing something stupid.

J4m3s, dying scammer
Me, 4ndr3w J. K1p7ing, a professional stunt driver
R4ym0nd H4nz from Fn4z F1n4nc14l
Comments within the e-mail

I took this from the surplus letters and didn't save a copy, nor do I have my first reply. It's a "I am dying" scam where the scammer wants me to distribute his millions to charity before he dies.

I replied telling him I'll help and got this in response.


My appreciation to you for taken the time and effort at least to read my mail and respond accordingly. I do not know how much time I have to be alive but we must try to conclude this transaction as quick as possible. The Twenty Six Million dollars was domiciled with the finance/Security Company in Amsterdam- the Netherlands, which am going to grant you an Authorization to claim it on my behalf, as I am not physically fit for such transaction due to me cancer problem.

I want you to be the custodian of the funds and assist me to distribute this fund to charity homes (people that needs helps). you will be paid 30% of the Investment Portfolio for your partnership, services rendered and compensation being the custodian of the funds. Although these funds are been held under my name, but I am willing to write a letter of authorization to finance/Security Company to release the fund to you if you accept my proposal.

All that is needed, is for you to receive the funds in your company name or you in person, if the company does not belongs to you where you work and then prepare the necessary documentations that will legally transfer ownership of the funds in your favour and forward such instruction to Amsterdam- The Netherlands. Once they confirm receipt of the transfer of ownership and the new order has been effected, I will notify you and give you the necessary information for you to contact them and request for your payment. I do assure you that I and this transaction wish not to waste your time if the reverse was the case.

All that I needed now to proceed further and prepare the letter of authorization for this transaction are:

Your Full names:
Country of Residence:
Direct Telephone Number: (state best time to call)

I will use these information's above to prepare the necessary documentations to clearly state our both interest and stakes in transferring the Twenty Six Million dollars to you in your country of residence.

Let me once again use this opportunity to reassure you that this transaction will be conducted inside the full circles of the law and nothing illegal will be done what so ever during the course of conducting this transaction and also to ask for your full trust, honesty as well as undivided attention in this transaction.

Do have a nice day.
J4m3s B0st

Fairly standard scripted response. I replied with my info:


thanks for you speedy reply. I'm not too knowledgable about this type of thing but I'll do my best to help you. My father was a talented businessman but the world of business goes right over my head. I tell people a joke that the only thing I inherited from him was his wealth!
(Translation: I am rich and dumb, you hit the jackpot)

Anyway, the information you requested:

Name: 4ndr3w J4m35 K1p71ng
Country of Residence: England (Irish born)
Age: 25
Phone Number: xxxxx
(2 digits missing. Whoops.) Weekdays after 8
Occupation: Stunt Driver

I look forward to doing business with you J4m3s.

4ndr3w J K1p71ng

I wonder how long it'll take for him to try the phone number? I can imagine the cartoony Ka-ching followed by dollars in his eyes when I told him about my inheritance.

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for the information provided so far. I want to be direct and to the point. I have precisely $26 million dollars to receive as proceeds on this transaction I contacted you for. The fact is that I have initiated the transaction as early as January but my contact is up to some mischief and I do not want to lose any money at this point than for charity purpose. This is why I am contacting you. I need a very reliable and trusted person I can depend on to receive this funds.

The procedures for collection involves a change of beneficiary and a visit to the Amsterdam
(A visit huh? I'm a busy man, y'know?) - the Netherlands for the proper signing of the various release documents by you.

There are other options but this is the fasted option available
(I'm in no rush). Pls let me know if you are ok with this.

Below is an attachment of an Authorization Letter written by me. Print it out, sign, scan and send it back to me, so i can forward it to financer institution.



Must get out of that trip. But first, some fun with the letter. However, lost is on tonight and I don't have time right now.

I'll get that scanned and printed asap.

"The procedures for collection involves a change of beneficiary and a visit to the Amsterdam- the Netherlands for the proper signing of the various release documents by you."

Does this mean I must travel to Amsterdam? I'm very busy with a bunch of new advertisments for Fiat motors aswell as some British movies so I won't be able to do that for quite- at least 6 months.

What are the other options?


6 months, he'll be well dead at that stage! But, J4m3s REALLY wants me to go to Amsterdam, he whips out the big guns: stolen pictures of a man dying with cancer. I have since discovered that the photos are taken from a website dedicated to a man who died from cancer 2004. Scumbag scammer.

Dear Andrew,

Your mail received. I believe it will be of your own best interest to pay a visit to Amsterdam for collection of the stated fund.
(Of course it is, but I'm REALLY busy)

Any other option will have to come from them. Below are their contact details. But do not contact them for now until I have submitted the letter of Authority to them.

Officer: R4ym0nd
Company: FN4Z K4P1T4L S3CUR1T13S
Address: xxxxxxxxx.
Tel. (31) xxxxxxx Fax: (31) xxxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxx
Hmmm, maybe I can get a bank kill out of this? I'll try to get more information on them.

Am very sorry to bother you on this, as I can not do it all alone as I am on critical medical attention. I did attach some picture of me taken by my nurse 4 months back.



Okay, I got some sickening pictures and a chance of a possible bank kill. I gotta keep level headed to get that bank info. However, I'm haiving RL printer troubles and I would really like to do something to annoy him. So, I found a picture of white noise online and blew it up to 1 meter squared, or 16 pages. Lets see if we get him to print it.


Sorry for the delay, my scanner was giving a bit of trouble, it's an experimental printer that isn't due out on the market for another year so it sometimes works strangely. Attached is the letter. It might look bad if you just open it but I've found that it comes out fine if you hit print.
(Honest!) The information cannot be read by most imaging software due to it's complexity but any old printer should print it fine. Just open it and select print and the proper letter will come out.

I am meeting with my agent tomorrow and I'll ask about going to Amsterdam but I doubt that I will get to. What exactly is the problem, is it a money thing? I mentioned before that I received a substantial inheritance from my father so money is no object.
(That's right, try to put aside the printing troubles, I'm really rich!) I can see from your pictures that you're quite sick and I'll do my best...

Money is no object, your pay day will come scammer! Now, get printing!

Dear 4ndr3w,

I was unable to veiw the Signed Letter of Authorization you sent to me. If you do have fax kindly fax it to the Fax Number: xxxxxxxxxx

Have a nice day


Hmmm, he's kind of off script, but his english is still pretty good, must make a note of that. But, he didn't print out the letter! Bah! He sent that e-mail twice too, I don't understand why he wants the letter so much, it's meaningless.

I don't have a fax machine, just my scanner. Did you try printing it out? Usually if you print it it'll come out perfect. (Yes, print it print it print it)

I'm meeting my agent later this afternoon to see about getting time off to go to Amsterdam. I'll get back on to you with the outcome. In the mean time, try printing out the file, it should be fine.

If it still doesn't work get back on to me and I'll use my old scanner, or go into a net café.

God Bless,



Dear 4ndr3w,

I got your mail. I will do exactly as you told me to print it out.
(YES!) Meanwhile your motive of traveling to Amsterdam should not be disclosed to your agent for security reasons. (You can't have people telling me I'm an idiot) I hardly trust people with money, but in this case I do not have a choice.

Try and keep this between us.


Yes, he says he'll print! And I must keep this secret, but it'll be tough to convince my agent with that attitude.

Thanks for your advice.

I'm meeting my agent in 10 minutes so it's lucky that I checked my e-mail! I'll do my best to convince him but it will be hard if I keep him in the dark. [color=green](Scammer should now feel pretty happy, his quick thinking kept his mugu in line)

Reply as soon as you print out the letter so I know it went well, the software that coded it can be a bit tempermental at times and I'm worried in case it doesn't work. [color=green](Translation: Reply as soon as you print the letter, it will be funny!)
My maid found my old scanner earlier and should have it set up by the time I get home.



Okay, now the scammer must think he's the big cheese, stopping me from finding out it's a scam and all. Soon, I will have confirmation on that letter!

Dear 4ndr3w,

I did print the letter out, but the content on it was not presentable. Let give your old scanner a shot and see how clear that will be. Sorry for the inconvenient.


YES! Ahahahahaha! Now, to get back on track. The phrase "give your old scanner a shot" is a bit worrying; he has unusually good English...


sorry for the delay getting back to you. My maid got into a bit of trouble with some thugs from her area yesterday evening and had to be sent to hosptial. Nothing major, just a few stitches and a bit of shock. She's a sweet girl but lives in a rough area. I've been on to her for years to move out, I have plenty room in my home, but she said that she couldn't bear leaving where she grew up. Poor thing.
(I suspect my Maid's troubles shall get in the way a lot more in the future)

Anyway, with the drama from yesterday I didn't get a chance to set my old scanner up properly. That's a shame about the letter, would you be able to tell me what exactly came out so I can write a complaint to the people who gave it to me?
(I want to make sure he's actually printed it) It's caused me nothing but trouble from day one! Have you ever heard of the saying "fools and their money are easily parted?" Well, that's me all over! [color=green](Try to keep him on the line)

Since time is of the essense and all, do you think you could sign the letter yourself and tell the people from Amsterdam that I did it? I don't want you to die without seeing the good your money will do and to waste time over a little scribble on a piece of paper is crazy! [color=green](No, seriously. I'm sick playing the letter game and I won't have scanner access in RL untill the weekend, at least! I need to get that bank info!)

Also, feel free to call me AJ from now on, it's what my friends call me!


I still want proper confirmation that he printed out white noise. However, it looks like I may get away without the letter:

Dear 4ndr3w, (Not A.J? Sad )

I am very sorry about your maid, my regards to her. I just have to pass the letter across to them the way it is. They will understand it.
(Looks like I'm getting away with the letter. Perhaps his Dutch friends will try to print it?)

Meanwhile it will be more convenient if you contact them as well. Below are the details.

Officer: R4ym0nd H4n5
Company: FN4Z K4P1T4L 53CUR1T135
Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Tel. xxxxxxx Fax: xxxxxxxxxx
Email: [email protected]

Your can either call or send him an email. Any further development will have to come from them.

Keep me posted.


Great, now I am to contact the bank. Bank kill here I come? Stay tuned.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 7:07 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm up for a bank kill, I'm working this lad as well. I've only got experience in straight baits, not bank kills yet. Anybody who can lend a hand?
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